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  1. Hello, I'm don't pretend to teach. I want some help. Can you explain how to texture the NAM in logical way with GIMP? Thanks.
  2. As I said before, Google Pictures or similiar services are best hosting for future image hosting. I don't intend to promotion, though. Additional info: Imgur also can be used for future image hosting if you don't want Google monopoly. Also, I recommend you to not use 'Shoppe' name due to similiar with 'Shopee' name. Again, I'm don't promote that. However, your service still 'gratis ongkir' (ongkos kirim) :-).
  3. Hello, Due to all projects that were separated included in the NAM, I think, my projects' logo shouldn't used again. Not to mention my logos aren't bad, but the logo isn't used anymore. These are waste. So, follow my that instruction. Thanks.
  4. I think, I don't created it. But, I just copied it. Sorry. I forgot the name.
  5. I know this cheat. This is very useful for very very very cheap (actually FREE) terraforming. Also, you may use some cheats that I explain in the Omnibus for zoning row houses.
  6. Your updating process may not perfect. If so, try to reinstall the game and update it correctly. If still occurs, try to send the update log here.
  7. Hello, For those don't know, there are some technical facts about Simtropolis. This list'll be updated as needed. User 0 and 1 aren't available. So, the user number starts from #2. User #2 is @admin. I don't know why this user exists and what's the function. However, it was a Board Admin. It isn't active since August 15, 2014. User #3 is @Dirktator obviously. You should know him. User #4 is @rybolton. He's the founding father of the community and a Luminary member. He's not active anymore since June 24, 2014. User #5 is @Dirks-Guest. Maybe, he's affiliated with @Dirktator but I don't know exactly. User #7 and #8 aren't available. Again, user #10 and #12 aren't available. You can't type community.simtropolis.com/profile/n (where n is number) to find someone else account. You should use community.simtropolis.com/profile/n-x (where x is any words like 'unknown' or even username-play words like Screwballz) in order to do so. Thank you.
  8. Hello, After a long hiatus due to coding training, I'm was talking with @Dirktator via PM. I'm was talking future donation rewards. For who curious with the message, here's the quote: At this point, everything in the message are self-explanatory. Several hours, Dirk sent me a new message as stated in the screenshot. Also, as stated by the image, I asking the implementation date but currently there isn't answer to my question. This thread will be updated when new PM replies sent to me. So, if you curious, just stay tuned. Thanks.
  9. Why my problem isn't addressed? 


    1. catty-cb


      Nobody has ever been able to decipher the  Error log generated by SC4 and over the years people have posted a great number of them on the various community forums.

    2. Chief ZDN

      Chief ZDN

      But, you can summarize what's the log means. There are some data, like avail RAM, etc.

    3. Chief ZDN

      Chief ZDN

      Also, my Wine is 2.8 (staging). I don't know if this version causes this problem.

  10. Hello everyone, I'm on Fedora 25 and my laptop specs are similar to 2011 MacBook Pro. I'm was ran SimCity 4 and like this: I just installing SimCity 4 w/ CAM-merged SimCity_1.dat and DirectX. There are no plugins. I want to install HD terrain mods as my card support it. Is it because of lack of free & available RAM? Thanks.
  11. Unfortunately, we can't do this easily in SC4. SC4 is too complex. But, it's not impossible to do that. Just more difficult. But the way, the result is impressive. It's more easily to mod than SC4. But, lack of advanced modders (those are create DLLs) makes barrier on this.
  12. Inspired by this? Impressive CJ! Thanks.
  13. In my language (Indonesian), 'last' means 'terakhir'. I think 'lastest' should be means 'paling terakhir'. But, it's not. The correct is latest. Sorry, both words have (almost) same pronouncing, so I'm confused. I've using that word third times since I joined this community. If you check my new NAM logo doc, you should find the 'lastest' word, right from introduction.
  14. There is a typo on that image, that's "LATEST FILE". The correct text should be "LASTEST FILE". I don't know correct English 100%. Maybe lastest is correct, maybe latest is correct too. I'm not native English speaker. Thanks.
  15. Hello everyone, I want to suggest a idea. Why we don't add SimCity 3000 section on Omnibus? It's useful for players, especially new players. It's for filling the Cori's SimCity 3000 Forum section gap. Thanks. Zaydan Edit: The 'typo' is correct. Latest is correct alternative to 'most recent', while lastest is typo. Based on (not-clickable) best Cori's suggestion.