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    Great to see some more residential buildings being released
    Love it! Great mid-century vibe
  1. @ chitown172: the station was updated 30/1/16 to address a catalogue capacity mis-match (it's noted in the description and changelog). Firstly, make sure the version you have is newer than that or just re-download the file. If you have the newest version, then make sure that when you place the station, you drag the rails all the way into the building to activate it. Lastly, as the simulator will always try for the quickest route for sims to get from a to b, it can take some game years for the simulator to get sims to use the full capacity of the station as the best and fastest means of transport (that can depend on things like the way you have set up NAM settings, to whether you have extensive highway systems, or even just general demand, etc, etc)...
    Great work - you are spoiling us with so many wonderful Bats lately. You are a machine!
    Fantastic job! @Diego Del Llano is such a brilliant (and prolific) batter that his work deserves to shine: and some new residential towers certainly won't go astray
    To 'Charles Darwin'.... While a Sim Mars bat wouldn't be to everyone's taste, to some folks it is worthwhile given how long it has been since any Sim Mars stuff has been uploaded. One thing's for certain: your review is simply distasteful. You've offered no constructive help whatever to the uploader and your comment runs contrary to the STEX code of conduct: Put yourself in the place of the author. Would you like to be spoken to in such a way after having offered a game asset for free? Staff Response: The offending 'review' has been removed in violation of the STEX Code of Conduct.
    I love these packs. Your quality and attention detail is always superb! Thankyou for giving so much to the game
  2. I like the re-working of these condos. Very nice! As for discussions on building code and wood framing or even pitched roofing...well that varies not just from country to country but from state to state within a country. A super-quick google search gave me many examples of 6+ story wooden framed apartments in Los Angeles. One paper is here: http://www.woodworks.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Paper_383.pdf It also has a lot of imagery and buildings higher than 6 floors are giving completely pitched roofing and very domestic looking wall materials. If I were to take Australia as an example, we would use steel frames in taller buildings but they would be given domestic cladding options (wood & vinyl siding aren't popular here, but fibre-cement products are) but they would certainly have pitched roofing up to about 10 floors: probably a flat roof after that. The point is, that aesthetics and climate vary from place to place and you are making this bat to fit in with british sensibilities, so I would look to new builds in the UK for inspiration first to at least get a feel for the styles employed My only advice is to scale the building vertically (at least 5-10%): in the first picture you have it next to one of CAL's UK buildings and it is quite a bit smaller than his work
  3. I am very saddened to learn of John's passing. He was a great and dedicated contributor to the site, and his input and lively debate will be terribly missed: Simtropolis won't be the same without him. RIP nonny.
  4. Honestly... ....typing the search term 'filler' into the SC4D Lex power search returned this: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1487 ....and using the search term 'industrial' returned this: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=946
    What a lovely set! Such great attention to detail: finally the lots really allow the Maxis mansions (which were nicely batted) to shine
  5. Just amazing! Great to see someone as talented as yourself making a city I thought would be impossible to create in SC4
  6. Looking at your preview render shot, I'd say that your background colour is off. Open the material editor, and then under Rendering->Environment drag (as an instance, not a copy) of MR_Physical_Sky to an empty slot. Then, click on the ground colour and slide the whiteness to its max value and the saturation to its leftmost value. You'll end up with an RGB of 0,008/0,008/0,007 and that seems to do the trick 99% of the time.
  7. The BAT looks lovely indeed and is excellent work for a beginner! However, the 4kb file 'paternoster' isn't useable in game. You need to upload the .SC4model file, the .SC4 lot file and the .SC4 desc files so that others can make this work. Also, as so many people seem quick to downrate other's work, I would also include some statistics - eg is it a landmark or growable, does it provide jobs, if so, how many etc.
  8. It is almost certain that you have zoned from street to street in one continuous go. (ie by holding the mouse down and dragging a large area) It doesn't matter if the zones are broken up into 1x2 lots automatically; the game will treat each area zoned like this as a corner lot. If you want to be 100% certain that you wont grow corner buildings on non corner lots, then you will need to zone each tile separately.