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  1. I just bulldozed it and replopped it (sometimes assets update on their own, sometimes they don't), and whaddaya know... fixed! I remember plopping many of them on the release day and they all had the problem. It must have been updated at some point, right?
  2. CO responded to my tweet with an altogether different line of reasoning Is it just me? Or does everybody see it?
  3. No idea, all of the pandas have custom animations... they roll around and walk about and swing on a swing n stuff. Cute lil' pandas. They deserve a non-flickering busted-ass enclosure.
  4. I really love this asset, but the broken overlapping orange flickering texture under the walls just drives me crazy. Anybody else? Think it would be hard to fix? I'm a bit intimidated by all of the custom animations on the bears and stuff. Would all of that stuff still be there if you tried to export the asset and reimport it with template props reload button ticked?
  5. Any news on an update for Dynamic Resolution? Does it still conflict with MT? Not having better anti-aliasing whilst taking screenshots is bumming me out!
  6. Modders (@BloodyPenguin & @Boformer & @SamsamTS in particular) -- thanks for you hard work! just a reminder, Network Skins still has the bug where asymmetric light effects on props don't get rotated properly on pedestrian paths:
  7. Is there some modtools or file edit hack that I can do to rename my thousands of streets to "."?
  8. That's cool, I'll try moving some dots around. As for point 2, I would like a simple way to delete all of the auto-generated names. Maybe replace them all with spacebar or some other innocuous character.
  9. My MOM seems to be working (which is pretty incredible, since I don't think they have updated it yet.)
  10. A. Many roads IRL change names along the way. You can't control where roads change names in C:S, afaik. B. "All on" or "All off" sucks. I have thousands of roads. I don't want the auto-generated names. I want to slowly name my roads and only have the ones that I have named be displayed. Can this kind of stuff be modded?
  11. Yeah I know right? I'm trying to remember to change my attitude from: "This will never work, just QTD to be safe and restart" to: "Hey thie MIGHT work, maybe I should just try it?"
  12. nvm my last post. I've sorted it all out. This sub-building thing is a bit tricky on your first time! In the end I went with this solution: A. base building and 4 sub-buildings: all "Gameplay common" stats zero, all common stats at the bottom zero, 1/4th stats for "Tourist", "Water", "Workers" B. complete assembled complex: total values for "Gameplay common" (contruction cost, garbage, maintenence), zero for Tourist/Water/Workers, and total stats for common stuff at the bottom (attractiveness, entertainment, noise) It was important to have to price, maintenance, and pollution in the complete complex so that the data matches when you hover on the building in the menu. I also figured out how to center the entertainment and noise pollution circles.. they seem to be centered on the bottom right side of the complete complex plot, which I reduced to 4x10. Funny that I started trying my darndest to make the plot 20x10 in the editor, then finally realized that you don't need to and that's never been the intention, then in the end realized that a narrow plot is actually better (I selected 4x10 instead of 14x10) because it will center the circles. What a learning process.
  13. By "metro" do you mean with MOM (Metro Overhaul Mod)? MOM needs a depot, the vanilla metro does not.
  14. Okay, thx for making it clear to me about how it works. The asset now is totally borked and I'm working to fix it. I have most of the data in the right places, and I've managed to remove the multiple circles of noise pollution, but I'm still getting this weird price difference. The price of the base building is $150,000 and the noise pollution is 25 (like the High Interest Tower template), the prices of the other sub-buildings is zero. In Find It!, the price and pollution are shown to be $0 (which must be displaying what I used when compiling the buildings all-together): But when you hover to plop the building, it says $150,000 (the price of the base building): ???