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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hong Kong

    Pretty amazing.How long does this even take you to do?
  3. Last week
  4. Highlights of Pololomia

    I like the diagonal building on the corner on picture 10. It fits perfectly. The other pictures are great too of course!
  5. Entry 45 - The Dragon Wakes (5E140)

    Very good, there are good ideas!
  6. Berlin (Pt. 2/2)

    That last Unter den Linden mosaic has to be one of the best images I've ever seen made with this game. Another beautiful update!!!
  7. Berlin (Pt. 1/2)

    Finally got the time to thoroughly admire this update! With a decent amount of landmarks made both by Maxis and creators like Debussyman, it definitely was time to see a recreation of Berlin, and who better to do it than the one and only korver. This is one of my favourite cities in the whole world! I dream of going there and studying in Germany one day. in the meantime I'll admire your amazing recreation. Danke schön! I really should come over here more often.
  8. Teaser

    Good luck! looking forward to see more
  9. News

    I am deeply sorry that wipe happened to you but the good thing is you are continuing it.P.S that teaser image is looking good so far.
  10. Fire & Bypass

    This entry looks at a random fire which erupted out of no where and the completion of the bypass for Pinewood - plus some new high rise development in the centre! Looks like someone burnt the toast... Prior to the extension of the bypass (see next photo) the town centre was flooded with a huge number of cars and heavy goods vehicles trying to reach the industrial areas to the north... The original bypass route as you can see ended in the town centre which flooded the roundabout with huge numbers of cars. This caused a lot of problems, so the route was extended further out avoiding the town completely and adding a junction with the motorway... First highrise buildings grow to the east of Downtown...
  11. Earthquake - already!?

    I know the feel...I'm working on an atoll map right now, and after six hours detailing my CBD with RICOs to remove the default grown buildings a tsunami came and razed everything. But hey rebuilding is part of the fun =)
  12. Building Mikenstein in Skylines: 3. University

    It haves a really good Old Town theme. Congratulations for your city, my cities that may look real are just boring. Will this city be a save on Steam Workshop?
  13. Part 1

    I don't exactly know, but the props keep randomly rotating and I can't do it manually.
  14. Pinewood is born

    It all starts with a roundabout - this could get interesting when traffic levels increase! Pinewood is located in a dry shoreside valley. There are big plans in place! Development begins around the new town centre... An overall view to see the current development... The main road is pretty busy with a lot of through traffic!
  15. U1: The Price of Expansion

    Nice to see you back in the CJ section !! I hope to see something else from you soon
  16. Radconie Habour

    That waterfront is crazy
  17. Earlier
  18. Replies + Teaser

    Sad to see the series end, but that's the way she goes! Unfortunate that for the last 10 updates or so the pictures don't load
  19. 2023 Update

    WOW Thanks for named that town with my region's Name. Fantastic !!
  20. Nakahara 24.8: "Mamaranai" (Nakazono-cho, Akashima)

    Very awesome, love the diagonals and FAR! Those big zoomed out photos are great and nicely show off the size/scope of the city!
  21. An Introduction to The URS

    Thanks a lot!
  22. Entry 37 : Transitways Part 2 : Railways (5E137)

    Very cool post!
  23. Hatsukaichi - The Port + Extra

    Sublime!! Water to land transitions are spot on. Very good use of water depth and color. Building choices and spacing is also well done! I'm always delighted to see some of my work put to good use. Simmer2
  24. 2022 Update

    Thanks everyone, there will be a new update coming soon. I'm actually trying to do the region entirely without any mods, as if the game came right out of the box.
  25. Bern, Grüner Wald !

    Pretty neat, I quite like the park around the river, works together really well
  26. Creating realistic rural settings

    I have always been intrigued by the prospect of houses at the end of narrow driveways in a rural setting, but of course they wouldn't develop without real road access of some sort. Now I know that it can be done. They do at least look lived in! Good job!
  27. Scenes from the City

    Lovely name haha! You got me too And great pictures! It's a great source of inspiration for suburban areas
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