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It is great sadness to hear the passing of Leonard Nimoy. Live Long and Prosper Mr. Nimoy. R.I.P. Mr. Spock
Today, 07:04 PM
  • Hester's Photo
    He was one of the three Titans. Now we have two. What sadness that he is no longer with us. What a great loss. Rest in peace Mr. Spock. I will look for your star shining more brightly tonight among all the others.
    Today, 07:31 PM


Here comes university DDD: (that means I won't be posting around the forums much from now D:)
Today, 05:27 PM
  • JP Schriefer's Photo
    JP Schriefer
    Yea.....I said the same one year ago..and had 3,5k posts since that, we're ST addicts, we can never escape from it D:
    Today, 05:38 PM
  • Hamish's Photo
    What are you studying?
    Oh yeah, and thats what I thought when I started uni, I think I've posted more in the past four years than I did before studying full time :/
    Today, 07:16 PM

Toothless Stitch

Today, 04:52 PM

The Ambassador

RIP Leonard Nimoy. You will be missed...
Today, 01:03 PM
  • Ln X's Photo
    Ln X
    May he live forever and prosper up there in heaven.
    Today, 04:53 PM
  • bakercity's Photo
    He is immortal on tv, the big screen (movie) and in our hearts.
    Today, 07:06 PM


I may try to attempt another CJ with the tropical island region I'm working on.
Today, 12:12 PM
  • BossDragon's Photo
    I attempted a couple before with a different one(actually, a different city).
    Today, 12:14 PM


white and gold or blue and black... problems these days. white and gold fo sho tho
Today, 03:10 AM
  • The Avatar's Photo
    The Avatar
    It's green and pink. End of story.
    Today, 05:10 PM
  • MandelSoft's Photo
    Gold & blue best combination :P
    Today, 05:30 PM
  • Ganaram Inukshuk's Photo
    Ganaram Inukshuk
    Really? I'm getting F sharp and B flat.

    I honestly prefer a trio of colours: white, blue, and black, and in that order.
    Today, 05:37 PM


First time busting out the lot editor after 10 years. I think I'm addicted to this game again.
Yesterday, 11:37 PM
  • TPB's Photo
    Glad to see you back in action! Best of luck and looking forward to seeing what you create.
    Today, 02:09 AM
  • T Wrecks's Photo
    T Wrecks
    I sure hope so because we can really use more good lotters.
    Today, 05:37 AM


Llamas escaping is all over the news right now. Wonder what that means...
Yesterday, 06:17 PM
  • Benedict's Photo
    Trixie is sending us a message!
    Yesterday, 07:16 PM
  • Cyclone Boom's Photo
    Cyclone Boom
    They're on the run!

    Yesterday, 08:02 PM
  • MandelSoft's Photo
    Do you even llama?
    Today, 03:11 AM

ROFLyoshi → __A

I went to Lune Croissanterie today!
Yesterday, 05:16 PM

Sexysark:P → airman15

Yesterday, 03:28 PM


Trying my hand at Batting
Yesterday, 02:59 PM


don't know anymore mods to get but I'll keep looking,not leaving simtropolis for a long time(preferably another 5 years if the sites still up and running.
Yesterday, 01:35 PM
  • Snugies's Photo
    i'm thinking 4 years myself.
    Yesterday, 02:54 PM


How do i nominate someone for the MOTM awards??
Yesterday, 10:00 AM
  • TekindusT's Photo
    Just send a private message to the MOTM_inbox user, with the user you want to nominate and the reason for that. Easy :)
    Yesterday, 10:08 AM
  • MOTM_inbox's Photo
    There's a link in every MOTM announcement post.
    Yesterday, 11:30 PM

Sexysark:P → airman15

Hello Steven !! wanna come online
Yesterday, 01:48 AM


My theory is that the only kind of time travel possible is travel between alternative timelines.
Yesterday, 01:42 AM
  • Ganaram Inukshuk's Photo
    Ganaram Inukshuk
    Better theory: every possible reality exists and every decision adds another fork into the Universal Github. Backwards time travel just adds more forks. This ranges from me wearing something different from my Iron Man shirt to California existing as an actual island to North and South America being upside-down. Or Ganarampony being a unicorn instead.

    Betterer theory: all of the forks simultaneously exist but we can't see any of them except our own.
    Yesterday, 04:12 AM
  • Snugies's Photo
    No, No, No only correspondingly parallel timelines on a hyperbolic space...but nice try.
    Yesterday, 09:41 AM
  • GMT's Photo
    an infinite number of parallel dimensions (multiverse), some extremely different, some almost identical to our reality. Ever got the feeling that you came out very lucky out of a difficult or dangerous situation? in a different dimension, the very same thing in the exact same moment didn't work out so well.
    any form of travel tho can only happen within the same dimension. time travel certainly has it's effects on the timeline, both when done into the past an into the future, ther...
    Yesterday, 10:15 AM