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City-building game(s)

Found 163 results

  1. Screen Squished in

    Ok so when my game finished the whole interface looked like this.It was like this even after the game loaded.IDK what's the problem but if any cause is found please tell me.
  2. Hey guys, I've experienced a strange behavior of 2 of my cities: both cities (each built on the biggest segments of the "New York" landscape) have reached a high population of about 480.000 and 390.000 sims. Most r/c buildings are $$/$$$ and the (little) industry consists of 95% high tech. Then suddenly things became weird. Instead of growing the cities remained static and then even started losing inhabitants, got more and more unemployment, buildings decayed and nothing seemed to be able to stop this progress. I built new avenues/highways to connect the areas and/or expanded the public transport with underground/monorail which didn't help much. I demolished whole neighborhoods (loosing 50.000 sims each) and focused on enhancing the remaining ones. But here's what makes me really wonder: now even new designated zones with perfect conditions (nearby parks/plazas, avenues, stations, mixed r/c zones) aren't getting inhabited at all or just very very slowly. In fact I have to wait 1-2 in-game years on the fastest tempo until something develops even on low-density areas. And even then, I often get only poor $-buildings with little customers or residential buildings that decay some minutes later because of too long commute time. At the same time the need for $/$$ r/c is very high ($$$ jumps around 0), the mayor rating, too (70+). I've got plenty of parks, plazas and landscape/bonus buildings. So at the moments it seems that I just can get rid of buildings and sims but without the chance of getting anything new. Luckily the smaller city is stable now (but can't grow anymore) but the bigger one keeps "bleeding" … I also experimented with new traffic concepts, tried low and high density zones, fast-forwarded for 10 years and so on but that didn't work. I've not experienced this anytime before and the cities in the neighborhoods (pop. 30.000/120.000/130.00/190.000) seem to run normal and they all are built in a similar way (much public transport, very "green", fully developed education and health systems and so on). The whole region has about 1,4 Mio sims. All cities are connected via highways and public transport and have at least one neighbor deal running (trading power or waste). I usually don't touch taxes. I'm not quite sure, if this might be more a technical problem due to my laptop specs (i5 2,5GHz, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon 7470M, Samsung Evo SSD, Win7) and the cities became just too big or if this a mistake of my gameplay. That's why I also tried some technical tips (cpu-core: 1, adding my GPU to the graphics card list, switching between hardware/software mode and AMD GPU/built-in Intel HD, low settings etc.) but non of those could fix my issue. And of course I'm playing with NAM (v35). So, any comments or recommendations?
  3. Weird Glitch

    Alright so I was building my interchange and while I was extending a highway I got this. Any way to fix it?
  4. I have had to reinstall SC4 Deluxe due to a computer issue. After installing and beginning to play all of my lots have the dreaded box instead of trees. No matter what the lot I have all boxes and no trees. I cannot figure out which dependency or texture I am missing. I have played for years and never seen this before now.
  5. So I've built a city hall for one of my city journals and when I loaded my savegame after I've built it nearly all of the trees are missing.Here's some evidence Before: After: As of now I have no clue what could be causing this.I've noticed trees disappear on a couple of other places in my city.I don't understand what could be causing the trees to disappearing and I am not bulldozing them.What is going on?!!
  6. Hello everyone, I just commented in this area because I first encounter a serious problem that needs to be taken into consideration quickly: Simptropolis bug and I find myself on accounts at other players. Tonight, I logged in to my Simtropolis account, I did what I had to do and I left on other websites. Back on Simtropolis, I found myself on the account of another player instead of mine (I will not mention his name here). At first I thought it was nothing serious and I updated the page and it was all good. Then, same story, but this time I arrive on the account of the Webmaster, and even while updating I was connected to his account and if I wish I can read all these messages, do all the actions I want (I read no message and I immediately stopped the connection from ST, believe it or not). I have now come to tell you about this problem, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible, I can not accept to be logged into an account of another player, I risk problems on my behalf, and it also means That other players may have the same problem as me and end up on my account unintentionally. This is a proof that I was on the wrong side tonight, without trickery:
  7. Be sure to read and follow the procedures carefully and make backups of the affected files as suggested. As many players already know, the game has a bug that does not allow R$$$ sims to work in I-HT (High-Tech Industry). It does create demand for R$$$ (10% of the I-HT jobs) but does not actually employ them. Checking the I-HT buildings (with the Route Query Tool) can verify this. If the city does have neighbour connections, these R$$$ sims might be able to find jobs in other connected cities, otherswise you will get "No-Job" zots at your R$$$ areas. What causes this problem, seems to be the wealth-level breakdown of the I-HT jobs: 10% $, 80% $$ and 10% $$$. The algorithm appears to not work correctly if two of the above percentages are equal. The bug affects all I-HT buildings (Maxis AND custom content), as well as the Medical Clinic, the Solar Power Plant and the Nuclear Power Plant. The fix can be found on the STEX. Click on the link below: - IH missing $$$ jobs fix (update!) 1.11 It works by setting the I-HT jobs as follows: 10% $, 78% $$, 12% $$$, instead of the original 10/80/10 (which caused the problem). It has a small impact on demand (+2% $$$, -2% $$ - of the I-HT jobs only), but this is really unimportant. The problem with this fix (as well as all other mods that modify the RCI-type exemplars) is that it causes another incosistency: some regional statistics (regional jobs, regional residents etc) are double-count. It is unknown what effect this has on total demand, gameplay, city growth etc, and I doubt if anyone has carried-out any testing/evaluation, so it would be best to have this problem sorted-out as well. For some reason, the problem is caused if there are two copies of an RCI-type exemplar in the installation. As with all other exemplars (and other file-types too), the 2nd exemplar will override the 1st one, however some calculations appear to run twice. The solution is simple, have only one occurence of the above exemplar in the installation, and the correct place to put this is of course in its original place, namely simcity_1.dat (a Maxis file, located under the Simcity main installation folder (typically C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4). Easier said than done, as iLive's Reader (the community's main modding tool) can't modify and save correctly a file as big as simcity_1.dat! (otherwise the fix could be applied in-place). The workaround is to use wouanagaine's SC4 DAT Packer. To apply the fix correctly, follow the steps below. Installation Procedure: - Download and install wouanagaine's SC4 DAT Packer. - Make sure you have the latest SC4/RH or Deluxe versions plus Patches. Right-click on the simcity executable and check the version number. Mine is 1.1.640.0 (SC4+RH+Patches). Refer to other threads to find which is the latest version for your installation. - Backup simcity_1.dat! (Copy this file somewhere else - outside of Simcity's folders, eg under your My Documents folder). - If you are unsure about the SC4 DAT Packer's operation, or you are afraid of possible user errors, better backup your plugins folder too. This may take some minutes if you have a multi-GB installation. Alternatively you can temporarily "move" the Plugin folder contents under another folder - if the folder is in the same drive and volume, moving the files will be virtually instant, as it is technically a "rename" rather than a real "move" operation (no file transfer actually takes place). - Create a new folder under your My Documents/Simcity 4/Plugins folder. - Copy simcity_1.dat under the above folder. - Copy the fix (IH_census_10_78_12.dat) under the above folder and rename it to z_IH_census_10_78_12.dat. This specifies the loading order, and causes the exemplar in the fix to replace the exemplar in simcity_1.dat, as z_... is alphabetically "after" si... - Run SC4 DAT Packer. Initially all folders in the list are selected (highlighted). Find and highlight ONLY the folder you created. This will limit DAT Packer's operation under that folder only. Click on the Start button, wait for the operation to be completed and close SC4 DAT Packer. - DAT Packer should have created a new datfile, containing simcity_1.dat plus the fix. This is located under a folder by default named Plugins_Compressed. Rename this file to simcity_1.dat, and copy it under Simcity's main folder, overwriting the original - you have made a backup, haven't you? - Go back to the Plugins folder and delete the Plugins_Compressed subfolder. Also delete the folder you had created (containing simcity_1.dat and the fix). Alternatively you can move it outside of the Plugins folder and backup it, to remember the operations you performed (for future reference) - you may want to modify it again at some point, eg add more modified RCI exemplars, or "stuff that goes into simcity_1.dat" in general, like some LUA fixes or mods. - If you had (temporarily) moved the Plugins folder contents in step 4, get them back. - You are done!!! Some notes: - It is suggested that you keep the original simcity_1.dat, you may want to apply additional patches in the future. The backup wan't only for safety. - You may want to make similar fixes for the other files affected by the bug, ie the Medical Clinic, the Solar Power Plant and the Nuclear Power Plant. Refer to the modding forums to find how to modify civic buildings correctly. The fixed versions can be inserted in simcity_1.dat as well, or instead placed in a separate plugin (these are normal Building-type exemplars, not RCI ones, so having a 2nd copy will simply override the original, without causing any problem). It is highly suggested that before installing or applying the fix to the above buildings, you enter your cities and bulldoze all instances of them, in all of your cities (save them before exiting). You can replop them after applying/installing the fix. Hope you find this tutorial useful.
  8. Hi all, I hope someone can help me here, 'cause the fuc**** STEAM forum won't even upload my images (sorry, utterly upset at the moment). My problem is, that after the latest "free" patch that came with the mass transit DLS, after loading an existing or new map I only see this: Any help is appreciated ...
  9. Do any of you know what causes this? Certain mods? Buggy Sc4 files? Had this problem for months I have no idea, ide be so grateful for any help or info Thanks
  10. When I play a certain city, the game sees to crash to desktop whenever it's on simulation in approximately 3-5 seconds, it's went one minute before but also still crashed. This city has had the simulation started on it before, however I keep the simulation off when I build new zones and such. I'm on windows 10, alienware. SimCity 4 Deluxe from Steam, and my oplugins folder is 8.06 gigs, if you need a copy of the city to troubleshoot then I'm willing to provide if what I have is not enough info
  11. Hello! I have been playing SC4 on steam last 2 month, and since the first day I can not see my cities in the region view. I read that it is a problem genereted while SC4 is saving, and I should not do anything meanwhile its saving. However I still can not see the region view. I started a new region, reinstalling the game, downloaded a city from this page, but everything is useless. Maybe I have not understood all the problem or the problem is other. The fisrt pistureis a region downloaded from thi page (Rio de Janeiro). I can not see the sea or mountain, despite when I open the city tile i can see all the relief. The second picture is a big city built but I can not see them. Please help, Thank you! (sry for my english)
  12. Hello fellow Sim City users, I'm experiencing a bug (or something similar) and the support bot asked me to report about my problem here. When using ressource-demanding buildings (e.g. coal mines or oil pumps), the status windows tell that no ressources could be found (as you can see in the attached picture).As you can see, the ressources map does show the required ressource (i.e. coal) below the coal mine. It states that 24 tonnes were delivered, but the status message says the opposite ("Mining stopped - Coal stock depleted"). It is also not exclusive to one region either, as I have experienced this in other regions, both in regions which I created and in regions which I haven't created. I can't tell for sure if it's caused by the sandbox mode (which is enabled in this region), though. Has anyone got a hint or an idea why this happens?
  13. No cars on my streets

    Hi there I recently installed SC4 Deluxe on my lap with Windows 10 via Steam. I'm starting a new city and I currently don't see any cars on the streets. Is this because a bug? I've got about 1000 sims there
  14. Hello! I'm having trouble figuring out what is causing this issue: Before I start the drawn out process of manual debugging by elimination, which will take ages seeing as I have 150+ mods to sift through, I thought I'd seek help from the community first. The Map Theme is OWL's Mediterranean Alternative, but so far no one I've asked can reproduce the problem. Maybe I'm running out of VRAM? no idea. If anyone knows which mod is causing this, do let me know. Thank you in advance!
  15. Alright, so I got this error message today. I did download a couple of mods and after I was playing with the mods for about 40 minutes, the error message came up that essentially broke my game. Whenever I click "OK" or the little X in the corner, the error message closes, but then comes back in a matter of seconds. The only way to close the game is through task manager. If you would like the mods I recently downloaded, I will be happy to link those in another post. Anyway, here's the error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object [System.NullReferenceException] Details: No details Here is the output_log.txt: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/0de5d5d8ce1b571295e01101749df1cc
  16. Maybe someone can help me? i have the ressources shown on my map, i tried to put buildings to gather them but it says "no ressources found" i even tried to drag the roads further because its said in the readme of the mod that the ressources spread 2x1 to the original point i dont get it^^ pls help!
  17. So I installed the "Bi-Level UDON One Way Street" mod, and everything seemed fine until I noticed my megatowers were getting weird errors: randomly not getting connections from road, water, power or sewage. Also the side roads that connect to the megatowers are glitched so that the Sims drive up the side of the building instead of into the entrance. It's kind of fun to watch, but also problematic as they can't get into the levels. The same problem occurs with new megatowers I build. So I uninstalled the mod and now the game crashes if I try to load any city from the region. I think there might be a compatibility problem with one of the many other mods I have installed, but I've removed swathes of them without any improvement. I tried re-installing the game to no avail. Can anyone offer other advice that might help me fix this?
  18. Hello, I am in a multiplayer game and am not using mods but my second elite Megatower will not receive power or water past level 3. I have ample supply of both flowing into the tower. Does anybody know what's going on?
  19. Hi fellow simmers. I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on what is wrong with my lighting in game. It was all working fine until recently, seemingly around the time my game decided to (randomly) start working in windowed mode when i've been using full screen since the dawn of time. I'm now experiencing some strange shading when the night time cycle runs through. The streetlights are a little blue in areas, the cars lights are on at strange times of the day, and there is strange shading in general in the city at night. I cant for the life of me work out why its suddenly started happening. Some culprits that were possible conflicts i have removed from my plug-ins, ..lamp post plugin i have removed, any plug-in changing the automa i've replaced as the original, and also tried to set my screen back to full-screen (as it was fine in that mode), which isn't working either. I've removed the -W from my exe start up for Sim city, but yet it wont run back in full-screen. If anyone has had problems like this please let me know what i can do to fix this. Ive also removed the RJ longer nights mod to try to resolve the graphic problem this but its still the same. Even in cities where i have nothing built, this bug remains.
  20. Please see attached. This is my planned highway system. I plan to use MAXIS highways with NAM 35. I may use some cross tile rail. It is likely to either parallel the highways for freight or simply be point to point or intra tile only. I have tried to follow the suggestions of: (1) avoiding near tile edge connections (2) having on/off exits far from tile edges (3) making it tree like Is this going to work or cause problems? Thank you! PS: This is my 4th shot at building on the New York map. I am hoping to get something decent this time.
  21. Hi all anyone know what i need to edit in iLives reader to stop this ploppable building from trying to grow. Not only is it growing when i want it to be a ploppable building, it is trying to grow on the wrong sized zone. I've identified it is the sunshine 60 building. ive set the "growth stage" to 0xFF ; and "Lotconfigpropertyzonetypes" to Plopped building; but its still growing, not sure what else i need to change. cheers
  22. hello, guys, I've been concern about a bug I have in part of my cities I've maken. some of the zoned areas are looking as in the image below. They look horrible and I don't know what to do to delete that... the thing is that not in all zones this is happening but in some parts of the city. If it was a matter of dependencies or anything like that it would be for all zones in all areas in all my cities but is not, can somebody help me with this? please. The trees, flowers and all details in the houses tilesets are not showing up they look completely empty.
  23. My game functioned normally up untill i decided to install the NAM-Team's Network Addon Mod. I noticed my game was running slower than usual so I uninstalled NAM. Then suddently whenever I opened a city, the water would be gone, as if the entire terrain had been raised. I've tried deleting all my regions and reinstalling them, I even ununstalled and reinstalled the GAME, but I'm still having the same issue. When I open a region everything seems normal up until I open a city. The attached image shows the region and one city that I saved after encountering this issue. You can see that the water is gone and the terrain looks like it was a high mountain. I believe it's something that the NAM modified in the way in which my computer reads the games files. If anyone please can offer me a solution I would be very thankful. In case you can't open the attachment... http://imgur.com/a/4kng4 or http://imgur.com/ugqHWI3
  24. Hi, I'm new here So I just got my new MacBook and installed Cities Skylines. Its running fine and smoothly, but theres some weird problem with the lights in the game... There are these hexagons around everything that produces light. How do I get rid of them? (I'm aware that Mac's are not particularly made for gaming, I still have another windows computer but I don't always have access to it... It would be nice if CS was playable here )
  25. Hey folks, RICO has worked fine for me for these last couple of months, like really ridiculously good. Unfortunately, that ended today. I keep getting this error: The Mod C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\255710\586012417 [PloppableRICO.dll] has caused an error [ModException] Details: PrefabException: Invalid dimensions (Max sizes: 16x8, 15x9, 14x11, 13x12, 12x13, 11x14, 9x15, 8x16) at BuildingInfo.InitializePrefab () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PrefabHook.BuildingInfoHook.InitializePrefab () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PloppableRICO.ConvertPrefabs.InitializePrefab (.BuildingInfo prefab, .PrivateBuildingAI ai, System.String aiClass) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PloppableRICO.ConvertPrefabs.ConvertPrefab (PloppableRICO.RICOBuilding buildingData, System.String name) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PloppableRICO.ConvertPrefabs.run () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PloppableRICO.Loading.OnLevelLoaded (LoadMode mode) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at LoadingWrapper.OnLevelLoaded (UpdateMode mode) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 I'm not sure how to mend it. Only large buildings have stopped working. If someone knows a solution, please let me know. That said, I can't access the content manager either, it's completely empty, but @BloodyPenguin has offered to help with that on reddit so I guess it could be fixed quite quickly.

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