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    Someone's played Earth & Beyond? Nice building! SC4 needs more I-HT!
  1. New diamond ready for action
  2. The only reason why I make my cities so dense is so there's actually a population that will adequately use all the infrastructure I make
  3. While I'm never fully done working on transportation networks, this city is pretty much done. Time for zoning and services, then a city will sprout from the ground!
  4. Started preliminary work on a port land and I accidentally created the world's longest ship
  5. Bridge time Zoom out for context
  6. Zig zag
  7. It's proving difficult to properly join a pre-2010 city (left) with a post-2010 city (right), but I've got the main transport network now in place.
  8. Blue roofs everywhere
  9. The morning commute
  10. Halton rail junction
  11. Old Multi Highway
  12. Related
  13. Final design Zoom out of area getting pampered for growth
  14. Hit 5,000 reputation points today