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  1. This thread was copied from SC4Devotion without any editing except for tags and some optimizations. Sorry if I broke some rules here. Hello everyone, We know that the modding activities don't like before. Previously, many people are made many mods. But now, some people don't want to mod (again). This is also affect the NAM. We had many people including Pegasus in the team. This is different from now because we just have around 6 people working now. We need to makes useful innovations, such as more advanced, more powerful, etc. We'll explain the more modular approach to the NAM. Intro The approach is created due to NAM bloat & development issues. I think the monolithic NAM is like double-sided sword. Monolithic approach is good because players can download the NAM more easily. The negative sides are the player need to download the NAM installer entirely (which is ~200M compressed and ~1G uncompressed) and player need large disk spaces. About the dev issues, NAM Team was initiated the Project 57 in order to fix the network space issue. But, NAM still bloat and P57 isn't an ultimate solution because NAM also had an issue again, dev complexity issue. Development complexity issue plagued NAM since NAM has many networks and their accessories like TuLEP (about NAM 28). In order to fix these, we need an ultimate solutions like this approach. What We'll Do The NAM will not monolithic again. This is to reduce bandwidth usage. Although the world average internet speed is more faster than in 2004, bandwidth still concerned NAM will be built with some modern tools such as texture curving tool NAM will be built with efficient textures NAM will use DLL for some features like variable elevated network NAM will use masking for things like variable more-smaller RHW NAM will use modular textures and has APIs (the APIs can be consumed by the NAM itself, allows more efficient coding) Challenges Finding a DLL dev are difficult. As far as we know, currently only 1 people that are DLL dev, Simmaster07 When this article written, there just some APIs that can discovered and accessible through the Simmaster's GZCom framework Surprise! I will work on new NAM logo. But, because my laptop isn't available, I can't do it now. I can do that in Friday/Saturday. I'll send some designs (maybe 3) to you by PM. If you have critics, suggestions, or questions, just reply this thread. Thank you.
  2. The mod is good. But, you need to change the building to reflect with their uses. Social Rehabilitation Center may be changed to a hospital building. Eco-friendly Toxic Waste Dump can be changed with more advanced building. Particle Testing building can be changed to like the Advanced Disease Center (sorry if typo). And Gaming Center can be changed to more-friendly building model and lot (not like casino). Also, the effect may be decreased to archive realistic and non-cheaty gameplay. Thank you.
  3. Yeah, the external storage mean mod storages like ModDB. Like NAM Team already did before. However, this defsult can be changed manually by users. Yes, the mod file URL are automatically inserted to the mod properties. For knowledge, I know that I don't have experience to do API documenting. Currently, I never make a free open source program. However, I have some skills, like web dev, etc. But again, API documenting is skills that I don't experience it. Sorry for that .
  4. Regarding to the storage, for small mods by default will set to exchange storage. While the big mods by default will set to external storage. All libraries must follow this defaults for consistency sake. I know some challenges to accomplish this. I even don't have experience to document APIs. So, I need your help to do so. If you want to help, as stated before, you can PM me. I don't force you to work with us. Thank you.
  5. The project is failed now because incorrect time & condition. I forget that the modding is slowing down.
  6. This topic is related to the SimPeg Reborn topic. Although there is no discussion about Pegasus. The opinion from that topic is 'included'. Hello everyone, We are in the SimCity 4 Dark Age. The activity is decreased. Almost-stuck modding development. And, the competition from C:S. The valuable mod, especially hosted in small site (like Japanese SC fansite), is in almost-compromise condition. Because of this, we want to preserves future mods to other places, for example a mod is uploaded to LEX & STEX. However, this is require much effort, especially for reuploading big mods like NAM (I don't mention illegal reupload, I mention the legal reupload by the author) to other places. Some techniques are used, including uploading to the ModDB (NAM Team already did that). But, for more easier uploading, we need an API. I will show you the information about project, goal of the project, specifications, and challenges. Information The project name is SimxUpload. That's acronym of SimCity Cross-upload. The goal is to provide easier way to modders to upload their works to all exchanges, like LEX and STEX. The GitHub organization is on https://github.com/simxupload. The repository currently empty because I can't make commit from my Android tablet (Is there an Android app allow me to make a commit? The GitHub web commit tools that's available when creating a file is bad). If you want help me setup the repo, please PM me. The project structure is Leader, Co-leader, Senior Dev, Developer, Senior Volunteers, and Volunteers. The project change is pull-request based. So, everyone (especially seniors) can review the pull-requests. Specifications We will create some specs for library developer, exchange webmaster, and mod storage webmaster. I don't make it because it's difficult to make specs on my tablet. Challenges We know that the exchange available space is going running out if we directly upload the mod to the exchange. Because of this, we offer option for modders which can upload to the mod storages like ModDB and even, Amazon S3 (this is suitable for project that have a website). Also, we know that many exchanges like the LEX don't have option to refer the download link to the other link. By this, we will discuss with the webmaster and we will spread the spec more. We also will provide the 'locked' attribute and auto-text that write download link in the description (if you don't want this 'cheaty' feature, reply this topic). We know that implementing the API to your site is difficult. To solve this, we will 'hire' developers and we give our spec open-source. Also, we will make libraries to support this action. Want to join with us? Just PM me. I will add you to the GitHub. But, make sure you have the GitHub project management knowledge and other knowledge if any depending your position. We need logo! If you can create us logo, send it to me. If your logo is good, we will use it and we will like it. The logo must use flat-design (to ensure the legibility) and have 3 versions, full color, single color, and mono-chrome. The logo must reflect our values. The logo must legible in mobile devices. If you have question/suggestion, reply this. And, thank you. The project is failed due to incorrect time & condition. I forget that modding activity is slowing down. Sorry for inconvenient.
  7. To clear confusion, the 'keep alive' statement is pointed to optimizing the existing websites, not creating new. I said that we should pick inspirations from Pegasus. Some inspirations include keep polite when discuss, always working hard, etc. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for replies. Because of your reasons, I will suggest some suggestions. I think we should pick the Pegasus inspirations. The inspiration is important to keep the SC4 alive. I don't want monopoly here. So, we must protect as much as possible to keep SimCity 4 from 'natural selection' (In Indonesian, 'seleksi alam'). Second, your opinion about knowledge share is right. Knowledge sharing is important, especially when we live in SimCity 4 Dark Age like now. If we don't share our knowledge, the next player not know what we doing, especially for complex things. I think the wiki must be improved. The 'copy-and-paste' articles is replaced by original articles. We must add more knowledge in the wiki. And don't forget, we should make the wiki more accessible, like the ST's Omnibus. I think the new wiki isn't needed because there is a wiki.
  9. I know that C:S is increasingly popular. But, our game still need to survive & revive. We don't want our modding community that built from around 2003 is gone. We want to develop the community as fast as possible. Action from modders like Simmaster07 made the community reviving but for content creation, we just got not very significant benefit. We must anticipate this change by creating a community similisr to the SimPeg. Yes, because of success, the SimPeg domain price is high. Even, that domain isn't available on Namecheap. So, we need a special offer to buy it. For the name, I still search the good name. But, with cheap domain price and no conflict. Thank you.
  10. Hello everyone, While I don't visit the simpeg.com in my life, I sad with the 2015 SimPeg.com fatal error. The site data is gone. However, Pegasus fans gives the Pegasus' and his friends' mods to the PLEX & STEX staff. But, there is no new mod created by the SimPeg again, The Prop Pox bug maker in the some mods still unfixed (Sorry SimPeg, I'm not hate you. I just send the fact that is on SC4D). We don't see the CDK development again. We don't see the new SPAM that support the CAM, officially. But, the reality is changed. I'm not a modder. But I can make the SimPeg revive again. We don't want the SimPeg staff is retired from making the quality mod (if they still can make a mod). We want the SimPeg staff making the mod, again. In this plan, I will show you how the new SimPeg led, what are the vision, what mods we make, and the challenge that we need solved. Organization The new SimPeg is led by Pegasus or someone with good modding skill (maybe Paeng?). The SimPeg organization structure is (from the level, ascending) Leader, Co-Leader, Secretary, Webmaster, Admin, and Moderator. Co-Leader is needed when the Leader is not in working condition or the Leader leaves from the community. Secretaries are for writing what happened on the community, what the community needed, and more. Moderators aren't splited to 2 parts. SimPeg staff member is same as before, but with some tweaks. Our missions are: Making a quality mods Host many of quality CJs Make researches about SimCity 4 and community Make innovation about SimCity 4 And our visions are: As the world's biggest SimCity 4 mod creator As the biggest CJ hosting As the biggest SimCity 4 contributor Mod We Want Make As a quality modder, we want make many quality mods. But for now, we just want to making the new SPAM that compatible with the CAM, new CDK that uses more modular architecture, and new Utopian BATs (I personally like the SkyFarm). Challenge I am not a modder. And, I not a senior SimCity player. So, I can't be the SimPeg leader or co-leader. However, there is solution. Either as a member but plan the SimPeg or as a staff member on the SimPeg. You can decide. I'm not hunt the rank. I just want contribute. The experience can't be fully restored. By this, we need creating the new experience that more better than before. The SimPeg is around 10 years old. By this, we need create a new logo. However, my laptop currently not available, so there are 2 options: use the old logo or make the new logo, but created by someone Sorry if I breaking the rules. Sorry if I can't explain more detail. Thank you for your attention.
  11. Sorry if I breaking the rules and sorry if the board is incorrect. Hello everyone, As far as we know, SimPeg was shutted down in 2015. The cause of shutdown is a big website error and data corruption (this is made the error can't fixed). And now, SimPeg name is filled with other site. In Indonesia where I live, SimPeg is resulting to 'sistem kepegawaian' or in English, employee system, that is used by various institutions, including education institutions. The popular site, regardless of country, should rank first in the search. You can see the screenshot in the attachment. Don't forget, the world sometimes not unique. And, I say thank you.
  12. If you want add a/some disaster(s), you don't need to modify the exe (which is illegal). You just create a DLL using a framework, such as Simmaster DLL framework. However, at this time no a DLL framework which 100% (or 80/90%) completed. You need explore the game system to make some disasters. Thanks.