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  1. Hmm, do you think it could be possible based on what I learn from upcoming tutorials maybe? Or do you mean it's something even advanced modders would have trouble with?
  2. Is there any way you can publish the source code of your LOD Toggler mod? I want to combine its functionality with the checkbox functionality taught here by making a button to toggle LOD on/off for checked buildings only.
  3. Wow I'm very flattered, thank you! But I don't think I'll be able to contribute anything useful for a while haha, gotta play around with modding simpler things first. I just finished Tutorial 1 so I'm working on it, soon I'll see what I can do
  4. Hmmm... I think I'm going to start your tutorials, maybe make a (hopefully) simple mod of my own for toggling LODs on/off for selected buildings, and then I'll see if I can make this mod too. I'll probably pester you and others here for help with this one though
  5. As it stands with RICO, buildings need sub-buildings in order to make them mixed-use. This makes it difficult to convert existing buildings into mixed use, as they involve meshes and etc. Why not have a mod that allows users to "add" sub-buildings that serve different functions -- offices, commercial, residential, parks, etc? Could function similar to RICO Settings Panel, where the user simply adds whatever number of sub-buildings they want for a particular asset and choose what stats they want for it. This can make it a lot easier to customise very tall towers/buildings (different floors serving different functions), and make them more realistic than being single-purpose. How realistic are the prospects of such a mod being able to be made easily?
  6. This asset on the workshop is a mixed-use building that should consist of 1 hi-res and 3 low-commercial sub-buildings. Downloading the asset, it apparently doesn't come with RICO settings automatically (each sub-building is a "Unique Building"), so I decided to add RICO settings for each sub-building using the RICO Settings Panel. Restarting the game and plopping the asset, the residential part has people move in, and the commercial sub-buildings get workers. However, all of the commercial sub-buildings say "Not Operating" despite having workers. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  7. I wonder if it's possible to make a mod that defines Districts by street boundaries (as opposed to the brush tool)? Could be an "easy" mod to make in tutorial form -- I say "could", since it's a simple idea but execution of it could be way more difficult haha.
  8. So excited to see this!!! Here's more info on Azadi Tower for those who are interested
  9. Thank you for reporting this @rovapasi1. Currently, TLM2 is incompatible with IPT2 despite there being a "IPT compatability" option in the TLM2 options page. This is something we are working on and hope to release a fix for it soon
  10. I haven't had time to start doing the tutorials yet (rn I'm taking a bunch of city planning courses online just for C:S) , but I will in the next few weeks and I can tell you now, what you're doing is absolutely invaluable. Before these tutorials, honestly the resources were very confusing and I had no idea where to begin. Now, I feel as if I can really contribute. Thank you and please continue making these tutorials
  11. Well, I'm personally biased as you know but I'd love to see how the transit AI works I think what I'd love to learn, even if you can't make a full mod out of it as an example, is how the different AI systems work -- for example, "this is the transit AI, this class does this, this argument does that, this section of code is responsible for x y z" etc. Like basically an introduction to the different AI systems and how each work so that then we can experiment on our own, using the methods you teach in this and other upcoming tutorials. If possible, that would be perfect
  12. Nice! Will there be tutorials on how to alter AI for e.g. traffic, city services, transit, pedestrians (or anything really)?
  13. Hmm, I'm a physicist and whenever we code (usually in Python tbh) we just use a text editor (like Sublime) and then run the code in the terminal. I guess it's a different approach for C#, and that's why MonoDevelop or Rider are needed? No idea this existed, nice! Will definitely give this a go
  14. Thank you for adding the text editor method! It's great for those of us who use Linux and non-Windows OS
  15. I think a series would be nice -- maybe having a video (or chapter, section, whatever works :p) on making something super basic, then adding one or two new features that you introduce/teach. For example, if the first "episode" is on bus stop replacement, the next "episode" can be on adding a UI to that mod, then the "episode" after that can be on using detours, etc. That way we build upon knowledge gained from previous "episodes" so we can eventually make our own super complex mods, instead of learning everything individually without examples showing us how to use them or combine them together.