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  1. I don't think buildings get their own color. I've watched my IHZ be sometimes yellow and sometimes blue. This system seems a bit ill conceived.
  2. I'm trying to come to grips with this idea. So, is it possible to change the seed of this "sampled pixel" by plopping something multiple times? Like trying to get the right color variation? I'm wondering if it is possible to prevent situations like this, where a welded building (2x same building) is getting different light colors: What I find odd is that the same building will get different light colors on different nights. When does it sample the pixel? Before each night?
  3. @DarfWhy do your windows look beveled in that example illumination map? What does that do? So from my understanding, RGB 0-120 = lights always on all day long. And 128-255 = random on at night. Is that right? Is there a value that you can use to make a light always & only come on at night?
  4. omg I am so mad. So I simply removed all of the .crp from my appdata CS addons assets folder and now it works. CO needs to improve their importer... that's just ridiculous. -Noworkshop mode sucks and now I find out that having about 12 custom .crp files simply sitting in a folder will make the editor crash? @#$*R&Y(#$(R*F^Y$#R^YG
  5. This is driving me nuts. I've made an LOD model now. The last thing that ModTools says is "Texture missing." Here is the complete set... if anybody has time to try importing this, I would really appreciate it. https://www.coh2.org/file/14058/president-v05.rar
  6. Ok thx, that's what I thought but I wasn't sure. I'm at my wits ends with this. Every time... insta-crash. Is the .png save settings from photoshop important? Where it asks you for "Compression" and "Interlace" settings?
  7. Removing the loose edge got rid of that weird last line of the .obj file... but it still crashes. FML
  8. I found a loose edge. I hope that was the problem. *crossing fingers*
  9. I took out that line in the main model and in the lod (just a copy of the main) and it still crashes. Question, do you NEED an LOD model when you just wanna look at your first versions?
  10. Thank you, I'll try that. That's very weird!
  11. Welp you were right, it looked bad, so I took it out. Now I'm having this crash problem right when I click on the name of my .obj file in the asset editor. I'm pulling my hair out cause I've gone over everything twice or 3 times and I can't figure out the problem. I've checked the filenames, re-saved everything, re-exported the .obj. Am I missing something stupid?? I had this crash at first, then I was able to get it to load once. Then it just keeps crashing every single time no matter what I try. I'm running in -noWorkshop mode. Here is my blender file and all of my export files (.obj's and .png's), if anybody has time to take a look: https://www.coh2.org/file/14057/president.rar thx in advance for any help.
  12. But it's part of the building concept, and C:S can't do it. So I may try to fake it.
  13. omg your station w a transparent roof.... YES PLEASE!
  14. my next building will be the Bundespraesidialamt (Office of the Federal President). I couldn't find many (any?) oval buildings in the workshop, so I figure this one may be useful. Gonna keep it pretty generic. Been working on the texture this morning. Very happy w my progress so I wanted to post & maybe you guys have some tips Need to decide whether or not I want to include that reflection of the trees. Right now I'm leaning towards yes.
  15. I don't mean to distract from the main convo about the semi-transparent glass, as that is ultra-awesome, so consider this just a little aside. The new cobble decal is also awesome and very popular, and I just had an idea to make it even cooler. Ronyx69, you know how you do "edge" decals? Like with the leaves and so? Well this cobble could also have a great edge decal, because the stones at the edges are always in a perfect line. You could make it 1/2 width, as well, to make it applicable for small paths. Something like this? My clean-up job wasn't the best and it would need to be color and size matched to the first decal. Each one of these stones is about the size of your fist (they're relatively small compared to most cobble).