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  1. Small update to the SPUI I made on the last page- highway winded on the east side; design is now a mirrored. Before: After: Rotated before: Rotated after:
  2. I now have a 1:1 ratio between posts and reputation
  3. I believe this is the one I use: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1527
  4. Oh you can count good for you
  5. Roughly 4 hours. I recorded myself building it, going to make a 4-part mini series showing the process at 4x speed.
  6. Adding the Sheppard collector / HOV tunnel / etc would have upped the scale of the project immensely. Since that isn't the focus, I chose not to include it. What I made is just inspired by the junction.
  7. Here's my latest real-life inspired interchange creation in SimCity 4. Click the link below the image for full size (a whopping 6485x3868) Full size: https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4318/35181620833_13397f1017_o.png
  8. What a mess
  9. Haha, for sure! I've finished the interchange in the 'raw' form. At this point I've completed the 'challenge' but there's still a lot more work to do. Tinkering, signs, lights, beautification, etc. It was one of the most difficult interchanges for me to build in SC4, despite it only being 2 levels. Some zoom ins. North: South: East: West: EDIT: Further progress
  10. I have my doubts that site traffic would take a hit from hosting this stuff offsite, heck it might even do the opposite. We could have links on the download page / documentation pointing to the community's sites. As @SimCoug mentioned, we need to keep things as simple as possible for the first package. This undertaking would still involve a lot of work but can be used as a trail run / test for future packages. Call it the guinea pig if you will. We're doomed to fail if we want to please everybody. For now, I think we need to turn down the scope of this project and start small.
  11. I was challenged to build the Highway 401/404/Don Valley Parkway interchange in Toronto in SC4 here: http://urbantoronto.ca/forum/threads/roads-ontario-gta-highways-discussion.12233/page-162 Challenge accepted. Here's what I have so far: https://www.google.ca/maps/@43.7674403,-79.3367528,1251m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en EDIT: Further progress
  12. NAM was first released on 2004, with the latest version released in 2016 (Version 35).
  13. SimCity 4 is a spreadsheet that will never be balanced, but that’s what makes it so fun, even 14 years after release. Yesterday, an article about SimCity 4's Network Addon Mod, a comprehensive mod for roads and traffic in SimCity 4, reached the front page of r/Games.”Not only has SimCity 4 survived, it has thrived with new creations offered daily by content-makers, and has even evolved with substantial player-developed modifications like the Network Addon Mod,” author Dirktator wrote. While that’s definitely true, and the thriving mod community for SimCity 4 is a joy to browse through, after playing until two in the morning I can safely say that SimCity 4 also holds up on its own. Full article: http://kotaku.com/SimCity-4-is-still-great-1796823071
  14. Expanding a rail overpass / junction to widen a highway.


  15. Expanding a rail overpass / junction to widen a highway. Before: During: After: