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Show us your... roadsigns!!!

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#481 timmie

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Posted 19 January 2014 - 01:40 PM

Well... look what I have here! It's my first attempt at making a roadsign.




Second attempt:



Vloesem, a CJ by timmie

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#482 Rainbow Dash Rocks

Rainbow Dash Rocks

Posted 19 January 2014 - 09:27 PM


#483 Rainbow Dash Rocks

Rainbow Dash Rocks

Posted 29 January 2014 - 02:18 PM




#484 Linoa06

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Posted 31 January 2014 - 01:19 PM

Refering to my Cities in Motion Tamriel Project (you can find a road map here or on page 34 of the map thread)



Motorway signs (always using a blue backdrop; destinations that are reached using motorways are shown on a blue backdrop). It is customary to name highways with a A name, but also with their name (historical or not : for instance the A82 is the Transniben Turnpike). Distance is always in km; Cyrodiil doesn't use Imperial units.





B-Roads (Federal Network) are roads of national and local importance, that are not up to Motorway standards. Unlike England, both networks are fairly consistent on their own. B-Road signs are yellow; destinations reachable by trunk roads are also shown on yellow on other signs. Here is a junction sign on B78 (which is in the German/Argonian speaking part of Cyrodiil - the reason why German represents Argonian is to reflect possible linguistic trends across Cyrodiil and to highlights the dissociation between any real-life culture and the TES universe. Oh, yes, I'm a linguist. :) )




C-Roads are local roads. They are named per Land/Province, and within each the first digit refers to a specific Prefecture (for instance, C113 can refer to a road in the Cropsford Prefecture, but also in the Applewatch Prefecture) but most of the time they are left unsigned. There are also D categories (managed on a county basis, so the administrative division under Prefecture) and U roads, which stand for Unsigned. There are also special F roads, which are forest treks carrying vehicular traffic, and W roads, which are alternative disruption routes; all these routes are shown on a white backdrop.




City entry signs are typically German ;) they are always on a yellow backdrop. The signs will feature the town's name, as well as the county it is part of (or the Local Authority, for rural counties, District, for counties in the Prefectures of Aleshire, Westside or Molesey, or Free Independant City, for those consolidated city-county entities.) They also feature the name of the Prefecture, but not that of the Province. They may or may not also be signed with the number of the road they are placed on. Here are Leadworth (typical sign), Cropsford (not signed), and Border Watch (bilingual, as it is in Regierungsbezirk Dunkelforst). (Note how Border Watch's sign only features one rectangle, a specific norm of the Lower Nibenay)







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#485 Markus J

Markus J
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Posted 31 January 2014 - 07:38 PM

Here are just a few





#486 ThirtyThree

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 01:31 AM

From my CJ...



Click the bridge to visit my CJ!


-ThirtyThree, writer of both the former Unorthodox CJ, which took #27 in Ben's Top One Hundred +2 for 2013, and the current Unorthodox CJ II.

#487 RenoEdits


Posted 12 April 2014 - 07:16 AM

I'd like to use this one for the Miami Region I downloaded from the STEX. Hopefully, I can get a feel for using gmax/SC4 BAT.



#488 TekindusT

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Posted 12 April 2014 - 07:23 AM

It definately looks cool! I like the font and the tropical feel it brings with that uncommon hue of green. Very nice.

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