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City-building game(s)

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  1. Hey all, I thought we could do with a topic like this for Skylines! Often I have something I'd love to show but it doesn't fit into any topic. So I'll start. I'm working on testing my new avenue system, I discovered that certain assets snap to eachother more easily than others, I think it has to do with being centered perfectly in the editor. Anyway, here's my pic... huge avenue town is being born, man this is gonna look sick when done... there's a new mod that lets you change the color of roads, it's awesome. Can't think of the name now but it's very popular, easy to find.
  2. I've started a new Let's Play series without mods or assets. I wanted to change it up a little from my other play throughs, as Capilano Islands will be focused on detailing while Whitefish Bay is a blend of the two. I've done two episodes so far:
  3. Hello everyone! I will post here weekly videos from my collaboration with Two Dollars Twenty called: OSAHRA. Hope you will enjoy it! Episode 1: The Cross-Border Checkpoint
  4. So I'm not sure what's going on, the LOD for my metro train is extremely small. I did not create a separate LOD, I just dumped the one the game auto generated but with my own tweaked textures. I tried increasing the size of the LOD via 3ds max 250% and it still comes out this small. Any idea what is going on here? For my asset I'm using scale 39 with bottom center pivot.
  5. Hi, these are my first buildings to Cities Skylines. I hope you like ^^ 1. Allcon Office http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1136737709 2. Gdańsk crane "Żuraw" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137676886
  6. I raised the height of my train asset that I'm working on so that the wheels are not cutting through the rails. I raised the pivot point via 3ds max and I got the train floating but noticed two glitches: 1. Wheels do not rotate, the wiki says that whatever is closest to the ground is supposed to rotate so I'm not sure what's wrong 2. Specular mask does not adjust the height appropriately so the window reflections do not work at the top of the windows, it just shows the diffuse color 3. Passenger light does not adjust the height appropriately so you see a bright ball of light on close up view at night at the bottom of the train Is there a way to fix these glitches or am I forced to use bottom center pivot and make everything pinned to the ground?
  7. More images from my ctiy (Simtropolis) from Designer City. The images are from the city building game app Designer City. <---- Still in progress, you can still see alot of empty areas on the sides
  8. I've started a new project: Capilano Islands. I'll be posting videos to my YouTube channel as I progress, along with additional background info on my blog. Here's the first update! Blog post: Capilano Islands - Starting Terraforming
  9. Hey, I'm getting a very strange behavior in updating my asset, hoping someone can help me out. I created a shipyard asset for the workshop, and gave it RICO settings, and originally it worked just fine. Recently, I noticed that the RICO function had disappeared. Last night I looked at the asset in the manager and found that the RICO xml file was missing from the content folder. I added it, according to the RICO instructions, but the update didn't seem to take as the RICO still doesn't work and xml the file is gone. I didn't touch the crp file. This morning, I found a commend on the asset saying that the update has broken a savegame. I feel terrible. I worry that in trying to update the asset, I corrupted it. Today, I tried to repair the update, and it won't even show the preview image or open the content folder. Has anyone experienced this? Should I delete the asset from the workshop to prevent it from corrupting other saves? Here's the asset: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1112953841 Thanks for any advice.
  10. Hello guys! I made a small collage with my best 5 Roundabouts. Which one is your favorite one? Here you can see the video and also vote:
  11. Hello to all of you guys!!! It would be great if they added in Cities Skylines a beach zone , like in many Meditarrenean countries with sun loungers , cantines and beach bars. Moreover, they should add day nursery , nursery schools , junior high schools and universities with specialized objects , for example Law University (all of them will be chosen from us if they could be public or private). Another thing which it could be very cool is to be more realistic the day/night cycle with the addition of seasons (autumn,winter,spring,summer) . The Court House and Tax Office could be functional and not be existed as landmarks . Museums could be a very good addition at the game. And finally the Match Day could be expanded at basketball , volleyball , handball , rugby and at many sports and a public swimming pool would be awesome!!! This from me I hear your suggestions below this topic (And sorry for my English)
  12. Hello, At the beginning i must say that my englisch isn't very good :c So, i have a problem with my building. I downloaded model from sketchup warehouse and then i followed this tutorial: Everything was good but when i try to import my building (46 minute) it doesn't load and the "continue" button is frozen :/ What i do wrong? This is the model i trying to import to game: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/cb5602cef202147650336112dffe8551/ALLCON-park-3
  13. As with any city builder, gotta show off your highway and road setups! Post your interchanges and intersections! 4 level stack made using the built-in content tools; I posted this originally to the SC4 one, but figured now that I should start a Skylines-dedicated one.
  14. Entry 1: Beginnings of Seattle, Washington... and early setbacks/rebuilding. Hello everyone! As most of you know by now, I've been showing off bits and pieces of my work in progress of building Seattle, Washington for Cities:Skylines. I feel it is time for me to consolidate my progress work in a CJ place so I can share and you see my continual work in as close of an interesting city. Some background on myself, I've loved SC4 finally came back to the city simulator world when Cities:Skylines came out. My decision to build Seattle is due to living in the Pacific Northwest, although not in the city itself, for a number of years and the challenge it presents to a city planner. So without further ado, presenting Seattle! I took Steam workshop map of Seattle and then I roughly recreated the regional highway network. This work goes back sometime before After Dark. It was here that began my work on perfecting multi-level interchanges with the signature work on the Interstate 5 and Interstate 90 interchange. This is first version built in map editor, obviously not perfect. You'll see throughout this journal the gradual improvement on this design, which influences how I build interchanges now. As you can see, learning the finer details of onramp/offramp placement is pretty key to making good looking interchanges. Too bad there was not any retaining walls at the time... Oh hey, look sunken wall assets are made. This was my first real test of using them to prop up a hill slope while using duckclog's pillars. Unfortunately, I only had a single save file at this time of Seattle and the save file was corrupted. Well, it was a learned lesson to have two save files of that ever went down again... but the corrupted file incident provided an opportunity to rebuild in a more correct way. I started Seattle again in the southern industrial heart near the I-5/I-90 interchange and made some immediate build changes. First, Holgate Street Bridge and rebuilding Interstate 5 as elevated viaduct highway as it should be through this area. Second, rebuild western termius of Interstate 90 near Safeco and Century Link Fields. Rebuilding the Interstate 5/Interstate 90 interchange in it's third and final configuration. Sorry about the quality of this particular shot... As noted that new placement means a new alignment of the rest of Interstate 90 northward eventually. Note that Interstate 5 is fully elevated now throughout this shot compared to earlier shots. Finally, overview of Pioneer Square, Sodo, and Industrial Districts. Plus, early work on Seattle CBD layout. Next time, the challenge of building Interstate 5 through the Convention Center.
  15. I want to flip this arrow so that the arrow head points in the other way (i.e. arrow tip on the other end of the arrow) so that I can use this for right-hand traffic. The original asset is here, but the author apparently won't release a flipped version of this. Is there an easy way of flipping this arrow in the other direction, like by rotating it 180° on its z-axis?
  16. As the title says, the latest DLC has somewhat made question their overall approach to improving the game. My biggest complaint is the latest DLC. To me this a flawed strategy. I won't be purchasing anymore DLC as they all fail to fix the underlying flaws in the game. You can get great stadiums on the workshop and the Nou Camp is one of them? $5 for 4 stadiums is not value at all. Improve the game mechanics of the game instead of building aesthetics buildings which the modding community are doing a great job in. Also choosing football you limit your target audience. Who chooses your game decisions needs to re-evaluate what the players want. As right now I'm not sure these mini-DLC's are the right approach and going to help improve the game. What are your thoughts?
  17. Hey guys! I usually make custom builds videos and I thought it will be better to make one thread only and post all the videos here. If you like it don't forget to leave a like or a feedback. Most appreciated!
  18. Hello everyone i have a problem Well I had installed in my game 48 mod that used to unite together without problems, and had over 400 assets everything was going well but install some assets and some mod Mod 1, Traffic ++ V2 2, New Roads For Network Extension 2 3, Fine Road Anarchy assets I do not think they give problems but it is eliminated. Also the mod but I have the same error since I install those mod e deleted all my mod and assts and delete all files and subscriptions to start again and I still have error. "A Mod caused an error [ModException] Details: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module can not be loaded. at (managed-to-native wrapper) System.Reflection.Assembly: GetTypes (bool) at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExportedTypes () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>: 0 at ColossalFramework.Plugins.PluginManager + PluginInfo.GetInstances [IUserMod] () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>: 0 at OptionsMainPanel.AddUserMods () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>: 0 "" I do not know how to recover all my mod and assets but I wonder if they can help me with a mod list that is good? because I tried to aser my list and I always have this error erased all games subscriptions maps and started again and I still can not.
  19. If anyone's interested( probably not lol, since Modtools does all of this in-game anyways), I've built a small prototype CRP unpacker, so you can extract things like meshes, textures, and some metadata out of the CRP file without having to open the game. Unfortunately, since I can't import any of the Unity libraries, whoever builds the next version should probably move this over to a unity app instead of the current solution( plain old .NET app ). In order to use this, you'll need .NET framework 4.5, and to copy Assembly-CSharp.dll, ColossalManaged.dll, ICities.dll, and UnityEngine.dll into the app folder. Once you've done that, just drag the .crp file into CrpParser.exe, and it should output a folder containing: Steam Preview images( if any )(.png files) Object Meshes(.obj files) Textures(.dds files) LOD meshes/textures( if any ) some object metadata( asset name, steamid of the author, etc )( .json files) Download link here: https://github.com/tony56a/crp-parser/releases/download/v1.0.3/CrpParser.zip Source link:https://github.com/tony56a/crp-parser Hopefully, we can get some interested people working on something for writing a standalone CRP/content packer, so we can get pack stuff like animated textures and the like.
  20. I wanted to finish more of the essential parts of the city before starting the CJ, but as always progress i slow and I can't keep from posting anymore. We will just have to start with some sunset photos and go from there... I give you; the city of Lienne:
  21. Is there a way to mark something in the illumination mask so that it always glows no matter what time/what direct it is going? This doesn't look right to me, all of the red on the train is supposed to be lit
  22. hello guys! i'm creating my city is coming soon! my city is called "RyanCity" for cities skylines!
  23. Hey guys! Welcome! I will post weekly episodes and screenshots from my new series Yellow Hill! You can follow this thread to be closer and have some fun and enjoy this beautiful game with me! Cheers!
  24. Is it possible for the last car of a metro train show red brake lights at the back, and then show the regular white lights/passenger lights when it reverses?
  25. Is it possible to set a default color for faces on an object in 3ds max? In the interests of saving time I decided to "cheat" and not unwrap everything UVs wise so they can be just a generic black color. This used to work fine but now all of a sudden are now defaulting to a gray color which looks weird. Is there a way to fix this? I really don't do unwrap every little thing if I can help it.

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