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City-building game(s)

Found 52 results

  1. Welcome! Saw something you liked in someone's screenshot but can't find it? Vaguely remember seeing something once, but you don't know where it is? Wondering whether or not a plugin of a certain type exists? This is the thread where you can ask for help finding things. When asking, please be as descriptive and specific as possible. This can help people to understand what you're looking for. If possible, screenshots are also encouraged. This thread is a direct continuation of the original topic, which got too big. Someone might have already been looking for the same thing as you, so checking there first might get you your answer faster. P.S. If you would like a particular BAT to be made, please request it in the BAT Request Thread.
  2. I think it is time to have my own place to dabble in.... Anyone who is following me can bookmark this page for future projects show and tell. If you have been following my pipe project here are the latest pics showing what you can do with them. For anyone asking about an MML for the set, I made one, therefore if you wish to use it, you now have that option. Release date has been tentatively set for Oct 1. Gorge crossing with rail network below.... 1 2 3 4 5 Simmer2/Nick
  3. so im just starting my sc4 mod collection and i need some good packs of suburban and old house lots. searching on simtropolis turns up a lot of foreign homes and im specificly looking for american style houses. could somone help me?
  4. MOD Help.

    I need a little help with some mods. I downloaded a few mods, I installed them to my Progamfiles(86x)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Simcity4/Plugins, but when I place them on the map they only show up as concrete slabe without the building. I would really appreciate some help on this, as I downloaded close to 50 mods and I don't want to have to delete them and reinstall, so any help would be much appreciated.
  5. I duly visited the diagonals' forum, but am not really finding an answer (I'm not very good at skimming thru the forums, though). Considering all the progress that has been made in SC4 modding, and the fact that there have been diagonal buildings (and ploppable, too !) for a while now (do I hear “glenni” ?), I am always wondering why we don't have more of them, and more of stuff like parks. It would be so great to be able to place diagonal parks... Yes, we can fake them, up to a point, but that's not what I am thinking about. I confess : one of the things that I found delicious in CitySkylines when I explored it was the possibility of placing parks (and buildings...) at whatever angle I wanted. I don't mind the fact that diagonal roads and streets etc. are more limited in SC4 (I do prefer SC4 to CS anyway ; oldtimer), but those parks !... We can do diag. parkings (SFBT, for instance) why not parks ? And yes, we have Prepo's nifty triangular parks, but why not MOAR ? and why not more diagonal buildings ? What is so terribly hard about making them ? (I guess this is a technical question.) Enlighten me ?
  6. I know the (several) meanings of "Deprecated" from several dics, but I don't understand the meaning that one sees in the road/rail menus. What's a Deprecated road ?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    English This is the second upload in my Lat Am Project, which seeks to revive and remaster forgotten latin american content from various creators. This time I present to you a pack of 13 lots featuring 11 building models from Debussyman. These are all wall to wall latin american historic buildings, perfect for an old city centre!. There's medium wealth commercial services and offices, in 1x2, 2x2 and 3x2 lots, developed on low, medium and high density commercial zones. They are modded so that they only grow when the Chicago tileset is selected (in the building styles menu), you can control where and when to develop them this way. Ingame, the name of the building will show in Spanish or Portuguese if your SimCity 4 is installed in any of these languages, If it is installed in any other language the names will show in English. If you want to plop them you can use the LotPlop command and search for them between your commercial buildings, the lots follow the default naming convention. You'll need either of the avaliable Extra Cheats dlls. You can check the included bilingual documentation for a full catalogue and more info on stats and so on. Dependencies Make sure you download and install the files marked as essential in your Plugins, if you don't, you will get brown boxes instead of the actual buildings! Some textures will also be missing. The files marked as optional add details to the lots, they're recommended but not strictly necessary. Essential: BSC Mega Props DBSSYMN Vol. 1 LBT Mega Texture Pack Optional: LBT Mega Prop Pack vol. 01 Essentials by Edvarz ver. 1 or further (You only need the file LBT Prop Families.dat) Other recommended downloads This set of buildings will mix nicely with other content made by this creators: Adrianor Debussyman Harishna Notes I did not make the models and do not claim any credit for them, all credit goes to Debussyman. However, I did give the buildings their stats and made lots for them, you can use or edit those lots or the .SC4Desc files however you want if it is for personal use, but you can't re-distribute any of the included content without my permission. The modding of this buildings was made using the PIM-X tool, so there shouldn't be any problem with them throwing the game off balance. If you run into any issues, or want to see other things I'm working on, you can pay a visit to my lot thread here in Simtropolis, you can also PM me if you want. Enjoy! Español
  8. Hi Guys and Gals I'm considering on creating a couple of lots. Right now just in the initial planning stage. I have a few questions for all of you like good idea or if it's even possible. Not sure if even I create them if I will upload them or not, that depends on how they work out. OK What I'm planning: they will be residential growable lots that are residential communities. I know you can't make ploppable residential lots that work for long anyway. I'm not sure as the size of the lots at the moment probably NOT small. I'm guessing right now there will be anywhere from 12-24 homes on them. More than likely R$ and R$$. Single and two story type homes. Anyone that wants to chime in to tell me to run away fast or give me any pointers please do. Now for the questions that I have at this moment: 1. Is this idea possible? As in getting the lot modded to work like a real residential community. If so then how difficult? Beginner, novice, pro? 2. I assume I would start out with a blank bldg? I see blank models available in PIM-X, is there a certain blank I would need to use? 3. How big of a lot can I create in PIM-X? 4. If I create them I would at the moment keep them to myself except for one or two beta testers. So would this be something that people would like to see? So let me know what you all think!
  9. hello, guys, I've been concern about a bug I have in part of my cities I've maken. some of the zoned areas are looking as in the image below. They look horrible and I don't know what to do to delete that... the thing is that not in all zones this is happening but in some parts of the city. If it was a matter of dependencies or anything like that it would be for all zones in all areas in all my cities but is not, can somebody help me with this? please. The trees, flowers and all details in the houses tilesets are not showing up they look completely empty.
  10. Version v1.0.3


    Happy New Year everyone! This is a set of pre-programmed land and water-based (barge) lots, allowing you to create your own custom firework displays. It works by adding over 30 different fireworks triggers, which have all been set to launch at specified times, and for varied durations. There are 4 types of lots, with a combined total of 84 fireworks launch points. What makes this different than the numerous fireworks lots already on the STEX? The main difference is the logic behind the effects. The Automated Fireworks Display Mod creates new instances of the default fireworks effect, which are then programmed according to the launch plan (see the "Logic" diagram above, please don’t show this to Dr Vu). One issue of existing fireworks lots is the duration and variety of the launch sequence. With the default effect lasting just 3 simulation days, it only allows the equivalent to launching the grand finale at the beginning! This mod hopes to correct this problem. In total the display lasts for 244 simulation days, equating to just over 7min 30sec in real time. How is this useful? This mod may come in handy for a City Journal, to help your Sims bring in the New Year, or just for plain old festive entertainment. Who doesn’t like a few fireworks once in a while? After all, your Sims are getting tired of the lacklustre display at the Mayor’s house! USAGE There are 4 “stages” of lots, with each one containing a greater number of fireworks (both visually and based on the number of triggers). For an optimised display, the lots are designed to be placed in a diamond formation, as the below image demonstrates: However, this is just a suggestion, and the lots are flexible to being placed in any custom formation, or just randomly scattered throughout your city. Feel free to experiment with using a combination of both the land lots and barges. The land-based lots can be placed on any terrain, and will auto-level on slopes. And of course, the barges must be placed on water. For a more diverse display, place more of each stage type (1-4). The display is synchronised based on the game’s simulation date. It’s programmed to start each year on Jan 1, and runs through to Jul 30. This means it’s a good idea to pause the game just before New Year’s Day, setup the lots how you’d like, and un-pause once ready. All lots can be placed and bulldozed free of charge, and have a zero monthly cost. They can be found in order at the bottom of the Civic > Fire menu. I thought this’d be a better idea than further cluttering your parks menu. BARGE LOTS DEPTH VERSIONS One limitation with using effects on water is the issue of depth. A building on water (in this instance the barge model) will appear to float normally on the water surface, but the effects will still conform to the sea bed. This means they’d appear to launch from the surrounding water, rather than the actual barge. To get around this, 5 depth versions have been created, from very deep (5) to shallow (1): All versions have the fireworks effects raised (as props), with this being exaggerated for the deeper ones. For example in a shallow harbour area, you may find the Depth 1 version is best suited, as deeper areas may work better with the higher-numbered depths. Each version is equivalent to one press of the game’s “Raise/Lower Terrain Level” tool. If you’re unsure over which depth(s) are suitable, I’d suggest to first experiment with all 5 versions. They don’t conflict with each other, and will appear in order in the Civic > Fire menu. PERFORMANCE NOTE The mod is compatible in both hardware & software rendering, and is designed with performance in mind. For example, using the suggested diamond formation, only at the finale will more than 5 fireworks launch at once. For smoother transitions, it works best with visual effects set to “High”. Depending on your computer, and the city size, using more than 5 lots at once may cause the game to lag. N.B. The fireworks will not show with visual effects set to “Low”. DEPENDENCIES The only external dependency is for the barge model of the water lots: PEG CSK Barges Prop Pack If you only intend to use the land-based lots, this model isn’t required. INSTALLATION Copy / move fireworks_logic.dat to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder. Land Lots Copy / move AFDM_Land.dat to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder. All 1-4 stages are contained within the DAT file. Water Lots AFDM_Water_DepthX.dat Select the version(s) you’d like and copy to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder. All 1-4 stages are contained within each DAT file. Copy / move PEG_Channel-Barges_205a.dat to your "Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins" folder. Have fun! -Cyclone
  11. Lots in Menu

    Hey all, got a question. I downloaded a lot yesterday. It's a police station. But this station shows up under the police menu and landmarks menu. When I view the exemplar in the reader the occupantgroups doesn't show anything but police no landmark. So is there a way to fix it just to show under police menu? Thanks
  12. I have too many Wren Insurance Buildings right now even with the Wren Insurance Killer Mod... Is there any way to remedy this? Like by modding? I also have a similar problem with some buildings that should appear, but do not ever do- like http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Eyler_Refining, despite there being more than enough 2x2 spaces, and similar lots like Gunstrom Copper constantly appearing...
  13. I want to build a facility similar to the Gulf Marine Fabricators facility in Ingleside,Texas What would you recommend I use to build this? Here some additional photos to help ya'll out.
  14. Because I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I mostly set up SimCity 4 with American and Canadian styled buildings, mostly stuff that fits into the majority of Canada, The North East, North West, Mid West and Central parts of USA. Though lately I've been thinking about building cities in a different style like United Kingdom or Asia. I did get the no maxis files mod to block all levels of Residential and Commercial, though I wonder is there a way to just block American buildings in general and leave the European set alone? Other then that I know where to get british themed lots and what not so that wont be an issue for me, I just want to block the American stuff for my British SimCity 4 setup. EDIT : I KNOW THAT YOU CAN DISABLE THE AMERICAN TILE SETS, but not all of the mods/lots I download may fall into the European category and thus may not spawn if I just disable the American tile sets alone. I'm downloading stuff right now that mostly looks british in my opinion but may not actually be strictly European/British and may not be enabled in the European tile set. I just want to disable the American buildings and leave the European stuff in, that way I can enable all the Tile Sets and let the European set grow and let mod lots/buildings grow incase they don't end up under the European tile set.
  15. KCP_Corinas soy Farm

    Version 1.0.0


    KC Productions Presents: KCP_Corinas soybean farm Lot Size 5x6 water consumed 33 power consumed 3 Jobs 7 Growth Stage 1 night lighting yes growable yes pollution Center 1,2,1,0 Pollution Radii 5,6,0,0 This Farm has two version one is seasonable and one is not. Version 2 is the one that is not seasonable. The filed lot that is seasonable is the one KCP_BSC. This is a soybean Farm a request by CorinaMarie who also requested a prop that was not seasonable. BSC Farm Fields - SG Revised (v1.0) http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=955 You will need this depencency for the seasonable lot Dependency's: you will also need the prop pack KCP_Proppack2
  16. Hello all, Just got back into SC4 after quite a while and love all the mods available. I have a question about organization of lots in the mayor menu. I have learned how to organize the order of the lots in their menus with llives reader. My sticking point is I do not know how to change what menu the lots appear in. Right now I have some Airport Lots appearing in the Airport menu, while others come up in the Parks menu and other places. I would like to be able to move all the Air lots to the air menu all the rail lots to the rail menu and so on. I have looked and looked bu can not find a tutorial on how to move Downloaded lots. Thanks all!
  17. Hello. I am using SC4Tool currently to edit some of my newly created lots. However, I want to both add new lots, and replace existing lots. How do I replace certain in-game buildings, as well as add new ones without altering content? My lots are named and are unlocked when: EMERGENCY SERVICES CV2x1_2enginestationhouse (Fire Kiosk) --- Replaces "Small Fire Station" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_4enginestationhouse (Fire Station) --- Replaces "Large Fire Station" --- unlocked when population exceeds 4 thousand sims CV4x3_8enginestationhouse (Fire Department) --- Additional Content --- unlocked when population exceeds 20 thousand sims CV5x4_16enginestationhouse (Fire Headquarters) --- Replaces "Fire Department Landing Strip" --- unlocked when city population exceeds 100 thousand sims CV2x1_KioskLocalPrecinct (Police Kiosk) --- Replaces "Police Kiosk" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_SmallLocalPrecinct (Police Station) --- Replaces "Small Police Station" --- unlocked when population exceeds 4 thousand sims CV4x3_LargeLocalPrecinct (Police Department) --- Replaces "Large Police Station" --- unlocked when population exceeds 20 thousand sims CV5x4_DeluxeLocalPrecinct (Police Headquarters) --- Replaces "Deluxe Police Station" --- unlocked when city population exceeds 100 thousand sims CV2x1_HealthClinic (Health Clinic) --- Replaces "Urgent Care Center/Health Clinic" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_HealthCenter (Medical Center) --- Additional Content --- unlocked when population exceeds 4 thousand sims CV4x3_HealthHospital (General Hospital) --- Replaces "Large Medical Center" --- unlocked when population exceeds 20 thousand sims CV5x4_HealthDepartment (Emergency Complex) --- Additional Content --- unlocked when city population exceeds 100 thousand sims SCHOOLING SERVICES CV2x1_LocalLowDistrict (Local Elementary School) --- Additional Content --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV3x2_SmallLowDistrict (Small Elementary School) --- Replaces "Small Elementary School" --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV4x3_LargeLowDistrict (Large Elementary School) --- Replaces "Large Elementary School" --- unlocks with a "poor" city education score, city must exceed 1 thousand sims CV5x4_DeluxeLowDistrict (Deluxe Elementary School) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city must exceed 5 thousand sims CV3x2_LocalHighDistrict (Local Highschool) --- Additional Content --- unlocked at the beginning of the game CV4x3_SmallHighDistrict (Small Highschool) --- Replaces "Small Highschool" --- unlocks with a "poor" city education score, city must exceed 1 thousand sims CV5x4_LargeHighDistrict (Large Highschool) - Replaces "Large Highschool" --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city must exceed 5 thousand sims CV6x5_DeluxeHighDistrict (Deluxe Highschool) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "good" city education score, city population must exceed 25 thousand sims CV4x3_LocalCollege (Local College) --- Replaces "City College" --- unlocks with a "poor" city education score, city must exceed 1 thousand sims CV5x4_SmallCollege (Small College) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city must exceed 5 thousand sims CV6x5_LargeCollege (Large Collge) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "good" city education score, city population must exceed 25 thousand sims CV7x6_DeluxeCollege (Deluxe College) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "great" city education score, city population must exceed 125 thousand sims REWARD SERVICES CV1x1_CommunityLibrary (Community Library) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "fair" city education score, city, city population must exceed 5 thousand sims CV3x3_CityLibrary (City Library) --- Replaces "Main Library" --- unlocks with a "good" city education score, city population must exceed 25 thousand sims CV6x6_StateLibrary (State Library) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "great" city education score, city population must exceed 125 thousand sims CV10x10_NationalLibrary (National Library) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with an "excellent" city education score, city population must exceed 625 thousand sims CV4x4_CommunityCollege (Community College) --- Additional Content - unlocks with a "fair" regional education score, city population must exceed 75 thousand sims, region population must exceed 125 thousand sims CV10x10_CityCollege (City College) --- Replaces "University" --- unlocks with a "good" city regional education score, city population must exceed 150 thousand sims, region population must exceed 250 thousand sims CV22x22_StateUniversity (State University) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with a "great" regional education score, city population must exceed 300 thousand sims, region population must exceed regional population must exceed 500 thousand sims CV46x46_NationalUniversity (National University) --- Additional Content --- unlocks with an "excellent" regional education score, city population must exceed 600 thousand sims, regional population must exceed 1 million sims Unaltered Data Private Schools Local Branch Library Museums Operas
  18. SM_Mars Props

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my Mars prop pack. This file contains all props done by myself and I am pretty sure Couch Potato back in the day. This file will be updated as I make new props for the Mars Mod.
  19. JBM Mega Textures Pack

    Version 1.2.0


    A Special thanks to @rsc204 and Vortex for their Valuable help in understanding the Texture Index. This file contains every texture I have ever made including the new field texture I just made. This is the final release under the name of JBM. You will need this pack for all upcoming lots. A Special thanks goes to @CorinaMarie who was very helpful with the new texture added to this package. Thank you for your ideas and your support. Anyone may use these textures. Please do not distribute them rather please point others to this file. Thank you.
  20. So i actually read wikipedia and it says that cos of some bug, it caused like two-dozen of the largest growable lots of buildings from appearing. So i actually checked lot editor, and i realised i don't find lots containing buildings such as walkup tower, or the primavera. However you still can create your own customised lots with these buildings as the building files for them still can be found in LE. Is there any fix for the missing buildings? Is there a fix suitable for players using steam to play SC4 cos i'm using it?
  21. How do I make custom lot thumbnails for my custom lots? Like, some buildings in the menu have a custom thumbnail and not a boring picture of the front of the building. How do I make those custom thumbnails? Do I have to do something in the plugin manager? I hope someone can tell me how
  22. So, I have BAT, Gmax, SC4 Lot Editor, and the Plugin Manager. So I go into the Plugin Manager, set everything up for the SC4DESC file. I already exported the building model in Gmax, but when I go to the Lot Edtitor, I load up a lot that is big enough for my building, replace the building, but I can't find my building ANYWHERE. I could not find the name I called it in the Plugin Manager. Can someone please help me? This problem makes no sense. Did something go wrong during exporting the model in Gmax? Did something go wrong with the Lot Editor or Plugin Manager? I honestly don't know. Please help me!
  23. HI all, Is there any mod, or way in which I can use the train models for decorative purposes, such as creating full sidings and stations? Either the default Maxis models or custom content? I have looked in the Lot Editor but cannot find any of the models. Thanks for your help.
  24. Mobile Homes/Trailers

    I'm working on a rural area and there is a noticeable lack of mobile homes. Does anyone know if there are any good mobile home or trailer park lots? So for, I've only found "Rollerhomes" Any help would be appreciated!
  25. Version 1.0.0


    A long, long time ago I decided to take my own Dutch environment as inspiration for my lotting projects. Now, in the first months of 2016 I thought: why not make a nice set of Dutch looking Residential lots? There were many useful models lying around on my HD, but the lots were not to my taste. And I decided to make it a large project. The project will count five sets. One for the starting years of a new citytile, the other four will each have their own theme and grow in one dedicated tile set. The purpose is, of course, to facilitate those who like to make a Dutch themed city. When you start a new city your residential areas will become occupied by pioneer Sims. They come from afar, have no money for fancy dwellings and little time to maintain their gardens. So your villages will look cheap and badly maintained. For this first era of your cities I have made this set. It consists of small dwellings. Some are even Maxis. The set contains 36 lot, most of them are Stage 1, all are R$ and they grow in all Tile Sets. The list of dependencies is long... although it contains mostly very common files. Links are in the Read Me. BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - D66 Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01 BSC MEGA Props JRJ Vol04 BSC MEGA Props JRJ Vol05 BSC MEGA Props - RT Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - Misc vol 1 FrankU Farm Prop Families BNL Essentials v1.2 Murimk Bicycles WAS Dutch Props

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