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  1. I don't need the humans You can leave those to my imagination.
  2. Dunno if you take suggestions but I would love some kind of tourboat ferry with tons of seats on the top deck like this one. My Berlin isn't Berlin w/o them slowly parading on the Spree
  3. woot Sailboat as a ferry! Thank you! If you have some little speedboats or private cruiser type things that could be ferries, I would love those as well.
  4. Video of somebody building a city in Cities:Skylines inside a build of Cities:Skylines inside a building of somebody building a Cities:Skylines Asset inside a Cities:Skylines build.
  5. Awesome stuff. I see from some of your earlier screenshots that you were running in to some of the same problems that I faced in using the Match Day field. The way they cut it into 4 quadrants and flipped it for the other side $%&^!s up the normal map and makes one half or one quarter look darker or lighter at any other time than high noon. Did you figure that out too and deal with it? I haven't gotten a chance to plop your asset yet. But it looks epic from the screenshots. Will you be sharing what you learned about copying the match day template?
  6. Well I solved my LOD flickering issue... it was caused by the illumination map. I guess flat planes that face upwards bug out if you give them an illumination map, not sure why. Luckily, my prop lights are doing enough to light up the field so I just removed the illumination map completely -- presto! flicker-be-gone. The stadium is now updated. The updated version also has a field that can be plopped by itself ...
  7. I would like to see "Ferry" vehicle versions of your boats so that they can travel along my ferry paths (canals through the city).
  8. Which RICO fields?
  9. So even with the mod off, there is still a point where it flickers. If you position the camera right after the transition from main model to LOD, it will flicker. It's as if one of the flat field surfaces is a PROP. WTF? APVD just enhances the effect so that it happens from that point out to to ultra-long ranges. What is going on here?
  10. That's what it looks like! Thinking the same as you, I even tried moving the LOD model up a few CM, but it still flickers. Right now I've turned off the APVD mod, but that's also a bummer, since the big floodlight structures vanish completely when I pull out to LOD range. Are there any other mods that could keep my props from vanishing so quickly?
  11. I think I've isolated the mod that is causing my LOD flickering issues (it's really unbearable): Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance. Is anybody else having these issues? Is there a problem with the model that I can change? It really looks like two overlapping textures... I just can't for the life of me figure out which textures they would be.
  12. Thx. Not sure what will be next -- I still have my eye on a transparent dome for the Reichstag. Just now I was surprised to discover that "Find It!" can see the sportpark sub-buildings! Why can it find them when it couldn't find the Park Inn sub-buildings? Is it because of the Airport Apron template? Or because of the "BuildingAI"?? Knowing this now, I should probably make the field a bit better... people might want to use it by itself in other places.