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  1. Hello, I want to create some streets in my town. However, the default street texture is bad on my eyes and I like the texture of asphalt street. So, I want to ask: How I replace the default street texture with SAM's Asphalt without any starter piece? Thanks.
  2. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Hello, This is my follow-up reply of my latest reply above: OK, as we know, there are many replies about Modpacc (Meticulously, Organized, Distribution, Package (of), Accumulated, Custom, Content) idea. However, people end up in 'apt'/'npm' concept. But, as an unique thinker, I think the concept isn't right. The concept takes much effort since the communities aren't prepared early with this idea, unlike apt or npm community. Also, the app should be cross-platform, making some inconsistencies if not implemented right. However, there's a simple & practical solution, making the Modpacc a team. The Modpacc will be an open source legal plugin packer. Legal in context means with authorization from the authors. There are two parts, executives as representatives and will be helping with regulations and members as working part. By this way, executives'll be focused more on plugin packing, not just instructing. The additional privileges of execs will be like a Simtrop's 'moderator button'. The software used is unknown, between GitHub or self-hosted open source Git-based web repo management interface. The execs is unknown, and will be discussed in next reply. If you have any questions, critics or suggestions, please reply this thread. Thanks.
  3. Hartford Valley International Airport !

    Wow, Wisma 46. But, as @Namiko said, you should restrict the skyscrapers by adding some building codes.
  4. Hello, As an Indonesian SimCity mania, I know @Namiko (aka 976 in the Indonesian SC4 community) of course. He's the master in the SimCity 4 Kaskus community. He knows anything even makes CJs, plugins, and recently regions. He also the thread initiator of the part 2 of SimCity 4 Kaskus thread. However, with impresive CJs (Karasem, Japan-inspired CJs, etc) and 'private' plugins, why he isn't a moderator? As I know, he's good at maintaining the thread's rules and ST rules. He also won the most liked content in ST. He's also already publishing the CJ in SC4D around 2011 and he has a good reputation in ST and SC4 Kaskus. Note: I'm not affiliated with @Namiko. I still respect your option. :-) Thanks.
  5. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I'll create a whitepaper about Simpacc soon. Your author signature (-Tarkus) was accidentally included in the quote.
  6. Introduction to Suryamadi

    Hello, Welcome to Suryamadi, a 5,200 people city built in silent region called Hydramile and currently led by Mayor Fraunzy. Before colonized by Mycamile, the city is empty. There is no people living there. However, since Mycamile built first airport in the city, the city became filled by people slowly. First, the airport was a landing strip. Then, as the capacity become exhausted, Mycamile upgrades the airport into a municipal airport. After built, several changes were made, including underground parking, bus station, small cargo center, refueling station, additional hangar, airport police, and recently more airport police to secure the city from airport-related crimes. On the right of the airport, there is Statue of Proclamation, which built by the current mayor to remember the proclamation process and the proclamator, Chief ZDN. Currently, the city doesn't have any immigration office. For now, the immigrant or emigrant needs to manage the request in the city hall. Speaking city hall, it's small (technically stage 1) and in the opposite of it, there is Statue of Mayor. The upper shows current mayor, while the bottom shows the former mayor. Some parts of former mayor statues were keep in city museums. In the first era of the city dev, the city only had a small amount of commercials and farms. The farm was used extensively until now because of education and commercial and industrial boom. On the upper side of farm area, there are industrials, open metal processing, truck workshops, and warehouses. And on the right side of the farm area, there is a solar power plant with additional storage. Also, a recycling center located on the left of the plant. Many farmers migrated to vertical farms to sustain their jobs. Speaking garbage processing, there are 2 recycling plants: basic recycling plant and advanced recycling plant with power generator. As I said before, the BRP is on the left side of the power plant while the ARP is in opposite of the military zone. As a new country, the diplomacy is in the risk. So, to prevent this, a military zone has been built. The military vehicles including advanced electric tanks, electric military helicopter, electric propeller fighters, and 'modern' electric fighters. To provide radio, TV, and internet access, the goverment and Surya Group (a non-state owned company) was built 3 facility: radio station, internet center, and TV station. The communication towers will be built as soon as the city goes big. The city was connected by the internet with optical fiber cables. Not only broadcast digital TV and radio, they are also broadcast the series in the internet via services like proprietary TV/radio app and YouTube. Education has been the focus of the gov since the day 1. Many education services placed in the strategic location such as the roadside of Main Rd and Central Ave. Even better, a high school has been placed in the right side of the airport. The result of the education process is growing commercials and high-tech industrials as seen in the image above. Many investors and SOHO businessmen has been built the store and office in the roadside of Main Rd. This is also the product of low commercial and industrial (except dirty one which taxed 12%) taxes. In order to sustain people lives, a small amount of clinics and hospitals has been built. The cemetery also has been built. This cooperation makes the city more healthy and more realistic. As long as the city grow, the wealthies then made their house here. This is also the product of good education and good health services. If you looking the communication infrastructure image, you can see the no jobs zot. This is the result of Suryaworks (member of Surya Group) corruption. The execs corrupted the local officials, resulting halt of jobs growth. This case has been handled by the Supreme Court. The building is in Central Ave right in the between a private school and a commercial building. This is Lolli Forest. The forest is shaped like a square. The forest is medium-sized. This is for preserving the floras and faunas, including rare ones. This is developing CBD. This is called Dzaky District since located in Dzaky Ave. As you can see, there is an industrial area too. Bonus: When Fraunzy wins the election, the cars made the rightside of Central Ave jammed (above). Again, when Mayor Fraunzy officially inaugurated, the traffics made the some jam again (below). Community grid-connected PV power plant. Go green, folks! Community parks. See you in the next chapter! Thank you.
  7. Simtropolis 9.0 Site Upgrade

    I think, we should add Donation button on navbar or in the user menu. This is increase our fund by around ~5-15% (new user) + ~2-5% (already donated user). But the way, when the Disc 6 will be released?
  8. Simtropolis 9.0 Site Upgrade

    I think, we should add other donation rewards in the ST donation. Sorry if slightly off-topic.
  9. Show Us Your Interchanges - The Sequel

    The very simple, but safe, interchange. This is competing with the Europe interchange. But, I think this is more safer, you can only get T-bone collision. But, I'm not traffic master, so I think my argument maybe wrong. The technical name of the interchange is highway-avenue U-turn interchange, or for simpler name, turnchange. Oops, the interchange is eye-candy. In the time, I made mistake by intrepreting interchange made by one-way road. But, someone who makes this interchange functional, I'll award you with like and comment.
  10. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    Also, I given permission by Dirk to copy all the content from SC3000.com and related sites.
  11. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    The most efficient way to reduce download times (* of download) is packing dependencies into 1. But, you should drop anything not relevant, like IRM Starter Pack should only bundles IRM deps, not including CDK dependencies, etc. Don't forget to merge Cleanitol files, too. Also, for cross-site problem, I think we should make Simpacc (I hate all-caps) Agreement and make other sites to be ratify it. The content might like this You are right, @Fantozzi. We should focus on solution, not the problem. If we still discuss problem, we get harder to succeed. I think the agreement is effective. If not, please reply here. Note to mods: Remove unnecessary spoiler (Un-spoilered by Cori.) Thank you.
  12. SimCity 4 Is Still Great

    Even, Surabaya mayor, Tri Rismaharini plays SimCity. But, I don't know which versions she run. Most probably SimCity 3000, SimCity 4 (w/ NAM of course), and SimCity 2013. http://news.detik.com/berita/2986838/kota-surabaya-tertata-apik-bu-risma-ternyata-veteran-game-sim-city
  13. A New Corina?

    Hello, I've seen @CorinaMarie includes a pink tractor below the post rank. I don't know this is intentional or not...
  14. Sharing Plugins Folders - Discussion

    I'm creator of SimxUpload (SxU) idea, which any plugin can be uploaded into other exchanges to prevent any future losses. But, the idea dropped due to lack of modding activities in general. Now, I thinking the starter pack. The starter pack should be as compact as possible but contains essential plugins. For plugins like floras, we should make compilation of them and don't forget to include them with links. For convenient sake, floras are grouped by creators & make some warning for some plugins. This is also prevents newbies to download wrong plugins which lead to plugin malfunction or (in worst case) CTD. Dependencies pack is good idea, since the most popular deps collection, Diggis' dependencies list isn't equipped with deptracker and auto-download. These lead to less time in installing and more time in gameplay. For the idea name, I suggest it to "SimPackage". SimPak, etc is related to a SC2013 plugin tool.