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  1. I'm very surprised a thread like this hasn't been made yet. I know SC4D has had one for the longest time... but nothing here at ST. Anyways the guidelines are very simple. Post pics of stuff you're working on. Other memebers can provide pointers and whatnot if you're asking for help/opinions. Otherwise you're just posting content that is in the works/not quite finished. For example, this is what I was working on today. Click images for full size. Still a lot of tinkering to do... Maybe I'll insert some rail curves as well. Anyways you get the premise. Now show us what you're working on!
  2. I'm going to spill the beans. SimCity 4 has been out for a solid 14 (!) years now, yet we as a community still have pretty good control over this game's content. What are the benefits and / or risks if, say I upload my plugins folder somewhere for anyone to download? That would be at their own risk. Obviously it's nice to credit the creator, as if everyone downloads files individually they can track the number of people who are using their files. It also lets members rate and comment on them too for good feedback. If rules were relaxed, there's be a big change to this. I get asked all the time to upload my plugins folder and usually my answers for not doing so seem to fall flat, especially over the years. It may be a good time for us to refresh our policy around this topic. A change to protectionism could open SC4 to a bunch of new users, but that comes with changes to the use policies we as a community have set up. I'd like to know your thoughts. This thread is for discussion only. It is not a means to argue or challenge anything. EDIT: See a similar discussion on SC4D here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=17599.0 Thanks @Akallan!
  3. I believe this is the one I use: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1527
  4. Oh you can count good for you
  5. Roughly 4 hours. I recorded myself building it, going to make a 4-part mini series showing the process at 4x speed.
  6. Adding the Sheppard collector / HOV tunnel / etc would have upped the scale of the project immensely. Since that isn't the focus, I chose not to include it. What I made is just inspired by the junction.
  7. Here's my latest real-life inspired interchange creation in SimCity 4. Click the link below the image for full size (a whopping 6485x3868) Full size: https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4318/35181620833_13397f1017_o.png
  8. What a mess
  9. I thought it might be a fun idea to have a thread for funny things you see in the game! -Note: glitches do count, but this isn't the primary focus. I'll start. This reminds me of the house from the movie Up Click for full size Now post yours!
  10. Haha, for sure! I've finished the interchange in the 'raw' form. At this point I've completed the 'challenge' but there's still a lot more work to do. Tinkering, signs, lights, beautification, etc. It was one of the most difficult interchanges for me to build in SC4, despite it only being 2 levels. Some zoom ins. North: South: East: West: EDIT: Further progress
  11. I have my doubts that site traffic would take a hit from hosting this stuff offsite, heck it might even do the opposite. We could have links on the download page / documentation pointing to the community's sites. As @SimCoug mentioned, we need to keep things as simple as possible for the first package. This undertaking would still involve a lot of work but can be used as a trail run / test for future packages. Call it the guinea pig if you will. We're doomed to fail if we want to please everybody. For now, I think we need to turn down the scope of this project and start small.
  12. I was challenged to build the Highway 401/404/Don Valley Parkway interchange in Toronto in SC4 here: http://urbantoronto.ca/forum/threads/roads-ontario-gta-highways-discussion.12233/page-162 Challenge accepted. Here's what I have so far: https://www.google.ca/maps/@43.7674403,-79.3367528,1251m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en EDIT: Further progress
  13. NAM was first released on 2004, with the latest version released in 2016 (Version 35).
  14. SimCity 4 is a spreadsheet that will never be balanced, but that’s what makes it so fun, even 14 years after release. Yesterday, an article about SimCity 4's Network Addon Mod, a comprehensive mod for roads and traffic in SimCity 4, reached the front page of r/Games.”Not only has SimCity 4 survived, it has thrived with new creations offered daily by content-makers, and has even evolved with substantial player-developed modifications like the Network Addon Mod,” author Dirktator wrote. While that’s definitely true, and the thriving mod community for SimCity 4 is a joy to browse through, after playing until two in the morning I can safely say that SimCity 4 also holds up on its own. Full article: http://kotaku.com/SimCity-4-is-still-great-1796823071
  15. Expanding a rail overpass / junction to widen a highway.


  16. Expanding a rail overpass / junction to widen a highway. Before: During: After:
  17. Me right now: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/confused-nick-young I have no idea what's goin on here.
  18. I too would like to see an ultimate decision made on this topic, but I do not think that this thread is the place for this. This is more of a brainstorming topic to contemplate that IF we want to go down a less restrictive path, what is the best way to do to this? Obviously we can't please everyone, but if we come to a consensus with sane compromises we can do a lot of good for this community. ----- Summarizing what's been stated in this thread so far, here's a general direction we seem to be going: -A 'starter pack' or 'themed packs' seems to be a much more popular option than having multiple users share their own plugins pack -A group of members should be set up to decide what would ultimately be in these packs. They would also do testing to make sure everything plays nice with each other and provide documentation. Credit for the creators could be given here in good faith. -These packs would not be uploaded by any one member, but instead by a staff member or special group account. If the pack has a significant file size, an admin or the webmaster could do it OR we could find a host offsite to upload it. (Example being ModDB for the NAM) I'd like to suggest that we start with the basics and form a foundation to build upon. My ultimate goal would be to see a starter pack that contains bug fixes, some of the community's highest rated and most popular content, and a building variety similar to the styles SimCity 4 has in it's vanilla versions. -If this data could be packed into an installer with a checklist of what the user wants to install, that would be even better! ----- Don't get me wrong, this is going to require a lot of work, and the community will need to work close together to get this done. But in the end I think I think we can pull this off if we put our minds to it, and we'll all be better off knowing that this project will have a huge net-positive boost for the city-building genre as a whole. It shows we care about this kind of stuff. We can do it! You can do it!
  19. @rkagerer Looks like Cities: Skylines. You might find this thread is a better home: (This thread is for SimCity 4)
  20. Site rules for all this: http://community.simtropolis.com/guidelines/ General 5. Prohibited Actions It is strictly and expressly prohibited to post or upload: a) Anything referring to CD keys or no CD cracks. b) Any content malicious to computer hardware or software, such as viruses. c) Any content that violates another person's privacy. d) Anything relating to the pirating, or copying, of any software game title. ----- I don't think we're infringing on any of these, but we need to use the upmost respect for content creators. I've made uploads in the the past based on good faith, and I think the same conditions could be applied here. ----- Note that SC4Devotion's rules around this sort of thing are more specific: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=15094.0 10. Downloadable content from the forums and the exchange, including (but not limited to) mods, plugins, prop packs, etc. may not be redistributed without the permission of the original author. Any user found to be redistributing content without permission (including through torrents or other file-sharing systems) will be subject to termination of all membership privileges and site access. People work hard, for free, to make this stuff. Don’t steal it from them.
  21. Holy Photoshop Batman! Looks great, especially the Taj!
  22. If we were to go with a 'base plugin pack', I would expect it to contain the same building 'styles' as Vanilla SC4. Any other content / 'thematic packs' could be separate downloads or perhaps packed into an install file with a check mark similar to the NAM selection process during install. Please note this is all hypothetical.
  23. On the subject that the NAM would be included in any base / starter plugin pack, let me specify that this would not include the NAM. The download page itself could include a link to the latest version however. I think that's the best way to go. Looks like we've got a good discussion going here, and I am glad I made a thread for this. Was skeptical that it could go badly when I first thought about making it.
  24. It's so busy that I converted it to a SPUI / Single Point Urban Interchange and widened the highway. It's my first SPUI since my 'Building A City From Scratch' series. It was a tight fit! It's too bad the SPUI pieces can't be 7.5m yet, would make things a little easier. Wasn't too much work to retrofit this to 15m, however.
  25. Training for... Tron?