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City-building game(s)

Found 53 results

  1. A-Z Cars

    This is how the game works. You can write either the make or the model of a car for each letter. We will start with a number (0-9) and then work our way through the alphabet starting from A and going to Z. This game runs exactly like every other A-Z game. Forum Games rules do apply. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Let's start 335ci (The next person types a car make or model that starts with A)
  2. This is probably a silly question, but here goes. I have city tiles within a region built with different game play parameters, i.e., PEGs MTP and or SPAM. Since the SIMS travel from city tile to city tile in search of jobs, etc., if I build another city without those mods (like the ones I just mentioned) will it affect game play. For example: One city has SPAM railroad stations while the new city does not as it's being built without the SPAM mod. Naturally, were I to open the previous city with SPAM removed the train stations won't appear (although a query on the blank area reveals what's hidden). But is this station also hidden to the SIMs? As I play the megatropolis city that isn't built with SPAM, will the SIMs still be able to take the train to the adjacent city tile that functions as the bedroom communities and exit the train at those stations? The reason I ask is the demand bar graph changes when I open the different city tiles. Wouldn't game demand be common throughout the region? Food for thought? John
  3. First of all, I'm very sorry for letting this Indie project fizzle out a while back. This was due to CityBound, the other indie city-building project at the time, looking to be much more popular and promising. However, Avalon is going to get a reboot. With the advent of the wonderful Babylon.js WebGL engine, I've got renewed inspiration to make a indie City-building game, this time in full 3D, that will completely play in the web browser without having to download anything. I didn't want to post just screenshots, so a sample, 'read-only' town be found here: http://misc.blicky.net/c2/?id=1 (high-end desktop only) Note, it will be a bit laggy the first 10 seconds, its building paths and filling the streets and lots with cars. http://misc.blicky.net/c2/?id=1&highfps (high FPS version, still desktop only) This is of course very much a work-in-progress, rough around the edges and all, and I'm hoping for input from veteran city-building gamers to provide direction for this game. Here are some screenshots: disclaimer: I haven't actually played any city-building games in years myself, so I hope I'm not making a any developing faux-pas.
  4. I have an issue at random times where when I save my city, it seems to take forever, except it did not. What happens is when I save my city, the dialog box that tells me that it was saved is invisible, hidden, or is behind the city itself. I cannot see the "city saved" box and at this point, the only thing I can do is just click everywhere on the screen of my game until I happen to click where the hidden dialog box is. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to find this invisible dialog box. This gets annoying. Does anybody else have this problem? I have had this problem since the day I first started playing SimCity 4 in 2006 and it happens randomly since then. SC4Fix doesn't correct this issue apparently as well as a few other issues.
  5. What if?

    Saw activity has increased a bit recently so here you go for a new game Every question has to start with what if or anything else basically meaning the same followed by an alternate scenario. Either you what would have happened if something wouldn't have been done in the past or how it would be today OR something that effects the future. Of course, the user posting after you has to answer what will happen/would have happened according to his opinion (yeah, funny answers are allowed as well). Of coursy, any Forum Game Rules do apply here. So let's get started: What if Dirk never came up with the idea of making Simtropolis?
  6. Illuminati video game?

    Are there any video games where you play as the illuminati and take control over the world? Or something similar like the illuminati? Or does such an game not exist?
  7. Totalitarian dictatorship game

    Are there any games where you can be an totalitarian dictator? And Controlling everything and everyone? Yes i know Tropico is such an game, but you are only an dictator of a small Island, not really a powerful ruler. Are there any games besides the tropico series where you can be an cruel dictator? Any games where you can rule over more than just a tiny Island as a dictator?
  8. Hey everybody.. Just wanted to float an idea that I have been brainstorming for a while.. It's a Stadium building game- As far as I know, nobody has ever done one. With the popularity of Football/Soccer/Baseball even Cricket and Rugby- Why is it you don't think there has ever been a stadium building / stadium management game created? The stadium would start as just a field, with some temporary bleachers.. Players could add concessions, sideline advertising, more bleachers etc. Bad management would lead to lower attendance (too many/too few concessions, restrooms in bad locations/ limited/ too many (cost over runs) . Aspects of the fan experience, such as comfort (add enough extra seatbacks if demand requires it, eventually Luge seating, and private boxes, that go all the way to VIP would be very expensive to construct, but good for high end donors) Video boards/ audio equipment should be an element to "entertain" the fans.. Of course, a good stadium layout, combined with good stadium flow (enough vomitoriums) and not too far a distance between rows and an exit/pathway should be considered, as well as line-of sight. Furthermore, building some sort of roofing for stadium might also be in consideration, increasing attendance vs. very hot/sunny, or rainy game days.. Simulated Game days would be a net gain/loss in total budget.. Parking/ shuttle services/ tailgating areas.. Creating very unique/interesting/ exciting stadiums of various types, all centered around the original field built would be very fun for most sports fans.. Why hasn't this been done yet? Anybody with a programming background interested in getting this going with me? It seems like an obvious game to make.. and a very fun one, slowly building the stadium from a prep/high school/ club level all the way to the biggest stadiums at the top levels? This could be a great game.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a 100% completed version of the game "SimCity Creator" for the Nintendo DS. I am willing to pay up to $50 for the completed version of this game. You may buy a used version. What Qualifies For 100% Completion: All buildings unlocked in Gallery Menu All Symbols of the Ages unlocked in Gallery Menu All ages completed (You may use cheats) Secret future age completed All maps unlocked (You may use cheats) If these qualifications aren't made, there WILL be a refund. Plus, have worked on this game for at least 5 years, and I still haven't completed it. I'm sorry if this is considered advertising, but still, I really want this game 100% completed, and it is so fricking hard.
  10. After installing the SimCity complete edition it loads till the page of Scenario Demo, when I click on "Get started" this message pops up "Unable to load at this city at this time, Please try again" error. tied multiple time to restart but it doesn't. pl help me by suggestions.
  11. This project is being redeveloped, more info here:
  12. Statistics - to be a science - needs a data base. You ask people, maybe 100, maybe 1000. And from this database you can estimate, like f. e. 60% of all people use their trigger finger to prick their nose etc. But for extraterrestial life - the times we live in - there is no such database. As the amount of known planets to carry life is exact 1. And a singularity isn't a data base. And that's all I can say about it. And all those "Ifs..." and "Whens .." are nothing else than expressions of a believe. Like the believe in a God. No difference. And all those scientists saying:_ "I'm convinced there is life in outer space" - they do this because they are reaching out for public money to do their expensive researches. I can't deny it and I can't confirm it. That's the only true thing to say about it. What is so difficult about to say: I don't know? ??? Browsing through the net I get the impression I'm the only person on this planet who's knowledge is limited. Mankind seems to know everything and there is always somebody who has an answer. No matter what you ask. As if this was the biggest taboo - to agree, there is no knowledge about it. That's why I thought off a really difficult question. Because it is a question you can't lie or trick about. You fail or you succed. So from time to time I do this question in social media - and I swear it is possible to answer this question right. There is no trick about that or a contradiction or something else. A very old man, long passed away, tought me the secret of it - no, no it's not that I found this myself. And be ware - to answer this question decides about who you are. About nothing else than the truth of your soul. It will show that, what you are made of. I'd long thought, how to question it here, in english - it's a little bit difficult. So please have some patience with me. Maybe it won't work, but I'll try. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** There is a very famous story - first time told by Dante Aleghieri in his book 'The Divine Comedy ', almost 600 years ago, but copied a million, milion times,. It is the story of Paolo and Francesca. And Dante meets them on his travel through hell. Before you think - gosh ... fary tales - this couple existed for real. If you think, I'm fooling you, please read here. To tell the story again, from my memories, in a foreign language, could cause missunderstandings, so please forgive, if I give a link instead. It is crucial you understand it well. So I beg you to read it, before continue. As otherwise the rest won't make any sense. The story of Paolo and Francesca. Understood? You may do questions and use furter sources and consult your teacher, your professors at university and everbody and everything - this is no closed game, no joke I'm doing here. Now Dante meets Paolo and Francesca in hell, and the hell - according to Dante - consists of circles. The closer you come to the center the more painful it is. If I remember right, Paolo and Francesca are in the circle of the adulterers, which is the fifth circel from (3x9 =) 21. Not that bad. A wind blows them around and around without any hold and Paolo and Francesca holding each other to not been blown away from each other. Dante tries to talk to them, which isn't easy because of them swirl all around, but then he does an interesting question to Francesca. He asks: "Where is your husband?" And she answeres he is on a much more inner circle of hell - as he murdered us. And murder is a much heavier crime than adultery. As this seems logical - this is only a trick by Dante Alighieri hiding the real, the important question. And he had to hide this question for real. If it would had been understood by his times what he is saying here - he most probably would have been burned. Therefore he had to hide his true messages very well. And this is: Why are Francesca and Paolo united, even if they broke the holy rules, by committing adultery? How can this be? Shure Francesca can't be united with her husband in hell as his crime is much worse than her crime. But this doesn't explain: why is she united with another man. Why she is together with Francesco - still the betrayer of her husband - united forever in eternity? How can this be? Why the rules of God seems to be broken here? Shouldn't they be separated in eternity as we are talking about a middle ages writing, where marriage was a holy bound? So maybe the question here is: What can overrule that holy bound? What has more power than the Devil (whirlwind) and even than God (marriage)- here, in this case, according to Dante. I never got a satisfying answer. You can try too. I won't blame you. You can use google and every other tool you like too. This isn't a game and there are no cheats available - as again, be aware: the answer you give will show where your heart is.
  13. Hi, We're developing a new resort building/sim game called "Eden Isle: Resort Paradise" that lets players create their dream vacation resort. We'd love your feedback on the game. If anyone wants to play it you can sign up for our beta at www.EdenIsleGame.com. The beta is totally free and is available on iPhone and iPad. Here are some more details on the game along with a trailer: Design, build and manage your very own resort in Eden Isle: Resort Paradise! - Attract guest types such as treehuggers, hipsters, glampers and fashionistas by building the facilities they want in your resort - Keep your guests happy by tending to their needs and responding to any special requests - Manage your bars, restaurants and shops well to earn as much money as possible - Decorate your resort to customise it and earn bonuses from nearby accommodation and activities - Keep your resort running smoothly by ensuring your activities are in good working order, your staff are well-trained, your resort is clean and your warehouse is well stocked. - As your resort improves, your resort score and star rating improves – can you build the ultimate five-star resort? Thanks in advance for all your feedback!
  14. Need help for logo

    Hello there o/, First of all, I tried to fit this into proper forum but apparently only off-topic works. As very few people on Simtropolis is aware, I am working on a browser game including city building elements and I want to incorporate visual style of Simcity 4. But first thing first, I need a logo so can have a website with dev blog. I decided to make a logo inspired by Yoni Alter's work But as this stage is very crowded , I consider a more plain yet "stuffed" enough one. My early sketches ( DISCLAIMER : Lousy sketch with eye bleeding colors and style ) are like this Second one is variation with "sea" Now what I am asking for help is, I got these buildings though Simtropolis and Google searches to vectorize lousy for quick sketch. But what I need now is buildings and vehicles you might recommend from STEX or other sources. I will be more pleased if they are of creators I can reach (although it's probably fair use, I prefer to ask for permission and alpha render for easier vectorizing) , btw. Thanks in advance and apologies if it's not proper. o/
  15. I'm getting rather annoyed by the game taking 5+ minutes to load and I sware I can remember there was a way to fix this, I think was some sort of program BSC made called "datpacker". But I am not 100% sure. Does anyone know how I can improve game loading speeds? I don't want to wait over 10 minutes to load my city anymore.
  16. Another one bites the dust !

    Another one bites the dust ! Today on the Europa Anno I experienced again this perculier weather phenomina ! Thunderstorm coming ! And going 1 At last clear weather ahead ! Hope you enjoyed it !
  17. Have anyone thought of making a team of people to make a new city building game? I know Boomtown was doing something and then I have heard nothing from them, and heard and did a little following of the City Bound game which is still at work. I just want to know if it's possible to get a team to make a city game in unity 3d.
  18. Hi all! I'm new to Simtropolis, but I've been playing Sim City since Sim City 2000, which means, over 15 years, as scary as that number sounds to me. :/ I'm a big Sim City 4 gamer. I love to develop regions and cities. When I heard about Sim City 2013 I had to try it out! So, I spent 2 hours playing the trial run and thought I would write up a review. You can check it out on my blog: http://mnmmariam.wordpress.com/2015/07/05/my-sim-city-5-2013-review-my-new-sim-city-story Let me know what you think! And hope you all have a great post-independence day Sunday =)
  19. Is there a way to restore Cities: Skyline to it's original fresh state like the first time you ever launched it and there was no data whatsoever of anything on the Steam cloud and your computer? I have no backup files.
  20. Please help, do someone here may give me am explaination about how to purchase Cities: Skyline in the steam? Also about the payment, pweaasee!
  21. i was playing it yesterday, so then i took a break from it. about 3 hours later, i tried to play it but it wouldn't work. i decided to wait for today to see if it worked, but it didnt. all that happens is that the icon with the bridge pops up, then nothing happens. i really wanna fix this without reinstalling because i have a good city that i started.
  22. Lie To me

    Pretty simple. Lie to me! Post three things about yourself, one of them has to be a lie. The next person has to guess which statement you said is the lie. I'll go first. 1) I was born in Florida 2) I've been to China 3) I own a Volvo S60 Please follow the forum game rules. Enjoy the game
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sovRlRa3tZQ This game... wow...
  24. Hello, I have compiled a list here of the SimCity series and related games, including the more famous ones as well as independent projects and links to various other related games. Please feel free to mention any relevant games and link this post to other SimCity forums as I will be updating this list over time. Some of the games in the list I found in the forums here. My goal is to make a sort of archive list of any modern city builder games so if you are looking for something older, newer, different, similar, etc you can use this list as a reference. I also recommend checking out the Mobygames database - here is a list of city builder games, merchant/trade builder games and transportation network builder games. If you are into ancient and medieval city building games I have also posted a similar topic in the Heavengames forums here and a copy of that thread ,?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> as well as a thread of linked threads in the City Builder Games forums here. The list below will contain games from any modern city building genre, as long as there is some kind of minimal amount of building involved. There are a bunch of independent modern city builder games so there is a lot of potential for a new SimCity sequel or new type of game, whether done in a classic 2d style or 3d style, either developed by a big company or independently. One promising example of independent development is the ancient military rts game 0AD, which can be interpreted as a remake of Age of Empires but in 3d, more historically realistic and the game will be fully moddable - so it seems there are still ways that the rts and city building game genres can evolve. Maybe creating a game engine, code, or game that could be custom modded is possible at this point after over a couple decades of various city builders. A game where people could modify the setting to include various modern urban settings such as a pre-Industrial age, early Industrial age, modern age, various post-Industrial age settings, alternate histories, scifi, alien, fantasy and alternate/"what if" past, present, and future settings would be interesting. A recent example of a futuristic scifi/fantasy city-building game is Anno 2070 which is included below. I have added some games in this list which are not directly related to modern city building. For example the Rise of Nations and Empire Earth series are military rts games, but they feature a modern age setting either in an age-progression or standalone-age game. I also added Spore and related games and programs to this list because they are and expanded version from city to global scale building. So I felt it would be interesting to include it here as it might open up some possibilities for new game finds and ideas. As some know, the final Spore game came out to be different from the 2005 video demo, so there is still untapped potential in the genre of biological simulation and global civilization building games. Modern city building games: SimCity (1984, 1993) Utopia: The Creation of a Nation (1991) SimCity 2000 (1993) SimCity 2000 Collection (1993) SimCity Classic (1994) SimTown (1995) Constructor (1997) Infustry Giant (1998) Mob Rule (1999) SimCity 3000 (1999) SimCity 3000 Unlimited (2000) Tropico (2001) Industry Giant 2 (2002) Atlantis Underwater Tycoon (2003) Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (2003) SimCity 4 (2003) SimCity 4: Rush Hour (2003) Locomotion (2004) Geniu$: The Tech Tycoon Game (2005) Genius: Biology (2005) City Life (2006) Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise (2006) Tycoon City: New York (2006) City Life (2006) SimCity Societies (2007) City Life: World Edition (2007) City Life Edition 2008 (2007) SimCity Societies: Destinations (2008) Cities XL (2009) Tropico 3 (2009) Eco Tycoon: Project Green (2009) Plan It Green (2009) Cities XL 2011 (2010) Cities In Motion (2011) Anno 2070 (2011) Cities XL 2012 (2011) Tropico 4 (2011) SimCity (2013) Cities In Motion 2 (2013) Banished (2014) 1849 (2014) Evopollution (2014) Tropico 5 (2014) Cities Skylines (2015) Cities XXL (2015) The Architect (?) Factorio (?) Outer space colony builder games: Outpost (1994) Outpost 2 (1997) Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (1999) Space Colony (2003) Space Colony HD (2010) Maia (2013) Spacebase DF9 (2014) PeriAreion (2015) Unclaimed World (2015) Offworld Trading Company (2015) Colonisation: Moonbase (?) Shackleton Crater (Cancelled/?) Other urban modeling programs: CityEngine (2008) CityScape (2008) IBM CityOne (2010) Enodo (2010) ArchTech (2012) Independent mods and games: Transport Tycoon (1995) LinCity (1999) Simutrans (1999) Open TTD (2004) LinCity NG (2005) ElectroCity(2007) City Empires (2007) My Virtual City (2007) City of Rauma (2007) MyMiniCity (2007) Micropolis (2008) Virtual City (2009) OpenCity (2009) VirtuCity (2009) SimCity Deluxe Gold (2011) Subversion (2011?, unreleased) Untitled project by Fritzpoll (?) Creatopolis (?) Cities of World (?) Utopia Unlimited (?) FreeTrain (?) SimMars (?) City Builder (?) Synekism (?) Urbs Urbis (?) Simtropolis 1000 (?) The Metropolis Project (?) ProjectCB (?) (?) (?) (?) (?) SimCity 5: Boomtown (?) Main Street MMO: Real Cities in Realtime 3D (?) Civitas (Cancelled, ?) (?) (?) Citybound (?) Other related modern age setting games: Rise of Nations (2003) Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots (2004) Empire Earth (2001) Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest (2002) Empire Earth 2 (2005) Empire Earth 2: The Art of Supremacy (2006) Other city builder and economic game series: A-Train series Stronghold series Anno series Patrician series Settlers series Alien Nations series Cultures series Port Royale series Tropico series SimCity series Impressions City Builder series Tilted Mill City Builder series Various ancient Roman city builder games Medieval Lords: Build, Defend, Expand Various merchant and trade-oriented games Spore series and other planet management sims: SimEarth: The Living Planet (1990) The Game of Life (1992) SimEverything (1994, unreleased early Spore version) Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life (1997) Star Wars: Episode I - The Gungan Frontier (1999) L.O.L.: Lack of Love (2000) WorldKit (2003?, unreleased) Spore (2005, unreleased early version) Spore (2008) Spore: Creepy and Cute Parts Pack (2008) Spore: Creature Creator (2008) Spore: Galactic Adventures (2009) Untitled independent Spore-like game (?) Bowshock (?) The Universim (?) Civilization series Various biological simulation games Various Spore-like games Other biological simulation programs: Avida (1993) Various digital organism simulators Various evolution simulation programs Other virtual globe programs: Celestia (2001) Stellarium (2001) Nasa Worldwind (2004) Google Earth (2005) Earthsim (2005) Earthsim 2 (2010) 3d Planet (2011) Related websites, forums, game and mod links: SimCity official website Simtropolis SimCity 4 Devotion SimCity Forever SimCity Central SimCity Forum SimCity Societies Forum at Tilted Mill SimCity Forum at SkyscraperCity SimCity at City Data Forum Timeline of Sim games at Game Informer City Builder Games Forum Game Mod Database Indie Game Database City Building Games at Wikia City Building Games at Wikipedia Chronology of City Building Games at Wikipedia Mobygames Videogame Database and Forum List of related rts and city builder projects and discussions: - 0 AD (2000, ?) - an ancient military rts game, sort of a Age of Empires 3d "remake" but better, is open for game testing and and will have the option for custom modding. - Glest (2004) - is a game engine for fantasy rts games. - Zero-K (2010) - is an open source futuristic military rts game. Related thread lists These game lists have been cross posted on related gaming forums: A list of ancient city builder games here, here, A list of modern city builder and global civilization builder games A list of fantasy and sci-fi rts and city builder games here, here, here So some options for new city builder games may be the following: - mod the existing games in some ways such as the many SimCity 4 mods for something different - research existing and past attempts at independent games that weren't completed and use some of the data if allowed and/or work on completing them - create new games independently from scratch which will take time if funds and talent is limited, but is certainly possible - it's up to gamers to post on various forums, social networks, and game mod websites to generate interest and potential collaborations - ideally an open source version of a city building game can be made where anyone can go in and mod it to add any historical time periods and civilizations or completely new settings, including ancient, medieval, pre-industrial, modern, post-industrial, alternate history, fantasy, scfi, alien, custom, any specific historical time/culture/location, etc.