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  1. After a project its just before the next one so i was thinking .. everybody loves Houseboats - and i saw a lot of them in Netherlands .. also some in Germany - if there is a quite place on the water - you will find a Houseboat. I try to use this time the colorvariation map to have some variety and i will also try to get these damm things floating *hehe* - they are intended to work as "low density residential" - so they will need all what a normal building needs. I am just a little clueless about the street connection ... but i was thinking with the pedestiran walkways in wood and the Force zoning mod it should go. If there is no possibility - the they will be just props ...
  2. he matthias, thank you i updatet the Steam Preview with a uniform Graphic. So nothing changed on the models
  3. After getting helping with texturing techniques .. i released a new Version of my trainshed : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932570529 Also three new Streetart Decals are now on the workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932520856 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932513049 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=932516956
  4. Thank you Jz i found Ronyx Video with the modding on the TWD Barn - that helped so much .. and also to see how you uv map & set textures. I always did no repetion - just took the whole model to paint on it So i rebuild my Trainshed and tried the "new way" of texturing - et voila: my asset takes just 3,3 MB A big thank you for helping me out !!
  5. thanks a lot - this is helping much i understand now why you have so small textures and mine are as big .. so next days are dedicated to uv unwraping
  6. Hi there, i have a hard time with texturing my models .. after releasing the first ones i checked some other on the workshop and i was surprised how small they are (filesize). My models are smaller one (3*4) and when i switch to 1024*1024 for the texture - i got so blurry textures ingame that i want them to be seen. I tried to make the uv better for my models (resize them that mainstructures got the most part) - i looked for better textures - but i am not capable to get a satisfactory result. maybe some of you can give me some help to get better at texturing without blowing the filesize for each Model ~ 10MB. Thats an actual model i working at with 1024*1024 texture: the same model with a 2048*2048 texture : As you can see they detail n the second is so much higher and on the first one it is just one "blurr". This is my uv-map : i resized all important big areas to 1.5 - so details would be better - but i have not really luck with that. I am really stuck at this moment .. having 3 models ready to release but they look only good with 2048² textures and have a filesize about 10 MB - when i check Jz´s Rusty Warehouse 2 - it has only 2.8 MB - shows me that i am doing something wrong. thanks for any help/hint/suggetsion and sorry for opening a new thread for this mic
  7. yeah .. thats why i am wondering - i have no MOM - i disabled all assets and have just Mod´s on that are from the OK list (findit/moveit kind of mods) - i build the metro line (Metro tab hasnt a depot - just the 3 icons for station/tunnel/line) and when checking 10 min later i was wondering why no metro was driving ... so i opend the tab and saw that IPT showed "no Metro Depot" - thats why i think it has to do with IPT UPDATE: After reloading Metro was fine -
  8. Hi, i just startet to build a metro on my new city - and it asked me for a Metro Depot ? I assume IPT is causing this ... because vanilla CS has no Metro depot .. anybody same problem ?
  9. Hi again, that with the subbuilding came me also in mind - but as i saw what kind of work it is *hehe* - i will retake later the work when i am better at Blender and modding CS btw. i finished my little cargostation and got a strang thing happen - when importing it took a texture and stretched it so much that it became blurry : all other textures are ok .. just the triangles on both sides ... so i have to investigate before release. When building a test scene i downloaded some Roundhouses and Trainsheds from the workshop and i recognized that they have not the right dimensions .. that happend me often - that props and buidings seem a little "miss dimensioned". So to get a nice Trainshed i started right on with it. I wanted a "open House" with windows to look through. I choosed the dimensions exactly for the "Single Track mod" - then i got the idea to take the ilumination map to mod some kind of neon lamp .. but that failed - the cubes startedt to be bright (like the windows) but didnt emit light to the building - so i had to use standard wall mountet light popped to the roof to get a nice light effect in the night. For the windows - i did just the frame - i have actual no window/transparent plane - but it seems to be working I am also struggeling with the texture size. A lot of the textures looks really blurry when baking them - maybe some of you has a tip to get a better look at smaler size ?
  10. Thank you all for you hints and tips - i will recheck this the next time when i put hands on the train-station. At the moment i put this project back - i saw that 16*8 is the max. size in CS and my factory has exact this size .. without the loading dock for cargo trucks. i have to rethink this all. At the moment i started a new project - as i want to learn handling Blender. This time i did all into Blender - also the textures and did my first successfull texture bake .. what pain i suffered anyway - here a little preview: Some little RailyardWarehouse for your industry .. have to finish the texturing and wil release it this week .. i did also some streetart for my "Graffities around the world" serie - coming next week.
  11. i am not sure if that is the issue - but i had also problems with numbers in my filenames. in generall i would recommend using no spaces in filenames and stay in lowercases - try renaming your model to : landing-zone-one.fbx landing-zone-one_d.png landing-zone-one_lod.fbx landing-zone-one_lod_d.png
  12. Thx ronxy .. good to know I have now another problem with a new model i started .. as i am new to modeling my skills are very low - and my issue is that in CS when you look into a building the outer walls are transparent. I understand the problem why it happens (normals are to the outside) but i did mot know how to handle this. the only workaround i managed is to set face inside the model but maybe one of you know a better solution? This is the model of a train loading building ... it would be also very nice to have it as cargo Trainstation working .. is this possible ?
  13. yeah - i have to make some tests about the size of the textures - i was assuming that when you are using smal details on your assets - a higher resolution is better - i will test it on the Silo prop - jpg 512/jpg1024/jpg2048/png512/png1024/png2048. If i find a better (re) solution i will update the my assets. I choosed already a jpg texture that is much smaller then the png one - but i saw that silo and building have booth 6,5 MB ... so not really a success
  14. Release Collection : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=920280416 Silo (Prop): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=921130242 Main Building: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=921129992 I also released the concrete Block but there are still picture work (workshop) missing ... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=921130429