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City-building game(s)

Found 67 results

  1. Open paved area

    Hi, I want to make some open paved areas in my city, but the only ones I have next to the maxis original one (which changes everytime you plop it) is a tile called mall pedestrian tile. I dont like them except the one with the pole it in. Are there any downloads out there of ploppable tiles which can be used by my sims in SimCity?
  2. My buildings are disappearing, And I do not why. Please , someone help me
  3. Hi there, i have a hard time with texturing my models .. after releasing the first ones i checked some other on the workshop and i was surprised how small they are (filesize). My models are smaller one (3*4) and when i switch to 1024*1024 for the texture - i got so blurry textures ingame that i want them to be seen. I tried to make the uv better for my models (resize them that mainstructures got the most part) - i looked for better textures - but i am not capable to get a satisfactory result. maybe some of you can give me some help to get better at texturing without blowing the filesize for each Model ~ 10MB. Thats an actual model i working at with 1024*1024 texture: the same model with a 2048*2048 texture : As you can see they detail n the second is so much higher and on the first one it is just one "blurr". This is my uv-map : i resized all important big areas to 1.5 - so details would be better - but i have not really luck with that. I am really stuck at this moment .. having 3 models ready to release but they look only good with 2048² textures and have a filesize about 10 MB - when i check Jz´s Rusty Warehouse 2 - it has only 2.8 MB - shows me that i am doing something wrong. thanks for any help/hint/suggetsion and sorry for opening a new thread for this mic
  4. Hi guys. I'm wondering how my assets can optimize memory usage. How do I have 4-5 buildings share the same texture map set? And is it the same process with multiple props? Thanks.
  5. Hey there I live in Switzerland, and here (and some other cities around the world) the crosswalks are yellow/orange. I was wondering if it is possible to add this to cities skylines? I don't really have a lot of experience with modding... - hakajo98
  6. Transparent parking lots

    Hi community! Not sure if anyone else is having or has had this problem, but I seem to.... I have attached an image to detail my problem with custom parking lots showing up as transparent. I have sc4jeek's Walking Snake and SHK both installed correctly, and yet the parking lots only show up on certain lots. As you can see in the photo, the LDS Church by Ferrt (top left) uses SHK and is transparent but the Costco shows up. The hotel by Heblem uses the other parking lot and yet the Marriott across the street shows up. Please help!
  7. SAM 1 Override

    Version 1.1.1


    Here is the SAM1 override - a little mod that will reskin your SAM 1 textures and display new props for your greater pleasure! A small variation willl occur on some textures and props (as can be seen on screenshots), depending of zoning. Not much else to say, but keep in mind that SAM 1, despite how it looks, does not have parking functionality: it's only purpose is eye-candy. UPDATE 1.1 A fellow member brought to my attention a problem with the plugin - possibly due to the use of HD props and its incompatibility with software mode. For those who use software rendering and/or prefer to use SD props, a new iteration of the SAM 1 override has been created. The mod is now divided in 2 distinct folders: one for HD, one for SD. Please only use one at a time. What's in the packs? HD Props pack SAM - 1 - Parking Lots Textures.dat: contains the new textures specific to the HD setup SAM - 1 - Type21.dat: T21 files for HD car props Bollard.dat*: small post model Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat*: turns those bootiful car props into bootiful family timed props Lot Textures.dat: lot textures for overriding SAM1 - style parkings SD Props pack SAM - 1 - Parking Lots Textures.dat: contains the new textures specific to the SD setup. SAM - 1 - Type21.dat: T21 files for SD car props Bollard.dat*: small post model Lot Textures.dat: lot textures for overriding SAM1 - style parkings * files already used in the overhanging parkings: if you have the overhanging parkings in your plugins, you can delete them. Installation Must load after the NAM. You can also replace the texture and T21 dats directly in the SAM folder if so you desire. Dependencies (all optional beside the NAM - not having these will not trigger BB's) NAM with the Street-Addon-Mod installed BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 (HD version only) Neko Prop Set vol 03 (only Neko_Fence_Black_2m.SC4Model and Neko_Fence_Black_2m.SC4Desc are needed) Strongly suggested for users of the SD version The T21 file that generates props use Maxis family cars as default; it's very likely you'll want somethng better to replace them. Choose one of the following replacement mods (they all supersede Maxis family cars), depending of your preferences: 1960s car replacement Mod Japan car replacement Mod European car replacement Mod Jim's car prop pack 1.2 Credits -special thanks goes to Mr. Jim, the author of this excellent and highly recommended Parking set. The textures used by the SAM1 override are based on his textures and inspired me to create this mod. ありがとう JIM! Suggestions or Problems with this mod: report here please
  8. Version 1.2.0


    These textures are freely useable and distributable for any SC4 user created content, if they are used in lot-making it is better to refer to them as a dependency and link back to this file to keep file space on the STEX free of mulitiple repeated content. The texture data file is located in the FOLDER: Elements Textures DAT, 3 sample lots are in the FOLDER: Elements Sample Lots, and 1 7x8 test lot showing all 55 textures is now included in the FOLDER: Test Lot 7x8 Park. Also included are the 2 previews showing all the textures and this text in readme.txt and HTML. The texture '.dat' file size is 498K with 55 textures. This volume is called 'Elements', including diagonal, broken, patterned and squared stone, dirt, grass, metal, pavement, sand, water and wood. Also included are 3 sample lots found in the Parks Menu, each have been made functional for radical purposes of helping with start-up cash, reducing pollution and garbage, and recovery from nuclear meltdown. DAT FILE INCLUDED: FOLDER: Elements Textures DAT FILE: SC4_BaseTextures_Vol01_1_Elements.dat FOLDER: Test Lot 7x8 Park FILE: A0A_Base_Textures_Vol01_Elements_55_Test.SC4Lot This is one lot with all 55 textures in a 7x8 grid. This lot may be used to preview the textures in-game, then delete. FOLDER: Elements Sample Lots --------------------------------------------- 1.) Subfolder: Patterned Grass (Anti Pollution) Menu description: Base Textures Elements (Anti-Pollution) Vol. 1: Grass Texture. This lot is a sample which also provides some radical relief from pollution and garbage. _________________________________ 2.) Subfolder: Color Reg Mark (Radiation Reducer) Menu Description: Base Textures Reg. Colors (Anti-rad.) Vol. 1: Elements, Use this lot as a registration mark for color and contrast. In RGB, Red (255,0,0), Green (0, 255, 0), Blue (0, 0, 255), and Gray 50% (127, 127, 127). This lot will radically decrease radiation. Use this lot in the event of a nuclear power plant meltdown. When you plop this lot you will see the Maxis 'Sparkles of Purification'. _________________________________ 3.) Subfolder: SC4 Logo (50K Business Deal) Menu Description: Base Textures Elements (Bus. Deal) Vol. 1: Elements. 55 Textures: Stone, Dirt, Grass, Metal, Pavement, Sand, Water, Wood. Use Lot Editor to see all the textures. This lot will radically increase your income by 50,000 Simoleons a month, Use this lot to help get your city started, then bulldoze it. When you plop this lot it will appear as a 'Business Deal' in your budget panel. _________________________________ INSTALL the TEXTURES and SAMPLE LOTS To install the sample lots copy and paste the 'Elements Sample Lots' folder into your User\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder. The sample lots are found in the Parks Menu. To install the textures copy and paste the 'Elements Textures DAT' folder into your User\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins folder. _________________________________ ABOUT the TEXTURES, INFO FOR LOTTERS and GAMERS The texture images are derivatives of images from a variety of commonly, freely shared sources, hand re-worked for use with SC4. The design of the textures leans toward lower contrast, saturation and brightness as more usual in realism, and for dimmer screens. If using them for creating and distributing SC4 lots the '.FSH' file may be extracted and included as a '.DAT', but don't re-distribute changed associations between the image and the ID (instance) as that could impact another user of the file. No crediting is required, but no claim of original artwork should be made if redistributing them with SC4 lots. The Texture ID Range was assigned by the BSC Texture Index at SC4 Devotion. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2101.0 To redistribute variations of the textures or to make your own, request and use a unique personal Texture ID Range at SC4D. ---/---
  9. So recently I started working on a new mod: Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. It's a building on the top of a mountain, looking over the Griffith Park. The front side is normal height on the ground level, but the back of the building goes lower and lower into the mountain, as can be seen on this image: So right now I'm testing the model in game to see what's the best way to get the back part looking like that, I figured with ingame terraforming I could get a lot done. if I make the grid smaller than the actual building terraforming should not be a problem. I do however bumped into an other problem which I just completely forgot. Everything below ground level will have a dirt texture on it. How would you guys solve this problem? Is that dirt texture removable? and is there a way to make sharper mountains, just to make sure no ground will be poking trough the model anywhere? Thank you in advance.
  10. I know Gobias eliminated his creations from the site, so there is no official support for them, but I'm betting anyone in the community has had done this before. I installed Gobias Sidewalk mod, specifically the New York slab, the plaza texture replacement and c.p.'s SCILT for the same texture. Everything is working, but the plaza texture replacement (which changes the texture used in the Lot Editor) is using another of the pack textures. Is there any way to configure this to force an specific texture to show in the game? I thought to eliminate all non-NY slab FSH with the reader, but I'm afraid that would broke the mod and I assume there has to be an easier way. Thanks for your answers!!
  11. Well guys, im was playing sim city 4, and i wanted to build an airport, so when it finished building up, i noticed that the runway textures were kinda weird. Here is a picture:
  12. Hello, excuse the language but I have been busting my ass all day trying to figure out how to create my own textured freight train box car in SimCity 4, like what this guy "Jestarr" did: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1572. I believe I have all of the tools but I just don't know where and how to start, I want to start from a maxis-vanilla (original) freight box car and re-texture it for example into a CSX box car? I know that FSH might be involved but I'm new to this type of stuff... Also, I'd like to figure out how to make multiple FSH files to have a normal box car, weathered box car, and a vandalized box car for example or something. For example, the file I uploaded "RHBoxSouthernPacific_109B5800to20.dat"... RHBoxSouthernPacific_109B5800to20.dat
  13. Help me again...

    Hi guys, I'm here again, where can I find the black texture for the bridge?
  14. Can someone explain the method to create model textures just like the Maxi's ones? I've been trying to create these textures on Photoshop, but I am struggling on that. I think we have a lack of tutorials on that. The only information I found was very basic, that gives information about Hue / Saturation, Gradient, etc. I am looking for more than that. I want understand how they create the details. Maxis textures does not look photo realistic at all, they all look hand made textures. Can someone provide some information on that?
  15. Hello, first time modder here. There are a few assets from the workshop that I wanted as props. I extracted them using ModTools, converted them to .fbx, and made sure that the textures are the same name as the model. The textures, however, were labeled with suffixes such as _aci, _xyz, and _MainTex. When I get into the asset editor, navigate to props, and then select my file, nothing appears in the viewport. I'm getting a feeling that this is something to do with the textures, as the wiki states that they should be labeled with suffixes like _i, _n, and _c. I don't know what to label each texture as, since I don't know what the other suffixes mean - if this even has anything to do with them. Help?
  16. Model Texture

    Hello guys, This is me again I was looking at some community work to understand better how to create good textures for my lots ... then I saw the lot below and wondered how and which technique was used to create that roof texture. The roof texture really looks like the real one. I wonder if a picture of the real roof was used somehow to create the model texture. Can anyone tell?
  17. Help it seems whenever i install a terrain or water mod my game has the following problems: The game crashes when i zoom in max The game will crash at region menu The game won't launch from steam I have tons of mods and i shouldn't have any problem with it because it's just a texture replacer. Someone explain why this is happening
  18. Hi guys. As you know, adding a normal map can really help adding detail to a model without using more polygons. There are lots of free and paying progs around to help you creating rormal maps for your models, or help you converting a black/white map into a true RGB map. There is ONE point that I hope most modelers are aware of, and if they're not I hope they'll now take this into account. You HAVE to invert the red channel of the normal you make or the generated shadows will be wrong. Here are some pictures to show you what's happening (thanks to GULA for them ) First here's a normal map: the right part of it has had its red channel inverted Let's look at it applied to some building ingame : The light is coming from the left. Now look at the left building and you'll notice something weird. Yes, the shadows are left/right inverted. The dark parts are on the left and light ones on the right. This is because CSL does not use the standard normal map setup. Then, in order to get the right results (like on the right building) you MUST invert the red channel of your normal. Some normal map softwares offer the option (NormalMap online does) some others don't, for those you'll have to manually do it in photoshop. (if you're not sure of how your software handles the red channel, do some test like the one above, but it looks like most industry standard software will request this inversion). It looks like most workshop assets use bad normal map settings, and I'm not even 100% sure all vanilla buildings are correctly made ... but now that you've read this, you've got no excuse for doing it wrong anymore. Thanks for your attention, enjoy the game, enjoy building stuff.
  19. Hi! So I was testing out one my 3d model in the asset editor when I noticed how my texture suddenly was all grey-ish. I tried loading my asset in-game to check if this wierd shadow/texture bug was still there, and yes it was, but only at a specific point during the daytime. Here's the building looking OK; And here's how it looks with the grey shadows; As you might see, there are still spots here and there which are still white. I've checked in Blender so that I don't have duplicate faces on top of eachother or something like that. I'll also add that these grey "shadows" does move around slightly when I change the angle of the camera. This is not something I haven't stumpled upon before so I thought it might be a good idea to ask here if anyone knows what causes this and if there's a way to fix it.
  20. Basaltic Sands Texture mod

    Version 1.0.0


    AKNOWLEGDEMENTS: This mod would have much harder to do without the work of Rivit, creator of GoFSH and the original Coastal Modd. My job was simply to create and replace some images, then letting the program to do its magic. DESCRIPTION: When planning my upcoming CJ, based on a volcanic island, I noted the lack of a black texture to match basaltic sands: the available ones were granitic, grey sands, or overly black and unrealistic ones. This newer sands should match adequately in any volcanic or basaltic coast, from Iceland to New Zealand, provided they are match with a dark cliff texture (there's an upcoming one from this part!). This mod replaces textures both for terrain and beach lot sands, including custom ones. COMPATIBILITY: Just asure you this mod is loaded AFTER anyone changing the default sand textures. Also, being an SD texture, this is not compatible with HD terrain mods (like Gobias' and Lowkee ones), because they read the images as being four times bigger, stretching and pixelating them in the process. Also, those mods usually include their own sand textures. LICENSE: <-- this time there's no typo This mod has a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International licence, what means you can use all its content directly or creating something derivately, while you give explicit attribution to all previous authors, and while you don't charge for accessing or using this content or a derivate you create of it. To create the textures, I used a sand texture made by tatyana. SUPPORT and HELP: I made a development and support thread on Simtropolis, you can visit it with the following link: matias93 Unexpected mod workshop
  21. Hi everyone I am running SC4 Deluxe version 1.1.683.0. I installed the latest NAM and the NDEX Global Essentials file. After editing: I also installed these texture packs: - BSC Essential Files - BSC Mega Prop Pack Vol 1 - BSC Textures Vol 1, 2 and 3. - LBT Mega Texture Pack - Cerulean Textures After downloading the Downtown High School, when I want to build it, it doesn't show the building. It does show the basketball court on top and the entrance gate. This also happened with many other lots I downloaded here. See the image attached. I tried searching the forums for this issue but I haven't found it. Probably there is another way of mentioning this but I am not a native English speaker. If anyone can advise on what to do, I would be grateful. Thanks!
  22. ONLY dashed TuLep

    Version 1


    The -ONLY- dashed TuLep cosmetic mod is a combination of Blue Lighting's and Shadow Assassin's mods that were previously incompatible! This is only a texture mod so there is no need to replop anything. Credits go to Shadow Assassin for the dotted textures and Blue Lighting for the ONLY texture and Me for combining the two textures to make one. Give thanks to these guys! Uploaded with permission from Blue & Shadow. http://i769.photobucket.com/albums/xx335/Simshooter/Only-dashed-showcase.png Dependencies Shadow Assassin's TuLep Cosmetic Mod The NAM (Pc) The NAM (Mac)
  23. First of all, I'm aware of the area fillers collection, but I personally find the assets a bit awkward to use - especially since I use right click to rotate camera (so I can't free rotate ploppables). They also take up a lot of slots in the asset menus. What I'm looking for is something that works similar to the sand paint tool included in the Terraform tool and BloodyPenguin's Resource addon - but with concrete, ruined and/or other textures. Is this possible at all - do those textures exist in a way that lets them be painted in? I'm particularly interested in using these as ground fillers around train tracks (could also help visually distinguish local/regional/cargo/passenger tracks), but also as fillers in industrial/urban areas. --------- Edit: There is now a mod for this, yay! BloodyPenguin released this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=689937287 Edit again: He actually posted it on ST too:
  24. Simcity 4 Shaders

    Where to find this new Shader in Simcity 4? It's so call looks like Simcity 5
  25. Natural Parks

    Version 1.0


    DESCRIPTION: This mod removes the blue-green astro-turf with seam lines that is used as grass on most of the ($$) and ($$$) parks. It replaces it with a natural look similar to what is used on zoned lots and the ($) parks. DETAILS: This is my first mod. I personally found the default grass texture on the parks and other buildings to be very unattractive. The off color does not blend into any environment. In addition, the texture has obvious seams which make it look even worse. I created textures that use a similar system for the ground texture as the zoned house lots. I also added some subtle details which look different under different ground conditions. No two parks will look exactly the same and all should blend nicely into the local environment. DISCLAIMER: This mod does not change anything other than two textures used for the grass and should be safe for online non-sandbox play. This mod is purely cosmetic so it can be added to and removed from any existing or new city. I have tested it but it is NOT tested under all conditions since I only own the base game. This mod affects every instance where the astro-turf is used on any park, building or landmark lot. KNOWN ISSUES: ***UPDATE*** Due to the nature of the game, adding the Natural Parks mod also removes the system that stopped the grass that grows from the landscape from appearing. This could lead to some parks looking overgrown when viewed up close. I have created a seperate mod that addresses this issue and I highly recommend trying it. It is called "Cut the Grass", link below. Link to Cut the Grass MOD INSTALLATION: Copy the Manx_Natural_Parks.package file into your ...\Origin\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder. Just remove the same file to uninstall. If anyone runs into any issues, just let me know. Enjoy! SteveManx

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