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  1. Nice for us, I love your texture re-work on Xannepan's rue de Lille building But sad for you and your hard drive, I guess you might have lost some of your work or even many other things not related to SC4 ?
  2. Thank ya elavery Didn't knew about Aradras, seems like a great bater
  3. Hello there I can't find this excellent post-hausmannian corner, I just saw it for the first time in this old screenshot from feyss I guess it's from a creator I don't know about yet, or I just missed something. So its high qualiy makes me even more curious about it
  4. Interesting model, a nice first attempt The only flaw I could notice is your use of those large blue windows, it's quite unrealistic. There are numerous ways in modeling to create more realistic windows, you may find some tutorials in the forums.
  5. An even smaller update today, just to show the few new props (12 actually) I did from Monday to this afternoon Combalot mausolea with a smaller one, a large crippled family grave, two freshly burried coffins, small devices of the "sarcophagus-public-housing-graves" @matias93 had proposed (I hope I went close to what you thought about !) and some of these small electric vehicles with some water tanks on wheels, used in parks and cemeteries by the gardeners. I added these small signs which name the alleys, it's not so visible because of the base texture. I think they are too small so I will certainly re-size them a little. I will certainly make yet an other big mausolea, at least as big as Combalot's one, but I still have to search for inspiration
  6. @matias93 I thought I was done with graves but seeing your images just gave me the desire to make some more Beginning with a recreation of Combalot mausolea found in a small cemetery near my home, which I love. The guy buried here was a landowner and a property developer who more or less build my district in the early 19th century. As far as I know shooting photos in cemeteries is strictly forbidden in France, so taking this one was on my own risk Recreation finished tonight, I hope ! The shelves of niches are an interesting idea as well, in fact there are some in France for cremated people. I will consider that for sure ! @MissVanleider Yes these are public toilets, those quite disgusting (and yet slowly disappearing in the past twenty years) concrete "vespasiennes" which could only be used by men. There are indeed some public toilets in prop-packs here and there, but not a single one of this kind as far as I know. The two other small constructions are electric transformers. Thank you by the way ! @CT14 @raynev1 Thanks ! Well I forgot to say welcome to the community, so welcome !
  7. You have in fact the talent to disclose the best of existing lots, it's partularly relevant in the middle-density areas to me. I know those lots quite well because I also use many of them as well but for some reason their details which I know well become again visually interesting in the contexts you create. I surely come back again to look at these images, that's nearly too much for a single entry
  8. Well there's no reason in fact I don't start a thread on Simtropolis as well now that I have a valid account I have created buildings with Gmax for nearly a year now, still I have only four releases yet, all available on our old french home Toutsimcities. I have, yet, many projects hidden in my folders but that may be long to come out mainly because of my extreme laziness. I would'nt re-post here the various previews, but everything can be seen on my thread on SC4Devotion and on TSC as well. For some weeks I have been collaborating with my dear talented colleague Sciurus on a railway pack including many stations and other devices. We're sleeping on it for the moment but we will be back on that in the future as well I just have small things to show today, the various props I've been working on to be packed in a single prop-pack which will be a dependency among others for some of my forthcomming projects. Including an early-20th-century-suburban-houses-pack of (planned) 5 models and a modular cemetery as well. So this is nearly finished ! So the others projects will boost up I still plan to make two other fence props, and one small, typically french outdoor restaurant usually found on wharfs, plazas or parks, called a "Guinguette" (or a "Pied-Humide" in my town). I'm indeed quite happy with the small hearse, my first attempt in vehicle creation. I'd like to make a horse-driven hearse but I'm afraid with the horse, I suspect myself to be ineffectual and to make a hideous freaking out freak instead.
  9. Here is a new release of mine on toutsimcities : a small mattress manufactory, inspired by a real one located at the rue Ravier in Lyon.


    You can get it by following this link. There is no need at all to subscribe to download it.

    I completely admit that I post my original creations only on Toutsimcities.com in a common effort to keep this antique website alive *:rofl:

    A good compromise could be uploading my personnal re-lots heren (I make a lot of them for my MD), while keeping the original stuff on TSC. I will consider that in the future *;)

    1. matias93


      Really nice building (if you are like me, into an antique workshops' hype), probably will match very well with the ones by @Adrianor.

      And about the updating policy, is a good idea, but it would be good to keep a mirror file elsewhere, in case TSC is not available and you don't have the time to respond in real time. Maybe loading them here at the STEX and keeping them hidden, with a note to the moderators allowing to show them is TSC is down for a number of days or weeks.

    2. Krasner


      Hi matias93 *:) Using the STEX as an "escape room" for my files is indeed an interesting idea. I will consider that. Even more interesting, considering that we were discussing recently about TSC's future.

    Nice addition ! As this type of "gridbusters" are quite scarce, to have some that have a good balance between high detailing and a common style is very sensible in my opinion. These could fit easily in any type of environment