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  1. I'm very surprised a thread like this hasn't been made yet. I know SC4D has had one for the longest time... but nothing here at ST. Anyways the guidelines are very simple. Post pics of stuff you're working on. Other memebers can provide pointers and whatnot if you're asking for help/opinions. Otherwise you're just posting content that is in the works/not quite finished. For example, this is what I was working on today. Click images for full size. Still a lot of tinkering to do... Maybe I'll insert some rail curves as well. Anyways you get the premise. Now show us what you're working on!
    Someone's played Earth & Beyond? Nice building! SC4 needs more I-HT!
  2. New diamond ready for action
  3. I think this will be a fun one. Show us projects you started yet ultimately failed. I'll start. The first time clicking like a madman has failed me.
  4. The only reason why I make my cities so dense is so there's actually a population that will adequately use all the infrastructure I make
  5. While I'm never fully done working on transportation networks, this city is pretty much done. Time for zoning and services, then a city will sprout from the ground!
  6. Started preliminary work on a port land and I accidentally created the world's longest ship
  7. Bridge time Zoom out for context
  8. Zig zag
  9. Hello everyone, I can't believe someone has not created a thread like this before! Anyways, this is a "Show Us Your..." Thread with a twist, videos, not pictures! The rules are simple: 1. The video MUST be from SC4. No other videos allowed! 2. The video must be embedded and/or linked in your post. 3. Actual videos are perferred, but picture gallerys, etc are allowed. 4. If you have sound, make sure its approperate and fits with the site rules. Okay, this sounds cool, but how do I make a video? Making a video is fairly straightforward. You need to download a video capturing program like Fraps or Hypercam. Once SC4 is running, follow the directions from your software to take a video. Then, edit it in a program like Windows Movie Maker where you can set the quality as well as add captions and music. -Once you make your video, you can upload it to a hosting site, like Filefront or Youtube. Once uploaded, you can then take the embed/link and post it here. Use the anchor icon in your reply box to post a video. Here is an example I made. See how I embedded the video, provided a link to the video AND another link for a high quality download? This would be ideal if you could provide this when posting your video. Anyways, on to the video... A Youtube video box should appear below. If you can't see it or are having problems, follow the link below it. Make sure you turn up your speakers! A High-quality video should be found below. Download High-Quality Video HERE! I hope you enjoy it! Best, -Haljackey
  10. It's proving difficult to properly join a pre-2010 city (left) with a post-2010 city (right), but I've got the main transport network now in place.
  11. Blue roofs everywhere
  12. The morning commute
  13. Halton rail junction
  14. Old Multi Highway
  15. Related
  16. Final design Zoom out of area getting pampered for growth
  17. Hit 5,000 reputation points today
  18. Road expansion & extension
  19. Something a little different: Major road through agricultural land
  20. Interesting usage of an on-ramp in a city that is half-developed.
  21. Working on a new area, tight diamond interchange is the centerpiece
  22. Wow, looks really complex! Protecting a corridor for possible future expansion
  23. 4th post in a row here? I feel so lonely Anyways, closeup on those half interchanges Plus a new diamond
  24. I thought it would be fun to revisit the first post of this thread. This is what the areas look like today. Prop pox. BOO! At least this area looks better: