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Hey, I'm Haljackey!

Don't ask me where I got this name, just randomly came up with it. My real name isn't Hal or Jack or anything related.

Umm... I've been a fan of SimCity games since the SNES one and own every game since. Favorite has to be 3,000 out of the box and 4 with mods.

I'm a member of the NAM team, I make dense cities and crazy infrastructure stuff. I've also made some journals, but I post most of my stuff in the Show Us Your threads. I also make videos, including my popular "Building A City From Scratch" series.

Outside of my internet persona I'm a pretty social/extroverted person with an interest in cars, roads, infrastructure stuff, and problem solving. I wouldn't consider myself a geek in any of these fields but it has helped shape who I am both personally and professionally.

If you need any help with SC4 stuff or whatever feel free to send me a message or something and I'll get back to ya.

I also got a Haljackey Facebook page and Twitter if you want to see what I am up to outside of this site.



Anyways hi and thanks for checking out my profile!!1!