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  1. Reloting those supermarkets more realistically is a needful and interesting idea, however you may add a little bit of flora on the grass areas, bushes and shrubs, and maybe some flower pots on the parkings (from CP props or enventually Girafe's urban pack or Romualdillo's props). I think it's quite common in suburban commercial areas. Just suggesting
  2. I didn't saw that already ! You're offering us a very interesting topic There are already lots of freight cars available, but rarely in HD, and not always that detailed. That's a needful work ! Thanks a lot I don't know if you plan to add engines to all that, you're doing what you want. But I support @Simmer2 advice about shunter engines, those things are everywhere and essential in large industrial facilities and freight yards, and in the same time there are lacking in SC4 (as far as I know, there are one or two japanese automatas and that's it). That's something I'd like to do myself anyway if you prefer to spend your time on other things, but maybe I could suggest you the french class Y8000 engine which is like the one and only model of shunter engines used in France for decades. One made and all possible french freight yards are covered
  3. @DavidDHetzel Yes, there is one in MTP super pack, I don't think it is the only one ever made, but it's a nice piece anyway, that will fit. Thank you
  4. Hello I'm quite sure I saw a steam tractor somewhere a while ago in an old prop pack or attached to a particular lot, but I wasn't able to find it again, trying various keywords. Can someone help me ? In advance, many thanks
  5. Great work higlighted in a great scene I love this kind of lonely atmosphere
    Reloted, that will make a perfect clinic for my next town Thanks a lot for sharing !
  6. Just a quick post about a new unshowed yet work I've been intrigued for a long time by several early-20th century working-class housing complexes that are sprinkled here and there in Lyon. Most of those complexes are quite far away from each other but despites that, curiously the design is exactly the same in each of them. Three or four storey buildings grouped by two or three, here is one of them painted in kitchy-fancy colours, in Oullins : So I've decided to reproduce them It's so simple it's the perfect thing to be extensively declined, including diags and FAR for example, I'll see that. First attempt, there's still some nightlights and antennas to add : Hope you like it !
  7. It's just perfect now
  8. In fact there is a long tradition of clay brick roof tiles in my region and it's still quite an important industrial sector nowadays. It tends to become more scarce, certainly because it's too expensive, but brick roof tiles are used to cover even very large roofings, including industrial facilities. Those roof tiles are more or less red, more or less brown/black or something in between because of air pollution. Here are some examples : Old Renault Véhicules Indutriels plant in Lyon (usually quoted as "friche RVI'), which got almost comlpletely destroyed recently, happily the street façade will stay. Roof tiles on an old factory in my father's hometown. The Halle Girard (also known as Halle Paul Dulac et cie) which I plan to reproduce in an hypothetical future and I'm serious Side view of the Halle Girard. I can also mention the huge Fonderie Vénissieux works, which are still partly covered with those tiles nowadays, while most of the roofing seems to use metal plates. Combined use of red bricks and red roof tiles is common in the north of France by the way. I deliberately choose to use quite not-too-derelict textures as they would repeat a lot and that would'nt look good, avoiding obvious reptition leads to some defaults in the modular option But making some alternate texturing in base pieces is in fact, something I should do. Making a prop family sounds to be necessary as well ! Anyway thanks for your advice
  9. @matias93 Thanks ! In fact it's quite in a deep sleep currently, but @Sciurus will be able to work on it again in a few weeks he said to me @Silur Thank you ! Just a quick update about the puzzle factory, to show the few more pieces I made : In fact modeling is finished, so the only steps left ahead are adding some fillers and put everything in a MML. I wasn't able to find any tutorial, unfortunately So I'm asking you, where can I find this type of information ? By the way I'm still hesitating about what base texture to use with all this. It looks far better to me with this particular texture from @vortext, but it would make the whole thing much more difficult to mix with all the other filler pieces available here and there, which use almost always the same maxis concrete (the light one). I will have to resign I guess. Fortunately there is not much moiré pattern in zoom 5, which is so difficult to avoid when redering in HD Hope you like it !
  10. Absolutely not I would'nt post any previews if I didn't want some backup, and with hindsight, your advice appears to be relevant and I'm thankful
  11. That's a really nice library, texturing is awesome Elegant brutalist architecture
  12. @matias93 Thank you It's always nice to read your replies @Hotwheeler That was the idea, to fill a gap, I'm happy it pleases you The hearse is more or less a slightly modified Peugeot J7/J9, commonly the exemplars of this old thing modified for various purposes appear to look quite far from the original design. I'm not very interested into motor works in fact, I didn't made it to be perfectly life-like. @T Wrecks Thank you ! As I said last time, some models were lost and some others are corrupted, so I can't re-render them, but that is in fact a valid judgement. I will try to be more careful in the future. @SimCoug Thank you I think that there is a japanese cemetery available somewhere, and Orange also made some grave props when he was still active, but it was never released. There are also a few custom graves in a lot pack available on Simcitykurier. @Jasoncw Well, as I said before... @Silur Thank you, that is encouraging ! The Prop-pack is finally available, you can get it here Many thanks go to @Akallan, who datpacked it for me. As usual, there is a Read-me in both French and English. I will provide a personnal lotting of my cemetery props, but it will require custom overlays so for the moment I prefer to work on other projects, it will come out later. Feel free to make your own lotting and share it if you want, I would'nt mind Back to the puzzle-factory, I made three more pieces that I will show later. For the moment I have to show this alternate version of one of the gates. Only the roofing is different, as @praiodan doesn't like it. I let the different forum members choose which one is better I also made yet an other version of my old railroad crossing keeper house, this time abandonned and with each window completely walled. It will come out, like the two ohers, all together in a big railroad pack I'm working on with my friend @Sciurus
  13. I completely agree
  14. This is getting very nice in my opinion Do you plan to add an access to the rooftop, like the top of backstairs or a ladder, as threre are some air conditionners and solar panels to maintain up there ? That may be a logical addition I think.