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  1. One of my original RHWs is still operating ...And not far away is one of my newest RHWs.
  2. UDI tour of my new inter-regional bridge project
  3. Simmer you are making me want to build a new rail yard! Take a tour of a 'undeveloped' city.
  4. Ready to press play
  5. Bridge-station-underpass-tunnel
  6. Bus hub ready for development
  7. At grade RHW for now, but room allocated for future upgrades Also double left turn meets the standard NAM turning lane intersection. Yes, it configures and works!
  8. I dunno why but I've always had a thing for golf courses and oil silos in SC4. Nice work! Zoning...
  9. Continuing to work on my new city tile, added plops. The rest will mostly be zoning (R). Zoom in all the way.
  10. Here's an example of how I've designed such a junction
  11. The seeds have been sow, time to grow
  12. No where as bad as Wren Insurance, but still pretty bad: I count 8 in this image alone.