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  1. Is there a way to remove the default bollards that appear when a pedestrian tiny road is connected to a regular road? I ask because I want to use the paved tiny road as a back alley, sort of like a narrower version of the two-lane plain street.
  2. Along with making the bricks smaller, my suggestion would be to make them somewhat longer in the rear or add some rooms to give them some more dimension. Just a bit too boxy imo, but looking good so far. Also, I highly suggest not using vanilla props/trees for the lots.
  3. My Small Post Office is now up on the workshop...judging by the lack of post offices, I think this one is sorely needed. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901351117 Hope you all like it, this is not the last post office I plan to make. Sorry bout the sign tri count.
  4. @Lost_Gecko Did you use color variation for your modern apartments? I think I might just do that for the sake of simplicity. Should I use a light color (or even white) for, say, brick texture if I wanted to apply a color variation to that texture? Or does it matter at all.
  5. I've decided to start making packs of generic storefronts to prevent spamming the workshop with tons of individual assets that vary only slightly. The way I want to do this is by making a single model with say 3-4 different color (and perhaps sign) textures. My question: Can I publish a single model that uses a few different diffuse maps? Or would I be better off using color maps from the asset editor? Generally, what would be the best way to make growable packs?
  6. My latest asset, Flagstaff Brewing Company, is now up on the workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=892374448 Enjoy the handcrafted window, door, and sign textures. I also made an attempt at skylights.
  7. Only one building in and already I am bestowed with such a title? The future looks bright. So far I have 4 untextured storefront models complete right now, so the wait for more workshop releases should not be long at all. However, I do have an important question: What would be the best method for making low-poly 3D lettering in blender (or rather, which method do other asset creators to make their signs)? I have quite a few neat buildings planned but all of them require extruded letters in order for me to do them justice.
  8. @boformer I'll remember that, thanks for the heads-up @Darf Thanks, much appreciated.
  9. My first asset, Evans Corner, is now up on the workshop! Get it here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884120459 = It's a growable + RICO Ready, as per suggestion by some users. Post any potential issues you have here. Enjoy!
  10. Thanks for your help, guys, it sits perfectly at the sidewalk now. Ii was simply a matter of moving the model forward by 1 meter. Shall I make the asset a regular RICO or a growable that is RICO ready? If the latter, I will need some pointers on how to do that exactly.
  11. I'm very nearly finished with the model, I just need help with one last thing. As it currently stands the model is centered in the 2x4 grid rather than pushed to the streetfront. Is there a way I can alter settings in Blender so that my model sits perfectly flush with the grid edge adjoining the sidewalk? That way people wouldn't have to mess with it using the Move It mod. As an aside, could anyone help me with making signs into nightlights? I know how to make diffuse textures glow by using a value of 120, but that is 24/7. I just want it to light up at night.
  12. Glad you like it. I''m taking your advice and darkening the bricks as well as the cinder blocks. I don't think I'll add a concrete base on this model (real life inspiration has brick down to the sidewalk) but I certainly will on some of my future models. Shouldn't be long before it's up on the workshop, just have to put together a lod and do a bit more testing.
  13. I'm still having issues with the differently lit normals. The problem sections look fine in shadow and direct sunlight, but at oblique angles the lighting issue is obvious. It appears at night, too. Each of the walls is separated into 4 parallel faces. On the back wall only one face is differently lit And on the side wall the 2 bottom faces are differently lit. Any ideas? It's not that big of a deal if I can't fix them since both of the problem areas will be concealed by other wall to wall buildings, but I would feel bad releasing it on the workshop in this condition. EDIT: Problem resolved, see above. While I'm at it I might add a preview of the entire building. Spec and illum maps are done, but I'm thinking about changing the nightlights into something similar to this. Also, is there a way to light up the allstate box sign on the front during night? I used a value of 120 but it kept it lit during the daytime as well. Bench and plant props are for screenshot purposes. I'm keeping the roof props on the final model.
  14. I would recommend switching over to Blender as your modeling and texturing software. Imo it makes the workflow much simpler and cleaner. Scaling is also quite simple if you use Blender -- if you set the modeling units to meters and model to a 1:1 ratio, you can import it into the game a default scale of 1.
  15. I knew people were in need of this kind of asset so I'm more than willing to fill the niche... I'm quite partial to those old storefronts for some reason. In regards to size, this building is less than 400 tris and will be around 2 mb total when it's done. The other models I'm planning should be even smaller.