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  1. So I have some beef with my city in real life. They're taking a free-flowing trumpet interchange: https://www.google.ca/maps/@42.9460621,-81.1246868,15.5z ...And turning it into a parclo. The north-south road is an expressway with interchanges planned to the north. This expansion/extension will add two new traffic lights and actually make some of the existing movements less efficient. ----- So, In SC4 I decided to attempt to make a junction that keeps the free-flowing connections so the highway remains fully controlled-access for traffic exiting and going north to avoid stoplights and vice-versa. ...And here is the result. Obviously the junction would be much more compact in real life. Zoom in And a few other close-ups
  2. New interchange. All connections are free-flowing but the highway narrows and loses grade-separation to the north.
  3. I forgot a connection... (Southbound to eastbound)
  4. "Contrast"
  5. Issue with this design is that it does not support left hand turns. Traffic will need to make a U-turn somewhere up the road which can increase traffic congestion.
  6. They even stick out like a sore thumb in high density areas
  7. Hi Markshot! 1. This is a visual glitch. Pathing is ok on it. 2. Try making two 45 degree curves instead of one 90 degree curve, the network should stabilize. If not, try placing some additional starter pieces near the curve and click around until it stabilizes. Hope this helps!
  8. Dually turn lanes and a zig zag rail line
  9. Twitch is airing all the original power rangers episodes right now. Comments section is the best. https://www.twitch.tv/twitchpresents

  10. All right, two different award ceremonies? I simply assumed 2015/16 would be bleneded into one award show. Also, two quick things: 1. Your " Submit Trixie Nominations Here!" link sends me to an error page, code 2F176/1. EDIT: FIXED! 2. What is the date that nominations close?
  11. Check out this trunk route
  12. bugs

    Ran into this while accessing the home page today ...Unable to reproduce, hope others can't as well. Although I kinda like it
  13. Hi there @MarkShot, I hope you are enjoying the series! If you have any questions regarding it, let me know and I can get back to you. -If possible. please provide a timestamp from the video, helps a lot! (Ex. at 11:34 in, X occurred) I should be able to answer any remaining unanswered questions posed here in detail later on today. Thanks to everyone else for helping out!
  14. Neat diamond! ----- I've got some diamonds to show: Rural diamond Suburban diamond: Downtown diamond: Steep diamond