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  1. I also recommend the GOG version.
  2. I almost forgot to bump this thread!! Everyone make sure to nominate! I personally haven't done mine yet and it looks like not many others have either but we have to make sure to get as many nominations in as possible, especially since it covers two years and so many people have come in that time and haven't had the chance to experience them yet. If you need a refresher on some of the content that was uploaded in 2015 and 2016 there are some very useful threads made in the Trixies subforum. Another way of recalling your favorite BATs is to of course go to the STEX and go backwards chronologically. You can also do the same thing in the BAT - Open Discussion in case seeing people's BAT threads reminds you of them. And I think hypothetically you could also filter your plugins folder by date to see what you actually use that was made during these time periods. And I have to say, getting them in will be easier this year than past years because you don't have to finish organizing your nominations before you make them. You can use the nomination subforum to get yourself organized and you can keep on editing them and changing your mind up until the nomination period ends.
  3. mipro

    Actually I have thought of doing an HD version. It would mainly just be so that it could be plopped and looked at up close, I wouldn't recommend someone actually keep it in their plugins folder. At the very least I'll do HD preview renders of all angles though. My computer is actually pretty good so I'm not *too* worried about rendering. It's going to be more than most of my BATs though. The preview render below took 45 seconds. It might take 20 minutes to do a full zoom 5 of the entire building when it's done? But I also plan on increasing the default rendering settings when I do the final export, just to make the setbacks and the crevices look a little better. Slow and steady. The modeling for this part of the building is done. The main entrance is intimidating so maybe tomorrow I'll get the rest of the base excluding that finalized.
  4. mipro

    So there's still a little bit of work left to do in this area, but I've gotten the hard part. Off the top of my head, the remaining hard part are the arches for the two main entrances of the building, but I'm hoping that they're similar enough to these ones that I can reuse a lot, or at least use the same methods. The preview render is underwhelming because most of what I've modeled will only show up later when I change the material to add the lines in. So I've included a screenshot of the viewport. Most of those lines on the stone and terra cotta will be panel lines, and the individual blocks will have random variation. Modeling this stuff is overkill but I think it will be easier to do it this way than it would be to manually put all of that in with textures.
  5. Yeah that's basically the problem. Car paint is very reflective and you can't do reflections. Even if you were in 3ds max you'd still have trouble because you'd have to have something to reflect which made sense for the game but also gave the cars their distinctive reflections. The best you could do, like you said, is manually add some stuff in to make it look more reflective even though it isn't. If you look at the Maxis cars in the screenshot a few posts up you can see that's what they did.
  6. mipro

    Thanks everyone. @Tyberius06When I'm making a recreation I really do want to get everything as close as possible. But when I'm doing non-recreations, most of them are based on real buildings. Some of them might be considered loose recreations and some of them are just "inspired" by them. It's counter-intuitive but yeah there is a point where I become too interested in a building to do it loosely, and so as a result I end up making buildings that I'm actually less interested in. But that's just how it is. I guess the real answer to that is that there's a practically infinite number of buildings that I'd like to make so it's easier to pick ones that are less of a headache. So I needed to buy SC4 again in order to install the BAT. I did get a free digital version from Origin/EA after the Windows 10 fiasco, but it's not fully patched so I can't use it to install the BAT and those other tools. It was on sale, and for $2.50 extra I got SC3K. I spent a massive amount of time in middle school playing it, to the point that the neverending parade music is seared into my brain to this day (seriously, it was very regularly playing in the back of my head even though I hadn't played the game in probably 15 years). Some things I remembered with a fond nostalgia and some things I had completely forgotten about. And so I present you with Jasonton: (I put it into a spoiler because the image is huge (5 MB)) http://i.imgur.com/Yrxl1bV.jpg <- Here's the full size. Despite taking a break from the Guardian Building I have made some progress on it, tackling some hard parts. I'll have a new preview tomorrow when it's in a more presentable state.
    I can't believe how many of these building packs you've done. All the way up to 8!
  7. The roof is already a huge improvement. For the glass, try making the reflection color less saturated. I think it might be a little too bronze now. For the ground plane, you'll want to avoid images that have large sections of grass. You'll mainly want roads and pavers and building facades, with just some street trees adding little splashes of green here and there. The 3ds Max situation is a mess. I don't know if there's much we can do about it tbh. :/
  8. I saw! Thank you. And also thank you to the person who just liked a bunch of my STEX files today lol. Now if that happens 10 more times I might have a chance of catching rsc204 this month.
  9. The way that bump maps work, they're bad for BATing because of how low resolution the game is and how fine the detail is. To check how effective your bump map is, go to your material and scroll down to the area that is titled "General Maps" and uncheck the Diffuse map, and rerender it. The texture won't render any more (because you just disabled it) but the bump map still will. More than likely what you'll see is a garbled mess. The main place to use bump maps is for simulating the bulges in glass. To make the bricks show up you can actually keep the bricks at real life scale and they can still show up. Or you can do them at twice scale. The problem with your texture is that the bricks are all basically the same color, and the brick pattern is defined by the grey mortar between the bricks. But the mortar is so thin that it's never going to show up in the render. They way I frequently make brick is by using a Tiles map. So instead of using a bitmap and loading a brick texture, select Tiles instead of Bitmap. Look through all of the settings in the Tiles map. Most of them are self explanatory but you can also look up what everything is online. When using tiles to make a brick texture, I generally recommend eliminating the mortar/grout because it's never visible anyway and just makes things harder to see. The brick pattern will actually be coming from the Color Variance. This means that the bricks will no longer have a uniform color, which is sometimes inaccurate but that's the compromise we make. But it doesn't always take much to make something that gives the impression of bring brick. The bricks on Oakland Tribune are real size. I think Charlotte Apartments are real size too although they might be slightly bigger I don't remember. Exaggerating the size of the brick also works but I'd avoid it for this building because there are a lot of small fine details in the model and big bricks will just look really out of scale. Another problem, on our side of things at least, is that the images you're posting have a lot of compression so it's hard to see these subtle details. It was vinyl siding before lol
  10. I don't think the master plan and google earth are measuring the same things. And as far as the massing goes, you should be able to find some floor plans of the building and that will help you make sure that each section, with all of its curves, is correct. Slopes are really hard to do in the game. Basically you make a skin tight LOD. The LOD is the actual 3d geometry that is in the game, so when the building intersects with the ground when you're building it into a slope, it's actually the 3d LOD intersecting with the 3d ground. But it's more complicated than that, and it takes some trial and error for each project and for some projects it's just not possible to do it. If you really really want to you can try to do it, but otherwise I would work on something else instead. When I think about BATing, if something is integrated into the ground it's usually a deal breaker for me. Knowing 3ds max is very valuable for architecture and if you ever need any help doing architectural visualization for your projects PM me and I'll help you. Good renderings can improve your presentations. And while you're designing, being able to see what you're designing in 3d with accurate lighting is helpful too. The people looking at your projects will probably have experience and will be able to tell what a space in a model would be like in real life. So when the others just say that their project has good lighting, or they have images showing everything being very light and airy, that might not be what their designs would actually look like, while yours would be pretty close to reality. The other nice thing about renderings is that it forces you to consider everything visible in the rendering. Early on it's bad to get too preoccupied with that, but later on it forces you to consider detailing. You have to think more about what materials everything is made out of and how it fits together, and you have to design things like door knobs and handrails. Or if the building is brick you're confronted with the fact that the doors and windows don't line up with the bricks and so you can fix it. Your professors would appreciate your thoroughness. But that also takes a lot of time, and there's not much time in architecture school to be thinking about door knobs. But anyway if you want me to I can teach you how to make very good looking renderings.
  11. Making that building higher is kind of problematic because that type of facade is very much associated with wood framed apartment complexes. If you changed the vinyl siding to concrete or metal panels or even brick it would look more plausible. For the roof, to have that kind of domestic looking pitched roof it would probably be a metal mansard roof, with the upper part of the mansard roof actually being a flat roof. Like these buildings by SimFox. Of course doing all of this would turn it into a new BAT project instead of just some bonus versions.
  12. For the glass, I don't know how you have it set up right now, but for making that kind of glass, the ground plane should be neutral colors (whatever it would normally be for any other building), and to give the glass a bronze tint you can make the Reflection Color a really light bronze color. The reflection color is just to the right of the reflection and glossiness settings and by default it's white. Making it a light brown color would tint all of the reflections a little bit. My advice for the roof junk is just to copy what's there as best as possible. The opening in the penthouse is to the right and not the left, and the main piece of roof junk is that big box with two cylindrical vent things sticking out of it. Then there's some smaller boxes, and a big white diagonal thing which might be some kind of cross bracing. And then the inside walls of the penthouse are divided up into tall rectangular panels with X crossbracing. Roof junk is by far my least favorite thing to do but it's something that makes a big difference when you do a goof job on it, especially when the rest of the building has a simple appearance. Can you also post a zoom 5 render? I'm not sure if you're joking or not since you posted this literally 24.5 hours after he posted the first preview render, but I don't visit every BAT thread every day.
  13. I like old things too. And I like getting my old stuff liked, it's like a blast from the past.
  14. ahhhhh I was looking through my posts and seeing which ones were liked, I forgot about seeing the reputation activity directly. I didn't actually do anything special in that month afterall. Thank you Amthaak lol