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  1. I almost called them @kingleno slums, but I figured that'd be rude...
  2. The biggest transgression in my eyes is the fact that cinematic camera mode does not hide the road names. Now my nice sweeping film like shots have a big bunch of text ruining the aesthetic. Edit: Now that I think about it maybe it's my HideUI mod and/or the cinematic camera mod not the vanilla "camera mode". Darn being at work and not able to check!
  3. This is the riverside corner of Maison Gardens. The full episode goes live tomorrow
  4. My entire mod collection works except Dynamic Resolution (crash) and Automatic Emptying Extended (tosses an error but the game runs fine). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=798587727
  5. How do you get any frames @ 300% DR?
  6. I'd advise posting on reddit if you have updates. The turnaround on r/CitiesSkylines is very quick.
  7. I thought I tried that for ND but when I started C:S it didn't give me any mods. I could boot just fine into C:S w/o ND but got a vanilla experience. Has this changed?
  8. Old news by this point but I finally got around to using the retaining walls and holy crap they're excellent!
  9. Coach yard from my last build. I'm apparently obsessed with night shots. The save doesn't work anymore and I'm left with hundreds of night shots of the city and maybe 25 taken in the daytime.
  10. You know the smaller and more finely detailed you make the flowers the more finely detailed I'm going to have to make my parks. I see many hours of gardening in my future... (Looks great though )
  11. Did he give you some kind of documentation of his diagnosis and steps he took?
  12. I like your idea @Judazzz, but strictly speaking the cities we see a lot of here (many very large skyscrapers in downtown, multiple many lane highways etc.) would have immense urban sprawls. A good way to check the scaling (not that the scaling in C:S makes any sense :P) is to open up terrain.party and move the tile marker over your favorite city. You'll see even if you pick a small city like Indianapolis, IN (some skyscrapers, a decent size interstates nearby) you'll see that the 18x18km box is still mostly full with either urban core or sprawl. In the US at least it's rare to see farms w/in 9km of skyscrapers. That's not to say you can't build your city any way you want, and I'm certainly planning on putting farms a lot closer to my skyscrapers than they are in real life to add some variety.
  13. 9 o'clock and all's well (thanks @Bad Peanut for the awesome rail station btw)
  14. I managed to browse my backups from another machine last night and it looks like the Windows 10 backup feature actually worked (go figure). It looks like I'll be able to restore both my program folder since it was on D: and my appdata folder because it was backed up. I'll be up late working on it but at least I didn't lose anything. This is why I record ahead. Thanks for looking into it for me.