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  1. I'll working on it. Sorry for late respond. I'm in exam though.
  2. Hello everyone, I'll ask you with 2 question. Can we create network from scratch now or in the future? If available, will it included in the NAM? I hope you make solutions to above questions (especially first question). I'm not arrogant or have the knowledge. I know this is difficult. But, starter pieces system has some minuses, like must place the starter piece. Thank you.
  3. If you have 2 cities in one city tile, then you can combine the city name. For example, there's 2 cities in one city tile called Sakura City and Melati City. Then the city name is "Sakura and Melati City". Don't forget to place the signpost (game signpost, not MMP) in the border. Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, Do you know SC3000.com and SC4ever.com? If yes, we're brought archived contents (especially from Knowledge Tree) to Simtropolis. You can find it on Omnibus or search for 'SC4ever.com' or 'SC3000.com' (don't try search now because the content isn't available) on Omnibus. You can even comment in the post. You discuss about the content in the forum as long that's quality discussion. There's a project in order to accomplish this task. New members are allowed but you must active and have commitment and time to copy the content. Content copying for archival purpose is legal by @Dirktator as long you including the proper attribution (you can see my Omnibus for more info). I hope you want to join my team. Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone, As we know, the SC3000.com and SC4ever.com look to be not maintained except for availability. No more features were added to these site. And, some interactive features are disabled due to merging the site with Simtropolis. By this, I'm deciding to start old content migration from these site. Intro The project missions are to provide old contents about SimCity 2000, 3000, and 4 to new users and to preserve old contents. Our vision is want to biggest preservative in the SimCity community. There aren't more info to be discussed here. Progress We are copied contents from SC4ever.com Knowledge Tree (this is very important thing) 95% and we'll copy remaining useful contents and we'll going to SC3000.com content migration. Support us by reading the "Contribution" section. Contribute Want to contribute? You can PM me with including some data: your name and your interest (are you want to copy all contents or SC3000.com/SC4ever.com). I'll review your profile (new profiles are allowed, but they are must active and has time and commitment to copy the contents). The content copying is allowed by @Dirktator as long as you don't selling the data and with proper attribution (including the source site and the original author). I hope, you want to join my team and give benefits to all. Thank you.
  6. This article was copied from SC4ever.com. This article originally created by Emma LB and Patrickov. If you want a row of houses like these images... ...then the easiest way to get them without getting bigger buildings, is to zone medium density residential one square across and one to three squares deep. Next to that you zone another square in high density residential, and next to that again one with medium density and so on. Your layout should look something like below image: Happy city building! Row houses could be extremely helpful if you cannot handle your wealthy sims well. I got a problem that wealthy sims tend to be rushing in a residential region when I planned some medium-density lots, but abandoning their luxury houses to medium income sims very soon. Row houses have two features: They don't overgrow and they don't attract wealthy sims at all (That's good if you are annoyed by those hard-to-please rich people). I tend to build row house zones except for those low-density zones high up the hill and before I can get high-density apartments. Moreover, they utilize streets well. Several hundred sims can crawl on a street of row houses without clogging the street by adding just 1 bus station. Thank you.
  7. This article was copied from SC4ever.com. This article originally created by Al Leighton. Is your city full of little shacks and poor citizens? Do all your industries just give low end jobs. Do you want to change this? The first thing that you have to do to get wealthy citizens and industries is make sure that there is water everywhere. People need water to live right. Then you have to provide educational buildings from elementary schools to college. Make sure that they have good funding and have enough school bus funding. Then you will have to provide healthcare. Once again, make sure that you have enough funding for the hospital itself and ambulance funding too. Also make sure that the area of your city you want to make rich has police and fire coverage, but it is not necessary. Also build parks and trees. Try this for a while and see if it helps. If it doesn't and people just are still living in shacks, check on air, water and garbage pollution. If either of these is bad, that will reduce desireability. For water pollution, you will have to build a water treatment plant and connect it to your water system. To treat garbage pollution, build a landfill, or sell your garbage. For a landfill, make sure it's not near any area that you want to make nice. For air pollution, you will have to destroy and power plants and dirty industries nearby. As well, if you can, try not to use power lines as they are not very nice. Once you've done all this, you should see an increase in wealth. But if all this fails, then raise the lower wealth taxes to about 13%. Lower class citizens will still probably stay but you will see wealthy people ($$$) moving in and building mansions and estates. A nice thing to do is set up an area far away from your main city that has all of the above and see if you can't make a nice little suburb. Having wealthy citizens will make your whole city nicer and it will make industries become more wealthy. Thank you.
  8. This article was copied from SC4ever.com. This article originally created by Bernard. You begin by making a graduated income tax by setting residential $$% higher than $%, and $$$% higher than $$%. Then you do the same thing for commercial. Next, your eyes move down to Industrial. STOP! Now think. Low income residents have less education, and will work in dirty or manufacturing industries. The $$$ residents usually have an excellent education, and always prefer high-tech industry. The result; you will NEVER see a dirty or manufacturing industrial building be more than $$, and high-tech buildings are ALWAYS $$$. What does this tell you? It means that to tax $$$ industry higher than $ or $$ industry results in less demand for high-tech. If you want high-tech industries, you must lower the $$$ industrial tax. To discourage polluting industries, raise the $ and $$ industrial taxes. This brings us to another point. If you want to force dirty industry to leave your city forever, raise the $ and $$ to an insanely high number. Just make sure that there is enough high-tech demand to replace most of the other industry, or you will be left with no industry. Also, remember to destroy the abandoned buildings if you have the simoleons, because they still pollute. Thank you.
    The design is good. The price is reasonable for 'high-tech' landmark. Thanks!
  9. I've typo here, 12 PM should be noon. Sorry, I'm not native English speaker. Thanks.
  10. I think, STEX rating system should be changed like Google Play. on Google Play, you can only rate an object once. You can't rate it again. This is effective. Some users are using "downrate" system first then if the BAT is good, they'll rate as they want. I've seen many on Google Play. Also, I think we should add questions like "Is the mod made prop pox?" Google Play was implemented this feature several time ago. Thank you.
  11. Good joke. For withdrawing, aside from my mom recommendation, I must deposit on bank. Not on my school fund-saving service (I forget the name). This is for ease of withdrawing. But, this is require difficult process. Also, the promo is almost over and I couldn't withdraw except in school.
  12. Do you know Let's Encrypt? They are providing us with FREE certificates! I'm not their staff/sponsor. I'm just support their action. The certificate is free, but with short lifetime (I think about 3 months, can be auto-renew'd with a script). Based on a research (you can find it on Google), HTTPS website is immune from any eavesdropping. HTTPS also provide protections of path censor (usually, websites are censored by IP/domain name, but in some countries, websites are censored partially). I think, IPS has option to enable HTTPS. If you still see HTTP-version of the site even you've installed the cert, you must redirect it by configuring .htaccess or nginx settings. Back to the topic, the IPS cloud hosting (that are used to host this site) should be safe because they aren't running Windows (Win licenses aren't cheap). If their hosting is compromised, they'll restore last good backup. They'll fix the problem shortly Thanks.
  13. Yeah, SC2K is free. But, I want to buy SC2K (if not abadonware), SC3000, and SC4. I want like @CorinaMarie (I was typed "Corina Marine" , seriously but this is fun). I want to be edit SC3K and want to replace my old CDs. I think, SC3K & SC4 is good due to ability to terraform the terrain, edit buildings (editing building is more easier on SC3K than 4, but SC4 is more advanced), good mod potentials (this is increasing on SC4), can make custom airport/seaport (SC3K), can use funny glitch (SC3K), and I want to make CJ!!! Thank you.
  14. Hello, I want to buy all SimCity series. I have enough money. But, my mom 'prohibit' me to withdraw now. My mom suggest to withdraw at the end of month. By this, can you giveaway giftcodes to somebody on my post (SimCity 2000-4 Giveaway) and with 'the fastest can get it' system? Thank you.