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City-building game(s)

Found 190 results

  1. I think it is time to have my own place to dabble in.... Anyone who is following me can bookmark this page for future projects show and tell. If you have been following my pipe project here are the latest pics showing what you can do with them. For anyone asking about an MML for the set, I made one, therefore if you wish to use it, you now have that option. Release date has been tentatively set for Oct 1. Gorge crossing with rail network below.... 1 2 3 4 5 Simmer2/Nick
  2. SM2 Metal Coatings Inc.

    Version 1.0.0


    SM2 Metal Coatings Inc. is an old fictional semi-abandoned factory undergoing a much needed clean up. Lot size 6X4 Lot type: IM Provides 20$$ jobs Requires power and water. It will connect to STR and Street network visually only for that seamless look. You will find it in the Landmark menu. Dependencies SM2 Prop Pack Vol2 - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3434 SM2 Prop Pack Vol3 - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3499 Girafe Common spruces - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2945 Girafe Beeches - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2995 Have fun. Simmer2
  3. Hi folks, first I want to thank the whole NAM team for the great work and effort they made and still make to the support us with a new version of the NAM. It's a lot of work, and I think, that's highly appreciated by the community. Thanks again! But for a change I do have a question: When looking through the files after the installation of NAM 36 I've found the marrast' rail stations in the MTA Station Override folder, which is great. I stumbled upon an exemplar property called "Transit Switch Fare" 0x0BFC0A4C. Because I've never seen it before in other train stations, I checked the original marrast files also some other rail stations in that NAM folder, but it looks like, those marrast stations included in the NAM are the only ones with that property. a) What's the purpose of that property? I have an idea, but I might be wrong, so I'd like to ask the gurus here and b) why is this property available in those railstations and not in other rail stations like the included Simgoober rail stations?! I am just curious Kind regards!
  4. RUM for RRW

    Version 4.0


    NAM v32 has added a new approach to rail - Real Railway - which is expected to continue to evolve. RRW looks great, is quite complete, is usable and easy to convert to. This mod adds a few extras to the NAM set and offers preliminary support for things that can be expected to change over time. Included are 10 NAM Viaduct skins, re-rendered Rail Tunnels and Crossings for all of my Streets as well as my first take on the Maxis railway crossings, NAM FLUPS and a partially complete T21 set for the plundere catenaries. The mod is packaged so that it is put into plugins exactly as it is in the zip (i.e.. Plugins/Z___RVT Modds/RVT zRUM for RRW) and you delete that which you do not use. Please refer to the readme.txt file included for more details. NOTE: If you have previously installed the Rail Upgrade Mod but now use NAM RRW then the RUM should be completely uninstalled - these files takes its place. The Original RUM is not compatible with RRW which is a completely different rail set. This mod will not work with any version of NAM prior to NAMv32. RRW must be activated. rivit Feb 2014. Version 4 is an interim release adding new features and fixes identified since 2014. rivit May 2016
  5. So simtropolites, what is your opinion on High-Speed Rail in the United States? Be it in California, the Texas Triangle, Chicago, the Northeast Corridor, or any other proposed region. I just want to get y'all's opinions because I'm currently writing an in-depth research paper into the topic and I want to see if there are any potential arguments that I'm missing.
  6. Hi guys, I need some help in how to reconfigure or replace my heavy rail inside my existing city. Some info, my city is a medium density city which is primarily based on pedestrian and public transit use. Currently inter-region travel isn't very big, but I am planning to build some out suburbia and maybe some industrial areas outside my main city. The subway, buses and light rail have been going pretty well, but I kind have ignored the rail built earlier. Instead of building my city around the old heavy rail, I have built my city over the rail. It has resulted in some messy, and unrealistic railway crossings. Within the city there are only a few stops, used well enough I guess (it is important for some sims travel to outer areas), but i want to invest in it for the new outer developments. There are just 4 lines. I like the idea of elevated rail in the inner areas, but monorail or elevated rail looks kinda silly on the ground in the country side. Would an elevated rail to heavy rail be a good idea, or is that a bit buggy? I think I planned to turn the heavy rail into underground rail when the town became a city, but underground rail seems a bit complicated to me~ especially passing it underneath tram intersection roads.
  7. Episode 2 building the rail

    sorry for the graphic issues
  8. Description The Expo Line is a Light Rail service in Los Angeles (USA) run by the LA Metro company and is named after the Exposition Boulevard. The line features unique artwork on every station and runs from 7th Street/Metro Central (Downtown LA) to Downtown Santa Monica and was opened in 2012. More info Joak and I decided a while ago to recreate a part of the line. He would make some stations, and I would do one or more trains. The result: Joak: Jefferson, Santa Monica & 7th Street Station. Tim: P3010 Train, Expo Line catenary, wires, rails and textures. The stations and train will be released as soon. I made the other stuff to show what Network Skins will offer in the future. See for yourself! Note: Not all segments/nodes of all networks look as they should.
  9. Introduction With the much appreciated help of @boformer I managed to make the beginnings of a mod that aims to add more customization to the existing Train Tracks network. I'm currently testing to see what others experience when using this mod. Anyone who has me as a friend on Steam can subscribe to the Beta. I update daily as I keep encountering small issues. With your help I can speed up the process and get the mod ready for release sooner. For your information: I don't know how to code, all current lines of code are taken for the Bus Stop Replacer mod (by @boformer) Aim The aim for this mod is to give players full control over the visuals of their rail network. I plan to do this by adding as much variety as possible. I'm thinking of all standard catenaries of most major countries. Along the way I can also make (generic) requests. On top of that I want to give you the ability to submit your own models, which I can then add to the mod. Unfortunately, you cannot do this yourself as you can for Network Skins, as I try to keep this mod simple. However, this might change in the future as Network Skins is still undergoing development. How it works The mod will include several 'Styles' you can choose from in the Mod Options. Changes are applied when loading a save from the Main Menu only (again: keeping it simple). The mod will then replace all vanilla props with custom props. This includes vanilla Station Tracks, but also all tracks from Extra Station Tracks and One-Way Tracks. Until Network Skins is updated, you cannot change props per segment. All changes are visual and will therefor not break your game. When anything goes wrong or when unsubscribing, the game will simply load the vanilla props. While it's in Alpha, I still advise to avoid testing on your favorite city, but that goes for every mod you try out. Roadmap All will be optional Add more variety to the props (example) Add random track-side junk (e.g. rails & sleepers) Add random track-side props (e.g. powerboxes) Add signals at intersections Add End-of-the-line prop (example) Add custom Buffers (per style) Add custom wires (per style) Current Issues (September 15th) When switching styles, props disappear when loading new save from main menu (prop = null) (Thank you @boformer) Changes are not applied to all neworks (inconsistent) (Fixed myself) Props big in file size (1,8mb) even when all source files together are 500kb Sometimes props have a +2m offset to the left or right at intersections (Magically disappeared) Props have an offset of 2,4m (might be from the asset editor) (Thank you @boformer and @Ronyx69) Help me please! Like I said: I'm not familiar with coding in C#, so every bit of help is much appreciated. I'm doing all I can to teach myself, but I've been unable to find CS related tutorials. At the moment I have Notepad++ and Microsoft Visual Studio. If you know any good sites or documentation, please let me know. If you can help me with testing, or know how to fix an issue, please leave a reply. I check the forums hourly. Thank you all! Screenshots
  10. This entry is quite different then my usual updates. I'm not completely finished with Dresden, but I figured now might be a good time to take a little break from city focused entries. It's been a long while since I made an E2 entry, the last(and first) one I made was over 9 months ago. E2 is short for Encyclopedic Entry and it is a comprehensive analysis/overview of one specific system covering the entire region. Today's E2 will focus on the commuter rail network of Pretoria, named Fastraxx. Since I work in the rail industry this entry will be very elaborate and will reference many industry specific terms with an extensive amount of dialog. If that's not your cup of tea I would suggest skipping to the "Synopsis of the Fastraxx system" about half way down the page which hopefully will be interesting to all History The Fastraxx network was established by the Pretoria Regional Governing Authority(PRGA) in 1969 shortly after and in compliance with the Rail Safety Compliance Act(RSCA) of 1967. The RSCA was an act of parliament/congress passed into law on July 17, 1967. The act banned passenger trains from operating on any line where freight trains operated on. The act was in response to the Continental 51 disaster, where a commuter train speed collided into a stalled freight train which resulted in 156 fatalities(5 crew, 151 passengers) as well as several other less deadly but increasingly frequent incidents leading up to it. Think Chatsworth 2008(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Chatsworth_train_collision), which lead to the U.S. Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 mandating PTC on all lines, except PTC didn't exist in Pretoria back in 1967, so this was the nation of Albion's solution. The RSCA had 5 year deadline date of July 16, 1972 for complete separation. Unlike the U.S. Rail Safety Improvement Act, no delays would be accepted. If a the passenger rail service was not running on a rail line with no freight trains, then it would not run at all! The only exception being non-revenue passenger equipment trains(no passengers aboard). Prior to this it was very common for preexisting rail lines to serve both passenger and freight traffic in Pretoria and across the country. Few cities even had an established commuter rail networks. It was common place for the freight companies themselves provided low frequency passenger train service on some of their lines using antiquated equipment several decades old. The Fed's however did operate a national long distance train service called Hallmark(Albion's version of Amtrak) which was established back in 1923. Prior to the RSCA there were dozens of freight line companies operating across the nation. The RSCA created an environment where mergers and consolidation between these companies became advantageous, knowing that the local governments would be paying out large sums of money to purchase rail 'rights of way'(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right-of-way_(transportation)) for use in the creation of passenger-only rail lines. It was around this time that the ICR(Intercontinental Railway), GWR(the Great Western Railway) and ACER(Ablion Central Railway) established themselves as the three main railways of the nation, though only two of them operate in Pretoria region(the ICR & GWR). Pretoria, the nation's third largest city by population wasted no time getting its act together. Following several local freight mergers, it quickly bought up multiple rail right of ways that were either deemed excessive stock or being abandoned by the freight companies. And on Nov 22, 1969 regular commuter train service begin on portions of 2 lines; the O line(Ocean) from Dresden to Noriega and the ME line(Middle East) to Lindin City. The original Fastraxx System Map, circa 1969; These map(s) are to scale and the distances between stations are generally accurate. The dotted black line represents my region's current size and Pretoria's city limits, the metro area continues further beyond. The Ocean line was later extended and then split in two separate lines(NP & L). Three additional lines were opened over the following decades; A line in 1976, the SS line in 1979 and the C line in 1985. This increased the number of stations from 13 to 33. Train frequencies were also increased from rush hour only on the original two lines to all day service on the L & NP lines.. However by the late 1990's the system was starting to encounter severe congestion problems and more trains could not be added until these issues were resolved. Fastraxx system map, circa 1999; In the early 2000's the system underwent its largest expansion to date the most important of which was the electrification project. Prior to electrification, trains were powered by diesel locomotives. In combination with the system wide electrification new equipment had to be purchased. Electric locomotives replaced the diesel units operating on the rush hour only lines(C, ME & SS) and EMU's(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_multiple_unit) were purchased for use on the all day service lines. The electric trainsets provide much better acceleration than the previous diesel trains which allowed for the addition of 13 new stations without increasing overall travel time and greatly improved train frequencies during rush hour. Station spacing was reduced from one station every 2.8 km to one every 2.1 km and the C line was added to the all-day service loop on the L & NP lines. Trains are typically 5 or 6 coaches long and have a seating capacity of between 400 to 480 people per train. When accounting for standees a rush hour trains typically holds as many as a 1000 people. Additionally these new trains were built to be operated by cab signalling and are PTC(Positive Train Control) compliant. This improved system reliability and most importantly safety. Trains would no longer be solely directed by line of sight way side and most signal masts were removed except for those at major junction or interlocking points, that is where trains can crossover tracks. Any train exceeding its operating limits will be stopped automatically by the PTC system. This also reduced crewing requirements from two per train to just one greatly reducing yearly operating costs. The automated Airport Express was also built during this time provided a direct connection from Pretoria International Airport to downtown Astoria. Astoria for the record is Pretoria's Manhattan. The Airport Express is serviced by automated 4-car EMU's running on an elevated viaduct until just before Pretoria Central where the line runs in an underground tunnel and station. Several extension projects were also initiated on the ME(2009) C(2014) and NP(2017) lines. Another important project was the separation of the ME & SS lines from the L line. Previously these line merged onto the same set of tracks which created congestion. A new set of tracks was built parallel to the L line extending all the way from Pretoria Central to Lindin City and the routing of the ME line was changed to accommodate this. Commuters wishing to stop at points in between Calgon & Pretoria Central from the ME & SS lines have to transfer over to the L line at Calgon station. In all the system is 100km long and which is almost entirely double tracked giving a total of 205 kms of mainline track and plus another 15 kms of yard tracks. Summary of the system upgrades post 2000 Electrification of the entire Fastraxx network Project # Fastraxx Project no.1 M Project date: 2002-2008 Projected Costs: $1.65 Billion Contractor: multiple Order for new rail equipment - Electric Multiple Units Order date: 2003 Delivery date: 2008-2010 Total number of coaches: 178 Cost per Unit: $7.8 million Projected Costs: $1.39 Billion Contractor: Prototype Equipment Order for new rail equipment - Electric Locomotives Order date: 2005 Delivery date: 2007-2009 Total number of engines: 30 Cost per Unit: $16.5 million Projected Costs: $496 million Contractor: Electric Motors In-Cab Signal System installation Project # Fastraxx Project no.2 M Project date: 2006-08 Projected Costs: $305 million Contractor: Massive Electric Positive Train Control Instillation Project # Fastraxx Project no.4 M Project date: 2008-12 Projected Costs: $580 million Contractor: Automaton Solutions Inc. Airport Express Line Project # Fastraxx Project no.6 M Project date: 2010-13 Length of Line: 4.8 km Station platforms: 3 Projected Costs: $825 million Contractor: Supreme Construction ME Line extension to Fairmount Project # Fastraxx Project no.3 M Project date: 2007-08 Length of Extension: 4.4 km Projected Costs: $83 million Contractor: RealRail corp. C Line extension to Eastlea Project # Fastraxx Project no.7 M Project date: 2012-14 Length of Extension: 2.3 km Projected Costs: $204 million Contractor: MCR Rail inc. NP Line extension to Aspen Project # Fastraxx Project no.8 M Project date: 2013-17 Length of Extension: 6.1 km Projected Costs: $397 million Contractor: RealRail corp. Seperation of the ME & SS from the L line Project # Fastraxx Project no.5 M Project date: 2008-13 Length of new corridor: 8.9 km Projected Costs: $1.08 Billion Contractor: multiple Total costs: $7.01 Billion The result of which is this; Fastraxx system map, 2016; The all-day service route actually functions as one large loop totaling 50.4 kms long. Trains starts off at either Halcyon on the NP line(green) or at Highland at the end of the short A line(cyan). After departing Halcyon the train(s) proceeds south to Pretoria Central. Next it transfers over to the Inner-Bay route of the L line(Red). From there it will loop around Cisco Bay(the waterbody not the city) and return to Pretoria Central via the Cross-Bay route. After which it will finally transfers onto the A line(Cyan) and continue onto Highland station. There it turns around and the entire process is reversed. So really the NP, L & A lines (green/red/cyan) operate as one big 28 station loop. The subway system in Pretoria is also quite elaborate as is the local bus network, both of which are run by a separate agency called the Pretoria Transit Authority(PTA). The PTA will be covered in a future E2. As mentioned before, there is also a long distance train service operated by the federal government called Hallmark. The Hallmark service only operates on the NP, ME & SS lines, basically going to destinations beyond Pretoria further North, East & South. Additionally there are several different long distance bus routes but these are all run by private agencies and not the government. Synopsis of the Fastraxx system Number of lines - 7 (3 of which are shared with the Halmark inter-regional/long distance train service) Total number of stations - 44 + 2 under construction Total system length - 100 km Daily ridership(weekdays) - 140,800 Comparison of ridership to real-world systems(North America); Profile of the Individual lines Comparisons between the individual lines; Ridership - daily weekday average Ridership, rush hour - daily weekday average Track Lengths Stations The ridership numbers are based off in game totals for the A & L lines. The other lines are estimates for now since I've yet to actually build them in game. The actual routes of the Airport Express, NP & C lines have yet to be finalized. Airport Express(purple): number of stations - 3 total length - 4.8 km daily ridership - 7,260 type of service - all day, two-way service 7 days a week NP - North Point line(green): number of stations - 12 (includes 2017 extension) total length - 16.4 km (includes 2017 extension) daily ridership - 20,900 during rush hours daily ridership - 32,510 type of service - all day, two-way service 7 days a week C - Central line(orange): number of stations - 7 total length - 10.1 km daily ridership - 6,350 type of service - rush hour weekday service only A - Astoria line(cyan): number of stations - 4 total length - 3.8 km daily ridership - 3,570 during rush hours (actual in game total - combined morning & evening station counts divided by 2) daily ridership - 10,330 including off-peak service type of service - all day, two-way service 7 days a week ME - Middle East line(Grey): number of stations - 9 total length - 18.9 km daily ridership - 10,700 type of service - rush hour weekday service only This service skips 5 stations on the track shared with the L line L - Loop line(Red): number of stations - 18(2 served only during rush hour period) total length - 27.7 km daily ridership - 43,400 during rush hours (actual in game total - combined morning & evening station counts divided by 2) daily ridership - 65,250 including off-peak service type of service - all day, two-way service 7 days a week As you can see the path the L-line takes is actually a figure 8, rather then a simple loop. SS- South Shore line(Blue): number of stations - 7 total length - 18.1 km daily ridership - 8,400 type of service - rush hour weekday service only This service skips 4 stations on the track shared with the L line Fastraxx regional view; I will profile each corridor individually with in game pics and detailed official railway type track schematics in future entries. And that brings this entry to a close. I can't tell you exactly how long it took me to make this entry, but lets just say I've been working on this for a LONG time.
  11. So,i've checked this forum and i didn't see any show us your rail thread. I Do know that there is a show us your tram thread,but this is a different thing So here's my contribution: Let's make the rails rain!
  12. I've noticed there are a couple of multi-purpose stations included with the NAM that let you run whatever type of transit you want through them. The only problem is that the two lines must be perpendicular. Do any multi-purpose stations exist where the two lines are parallel? Also, do diagonal versions exist? Alternatively, does there exist a Monorail/Rail station? Or a Monorail/Elevated Rail station? And on a slightly unrelated note, are there any puzzle pieces for HSR or Bullet Trains over tram-in-avenue and tram-in-road?
  13. Welcome to the development thread for CT14 lots and BAT. Here's a quick list of current releases so you don't have to scroll through the thread to find them all: North American Freight Sidings Llama Terminal Company SABER LA River Troy Gasholder Building FAB Diagonal Industrials Lowrider Props In-N-Out Lowrider Show Old Time Power Plants - jestarr Boilerhouses --- North American Freight Sidings original first post: Inspired by the lack of existing lots representing protypical North American freight railroad sidings, I've created a system of lots that can be used to create eye-candy rail sidings. They are transit-enabled for appearance. I have been encouraged to share my progress in a dedicated thread by helpful feedback in the Show Us Your Railroads general thread, especially from SimCoug, T-Wrecks, raynev1. And the whole thing wouldn't exist without the Jestarr props. Features: 18 ploppable lots for different railcar types on double track rail Transit enabled connections to make the lots fit in seamlessly anywhere Three prop families to provide a variety from Jestarr's boxcars, intermodal and general merchandise freight ("Junkers") RRW compatibility Known issues: Transparent texture bug as described here http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/42425-transparent-texture-issue/ The lots need custom icons created and added, through Reader as described here: http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Tutorial:Inserting_a_custom_menu_icon_with_the_Ilive_Reader Future development ideas: Single Track Rail lots don't match exactly when using textures extracted from the RAM .dat, and I probably need permission to use them separately in any case. So, STR sidings may be a separate release at some point. Four-track lots would be prototypical for large yard trackage, but don't exist in RRW. Custom textures might allow some eye-candy four-track lots in future, this would resemble an updated subset of NCD. Dependencies: BSCMegaProps JES Vol01 (v1.0) - http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=342 For RRW, you need the NAM with RRW enabled. Download: Please report bugs here. Thanks!
  14. Bridges, Roads, Tunnels !

    Bridges, Roads, Tunnels ! Work on Mayon Province lines of communication´s continue´s. Rather boring, don´t mind if you don´t like RHW ! RHW seems to be quit simple if you have a lot of room. Some time the sollution is easy, often quit difficult. First we have a look at some bridges in Thareau Ville. The´r connecting Thareau with Providence City and Fort Grayon. Local road connection need to be nice and tight ! Another look at the Thareau Ville Nouvelle traffic interchange west of town further developed ! Evans Ville and Sampson Ville tunnel access proofed to be quit a challenge ! Sounds too boring all those highway´s ! Earlier comment mentioned this would become a big metropolis so it will probably be, setting up a town layout is in this way properly planned is one of several one´s of doing ! Traffic isn´t around so it feels somewhat bar cold. RHW free world would somewhat be more relaxing, first putting in one mayor highway would be more natural, for future planning space could allways be reserved; unfortunaly RHW takes up more space than one would like it to be. So more or less the western half of Mayon Province RHW is about finished ! Rural mayon will be maintained in certain area´s of mayon province, hilly terrain obviously won´t allow much development; some of the coastal area´s and the east part will be more rural ! Roghue Island intechange and tunnels ! In between some new developments, One way have been replaced with full RHW highway 55 curved connection ! Hartford and Roghue Island bridge connection ! Strange S like without a interchange how odd, probably a sollution like bellow will ease the congestion ! The Final layout ! Mayon CJ update frequence for the summer will be monthly. Experimenting with sets and details takes a lot of time. Enjoying the summer holiday is in such some other thing not to forget ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ, see you back in the next one !
  15. Cologne Koeln Extended !

    Cologne Koeln Extended ! This time I couldn´t find any other title for this months CJ. ANNO Holland also in development I had to make a choice what to show ! Cheaply I could offer a photo tour of Mayon Province, not doing any justice to this series, ANNO Holland has for BAT´s and other plugins passed the test phase but needs to be furthur worked out; so have another look at Cologne, Koeln in the sixties, that the era we are aiming for with some discretion ! Overlook of the town as far ! As you can see innercity has grown and the town enclosing railway ring has been electrified as far as the stabeling yards ! Some innercity pictures ! Koelner Dome ! Station quarters and shopping district ! Mayor hospital has arrived to deal with all ever wanted services ! Fine fitting new neighbourhood developed ! Now we move on to the working part of town ! Industries now are clean and a tram depot serving the inner city ! Famous railjunction and yards west of Koeln Hbf ! Last we have a look at the outer industrial zone ! Well that was somekind of extended story, still development is thinly and divided; hope to startup ANNO Holland, ANNO 4 Cities this series will continue; repetion: another city another day ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see back the next time !
  16. Hello everyone, these are my first BAT creations, a set of modern freight cars props, based on freight cars you can see in North America. I decided to make them because the ones that already exists are based on old designs of freight cars, (designs used from 1940's to 1970's), or are a little bit unrealistic. So, as I couldn't find any others that fill my espectatives, I decided to make my own rail cars, based on rolling stock that can be found from southern Mexico to northern Canada. In this pic you can see a little bit of my work, some assorted cars in a railyard. Some cars are not noticeable, in next pics I'll show you the different types of freight cars and their different paint schemes I've made. So, please, tell me what you think about my work, I 'll appreciate your comments and opinions.
  17. Rail graphic glitch?

    I'm starting to learn NAM and stumbled onto a graphical error that looks like tiles simply not displaying anything when rail crosses certain RHW's. I haven't tried all the widths, but so far it seems to consistently happen on 6 and 7 wide ground-level RHW (I'm not sure if rail is supposed to be able to cross that many lanes, or why you'd want to IRL, but it seems to be acceptable for smaller lanes so I assumed it would work). I'll post a pic or two. Here it shows me dragging rail over RHW-6, but it makes a dark brown path indicating it's going to display neither the RHW nor the rail: It shows rail here, after I've done the above with the dark brown path: But it seems to work just fine with RHW-2 and elevated RHW: Any help? (Oh, and if my RHW looks odd it's because it's Euro texture, so no yellow American lines.)
  18. Version 1.0.1


    Grand Central Chicago Station, by Mattb325. ---------------------------------------
  19. SM2_MV_Heritage Roundhouse

    Version 1.0.0


    As requested by @MissVanleider (Thus the MV on the lot name) This is the smaller version of SM2 Heritage Roundhouse. (Lot size 14X14) The new distinctive name is SM2_MV_Heritage Roundhouse. (Lot size = 8X14) Cost to plop = 30,000 Cost to bulldoze = 3,000 Monthly maintenance = 220 Provides 34 jobs. This version will not allow trains to pass through however you can still connect the rail and street stubs to the game networks for a better visual effect. Dependencies The original SM2 Heritage Roundhouse and its dependencies. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3500 or If you don't want the original lot to show up in your rail menu then just remove "SM2 Heritage Roundhouse.dat" from your plugin. The rest must remain in the plugin in order to have no issues with SM2_MV_Heritage Roundhouse. Enjoy Simmer2
  20. SM2 Heritage Roundhouse

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone. I present you with SM2 Heritage Roundhouse. In the past, rail roundhouses were extensively used all over North America as a repair facility for trains, specifically locomotives. They were designed with that characteristic roundish design in order to take less real estate when building a train repair facility. Coupled with a massive turntable, they greatly decreased a rail yard footprint. There are a few still in operation (very few) and they are mostly used to house old and retired locomotives donated by railway companies. Sort of like a museum for engines. Some have been converted into retail space while keeping the nostalgic feel of days gone past by displaying old engines and equipment on the front of the building. This lot represents months of preparations and lots of specific props making. Together with a detailed and realistic custom base texture, I tried to capture reality as much as possible. Vester's latest train engines prop pack fits this lot perfectly due to the many angles he released. Also with the usage of a clever trick, you are now able to pick different textures (companies liveries) from 5 different texture packs he released along the engine prop pack. Once you install vester's prop pack you must choose one of his texture colors in order for the locomotives to show properly. The lot is 14X14 and is designed to allow either freight and passenger trains to cross the DTR section at the bottom of the lot, the other rail exits/entries will only connect visually and so will the street stubs. Plop cost 45,000 Bulldoze cost 4,500 Power consumed 190 Water consumed 120 Maintenance cost 220/month It will also provide 34 jobs. You will find it under the rail menu. This lot makes use of an extensive array of timed props with multiple angle designs in order to achieve a sort of animation with HD props. There are also many other timed props so that the lot looks livelier throughout the day. Action starts at 7am and keeps going until 6pm (closing time) after that time the lot will look empty because everyone has gone home but for one person and one vehicle, the night security guard on the left lower rail hut area. From time to time you may see overlapping timed props, especially at the turntable sequence, this is due to game lag and depending on the speed of your processor you may or may not see it. Wait a few game days and it will correct itself. Dependency list. BSC - VIP girafe beeches (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2995 BSC - VIP Girafe Walnut trees (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3461 BSC - VIP girafe common spruces (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2945 BSC - VIP girafe berries (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2888 BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3049 BSC - VIP girafe narcissus (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2964 BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2980 BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol3.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1764 SM2 Prop Pack Vol2 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3434 SM2 Prop Pack Vol3 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3499 VDK GEVo Props.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3472 VDK Proppack 3 - GEvo Engine Textures Vol 3E http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3477 I'm including one of the texture packs vester released on the dependency list. However you can choose any of the 5 he made. Lot custom texture and timed props exemplars are included. A big thank you goes to rivit for creating a single template for vester's out of the ordinary exemplars in order for me to make timed ones. Thank you Ron! Also, thank you vester for the engine prop pack and girafe for the ever beautiful trees and greenery models!! Enjoy Simmer2
  21. Rail textures

    From the album ROmeoBOT

    I am missing some rail textures?
  22. Freightyard Facelift

    View Album The growing city needs more tracks and space - old streets, parking lots and some shops need to be demolished and relocated... Here is the area after the reconstruction with a larger freightyard, shiny new administration offices, and some newly established industry... Click for fullsize enjoyment... ;-)
  23. Using the route query tools. I only see freight moving to a harbor by truck and not rail. Is this correct? Thanks!
  24. Entry no.38 - The Apotex Refinery pt.1

    Entry number 2 from the city of Baycole, this time I'll by showcasing the industrial sector of the city which contains an oil production facility - the Apotex Refinery, a small coal power plant, incinerator and the associated docks, rail loading and storage facilities for all of the above. The Apotex Refinery is located on the north shore of Cisco Bay in Baycole, it is owned and operated by the Avalon corporation, one of the largest multi-national conglomerates on planet Azura. It is one of two massive facilities located in Industrial Sector C, the largest industrial area in the the region. The refinery has a daily crude oil processing capacity of 160,000 bbl/d (23,000 m3/d), is nearly 500m wide and over 1,100m long. Which is comparable to an oil production facility of its size in the real world. This entry was suppose to be finished last week but I just couldn't stop myself from continually expanding the facility, fine tuning the game modification I used and making new custom content for it. In the end I've decided to spit the entry in two, there's just too many pictures and things to show in a single entry. The first entry will focus largely on the custom content(BAT's, relots & textures) that I made and cover the peripheral facilities and strucutres around the refinery. First on the agenda is a look at some of the other custom embankment walls I've recently made. The wall on the top is made from precast interlocking cement blocks, while the one at the bottom is poured concrete or at least that's what I hope they look like Also upgraded the radio tower and added a large water tank as the top of the hill is an ideal location for both. The hill actually isn't as tall as it may look, being only 110ft above the highway, 160ft above the refinery level and almost 200ft above sea level. The interchange below is the only interchange in the city of Baycole between Highway 705 & Naphtha Rd. and is a generic design. The radio tower is 410ft/125m tall for an HAAT of 606ft/185m broadcasting TV & radio signals to the residents of Baycole. Close up of highway 705. A lot of gasoline trucks run down this highway on their way to and from to the refinery. Time to check out the new BAT's. Here's the main project which I previewed earlier this month, a new type of hydro pylon; As you can tell it's of a very unique design and there's a very good reason for that I withheld. It's because these pylons are designed so that you can actually run railways directly underneath them! This power line is known as the Eastlea Hydro Corridor and transfers power to central Pretoria originating from the Eastlea power plant, it runs directly on top of a portion of the ICR mainline(Lakeridge sub). Tank farm B(7 tanks) is located to the north of the combined power & rail line while the refinery itself is located to the south. A half a mile long ICR oil train is also seen here, stopped for switching on the mainline. This particular train has two locomotives and is hauling 44 tank cars. 9. There are several other custom BAT and relots here as well to go along with the replacement textures I used to give the area a more industrial and grungy feel to it. On the western edge of the property straddling the ICR mainline is the rail fueling depot, where refinery products are transferred into rail cars. 12. Gasoline is transferred onto trucks at a fueling station just south of the rail depot. Petroleum is also transferred via a pipeline running just north of the depot. 14. 15. Further south of the rail & truck depot and on the western edge of the refinery(and city) is the LNG terminal. The LNG is stored in 6 large tanks, 4 partially underground and 2 above ground. The LNG is transported from the facility either by truck or via an underground 48inch pipe. 17. One of the refineries 500ft(152m) stacks looms large over the LNG terminal. 19. Lets jump back to the hydro corridor & tank farm. The feed lines to the tank farms diverge just north of the tracks. The pipes that go east lead to tank farm A while the pipes which turn west(left in the image below and towards the rail fueling depot) lead to tank farms B & C. Tank farm C is actually in he next city over, the pipe line which goes underground leads to it. I relotted NBVC overhead pipeline to go over 3 space here. I could of relotted it to go over the road as well but I think using bipin's underpass here and having it hook up to somy's huge tank looked cooler in the end With regards to the power lines. I fully intend to release the set once I've decided on the different possible directions/connections, such as diagonals, possible FAR angles too. Offset models will be offered as well. In fact tested one for this entry 23. 24. 25. From here the Eastlea hydro corridor runs along Petrol Drive. Yes, you will be able to run these power lines down roads as well Truly a godsend for cities lacking space for new hydro right-of-ways. 27. The road ramp takes Naphtha Rd. over the ICR Lakeridge sub and that half-mile long freight train while the piping leads to tank farm A. 29. 30. And with an even 30 pictures that concludes the entry. The next one will showcase the core of the refinery, power plant and docks. Feel free to ask me about any of the content shown in this entry or if you have any recommendations for the content shown.
  25. Hello everyone and tank you for reading this message. I'm trying to compile a comprehensive list of all rail related lots ever release in the SC4 community. All rail lots that have rail textures, that is. Single pieces with no textures are exempt. Stations, railyards, industrial lots with rail textures etc. I will be testing everyone of them to make sure they conform with RRW format. I will create overrides for the ones that do not qualify so that we could have a unified ensemble. Therefore I would really appreciate if you could drop a message here with links to the lots. Looking forward to your input in the matter. Kind regards. Simmer2

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