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City-building game(s)

Found 50 results

  1. Good evening. I am writing concerning an odd glitch with my computer in "SimCity IV". You will find these screenshots attached to this message. This only happens on one zoom distance. If I zoom in closer or farther, it goes away. The image titled "SOME TING WONG" is from a week to a few weeks ago, and covers the farthest view. The one titled "GLITCH" is from tonight, and is on the second-to-closest view. I use a Windows X Home-class, sixty-four bit laptop with eight gigabytes of RAM and an Intel Core Processor (with four CPU units). My "Direct X" is Version Twelve. My graphics card is Intel HD 620 and the display is thirty-two bits and sixty gigahertz. On "SimCity IV", all of my graphics are at the highest settings except Shadows, which are at medium. I have tried both Hardware and Software Graphics Mod and have adjusted the resolution. I disable colored cursors. Is there any fix to this? It really hinders my game and has caused crashes. Thank you, -TURTLESHROOM
  2. Hi For months now I have had this issue where trees go kind of opaque depending on where the sun is. It happens with all trees. Drives me nuts. Anyone got any ideas on it?
  3. By now many of you have brand new computers and are wondering why SC4 won't run worth a hoot on it. That reason is due to the limitations imposed by the current graphics hardware during the time of the games inception. This means the graphics rules for the game are fairly static to say the least and won't play nice with mismatched pieces per say. The good thing is that we can change that to fit our mismatched pieces. Here's how I was able to work it. For the sake of consistancy (you may skip if you already did these steps): First install the game. (oh well thanks captian obvious..) Be quiet, were not done here. Second step is to run the latest update. (why are you doing this?) I said be quiet. Third step is to follow JoeST's instructions on customizing your gameplay experience (you may have to login). 4.) Now the fun part. If you are still running Windows XP, then you may skip this. If you are running Windows Vista or 7, then follow this step please. Go to your games directory (eg. C:\Program Files\Maxis\Sim City 4 (deluxe)\ you get the idea) Copy "Graphics Rules.sgr" and "Video Cards.sgr" (without quotes) to your desktop (or an easily accessible directory in which you have full read/write permission) A pretty picture is provided below. 5.) Right click anywhere on your desktop and select properties (XP) or Change Resolution (Vista or 7). Under the screen resolution tab, select advanced. You will then be met with your adapter information. Take careful note of that. Two pretty pictures are provided. The first one is largely irrelevant except to those who know how to get there. You may ignore it. 6.) Once you have done that, open up Graphics Rules.sgr (with notepad) and drill down until you find this: partialRule "Fast card" -any # We run well on these cards, so up the defaults. stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Geforce*" stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Quadro*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*9700*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*8500*" stringMatch cardIdentity "Matrox*Parhelia*" Include your graphics cards string to it so It will look something like this: partialRule "Fast card" -any # We run well on these cards, so up the defaults. stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Geforce*" stringMatch cardIdentity "NVidia*Quadro*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*9700*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*8500*" stringMatch cardIdentity "ATI*HD 4800 Series*" stringMatch cardIdentity "Matrox*Parhelia*" (different video cards mean different strings, so take this with a grain of salt) Now save and exit. 7.) Now that you have done all that, open up your Video Cards.sgr (with notepad or whatever). You will be met with a long list of video cards. Most usually you will be looking for either "vendor "ATI" 0x1002" or "vendor "NVidia" 0x10b4 0x12d2 0x10de" (without the outermost quotes). Other brands are in there too. In the appropriate list add your video card. Example is as follows: card 0x4E69 "Radeon 9800" card 0x4148 "Radeon 9800" card 0x4168 "Radeon 9800" card 0x9442 "Radeon HD 4800 Series" card 0x5041 "Rage 128 Pro" card 0x5042 "Rage 128 Pro" card 0x5043 "Rage 128 Pro" Now save and exit. 8.) For vista/7 users, you must navigate back to your game directory and move the edited files there, replacing the unedited ones. Yes you want to continue when your computer asks you if you want to continue. That's it your done. Enjoy playing Sim City 4. It should run very much faster now. Many make these modifications without ever editing the Video cards.sgr file, and that works too; but with an unmatched string, the game could potentially become unstable and be prone to crashes a lot more often than not. A performance deficit has also been observed.
  4. Hello Simtropolis Community! I am looking to buy a new Windows laptop and I would appreciate your input. Along with the usual Office functions, my goal will be gaming (SC4, possibly Civ 3 and eventually Cities Skylines) and graphics/dtp (Adobe). These are the machines (all Dell) that I am considering. and I'm hoping to purchase a new machine this weekend, since there's a sale going on. Inspiron 5000 Gaming with Win10 Pro 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Quad Core (6MB Cache, up to 3.8 GHz) 8GB, 2400MHz, DDR4; up to 32GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5 128GB Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive (Storage) 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display 74WHr, 6-Cell Battery (Integrated) "optimal cooling" Ports 1 HDMITM 1.4a 3 USB 3.0 including 1 with PowerShare 1 2-in-1 SD (UHS50) / MMC 1 RJ-45 1 Kensington Lock 1 Headphone/Mic Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming with Win 10 Pro 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7300HQ Quad Core (6MB Cache, up to 3.5 GHz) or 17-7700HQ Quad, 6MB up to 3.8GHz) 8GB, 2400MHz, DDR4; up to 32GB or 16GB, 2400MHz, DDR4; up to 32GB 256GB Solid State Drive or 128GB Solid State Drive (Boot) + 1TB 5400RPM Hard Drive (Storage) 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti with 4GB GDDR5 74 Whr, 6-Cell Battery (Integrated) Ports and Slots: Combo Jack (Headset/Mic, USB 3.0 port, USB 3.0 Powershare port, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, Noble Lock Security Slot, Power, 8.USB 3.0 port, Media Card Reader front-firing speakers, a subwoofer and Waves MaxxAudio® Pro. maximum cooling feature Inspiron 17 7000 2in1 with Win 10 Pro--I'm considering two machines which share the following specs 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7500U Processor (4M Cache, up to 3.5 GHz) 16GB, DDR4, 2400MHz NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 940MX 2GB GDDR5 17.3-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Truelife LED-Backlit Touch Display with Wide Viewing Angles 56 WHr, 4-Cell Battery (integrated) The differences are the HD and port/slots: 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive; Ports: SD, SDHC, SDXC Card Reader (specified), USB 2.0, Noble Lock Slot, DC Power In, USB Type C, HDMITM 1.4a (specified), USB 3.0 with PowerShare, Audio Jack 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive + 128GB Solid State Drive (for about $40 more); Ports: SD Card Reader, USB 2.0, Noble Lock Slot, DC Power In, USB Type C, HDMI, USB 3.0 with PowerShare,. Audio Jack XPS 15 with Win 10 Pro (priciest) 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Quad Core Processor (6M cache, up to 3.8 GHz) 16GB DDR4-2400MHz; up to 32GB (additional memory sold separately) 512GB PCle Solid State Drive NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge, Non-touch Killer 1535 802.11ac 2x2 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 Battery: 97WHr Ports: SD card slot, USB 3.0 with PowerShare, Battery gauge button and indicator, Kensington lock slot, AC power, HDMI, Thunderbolt™ 3 (2 lanes of PCI Express Gen 3) supporting: Power in/charging, PowerShare, Thunderbolt 3 (40Gbps bi-directional), USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps), Native DisplayPort 1.2 video output, VGA, HDMI, Ethernet and USB-A via Dell Adapter (sold separately) | 8. Headset jack (I'm not planning on buying the Dell Adapter) I like aspects of each machine, bigger screen for one, SSD, cooling feature, (SC4 and flash games are dangerously hot on my present machine), and graphics card. I just wish they all came on one machine. I would consider upgrading my existing machine but the motherboard on my TOSH Satellite is pretty archaic by today's standards so much so that a previous Win 10 update knocked out the functionality of my native keyboard. I got a new one and it has the same issue, so I'm using a wireless one after breaking a USB keyboard. Thank you all for your help! Diana
  5. Running SimCity 4 on Windows 8 The Almost Definitive Guide By Indiana Joe, with innumerable contributions by the esteemed community September 8, 2015 -- Microsoft ends support for some CD programs including SimCity 4. Latest Windows updates will prevent the CD from working. Disclaimer: This guide should be applicable to most PCs with modern hardware running Windows 8. Much of the information is also applicable to Windows Vista & 7. For further help or clarification, please be encouraged to start a new topic! SimCity 4 was built to run on the 32 bit Windows XP operating system from 2001. Over a decade later, Windows 8 and 64 bit computers can have some trouble cooperating with this old software. This guide will take you through the proper setup of installing SimCity 4 on a modern PC and addresses some common technical problems. By the end, your game should run smoothly. Installing SimCity 4 Patching the Game Important Setup Steps Graphics Plugins (Mods) and Fixes Resources
  6. Hey guys, I've been enjoying Cities: Skylines basically since release day, immensely helped by all the awesome stuff the community created, and felt that after so much taking, it was time for a little giving. In real life I'm a front-end/C# developer, and in my free time I love to travel and run riot with my camera (and again web developing: recently my travel website went live, a labor of love/vitriolic hatred of 10 years). With that in mind, it's not surprising I ended up creating a mod that goes right after the aesthetics. The result: Ultimate Eyecandy *tadaaaa* Some more action photo's. Addendum April 4th, 2016: I'm making slow but steady progress, not in the least by deciding to ditch a couple of features on my wishlist for a later stage Most important for the time being is to create a stable and robust base to which future features can be added. What remains are basically the features that are visible in the various screenshots. ETA for v1.0.0: for the time being unknown. Wish list (not to be confused with a to-do lost - these are features I'd love to add, but not sure how feasible they are): - setting to turn on/off building night lights at will, without messing with the actual simulation (based on what I've found so far, the two seem rather intertwined). - color picker to change the fog color; - color picker to change air pollution color; - slider to change the strength of 'ground wetness'; - LUT Creator: apply various settings to a neutral LUT (color channels, brightness, contrast, lightness, etc.) and export/upload the result as a custom LUT; - a modular set-up: this mod will be the core, and other graphics-related mods can be integrated as 'plug-ins', each with a menu item/tab of their own. Think (orphaned) mods like Dynamic Resolution, BorderCities and/or Ambient Occlusion; - who knows what else I'll come up with (feel free to make suggestions!) For who is this mod: - modelers that want to take screenshots of their assets in every imaginable weather/ambient condition; - players that like to have control over the environment when making Let's Plays; - players that love to have a more artistic/photographic approach to taking screenshots; - players that like to watch their city in different conditions without having to wait (for example until the game finally decides to let it rain); - anyone else Thank you: - Boformer, BloodyPenguin and SamsamTS for making their mods publicly available on Github: I learned tons by just studying their mods; - AJ3D for helping me to get started and taking my first baby steps in the wonderful world of CSL modding! If anyone has questions, suggestions, comments or remarks, don't hesitate to let me know! After all, this mod will be for y'alls!
  7. Black graphics problem

    I am having an issue with SimCity 4 every time I open the game now. I get this weird graphics black or inverted colors or whatever you call this. It went black during a game and now stays that way every time I open SimCity 4. Does anybody know what the problem could be? Windows 7 64-bit on Dell Optiplex 780 with Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset graphics
  8. Rail graphic glitch?

    I'm starting to learn NAM and stumbled onto a graphical error that looks like tiles simply not displaying anything when rail crosses certain RHW's. I haven't tried all the widths, but so far it seems to consistently happen on 6 and 7 wide ground-level RHW (I'm not sure if rail is supposed to be able to cross that many lanes, or why you'd want to IRL, but it seems to be acceptable for smaller lanes so I assumed it would work). I'll post a pic or two. Here it shows me dragging rail over RHW-6, but it makes a dark brown path indicating it's going to display neither the RHW nor the rail: It shows rail here, after I've done the above with the dark brown path: But it seems to work just fine with RHW-2 and elevated RHW: Any help? (Oh, and if my RHW looks odd it's because it's Euro texture, so no yellow American lines.)
  9. And how does it preform? I ask because I'm thinking of getting a new graphics card sometime, and I want to get a decently priced one that preforms well. I have a 750 Ti, and while it's good, it's a bit older now and I want to get something more recent.
  10. Hi fellow simmers. I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on what is wrong with my lighting in game. It was all working fine until recently, seemingly around the time my game decided to (randomly) start working in windowed mode when i've been using full screen since the dawn of time. I'm now experiencing some strange shading when the night time cycle runs through. The streetlights are a little blue in areas, the cars lights are on at strange times of the day, and there is strange shading in general in the city at night. I cant for the life of me work out why its suddenly started happening. Some culprits that were possible conflicts i have removed from my plug-ins, ..lamp post plugin i have removed, any plug-in changing the automa i've replaced as the original, and also tried to set my screen back to full-screen (as it was fine in that mode), which isn't working either. I've removed the -W from my exe start up for Sim city, but yet it wont run back in full-screen. If anyone has had problems like this please let me know what i can do to fix this. Ive also removed the RJ longer nights mod to try to resolve the graphic problem this but its still the same. Even in cities where i have nothing built, this bug remains.
  11. I've had this problem for a while now. In region view there's a strip of terrain east-west that does not render on the border of a city tile. It doesn't show up in satellite or transportation views. Does anyone have a faintest idea of what it may be?
  12. Okay, after much trial and error, and days of searching and putting together bits and pieces of every string I found, here it is: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c START "high priority sc4" /high "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -w -intro:off -d:Software -CPUcount:1 Part 1: The first part (C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c START "high priority sc4" /high "C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe") has been floating around the internet for years. I would give credit since its the biggest part, but I have no idea who said it first. Unfortunately, while this string worked great a few years ago, when Intel Core Duos and AMD Athlon IIs were the norm along with Nvidia Geforce cards, its out of date. Why? Because Simcity 4 just doesn't play nice with Intel HD Graphics, which have only gotten near gaming grade in the past few years. Every other guide I've seen tells you how to force SC4 to use your discrete graphics card and avoid the Intel graphics, which it uses by default. However, many people, including me, don't have a discrete card and won't need one for the forseeable future. Part 2: -w is for UAC and notification compatibility. You see, Simcity 4 on "stock" full screen doesn't minimize properly, so when a little bubble pops up in the taskbar saying "updates are available" or "installing new drivers" or "free iPads click here NOW!!!" or whatever, the game is "minimized". But since the game doesn't know how to handle minimizing and maximizing, what has actually just happened is a crash to desktop (CTD). Sure the game is still running, but good luck bringing it back onto the screen. This fixes it by having an "artificial" window. The game is still full screen, but Windows wraps an invisible window around it, so Simcity 4 doesn't have to handle minimizing itself. Warning: DO NOT enable custom resolution! This causes the game to go into a *actual* Window that takes up the full screen, but leaves a Windows frame and the taskbar visible. Panning with the mouse won't work and you can accidentaly resize the Window which MAY crash the game. You might not mind, but I found it an unpleasant experience, and if you do too then 1600x1200 is your maximum resolution if you want full screen. The only way to disable this if you do it is to delete and reset the entire shortcut string. Part 3: -intro:off does exactly what it sounds like it does. When you start the game, all you'll see is a black screen then a Simcity 4 logo before it loads. I know you can skip with the space bar, but why do it when you don't have to? Part 4: -d:software is the part that makes Simcity 4 work with Intel integrated graphics, aka MOST modern computers. You see, Simcity 4 can only use Directx with a (very short) preset list of graphics cards, and while you can add more graphics cards (guide ), Intel integrated doesn't have the information needed to edit those files. Simcity 4 can still use your integrated memory so will still run fast, it just won't be stuck with 3D graphics glitches such as this. There are guides which say that this will cause pixellation issues on the closest zoom, but I don't see their point since this is also true of the stock DirectX mode. There have been many guides saying this issue is due to "memory corruption," and the only solution is reinstalling Simcity 4. They are wrong, and if you don't believe me, try this string. Part 5: -CPUcount:1 limits the game to one processor core. The game doesn't play nice with multiple cores. It USED to work pretty good with early generation Intel Core Duos and AMD Athlon IIs that had no integrated graphics or hyperthreading. However, modern processors with multiple threads per core, or 4+ cores, or integrated graphics will crash the game the moment it moves beyond a single core. However, if you have a slower processor (less than 2.0Ghz with less than 2MB cache), the game might be so slow on one thread that you should just tolerate the CTDs and use an Autosaver. This has been tested in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and WINE on Ubuntu, Puppy, openSUSE, and Mint Linux. If you use Windows XP, you should check if your processor has integrated graphics or multiple cores, because if it does you'll still need the -d:software and -CPUcount:1. And if you can, install Network Addon Mod. If you don't want it don't use it, but it enables SC4 to use 3-4GB of RAM, which makes it insanely smooth even on maximum graphics settings, so you should at least install it.
  13. Ok I'm having a little bizarre problem. It's not all the time or in all my cities and it doesn't affect gameplay at all, it's just very annoying. Sometimes when I use the question mark to hover over something, when I move on from it the screen begins to flash like a strobe light. Then when I move the question mark around, everything it touches starts to strobe as well. It only happens with the question mark but it's most annoying. Good thing I'm not prone to seizures. Anyway has this happened to anyone else and more importantly is there a setting or something I could change to stop the strobe like effect?
  14. hi all I have 2 large cities in my region (with total of 92 tiles consist of (mostly) med tiles & small tiles). One of them, the advanced city has no problem with almost 700K populations and everything goes well. However, once I've tried to create "a large city as in most developing country" with mostly low-dense building, only bus as public transport, and so far total population just about 120K. I got 3 problems: 1. There were some "green dot blinking+sparkling" spread in my city, starting from one point and in the end on whole area of this city. During these 5 years I've played this game, I've never found this problem at any other cities. As you can see, I've attache 3 images shown an area which has those blinking green dot. I've tried to demolish everything in that area, no result. I've check there is now garbage problem, radiation, pollution (water/air), etc. Once this green dot blinking spread on whole area of my old city, and I totally demolished this city and those blinking gone. Then I recreate the landscape in god mode and restarting again. Everything seems normal until just recently, I spot an small area stating to has this plague I'm sure this is not a hardware graphics bug or similar to it, but this is part of the game and I have no idea about it and how to make it disappear. 2. Another reason I demolished my old large "developing city" eventhough I've spent many hours to create that city is because somehow this city had symtoms: (1) couldn't grow/very hard to grow building anymore, (2) many no job zots storm and long commute problem. I've check every parameters and no problem at all with power, water, air pollution, garbage, fire hazard, crime, etc. Jobs are available (commerc or industry) even more than total population (city stats attached). No traffic jam, the road and bus is well established. Should be no problem at path to the job (I've checked using drawpath). And even the demand is high, also I've used "radical demand modifier" to maximized that. But at some point, almost every zone that I've layout were not growing into building. 3. Another problem as you can see in my attachment, I've symptoms in this city. There are many residential are abandoned because of long commute, or no job zots, eventhough there are commercial or industry areas not far from there and they have no worker. I don't know why the sims couldn't find a job. Or sometimes a house which previously had job, suddenly has no job zots even I do no change at all. Anyone could help me with these confusing problem? Thanks Thanks a lot
  15. Nortropolis

    Hey yall I'm startin this new city. I'll add more dialogue as I go. Here's the beginning, just getting started with some zones: Starting to develop: Zoomed out pic: Some medium density residential growing in... apartment buildings on the avenue, higher density, more traffic, more inner city downtown feeling: More neighborhoods:
  16. Update: Somethink had happened to the data files - I scrubbed everything, reinstalled Simcity & sky's mods, and voila! Beautiful. I've been loading Skye's http://skyestorme.com/category/pc-games/simcity/ Tamarin Island and Tamarin Island North with varying success. Here are some screen shots: All views are normal with the city. It is also fully functional. http://prntscr.com/cfnv9p With one exception: The view from a different city is strange - great loss of resolution and color detail http://prntscr.com/cfnz9g This is Jaguar Island (aka Tamarin Island North) loaded in a separate region copy http://prntscr.com/cfo0jx The buildings are unclickable and this happens when zoomed in http://prntscr.com/cfo1h4 Gone! It's like zooming through a 2d representation of the city. Any thoughts? I've tried reinstalling Simcity & Skymods 3.2. Simcity functions flawlessly.
  17. I am getting these blue spots like below picture whenever I use any type of light mode. In below picture I have used Light Replacement Mod. Please help me on how to get rid of them!
  18. Hi all, new to Simtropolis here. The game has been running fine except this graphical glitch with black boxes on the region map as shown here: I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium x64. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’ve done some searching around and found these two posts both experiencing the same problem as I have been: http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/65403-strange-region-view-edge-glitch/ The op “fixed” the problem by switching from “hardware” to “software” in game settings, and then reloading and saving each tile that had the black boxes glitch. This also “fixed” it for me but I wanted to use an HD water mod in my game and the “software” setting will cause CTD. Also the “software” setting runs a lot slower than “hardware” on my computer. http://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/62002-black-box-bug/ The op here fixed the problem by switching resolution from 1600x1200 to 800x600. I tried switching my resolution from 1366x768 to 800x600 and to 640x480, and ran the game and saved over the city tile with black boxes, but the black boxes remained. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then I noticed something very strange. Keeping the game set in “hardware” mode, I started messing around with the in-game graphics setting options, and for some unknown reason, whenever I checked the box that turns on waves, then saved and exited back to the region map, the black boxes disappeared. Enabling waves: Black boxes gone: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And then I thought “well okay, I just keep the waves turned on and the glitch should be gone.” But whenever I start a tile that has no water or has water body too small to have any waves, the black boxes glitch would appear again regardless whether I checked the waves box or not: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So this whole investigation got me thinking if there is something wrong with the appearance and disappearance of wave graphics in the game that causes this black box glitch in the region map. I’m not computer savvy enough to look deeper into this, so anyone willing to help look into it and maybe find a way to bypass or fix the glitch will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  19. I am having what will hopefully be a simple problem with SC4, each time I start the game (using the SC4 launcher) I have the error messages for "failed direct draw" and "failed to recognise hardware, using software". I know the files needed to edit for these but feel I am just putting the wrong information there. My current system specs are as follows. Win 7 pro AMD Radeon R9 200 Series. In the fast card section of the Graphics Rules file I have the following entries. Also added the card details into this part of the Video Cards file under "Vendor "ATI" 0x1002" I thought everything was put in correctly it still reverts to software mode each time I start the game, having I simply failed to add a possible variation of the card name?
  20. Strange figures

    Hello guys. Help me with this problem please! If for example, I'm going to build a railway station at me strange building appears over it. Also during the development of the city appear strange building in the form of strange buildings and other figures. My PC specs: • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-bit • Processor: AMD A8 7650K overclocking to 4.5 GHZ • Memory: 8GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1600 MHz • Motherboard: MSI A68H PC Mate • Video: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 (MSI) • CPU Cooling: Cooler Master Blizzard T2 Mini • Cooling blow-out: Deepcool Wind Blade 120 • Cooling for intake: TITAN TFD-9225L12Z • Capture card: AverMedia Live Gamer HD (planned) • Hard drive: Seagate Barracuda ES.2 SATA2 1Tb • Optical drive: None
  21. I was playing SC4 for awhile on another computer. I recently got a newer computer...still running Windows 7. I installed the game on the new computer and added my mods and files from the old computer....which I have done before without incident. Anyways, I started up the game on the new computer and clicked the city I wanted...and when it loaded up...I was scanning across and noticing that some building were invisible...but would be visible if I moved the cursor over them...and then be gone when I moved the cursor away. Or buildings would be partly there...or see through them. I snapped a screenshot. Is there a way to fix this or do I need to reinstall all the mods all over again? Thanks in advance.
  22. SC4 Launcher

    Version 1.5.4b - R12


    SC4Launcher allows certain settings and stability issues to be set/solved before the game is launched. The features are as follows: - Borderless/Seamless Fullscreen Mode. - Auto-Update Feature to negate the need to constantly check the STEX. - Quick Launch (Launch instantly with the latest settings). - Auto-Save Feature with Interval selection. - Resolution Selection. (Auto-Detected). - Color Depth Selection. - Ability to change the number of Logical Cores used. (Auto-Detected). - Loading & Saving of last used Configuration. - Ability to set the CPU Priority. - Render Mode Selection (DirectX, OpenGL or Software). - Ability to turn audio On or Off. - Intro Screen/Movie Disable/Enable; and - The all important Force Draw On Scroll Fix. - Mod Manager to enable & disable mods on the fly. The 'Force Draw On Scroll Fix' fixes a compatibility issue that exists between SC4 and AMD cards, the fix utilizes the 'Graphics Rules.sgr' file in order to force SC4 to draw details when scrolling, regardless of AMD/ATI hardware. Please note: The file within the Zip/RAR Archive is an installer, please run it and point it to the root of your SimCity installation and DO NOT simply add it to you plugins folder. Bugs: Please report any bugs via PM or the Official thread (Link Below). Official Thread: http://community.simtropolis.com/topic/54082-SimCity-4-launcher-sc4launcher/
  23. Simcity 4 Shaders

    Where to find this new Shader in Simcity 4? It's so call looks like Simcity 5
  24. Workshop Link This is a very simple version of my shadow intensity mod. There are no settings, it just makes the shadows brighter and less blue: Have fun with it! I know that @AJ3D is working on a more advanced version of this. I'm really looking forward to that.
  25. I've been running SC4 dlx on my laptop for years, with occasional issues that were easy to fix. No problems whatsoever until yesterday, I tried running the game and got the 'graphics card failed to initialize" dialogue, followed by "simcity 4 will run with graphics driver when next launched." Well I relaunched the game, but the normal cursor appeared smaller and the fill color was black, not gray like it usually is. The loading icon is no longer the sc4 hourglass, it's the OLD windows hourglass icon. This time it crashed to desktop before the city tile I chose was loaded. My graphics config is already custom to my computer; custom resolution set, intro movie is off, cpu count set to 1, and openGL is enabled. (or maybe it's DL, can't remember right now). I tried switching to hardware rendering mode, which fixed the cursor and the loading icon, but the in game graphics were SCREWED up. I switched back to software and the cursor went black, the loading icon went back to the windows hourglass from the 90's... I updated my patch a few months ago, and there were absolutely no changes made to my system before the problem started. Any thoughts? By the way, I'm running on win7, I've taken care of the security update issue already. 2gb ram, 64-bit, AMD E-300 APU with AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics at 1.3GHz.

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