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City-building game(s)

Found 70 results

  1. Providence Garden City !

    Providence Garden City ! This CJ we take a flight to the up to now third largest city in the mayon province. Population is about 70.000 There´s no real harbour or coastal connection by water. Thareaux Ville lies on the north, Evansville on the east. It´s got the usual enterprises, wide networks and is known for it´s large green parks ! We land at Providence Muni Airport in the dark ! We take the excelent train ride into town ! We arrive at the main station ! The Marriot Hotel Providence City is our stay for the night ! Well rested we awake and take our breakfast ! Well rested we awake and take our breakfast ! Let´s explore the city ! First we drop off at the city museum ! We take a stroll of one of the many parks Next we take a look at what´s makes this city moving, The Block ! A skyline like no other, wich gets even more impresive every day. Industrial side of town is aswell well served with the railway´s and a elevated highway ! Providence got a extensive railway network serving all city parts and aswell three metro lines serving the downtown, industrial and univeristy area. Some more pictures of the city ! Big Mall´s ! Take a look at the university area There´s also a Art School and extensive library. Providence City ´Hawks´ play there matches at the Bellevue stadium ! Nearby City ! Yet we finish this CJ with some Night views of the city ! Afther a long weekend strolling the streets of Providence City we have to so goodbye ! What a town ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see back next time !
  2. Coming soon ! Providence Garden City

    Coming soon ! Providence Garden City. Last CJ´s I developed the peninsula countryside and some remote island´s. Next CJ we return to town. What a town ? Some familiar Cityhall; rest will soon follow soon, when we take a flight to this lovely city ! Hope you will join me to discover this remote city !
  3. München, Muenchen, Munich HBF

    München, Muenchen, Munich HBF Welcom to Munich, fourth city in the Europe ANNO series ! The Third german city; more or less; there will be a fourth one, but that will have to wait for some other scape´s ! Let´s have a look at München HBF, a very nice replacement for such a large structure is Queen Elizabeth station ! Karlsplatz, on a short walk into town ! Famous, Muenchner Frauenkirche and New cityhall ! Odeonplatz Feldherrnhalle and Theaterkirche ! Now we have a look at the surrounding area ! Bayerisch wald, Tegner and Schliersee ! We end with the yet incorporated Starnbergsee, well some distance from Muenchen but still nice Next time we take a wider look at the inner city and perhaps make a stroll along the Isar ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ, see you back next time !
  4. Smallville : Churches & Parks

    Since the middle of the Nineteenth Century, there have been several waves of settlement in the Eden Bay region, mostly Europeans. First the French, then the English, then Poles, Ukrainians, Italians... It has trickled down somewhat now, but people are still coming in from all corners of the world, lured by the opportunities and the quality of life in the region. Each wave of immigrants brought its own culture and, in Smallville, it shows in the name of the churches. Of which there are many -- at some point, Smallville vas nicknamed the City of the Bells, for each hour and half-hour was ringed in everywhere. Now only the Cathedral Sainte-Adèle has this privilege --fortunately, because sleep would be hard otherwise. P. R. didn't visit every small church and chapel, but only the main ones. 1. The baptist church, St.Temperance, and its park : 2. 3.The Lutheran church, St.Ephrem, close to the old City Hall & police station, and to the mayor's house. Three generations of Zabnises have played in the nearby Serenity Park. 4. 5. En route to another church, P. R. went through the more secluded Melancholia Park; by then, she was getting the nagging feeling all the city's parks had been designed by the same landscape artist. And... those names ! 6. In the middle of the town, close the the new City Hall, there is St.Antoine -- which was the main church before the Cathedral was built. 9. 10. Closer to the outskirts of town, the small St.Saturnina, with coloured glass windows imported from Italy at great cost by the Italian community. 11. The austere St.Tomàs church 12. Most churches are neighbourhood churches, with few parishioners now. Some have even been decommissioned. This one, St-Ephrem, has been converted into a small art gallery and concert hall. 13. One of the smallest, St.Apostolska, near the Wessermeyer College. 14. St.Gilda, right in in what is now one of Smallville's busy commercial neighbourhood. 15. 16. At the point, P. R. got confused. Hand't she already seen that church ? Yes, St.Ardua, near the Towers : Ardua and Gilda were twin sisters, the legend has it, and the Italian community, then in full swing, decided that there would be sister churches. Which is somewhat confusing indeed for tourists who walk around without a map -- like P. R. 17. St Ardua and the Towers are graced with one of the big city park, Fortitude Park. There, P. R 's questions about the builder of the city's parks were answered : indeed, it was the same man, Viktor Wessermeyer, a German-Polish immigrant of the very early TwentiethCentury, who lived a long and productive life, albeit a sad and bereft one. A poet as well as an architect, and a romantic at heart with a rather somber inclination, he favoured a particular path design, interlocking circles or half-circles supposedly figuring infinity. O....K.... P. R. thought to herself after thanking the kind old gentleman who'd enlightened her at length. At least, there are parks in Smallville ! 18. The design was reproduced when the Towers were built, as an hommage. 19. P. R. had been directed to the cemetery where Wessermeyer had been buried -- the old one, close to St-Adèle : there are almost no cemeteries left in the city, they have all been pushed to the city limits. But that one was kept, enclosed in walls and transformed into another park, where admirers of Wessermeyer can come and meditate on his grave. Jim Morrison's it ain't, but still, faithfulls come each year on his anniversary ; Wessermeyer had been famous enough as a poet to deserve that, and have a college named after him. As per his wishes, a tall dark tree was planted near his tomb. 20.
  5. Budapest Magyar !

    Budapest Magyar ! Welcome in the third city in this series ! Budapest as several east european cities breath the air of the orient. Most prominet the large chainbridge, the hungarian parlament and the Keleti Railway station. Impresive landmarks wich if not available be improvised. Magyar is refered to as Hungary the country or the original tribe living in the area descriped. Hope you enjoy this CJ ! Starting a new city always is a big effort, this week have been a very warm one, with tempertures upt 30 dgr, releasing this CJ didn´t went without a lot of sweat and tears ! Starting a large city a like, require a big network of road´s rail and other necesities. As with the other cities these appear first and take a lot of time to complete. 4Cities region, as this is called, has a RHW network in progres, some parts are ready, most to be created allthought it will quit small comparing to the Mayon region ! Some structures and the Budapest Keleti Railway station replaced by Gare Orsay ! Hungarian parlament watched over the river from the Buda side of te city ! Innercity ! A park along the river ! Most surrounding neighbourhoods in this series will be average european, in future CJ specific countries these will mostly adapted as you saw in France Agricole I. Sample neighbourhood arround Keleti Station ! So that´s all for this month ! Next month CJ will be under reserve, if circumstances are Ok ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  6. Thille : River Parks

    One of Thille's quaint trait is that there are not many bridges linking its north and south districts on the Ste-Croix River. But "to link or not to link" is a subject rather tepidly debated at the City Council, as the anti-linking party always end up successfully arguing that, since residential, commercial and industrial zones are judiciously disseminated all over, as well as essential services & utilities, it is not necessary : "Build it and they will come" is not a positive motto around here – not anymore, after the somewhat rocky beginnings of the city. And indeed, all polls, both on the Left and on the Righ Bank, give mostly the same results : the citizens are happy where they are – and the relatively sparse traffic on the two bridges (for a 400 k + population) proves it. The fact that several mayors have seen to it that both banks were nicely developed as parks, cycleways and promenades, also linking them underground in many places for pedestrians and bicycles, may have something to do with that quasi-unanimity... 1. The Upper Promenade and Cycleway : 2. Commercial Alley Parks, along the Cycleway : 3. Fun for the kiddies : 4. The other bank is nice too (windy day on the St-Croix river...) 5. Gepan Park : 6. Cycling along the left bank (you can rent bikes for free in Thille, of course, and P. R. used them abundantly) : 7. Rorlasch Park : 8. And its neighbour, the Heinley Park : 9. Heinley Park again, with its happy cyclists : 10. The Cycleway goes further along the river and follow it a while after this, right into the fields. But P. R. had enough and went back to her hotel and a hot bath for her sore muscles (pedaling against the wind, y' know...) 11.
  7. Cologne Koeln Grũne Gũrtel !

    Cologne Koeln Grũne Gũrtel ! Last month has gone so fast, working on ANNO Holland and ANNO Europe. Resorted to the more inner stadt last time now we again move out to the area of the Aachnerstrasse and the Grune Gũrtel ! ANNO Europe is based in the 60´s, room is spare so there some compromises to be made. Linoa06 info about the equastrian activity has been added in this instalment ! Hope you like it ! Area North of the Aachner strasse oposite the Sport Hochschulle and the Rhein Energy Stadion of FC Koln ! Continuing to the East Between Widder Dorfer strasse and Stolberg strasse large industrial area with in real a Mercedes Benz plant ! Koeln Melaten friedhof ! Graveyard´s aren´t my thing, still creating one was quit a challenge.. Now we move to the south to a great former estate of Ferdinand Braun, so called Braunfeld. We have Club Astoria at the Adenauer lake, Tier and Bier garten to the east ! Lese Grun Weiss Tennis club up right ! Now we continue with wat´s called the Grũne Gũrtel. This is a ring of parks on the west side of the city, just outside the rail ring wich for most is green allthought some parts are more urban. First the Museum fur OstIndische and the southern part ! Now we move north to one of the spectaculair landmarks ! The Fernsehenturm or Funkturm digital radio or tv at a glance ! We end with some night views of Koeln ! That concludes this month CJ ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hi All, This is a very simple upgrade for the "Roadside Trees", those trees that you can plop in the roads in order to create more beauty and healthy neighborhood. I've always thought it was absurd that those trees weren't able to increase land value. In my opinion, a tree-lined street is a much more valued street. So, this mode creates a (very) small amount of medium and high value on the fully tree-lined streets you create. Its a very small amount, but suffice to give beauty, healthy AND some value to the streets of your city. I also re-introduce the Pine Tree as roadside tree. It creates a beautiful line if you put it on the streets next to the Worship Set's "Chinese Temple" or the wonderful Japanese Temples from Project Shinjidai, created by XoXiDe (http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29906-project-shinjidai-xoxide/). I hope you enjoy. THIS IS AN OFFLINE MOD. Install by copying the .package file into your ...\Origin\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder.
  9. Greetings all! I've just returned from an indefinite hiatus from ST after almost a decade of inactivity, and all of a sudden felt the urge to lot. A lot! I've mostly been posting my lot updates in the "Show Us What You're Working On" thread but I figured I should probably lighten the spam over there and create my own thread . Since I've been posting so much stuff recently it's probably a good idea that I start consolidating all of them into one topic. PROJECTS Welcome to Suburban Office Mania! The core concept of these re-lots focuses on recreating the large sprawling business parks and office complexes that are scattered around suburban North America. Most of these complexes boasts several similar-looking buildings and can occupy several city blocks worth of space, mostly from parking alone. Major influences include several tech centers located around the US, including locations part of Silicon Valley, Irvine, and Denver Tech Center. ITS Office Parks Here I'll be mostly tackling a lot of Ill Tonkso's old mid-rise office buildings, and converting them for suburban usage either in the form of multi-building complexes or larger lots for the building. Occasionally you might find something less suburban . COMPLETED Ill Tonkso Plaza Tonkso Corporate Park, Trowbridge Offices Trafalgar Complexes Lakeside Place 280 Executive Square East Point Offices CAMden Heights Offices Holbourne Offices Folegate Leasings Zurich House BACKLOG D R Pawley and Associates Pewsley House Sutton Financial Lettings 110 Cannon Street Glennishire House & 6-8 Bishopgate Office Parks This is the more general series that spans several different authors. Mattb325's Zurich Insurance (Temporary!) WIP Simgoober's Offices (WaMu, Office Parks, Professional Center) BACKLOG Madhatter106's Offices Splash image coming soon.... RetailMania (ReM) is aimed at creating more realistic shopping centers by utilizing the expanded parking options from my SuperParking project. COMPLETED gascooker's Tesco Supermarket BACKLOG TBD SuperParking (SP) is aimed at creating the most realistic looking parking lots in SC4. Based off the original SHK Parking Pack. Texture Set SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures v 1.01 SuperSHK Plus MEGA Parking Textures (??) Modular Parking Set Massive modular parking kit. For advanced builders! COMPLETED Base Set EP1: Diagonal Set EP2: Extension Set Addon Pack 1 DAMN Menus WORK IN PROGRESS SG Industrials SG Offices Other Stuff: Maxis Revitalization under construction
  10. City Park

    View Album Howdy :-) Glad to see you all back visiting Paengia!
  11. Problems with NAM

    Hi, sorry, but i am an idiot, because when i install new NAM 35 that it cancel trees in basic park, is it possible?
  12. Mayon Bay Central Park

    From the album Mayon Province !

    Mayon Bay Central Park
  13. Parklets

    Version 2.3


    Added 82 additional parks under Parklets Menu !! (Only applies for HighRes users only) For LowRes users as well as non Akar users, all parklets will be stored under Parks Submenu's (Basic $, Nature $$, Formal $$$) Click on "Previous Version" if you wish not to have the modules and some visual looks on the parklets. >> Mac users please install Parklets 1.0, there are issues that 2.3 may cause crash on start up. How to install? 1. Download Rar files. 2. Right click the rar file > Extract 3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder. Make sure you've installed Project Akar : UI Enhancements first. Industrial Parklets Coming Soon!!!
  14. Mayon City Restored !

    Mayon City Restored ! At last some news from Mayon Province. This summer I might pickup on the Mayon Province II region. Europa ANNO may have a break ! Today I show you some stuf of the former Mayon Province, Mayon City. All pictures have been optimized and edited of unnescesary stuff ! Hope you will enjoy this enhanced tour ! Mayon City Main rail station ! Down town and business district ! Surrounding Area ! Some residentials ! Mayon City Fairgrounds ! Most photographic places in Mayon City to be revisted. Some photo hosting problems due ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  15. Koeln Parki

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Koeln parki near Aachner strasse
  16. Frankfurt Citywall Gardens 2

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Frankfurt Citywall garden
  17. Frankfurt Citywall Gardens 1

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Frankfurt Citywall gardens
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Contains 20 lots meant to be placed roadside to add realistic (and HD) parking to your cities. Both LHD and RHD are supported. It's pretty obvious, but you should only install one set based on your current driving side. If you don't, the exemplars will conflict and you will end up with LHD lots. Special thanks go to @vortext and @kingofsimcity for allowing me to use their amazing textures, and to @rsc204 for the acronym inspiration. ------------------ Dependencies: ------------------ Neko Props Set 1 (part 1) & (part 2) nos.17 Essentials (V09 or newer) VIP Car pack vol 1 & 2 VIP Car pack vol 3 UrbanPack vol.1 MS_Motokloss_60s-70s_CarProps MS_MotoklossSolarisBus_PROPS1 R6_Prop Pack 2010_Vol1 SHK Parking Pack
  19. Version 2.0b


    This mod adds a new set of Pedestrian Paths to the parks palettes. This paths carry pedestrians, power, water and sewage. As a result, the lamp posts on the park light up at night. You can plop all the parks that don't have parking lots along these paths, along with trees and university modules you may also build bridges and Tunnels with this path. The paths do futurize as well when CoT park is placed along or near them. To install this mod, just extract the rar file into your SimCityData Folder. THIS IS AN OFFLINE ONLY MOD and will cause rollbacks if played online. Make sure you remove your package before playing in multiplayer games. New version allows for Double Wide Service Road with ability to protect Sims walking and give a clean MALL look
  20. Mass Transit Sign

    Version 1.1.0


    A nice billboard park telling sims to ride mass transit and the bus..
  21. Every once in a while, I build a city with SC4. The city I have now is doing very well, with over 100M and making about 5k per month, though it has been as high as 10-20k. I will say more on that later. When I started building this city, I used the "standard" neighborhood layout of 6x6 squares (technically, I suppose it was actually 8x8, but the outer rim had roads going around it, so the "zonable area" was 6x6). Sometimes I would vary this up a little by using a rectangle of say 10x6, and the industrial was in bigger squares, I usually used 10x10 squares since industrial doesn't have to be as close to the road as either residential or commercial. I would usually also put 1, 2 (1 at opposite corners), or 4 (1 at each corner) city beautification objects like a small park, gazebo, whatever. As I was playing, I came up with a new way to make neighborhoods, that is better at making money (see the numbers I cited in the first sentence), seems to generate fewer abandoned buildings than my original method, and I think just looks better. I will attempt to describe it in text. I think on these forums is a place where screenshots can be placed, so I might just build an isolated neighborhood, take a screenshot of that and post it there. First I build a "neighborhood frame" that is 11x11 suares of zonable area with roads on all sides of it. In the center of the zonable area I put a large (3x3) park (park green, flower garden, or plaza), or what I call a "sports complex" (which I will describe momentarily), then I put a road going around it so I have a sort of "roundabout" in the center of the neighborhood, then I connect these inner roads to my outer roads. As far as I can determine, "city beautification" obects have to have road access to have any effect. This leaves me with either 82 or 84 zonable tiles. I did some experimenting, and the best balance is maintained with using half of those for low density resisential, and the other half for medium density commercial. I build roads for a 3x3 grid of these neigborhoods, but in the center grid I put what I call my city services center. In this i put an elementary school, a high school, a library, a museum, a police station, a jail (which I think is a NIMBY structure, but I put one anyway), and a fire station (though putting so many fire stations really doesn't seem to have that much advantage over having just 1 in the entire city), then I build the neighborhoods in the way I described around this city services center. I could make more money if I didn't put a library and museum in each sevice center, but I have reason for keeping the education as high as possible. My "sports complex" consists of a tennis court, a baketball court, a skateboard park, an open paved area, an open grass area, and a small park, and like the large parks has a total area of 3x3. The "sports complex" costs more to build/maintain than the other large parks, but assuming the effects(increase in demand cap) are additive and not governed by some weird formula that is used when they are right next to each other, they have an effect that appears to be approximately proportionate to the amount of money spent. I didn't do a detailed enough analyses to determine which is the "best investment," but I think there are 2 considerations that are more important than that. First, and most importantly, I think they look cool. Second, I feel like I am doing more for my sims when I put down a sports complex than one of the prefab parks. They can pay tennis or basketball, ride their skateboards in a place that is safer than riding it in a parking garage, use the paved area for practicing isolated skills such as dribbling, passing, or their backhand, use the grassy area for practicing their karate katas, or can use the park if they just want to have a picnic and not play any of these sports (and yes, I do know that this is a game and there aren't any real people really doing any real thing). Then for the industrial area, I put a "ring" of medium density industrial that is 10 tiles wide around the residential/commercial neighborhoods. I keep this industrial area from choking my residential/commercial area with smog by discouraging dirty/manufacturing from even coming in by passing the appropriate ordinances (clean air and power consumption, I believe), raising the taxes on the dirty/manufacturing industries to the most the game will allow, 20% (call that an environmental tax if you want), and by keeping education levels as high as possible. I also built cities called "power," "water," and "trash" that supply those services through neighbor deals so I do not have to build NIMBY structures/zones such as power plants or landfills in the city I am building. In the current city I am working on, I have gotten rid of all but 1 of the dirty/manufacturing industrial plants, or at least I assume it is 1 each from the data gathered from the jobs graph and the chart showing the tax revenue from those industries. This neighborhood design has worked so well I went back to my original 6x6 neighborhoods, adapted my design for smaller squares, and am remaking those neighborhoods as well. When I complete this city, I will perhaps move on to a new city and see how well this neighborhood design works in building a city from scratch. Brian Christiansen
  22. PARTHENON PARK: The Living City

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my third park lot using the vanilla props from SC4. This park is part of an urban beautification and vitalization project for the inner-city. Named after the Parthenon in Athens, an architectural and cultural artifact representing the foundations of modern civilization, and attributed to Athena, the personification of calmness, wisdom, ethical, and civil society. The park design utilizes the dimensions said to be essential to the Parthenon following the golden rectangle ratio, calculated in SC4 city tiles as 8 (width) by 5 (depth). The Parthenon building landmark was released as an update to SC4. The park is well-lighted with a variety of animations and park-related props including the Zen Rock Garden, Greenhouses, Koi Fish Pond, a Pool, Fountains, Swing Sets, Slides, Refreshment Stand, Gazebo, Billboards, Basketball Courts, and a small Skateboard arena. This lot is animation and graphics-intensive, found under the parks menu, but intended as a main feature or central city park, and so should only be plopped once in any city you are building. Medium Wealth Cost: 950 Monthly Income: 150 Air Pollution: -30, 10 Water Pollution, -10, 10 Park Effect: 100, 40 Landmark Effect: 80, 20 Maxis Night Lighting No Dependencies
  23. Starlight City Park

    Version 1.0.2


    A well-lighted place for the sims to relax, reflect and meet in the inner city. This is the kind of park that people go to on their lunch break, poets and lovers go to dream, plans are sketched, and profound ideas are conceived. There's a memorial in the center just for the purpose of remembering, and gazebos and fountains among the trees. Medium Wealth Park 5x5 Plop Cost: 250 Monthly Cost: 90 Air Pollution: -20, 10 Water Pollution -10, 10 Park Effect: 100, 60 Landmark Effect: 40, 20 Power, Water Consumed: 10 Flammability: 2 Generates pigeons, sim adults, and kids, automata. Maxis Night Lighting No Dependencies.

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