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  1. No ;-; I'll search further, I'd like to be able to go back to work finally...
  2. what do you mean ? The listing doesn't appear at all, it's like broken
  3. This was a Landmark in the original SC3K Brings back nice memories
  4. Hello dear fellow of Simtropolis, I've experienced some small but exhausting issues in Gmax BAT recently I never saw such things and it seems to curiously increase, and before attempting re-install, I'd like to have some advice. It started with the right-click on objects (which allows to unroll a red list with some options) being completely ignored and never appearing in a small scene. I've tried to export the objects in new scene but it appears to be the same in every new scene... And in the old ones as well °-° So I could'nt make a single mesh with the various boxes aimed to be the LODs. I did that several times before and it always worked. But, you may say, it's possible to turn splines into meshes with the modifier list on the right as well. That's what I tried then, it worked, but then ALL the objects I wanted to make a single mesh with (to be the new LODs, still...) won't appear in the attach list °-° And OF COURSE, it's the same everywhere... Please help !!
  5. Oh my it's goodBut maybe you should use different textures for the roofs ?
  6. @feyss @CT14 @Dreadnought @Simmer2 Too much awesomeness, gentlemen ! @feyss Great to see this kind of medium towns with heavy industries and canals ! Very belgian landscaping if I'm not mistaken, I can't wait to see more of that ! @Dreadnought I may suggest to soften the transition between the corals area and the algae area, despite that it's great to look at imo
  7. Thanks That's personnal lotting for my MD... Secret project for the moment, maybe I'll share a few things from this in the future.
  8. @T Wrecks Thanks Some made observations about texturing on Devotion but I choose to make a first export without modifications to see how it would look like - it's rather good I think, but you should tell me :
  9. Just an other quick update, about something I did so quickly today I've got surprised with myself I discussed recently with @Manchou_TSC about his unpublished work and he said me that whole of it has disappeared in hard-disk issues... A sad, and not so uncommon story, unfotunately. Among many other awesome stuff, this small el-road (15 meters) skin bridge was lost : So I've decided to make my own ersatz And as I said it was quickly done, only three hours more or less from A to Z, sometimes these kind of miracles just pop up. The rounded-stones textures come from different sources and I hope it can't be noticed. I haven't exported it yet, I just wanted to be sure that this kind of things can work as a single semi-underground prop, it appears that @Glenni's eyecandy bridges were made this way. So if you think I'm doing it wrong please tell me ! (Of course the light grey part is supposed to be covered with el-road, and it is not centered so it can be plopped next to it. I hope that el-road would'nt glitch with it, normally the LODs are done properly)
  10. This is impressive in terms of reproduction The concrete texture is lovely
  11. @Tyberius06 Thanks ! By the way I remember I've red somewhere that you were waiting for my puzzle factory to extend the potential of your seaport lots, I'm still working on other things now but I'll try to finish it soon so @matias93 That would'nt be false I think, to argue that it may be linked to the fact that the social pyramid didn't essentialy changed throughout the centuries... But this is not the right thread to be a marxist Interesting though, to realize that here and there it tends to be more or less the same, it brings out unusual points of view. I'm just passing by to annouce that I have puted two new uploads on TSC. I've told it on Devotion but I forgot to say it there too (sorry !), and as it's not (yet) exactly the same community some people following my work may have skipped it, so here are the links : - Release of the second part of my low-wealth mid-19th century building pack, consisting of three angles (including the house I showed in the "show us what you're working on" thread on Sunday). The two others are a little bit old so modeling could seem a little cheesy compared to my actual standards (no modeled interior and flat windows :/ ). All three are provided in R$ AND C$. Download page here -And two low-wealth small early-20th century suburban houses, both derived from the same simple model. It appears that I have $%&^!ed up the dependency list on the downnload page, but it is also listed and explained in the read-me (which is in French and English as usual ). This is the first volume of a pack of this kind of houses, the next volume will provide twin worker houses from two large housing estates from my city. Download page here I hope you like it !
  12. Girafe's ploppable wheat fields may please you. There's nothing better in this category of fields, as far as I know It's seasonal and the download includes a MMP, which is not the easiest one to use in my opinion (it's a little bit small), but still does great.
  13. Going around... Taking some pictures aimed to be turned to usable textures... And apply them. This building is fictionnal, it will be the third angle for the second part of my low-wealth neighborhood pack to go with the two others, showed long, long ago on Devotion. Still lots of detailing to add, and also some texture re-work. I hope I could release this small pack (of three buildings so) on monday or tuesday, and by the same time two small suburban houses from the same period that I forgot to show on the forums for some reason.
  14. This is getting really interesting I love the general atmosphere ! It kind of reminds me of this long poem, La prose du Transsibérien written by the swiss/french poet Blaise Cendrars who partly recounts the siberian journey he claimed to have done in 1905, in the very early days of the Transsiberian, through a wild, agitated and pioneering Russia. Also I guess you did most of the props shown here ?
  15. Reloting those supermarkets more realistically is a needful and interesting idea, however you may add a little bit of flora on the grass areas, bushes and shrubs, and maybe some flower pots on the parkings (from CP props or enventually Girafe's urban pack or Romualdillo's props). I think it's quite common in suburban commercial areas. Just suggesting