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City-building game(s)

Found 141 results

  1. TXL

    From the album Up in the Air

    (or EDDT for the purists) Catching a plane in Berlin is a dreadful experience. Both airports are patched up relics from a long gone Cold War past. Terminal 1 at Tegel has its retro charm, but the rest of the airport... not the place to be.
  2. From the album Up in the Air

    Killing time at Barcelona Terminal 1, hub for the low-cost airline Vueling. The operations on the ramps looked intense!
  3. (Click HERE to get a full size image) • Update #2 || SIAT / SAITAMA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT • ############################################################################## • After some years of work, the new Saitama International Airport is finished. Everything is completed and working fine and the airport is ready to connect Saitama with the rest of the world. In this update we will see all the interesting points of this magnificent marvel of engineering • • The first step was to build a large island in the bay of Saitama. This was the most difficult step but it had to be in a new island, there was not enough space to create the airport inland. (In these photos you can see the final result and how the airport looks) • • The design of the structure is quite simple, The design consists of a long building that is divided into several sections. The terminals are named as A B & C. #Terminal A (Dedicated only to ANA Airlines company) #Terminal B (Dedicated to domestic flights. Only japanese flights) #Terminal C (Dedicated to international flights from other companies) • • #Terminal A ( ANA Airlanes Terminal) In these pictures you can see some 787 dreamliner. • #Terminal B where some Boeing 737-800 are ready to flight to another japanese cities (There is only one flight out of Japan from this terminal, it connects Saitama with Seoul in South Korea) • #Terminal C where you can see airplanes coming from Taipei in Taiwan, Busan in South Korea, Beijing in China and one 787 JAL Airplane which connects Saitama with Paris in France • • The Saitama International airport has all kind of facilities, now we'll see some of them... • • Safety is always the most important, here you can see the fire station that has the most modern vehicles to ensure the safety of all passengers • • This is the hotel zone, here people can find all kinds of services. Hotels, restaurants, offices dedicated to business, tourist offices, etc ... • • The company ANA Airlines has in this airport one of its headquarters, in this picture you can see the new and modern building • • The airport has also a small port, this port is used to supply kerosene to the airport, an airport can't work without kerosene for all those airplanes • • The cargo area is one of the most important parts of every airport. All kinds of packages, postal and courier are sent and received here • • The last thing we will see today is the control tower. It is quite modern and its design is one of the new faces of Saitama Prefecture • ##################### ~ R - E - P - L - I - E - S ~ ############################################################################## sucram17 Thanks for your comment. Here you can find it http://homepage2.nifty.com/caribou/slope.htm Ln X Thanks for your comment. raynev1 You should try it. It is really fun to create your own airport. If you need some advices feel free to ask gviper Thanks mate. ulisse I like the night shot too. Thanks for your comment. lucasfg3 HAHA, Thanks for your kind comment !! michae95l Thanks for your comment. Realism is my mean goal TekindusT HAHA, You know the problems with the tiles and its textures...Gracias por tu comentario amigo. GoKingsGo Here you got the shot. I hope you enjoy it in the large size. Thanks for your kind comment ! slickbg56 Thanks for such a nice comment ! As may you know, good plans are a good way to get good results tariely Thank you so much. The airport is done using modular terminal pieces. I like the JENX's airport but they are not real japanese airport so I had to make my own airport. Tonraq Thank you so much my friend. Actually I'm not sure about the high of the buildings, is the high of one of those buildings wrong ? airman15 Sorry but I don't understand your comment, what do you mean ? Thanks for the comment city89 It is a model from google, I exported it using 3ds max.Thanks my friend necroshine123 Great comment ! Thanks man Nick00V00 Que quieres descargar ? tienes que ser mas concreto JoshuaGellock Thanks for your kind comment, glad you like it. totalnoob Transition from el to underground / Ferry terminal Thanks for your comment. Ng_pillow HAHA, Who knows, maybe in the future...:P jmsepe Thank you so much for your comment. Glad you like it takemethere In this update you can see the entire airport, I hope you like it. Thanks man Schulmanator Thank you so much, glad you like it my friend. ############################################################################## Greetings / Saludos / Groeten # Jonathan.
  4. Comment Replies After such a long time, maybe it is a bit nonsense, right? --------------------------------------- The meeting had gone quite well, better than expected. It was already a bit late, and those who had flown from out of Barnanova were already checking their phones and checking in their flights. I was one of those, who tried to do this while giving farewell to the barnanovese business partners. Doing business in Barnanova, and especially with barnanovese officials, is quite an experience. All business meeting etiquettes tend to highlight the same points in regards to Barnanova, and they tend not to be wrong. Handshakes between men are almost comparable to getting your hand stuck with the car door: a painful experience. Barnanovese are used to hardcore handshakes, which can cause them some trouble when dealing with Asian partners. Businesswomen are spared this pain, and most handshakes are milder. We wrapped out our meeting and left the very official-looking building in the historic quarter, and made my way to the Metro entrance. A huge national flag flew in the middle of the circle. Time to head to the airport. Just a couple of stations down to the city's central station, which still keeps its original name, North Station. The underground interchange at North Station was complex and rather confusing, even for locals. Barnanova has pushed since several years the so-called Plan BNN, a hugely ambitious plan to improve the air links of the nation with the world. And the first step, was improving the signage downtown, in order to effortlessly guide the business traveler back to the airport. The yellow BNNExpress train can be invariably found at platform 14. It is painted in yellow colors and of course, sponsored by barnanovair. I was flying with these airlines today. The BNNExpress train breezes through the modern CBD, only stopping at the "Centre de Negocis" station before the airport. A dozen passengers hop in the train, most of them businesspeople and some, having already removed their ties and jackets off. The train starts again and rapidly accelerates running through the city. We arrive just 20 minutes later to the Barnanova-Mediterranean International Airport. The Plan BNN revamped in 10 years this airport from a mid-range international airport to an air hub, competing directly with the large European airports. The success was so large that the airport is already struggling to cope with the increased demand barnanovair brought to the airport. The lack of taxiways forces air traffic control to plan ahead all flight movements to the second, making the airport work like a huge clockwork. Another expansion is already on the planning phase. The advertisements at the station are statements of barnanovair's vision of the air industry. The departures/arrivals screens at the station lobby informed me that my flight was departing from the north terminal. There was still no gate information though. Pushed my carry-on luggage down to the north terminal departures lobby and headed to one of the automatic check-in machines. Only a couple minutes later I received my boarding pass and an SMS with a link where I could download my mobile-friendly pass as well. The new barnanovair boarding pass design looks gorgeous in these vibrant colors! The airline has gone the extra mile taking care of these kind of details, and the high quality printing on the automatic check-in counters is a good proof of that. The mobile pass looks more basic, as per compatibility. The security check was painful as always, a bad experience one has to go through in any airport in the world. Once cleared, I found myself breezing through the duty-free shop, looking for gate N21. The activity was intense in both in the terminal building and outside. I stopped by for a second to see an Airbus 330-300 aircraft, the backbone of barnanovair's medium-range fleet, being loaded for its departure to London-Gatwick. This particular airliner is christened as Alessandro Volta. All planes in the fleet are christened after famous inventors and scientists. Not too far from there, the Queen of the Skies reclaimed my attention while resting on gate N12. She had just been polished and shone under the sun, looking majestic. barnanovair placed an order for 15 Boeing 747-8I in 2011, and the first orders have been flowing in since 2015. The 747 covers these intercontinental high-demand routes between Barnanova and other world capitals, and helped the airline to reach all five continents, placing it among the big names in the airline industry. This particular plane was christened after Marie Sklodowska Curie; all 747s are christened with women scientist names. Her departure to Tokyo-Haneda was expected in half an hour. Near the gate, some more advertisements. Some of them help clear out what is the mission of the airline for the years to come: I relaxed on my seat until boarding time. The Barcelona route is the busiest for this airport. barnanovair offers up to 28 flights between both cities per day, even with its own name, the Viceroy Shuttle. The route is always operated with Airbus 320 aircraft, with 28 business class seats. I wasn't traveling business today, small companies can't afford that anymore. The boarding was fast. In contrast with low-cost airlines, barnanovair makes customers board in four batches in this case: rows from 1-7 (business), board first. Rows 25-32 board after that, later rows 13-24 and finally rows 8-12. People tend to find this confusing at the beginning, but speeds up the boarding procedure, essential to make the Viceroy Shuttle work properly. Once on my 21C seat, I sat back on the confortable seat and leafed the in-flight magazine, Panorama. Found myself discovering the route map, a staple in any in-flight magazine. barnanovair's had drammatically expanded in recent years. Barcelona and Rome are marked in blue, meaning shuttle destinations with many routes per day. The yellow destinations are seasonal, most of them only served during the summer months (Dubrovnik, Santorini, Larnaca...), some during the winter months (Lulea, Trondheim...). It is however the world map the one that had gone through the most changes recently: With the new B747-8I fleet, destinations such as Denpasar (Bali), Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Chengdu could be introduced this year. Barnanova-Mediterranean airport is increasingly becoming an intercontinental hub, efficiently connecting long-haul destinations with European regional destinations. The read distracted me from the emergency procedures demonstrations, and felt already the pushback. In no time we would be departing already.
  5. Thille : Mushroom City

    The first time P. R. visited Thille, when she was a kid, it was on the smallish side, a quiet agricultural community of little hamlets, devoted to their fields and pastures. Then it became the dormitory of Strosswald, the nearby, bigger city east of it. But those stretches of flat land also became the target of the region developers : it was the ideal place to put a bigger, more modern airport. And so farmers were bought off or expropriated, amidst much anger, demonstrations and civil disorder. But the Juggernaut of Modernization knows nothing too big not to be rolled over and so the airport came to be. And Thille began to Develop. 1. (yes, it's blurry, sorry. But it gives an idea of the lay of the land...) 2. (not Blurry...) It grew... 3. and it grew... 5. ... and now it's Mushroom City : 6. And Commute City, too. The Thille airport is a hub of communications (passengers and freight both) for the whole region, and not one but two bus shuttles link it to the city. A heliport and a big passenger terminal, at the end of a short highway, also help commuters.Thille's farmers have so far successfully kept any highways from coming farther in, as they don't want to loose any more farming land, but it's the subject of heated debates at the City Council 7. The freight station 8. Some commercials and residentials ; (the soundproofing contractors made a bundle...) 9. The Northey bus shuttle (top) 11. The heliport with it's little bit of highway (in the upper left corner, the small hotel where P. R. was staying during her stint in Thille. Thankfully, the soundproofing was excellent there too.)
  6. SCAG Cargo Lots v1.0

    Version 1.0


    About It's finally here! SCAG Cargo Lots by ShadeSlayer (SCAG-CLSS) is a series of lots aimed to enhance the cargo aspect of SimCity Airports. There is a large update for this pack planned for April 2010. While game crashes are unlikely, we are going to remove that possibility and update dependencies. Thanks. SCAG-CLSS are purely eyecandy, and are not functional. Included with this package are the following: The plane/building lots; Some cargo props created by various members of SCAG (noted below); A readme file; A cleanitol dependency checker; and Some pictures to make it look pretty. All of this is contained in a .zip file. There is no EXE installer as to maintain cross-compatability between different Operating Systems. Installation Instructions Unzip (extract) the .ZIP file into your "My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins" folder. Dependencies Sorry for the huge amount of dependencies, but I created this under the assumption that most users downloading this would already have airports, and thus, have about half of the dependencies already. AC MEGA Textures vol1 AC Cargo Planes vol1 AC MEGA Props vol2 AC MEGA Props vol5 ACB-VLT Series 2 BSC MEGA Textures Cycledogg vol1 BSC MEGA Props jestarr vol1 BSC MEGA Props jestarr vol2 BSC MEGA Props jestarr vol3 BSC MEGA Props Gascooker vol1 Warehouse BATProps Part A Warehouse BATProps Part B Warehouse Mega Pack You may also use the included Cleanitol file to make this job easier... Credits/Thanks This package was created by myself, with assistance with some fellow team members in the area of prop making, namely: joelyboy911: Cargo Loaders cameron1991: LD3 containers RustyXL: LD3 carts AC Team: for creating the plane models Also thanks to the SCAG team. Without them, this probably wouldn't have been as face-smashingly awesome. Copyright Copyright © 2009, SimCity Aviation Group Protected under the Creative Commons License Do not redistribute the included lots without direct permission. Contact If you wish to contact me, my email is: SCAG Team Room: www.sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php
  7. Article #2 - Discovering Xá

    Article #2: "Discovering Xá" Xá or Ciudad de Xá is a touristic city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 55 kilometres of capital city, Yuti. It's an important urban area. Some industries are concentrated here. There are a commercial zone, with great importance in Metzú Economy. Xá has the biggest airport of Metzú, called "Aeropuerto Nueva República". Supplies the capital city, principally. Full map Population: 33.756 (2017) Metropolitan Area: 35.209 (2017) Main Activities: Tourism, Financial Services, Manufactured Industries. Living Xá... 1. Xá Landscape 2. An other view of Xá Downtown. 3. A mixture of Modern and high buildings with old rowhouses and condos. Typical in Metzú. 4. Central Train Station, called "Estación del Sur". 5. Main Avenue at night. 6. More of Downtown 7. Downtown at midnight. 8. City Outskirts. The M1 Highway. 9. Nueva República International Airport. The biggest airport of Metzú 10. Cerro Tay and Playa Marcela. 11. Playa Marcela. 12. Estadio Municipal de Xá. Multipurpose stadium. Home of Club Atlético Xácoense, founded by brazilian fans of Chapecoense. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  8. Article #3 - Enjoying Jalai

    Article #3 - "Enjoying Jalai" Jalai or Ciudad Costera de Jalai is a touristic city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 25 kilometres of Wainor City (an important financial centre), and 167 kilometres of capital city, Yuti. Jalai receives many tourists, international and domestic. Jalai has beautiful beaches and colorful avenues and buildings. It has an airport and many international conections. Full Map Population: 33.767 (2017) Metropolitan Area: 36.311 (2017) Main Activities: Tourism, Financial Services Jalai Highlights... 1. Jalai Main Avenue 2. San Roque Beach. One of the most popular beaches of Metzú. 3. San Roque Tropical Forest. Declared a Nature Reserve. 4. Jalai Downtown. 5. Coast Avenue. 6. An other view of Coast Avenue. 7. Jalai Downtown. An other point of view. 8. Aeropuerto Internacional de Jalai. With international conections. 9. Estación Central de Trenes de Jalai. An important train station. Thousands of people transit there everyday. 10. Jalai Suburbs at night. 11. Jalai Downtown at night. 12. Jalai Landscape. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  9. Article #9 - Costa Laga: Beaches and relax

    Article #9 - "Costa Laga: Beaches and relax" Costa Laga or Serenísima Costa de Laga is an important touristic centre of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 19 Km of Pronto Durazno (a little city), 120 Km of Yuti (capital city) and 94 Km of Villa Hermosa. Founded in 1785, was the first spanish colony in Metzú. The main acitivity of this town is Tourism. It has beautiful beaches of white sands. Costa Laga has a little but modern airport called Francisco de Laga International Airport. Costa de Laga ows great parks where perform a lot of activities like sports. Anyway, another interesing and peculiar point to visit in Metzú. Full Map Population: 4.816 Metropolitan Area: N/A Main Activities: Tourism Visiting Laga... 1. Downtown. Av. Libertador. 2. Playa de Laga. 3. Diagonal Cervantes. Casco Histórico de Laga (historic neighbourhood). 4. Diagonal Cervantes (road to airport). 5. Parque del Monte. An important park of Costa Laga. 6. Playa Monserrates at 4:00 p.m. 7. Playa Monserrates again. 8. Playa de Laga. Entrance 9. Francisco de Laga International Airport. View from the mountains. 10. The airport dynamic. 11. Serenísima Costa de Laga. A general view. 12. Downtown at night. 13. Casco Histórico de Laga. Midnight. 14. Francisco de Laga International Airport. 9:47 p.m. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    I have been asked a few times to supply this model in the past. I finally found the motivation to dig it out of my plugins folder. THIS DOES NOT COME WITH A LOT! .sc4model only! This is the model only. I have neither the game nor any of the modding tools installed at this point so you will have to do the modding and make the lot yourself. Sorry! The images show what I cooked up... 8 years ago?!? Jeez, I can't believe it has been so long. I have a full time job and another hobby that eats most of my free time, but I miss all of you that made SC4 fun for as long as I was active. This is the CJ entry where it was used:
  11. So, Entry I... I should probably detail the ambition - a semi-realistic recreation of Phoenix, Arizona. Of course, it won't be identical due to the limitations of SimCity 4 and such, but I will try and keep it as truthful to real life as possible. On a second side note, I have never been to Phoenix myself, so everything I do will be based off what I see on google maps. It may be outdated and henceforth wrong, but oh well, we're just trying to have fun. I decided to start around the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, building from the I-10 interchange with I-14 and slowly filling in the surrounding area, including the airport. The very first thing I did however, was Junction (?) 149 of I-10, which includes a basic turn off to E Buckeye Road and a slightly more complex turn off to E Sky Harbor Blvd, the main road into the airport. As you can see from the image, I have also fleshed out some of the nearby roads with S 24th Street running beneath the Sky Harbor Blvd, parallel to I-10, and the Sky Harbor Cir at the top of the image. One of the initial challenges was the intersection between Sky Harbor Cir and S 24th Street as the game would not allow for an extremely compact junction with the MIS, so I had to make it larger than the real life equivalent. The small road on the right hand side is the entrance to the UPS parking lot which I have yet to build. Following that construction, I decided to plough north along I-10 to the interchange with Route 51 and Route 202. It is by far the most complex interchange I will have ever attempted in SimCity 4, and I have yet to fully start on the beast. I have, however, completed junction 148 and begun 147C. The limitations of SC4 begun bugging me here as I struggled to begin the Mini Stack interchange, so I decided to leave it be for later and returned south to I-10's interchange with I-17. Due to the recurring limitations of SimCity 4, the interchange is not an identical replica. The movements of the RHW-4 exits are highly emphasised and not as compact as I would like them to be, but I can return to that later if I have the time and willpower to take a better short. Finally, I begun work on the airport. It is my first attempt to build an airport with all the correct addons and using the modular system, so I'm fairly please with how the runways turned out. There are modifications of course, mainly the length and difference in lengths between the two runways but also the headings of the runways and the exact locations of turnoffs. I also completed a private jet area along with a cheap, knock-off version of the Fed-Ex Ship centre. Finally, a current overview of the two tiles I have built on. I chose the positioning based on the possibility that I may start zoning before the road construction is all completed, so I would use the neighbouring connections to spark demand if need be. And that brings Entry I to a close... thanks for taking the time to read it and if you have any opinions or criticisms I can tackle, throw them at me. I will try to post updates at least once a week with my progress, but I don't know how much I will make, especially with the rest of the airport to complete.
  12. Regional Airport V.1 (Road Enabled)



    Hello Simtropians, Today I Present you my first file. Tired of always wanting to have an realistic and detailed airport but you need to built it piece by piece in which takes a long time. Therefore I created a pre-made airport than consists of 8 parts instead of lots of pieces to build an airport. All lots that I have used are Bats,Lots,and Textures from Voltaire and ace_bovenopdeberg and Tabi in which I give credit for creating all those amazing and realistic lots and bats. http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/410/airportsunset.jpg Installation: Just put it in simcity4 plugins Dependencies: SW77 Train Generators AC MEGA Textures Vol01 AC MEGA Textures Vol02 AC MEGA Props Vol02 AC MEGA Props Vol03 AC MEGA Props Vol05 AC MEGA Props Vol06 AC Cargo Planes Vol01 BSC Textures Vol03 BSCMegaProps jestarr Vol02 BSCBATProps RT SNM Vol01 BSCBATProps RT SNM Vol02 SFBT Essentials (Dec 2015) SFBT Street Tree Mod WMP Props.dat Buildings as Props OR (From this only the PEG-SPAM_TEXTURES_RESOURCE_b200.dat file what you can find: c:\Users\.......\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\PEGPROD\SPAM\SPAM_Super_Resource_Pack\SPAM_Textures\) (From this you only need the TrainCar_Props_Families_E-V1.dat) Lots Location: Rail Menu Ploping instructions: See the map http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/4863/spartsintructions.jpg Lot History: One rainy day I was playing SimCity and I reached to the point wnere an aiport was needed, therefore I had two decisions either to pick the original Maxis airport (unrealistic) or to make one custom airport by myself (Time Consuming),even though I am an expert building customs airports I noticed that building an airport takes a long time. So then I wondered what if there was already a pre-made airport so you can just plop it and done. Furthermore, with this idea I went to lot editor to build this pre made airport, next when I was in lot editor the first thing I noticed that the base textures and overlay textures where all around in a ocean of textures. It took ages to find every single texture but it was worth it. Later on after finishing the first part of the aiport I checked if it was working in SimCity and I got a lot with blank textures and missing props. Therefore I came back to lot editor and re created the airport. Soon I found out that I had to made a decision to divide the airport in parts due to limitations of lot editor and also I dint noticed that I built the airport with a blank train generator building and I was already almost done, therefore I just keep train generator as a building to my airport, Meanwhile, after 10 attemps of creating this airport I finally finished it and test it in SimCity I put it straight in STEX since many of you people would find it useful. Funcional Airport? Yes you can actually make this airport or any custom airport a functional airport, use this file that makes funcitional airports My link Note: Check for the last icon of this file in SimCity and read the description of it, In which would tell you that works as an airport with a capacity of 100 000 in a 1x1 lot. Any concern just PM me and I would try my best of what I can do Mod edit: August 10, 2017 - Updated list of dependencies. A huge thanks to @Tyberius06 for providing it.
  13. I will be sharing my next assets in this topic, you can check my previous assets here in my workshop page . I finished my old bridge asset and this will be the first asset in this topic I hope you like it. Detailed information is provided in asset page.
  14. I thought it's time to get my own topic running as I started some more advanced, larger project a day ago. Besides the vehicles I created before I started working on some vanilla-style modular airport, based on the vanilla airport and international airport assets. Due to my quiet limited time caused by real life don't expect extra-fast progress Still I've got to update my "old" vehicle assets too, but the vehicle editor seems to be kinda messed up since the last patch - anyway I'll look into this too by time as I already promised! For now I got the following types of buildings planned for this airport set which is heavily inspired by the AC teams set for Sim City 4 functional terminal block with three "small" gates functional terminal block with two "large" gate non-functional terminal filler pieces with gates terminal piece with control tower (RICO Office) terminal block without gate (RICO commercial low) monorail / (elevated) metro / train terminal pieces terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) terminal block with road maintenance service building (connected to the tarmac side to simulate road-traffic on the airport ) functional terminal with concourse (4 + gates using sub buildings) "T - style" functional concourse piece (featuring gates on both sides, will probably require network extensions as it has to be entered on foot from the underground using pedestrian "roads") eye candy ends for concourse, left and right eye candy transition piece between one-level and two-level terminals (maybe even RICO - enabled, we'll see) two-level functional terminal blocks (will be a challange to be set up - I try to set the entrances on the upper level, the exits on the lower level) two-level terminal with control tower (probably RICO office + functional (using sub building - I don't know yet if something like this is possible)) large fake-entrance piece for two-level terminals (RICO commercial high) (so especially when using rush hour many people gonna go into this one) monorail / (elevated) metro / train two-level terminal pieces two-level terminal block with taxi stands (AD required) two-level terminal block with bus hub (to be connected to the tarmac and without airport functionality - just to connect aircraft stands in some nice way ) simple helipads with one of each natural disasters helicopters working doppler radar dome (requires ND - a non working version is available on the workshop) stand-alone ATC towers surface movement radar tower some props like (enhanced) vanilla jet bridges, stand guidance displays and other small things which will be pretty Special features: rotating radar domes for ATC towers and the radar tower (gotta look into this!) usage of the "vehicle rotor" shader discovered by @Ronyx69 for large glass parts of the terminals (I try to work around the lod-problem) stock-game style as I use the textures and models from the game as my start-point usage of the "loading screen mods" benefits → as I use the same texture with the same name most of the times it will be loaded only once into VRAM when using this mod - which is great! living airports by the use of RICO settings - which you don't have to use at all (those buildings will work as an landmark if you don't use that mod ) more space between planes and terminals due to longer jet bridges - you'll be able to draw some road in between using the anarchy tool of your choise Downsides: jet bridges will disappear after a certain distance as I'll convert them to props. I decided to do so to increase flexibility on creating different terminal types and styles by using many working two-gate assets ingame the airport will get really congested! That's the reason for me to include non-functional versions too. Later on I might create a mod to enhance the vanilla runways and taxiways. I looked up the networks in mod tools and changed some values to test something which turned out to be possible: different wide runways (40m up to 65m for realistic regional and international airports - new network meshes needed) more realistic markings with lights on runways (probably by adding more segments to one network, segment[0] would be just asphalt to place some indicator like "20L", segment[1] would be the threshold, segment[2] would contain the dashed line only, segment [3] dashed line + precision marking followed by 2x (segment[2] again, then segment[3]) and finally segment[2] for the whole middle part to start in reverse after - dunno if that's possible at all) two-way taxiways (for special use-cases) taxiways with "shoulders" (a bit wider than now) and green lights in their middle taxilanes (taxiways with some flat mesh and without dirt-shoulders to be used on aprons. probably just the yellow line with green lights.) more realistic speeds for taxiways and taxilanes I gonna provide one screenshot just to show you the difference: On the left you can see the vanilla runway which is about 30m wide + 2m "shoulder" (mesh edge) → 32m footprint. The next ones footprint is 46m wide which would fit most regional/domestic airports. The one on the right is 60m wide which fits for large aircraft like the A380. ----------------------------------------snip---------------------------------------- First I gonna take off by showing you some first work I've done before starting this topic. This is going to be the first wall-to-wall terminal building featuring three gates (just like the vanilla airport). I removed the jet bridges and details on the left and right to save some polys and - of course - to get the bounding box right Next step will be to map those filled holes, after this I gonna cut the windows and create some basic interior as those will get some semi-transparent love they deserve
  15. Airport Update

    Here's an update regarding Packard International Airport. It's a small airport and due to the small space i had to squeeze it in so it's not the best looking one out there...
  16. Regional Bus Terminal



    Regional Bus Terminal Hello Simtropians!, Today I Present you The Regional Bus Terminal This is another lot made by me, in which it consist of a regular bus terminal but with much detail and bigger in size. The Bus Terminal is located in the transportation menu. I give fully credit to CP, VIP, ace_bovenopdeberg, and shokthrpy for their the bat buildings, textures and props. Amesowe creations by the way guys! Dependencies: Simfox Trees http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21640-simfox-treepack-2/ ACB VLT Terminals and Jets Series 1 part 2 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/18479-acb-vlt-terminals-and-jets-series-1-part-2/ Network Addon Mod http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26793-network-addon-mod-for-windows-installer-off-site-link/ Bus Prop Pack 1 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21968-bus-prop-pack/ BSC MEGA Props CP Vol01 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1180 VIP CarPackMMP vol1 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/26808-vip-carpackmmp-vol1/ SHK Parking Pack http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27563-shk-parking-pack/ BSC MEGA Props CP Vol 02 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2790 Any concern just PM me and I would try my best of what I can do.
  17. Biarritz part 1

    Biarritz it's the old district with art deco buildings, vintage skyscrapers, a huge (sunken) central park. Because i want it to be different and nice, with no repetitivity it will b eye candy only. Also on the other shore is the small airport. In this first episode a big round of applause goes to @Aaron Graham and his amazing creations!!!! I have to say that i'm not that satified with the light and the sidewalk. Should i change 'em?
  18. Well guys, im was playing sim city 4, and i wanted to build an airport, so when it finished building up, i noticed that the runway textures were kinda weird. Here is a picture:
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Taxiway Marking Improve Pack, Volume 2 Project lead, additional overlay textures, lots, and modding by fafalone Ramp textures by AC Team Road overlays from PLT's Airport Roads and ShadeSlayer's Airport Road Improvement Project Introduction The Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack Volume 2 (TMIP2) is a large expansion of first volume, encompassing many lots in several categories. This once again greatly expands the level of detail you can make with RMIP2-style taxiways and airports. Included Dark ramp conversion of PLT's ARP project Dark ramp conversion of ShadeSlayer's SCAG-ARIP project Centered terminal-over-road piece to fit some gate lots Dark ramp conversion for diagonal terminal building lots Additional vehicle boundary options for both light and dark ramps Taxiway stop points for all types (dark, light, apron, and green) Large terminal letters (A through F) for both light and dark ramps Directional arrows (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, and NE) for both light and dark ramps Gate numbers (1 through 20) for both light and dark ramps 3 types of airport equipment yard lots, for both light and dark ramps Addition ramp filler pieces (2x2, 3x3, and 4x4) for both light and dark ramps Individual lotted airport vehicles on light ramps, dark ramps, light roads, and dark roads: ----Tugs (6 types) ----Hose Truck ----LD3 Baggage Carts (4 types) ----Stair trucks (2 types) ----Airport Fire Truck ----Catering Truck Usage Note The installation is divided into main folders for each category, and within each of those folders all lots are present individually. You can delete any category folder or individual lot that you do not need without effecting the rest of the install (just don't delete the "core" files, FAF_TMIP_Vol2_Core.dat, and FAF_TMIP2_Roads_Core.dat if using either road set). Dependencies AC MEGA Textures Vol01 AC MEGA Props Vol02 SCAG Mega Dependency #1 SCAG Mega Dependency #2 BriPizza Ground Handling Props Set A BriPizza Ground Handling Props Set B BSCBATProps RT SNM Vol01 Note that while technically not required, this package doesn't make much sense without the projects it's expanding: TMIP Volume 1, PLT's Airport Roads (ARP), and SCAG Airport Roads Improvement Project (ARIP).
  20. TMIP Volume 2 MMLs

    Version 1.0.0


    Taxiway Marking Improvement Pack Volume 2 Menu Management Lots This package contains Menu Management Lots (MMLs) for TMIP Volume 2. Three different MMLs are included: zzz_FAF_TMIP2_Dark_GatesLettersArrows_MML.dat - Terminal letters, gate numbers, and directional arrows on the dark ramp texture. zzz_FAF_TMIP2_Light_GatesLettersArrows_MML.dat - Terminal letters, gate numbers, and directional arrows on the light ramp texture. zzz_FAF_TMIP2_Dark_Roads_MML.dat - All of the PLT-ARP and SCAG-ARIP roads on the dark ramp texture. When this package is installed, the lots will no longer appear on the menu. To make them appear, build the MML lot in your city. After approximately one game month, the TMIP lots will appear in the Airport menu. To hide the icons again, bulldoze the MML lot and reload your city. Dependencies TMIP Volume 2
  21. Would a mod that modifies the boarding time for some transport types be possible? What I am primarily after is a way to increase the time airplanes spend at the gate as they way it is in vanilla they stop at the gates for far to short time. Best regards, Leo
  22. http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=DLC:Air_Force_Base This entry talks about an 'unimplemented' airport (?) zoning- apparently this is the only building that can grow on this unimplemented zoning type. I wonder if there are other unused zoning like this that can be used for mods, or if that's even possible.