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  1. How to copy the stadium template?

    Ok but beware, I made it bigger. You can either downscale mine back to whatever size you want, or re-extract the one from match-day.
  2. How to copy the stadium template?

    If you just want the model of the football field (field, grass texture, goals), you can get that part. But not the animations. That's what I did for the field for my Jahn Sportpark model. I futzed around with it some to improve the normal mapping (the match day field copies the same normal map for two different sides of the field by mirroring it, which makes it look terrible as the sun move across it...so I fixed that.) Here are my modded .obj files (main and LOD) and texture files: https://www.coh2.org/file/15066/match-day-field.rar
  3. new urbi tall streetlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138693565 Berlin Cities:Skylines top10 wishlist ------------------------------------- Pergamon Museum Bode Museum Sony Center Alexa Tempelhof Airport new Berliner Schloss Gedächtniskirche Kolhoff Tower soldier from the Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten (I've done the T34 tanks and Howitzer artillery pieces) Oberbaumbrücke HELP!
  4. How to add lights to a prop?

    So I used this script again And every time I do, I like to provide the code here. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138693565 Script for 3 lights (two high streetlights and one lower pedestrian light facing the sidewalk): // --- FIRST LIGHT EFFECT --- // Used light effect var lightEffect1 = EffectCollection.FindEffect("Street Light Highway") as LightEffect; // Final position in prop Vector3 pos1 = new Vector3(0f,9.35f,-2.4f); // this would be near the center of the prop facing the street, 9.35m above ground // Final direction in prop Vector3 dir1 = new Vector3(0f,-1f,0f); // pointing down var propEffect1 = new PropInfo.Effect {m_effect = lightEffect1, m_position = pos1, m_direction = dir1 }; // --- SECOND LIGHT EFFECT --- // Used light effect var lightEffect2 = EffectCollection.FindEffect("Street Light Highway") as LightEffect; // Final position in prop Vector3 pos2 = new Vector3(0f,9.35f,2.4f); // this would be near the center, on the other side, facing the street, 9.35m above ground // Final direction in prop Vector3 dir2 = new Vector3(0f,-1f,0f); // pointing down var propEffect2 = new PropInfo.Effect {m_effect = lightEffect2, m_position = pos2, m_direction = dir2 }; // --- THIRD LIGHT EFFECT --- var lightEffect3 = EffectCollection.FindEffect("Street Lamp") as LightEffect; Vector3 pos3 = new Vector3(-1f,3.5f,0f); // facing the sidewalk, 3.5m up Vector3 dir3 = new Vector3(0f,0f,0f); // not pointing (point light) var propEffect3 = new PropInfo.Effect {m_effect = lightEffect3, m_position = pos3, m_direction = dir3 }; // Apply effects to prop (GameObject.Find("Tool Controller").GetComponent<ToolController>().m_editPrefabInfo as PropInfo).m_effects = new PropInfo.Effect[] { propEffect1, propEffect2, propEffect3}; (GameObject.Find("Tool Controller").GetComponent<ToolController>().m_editPrefabInfo as PropInfo).m_hasEffects = true;
  5. This is probably one of the main reasons I've stopped playing C:S. The regular flickering surfaces trigger me to no end and playing w/ no shadows just looks bad. This issue prevents me from showing our creations in any kind of setting outside of playing at home (like in a gallery, museum, or other exhibition setting). Is there anything I can do? Are the devs aware of this issue? Do others suffer from it to?
  6. I don't need the humans You can leave those to my imagination.
  7. Dunno if you take suggestions but I would love some kind of tourboat ferry with tons of seats on the top deck like this one. My Berlin isn't Berlin w/o them slowly parading on the Spree
  8. woot Sailboat as a ferry! Thank you! If you have some little speedboats or private cruiser type things that could be ferries, I would love those as well.
  9. Movies on Billboards

    Video of somebody building a city in Cities:Skylines inside a build of Cities:Skylines inside a building of somebody building a Cities:Skylines Asset inside a Cities:Skylines build.
  10. Awesome stuff. I see from some of your earlier screenshots that you were running in to some of the same problems that I faced in using the Match Day field. The way they cut it into 4 quadrants and flipped it for the other side $%&^!s up the normal map and makes one half or one quarter look darker or lighter at any other time than high noon. Did you figure that out too and deal with it? I haven't gotten a chance to plop your asset yet. But it looks epic from the screenshots. Will you be sharing what you learned about copying the match day template?
  11. Well I solved my LOD flickering issue... it was caused by the illumination map. I guess flat planes that face upwards bug out if you give them an illumination map, not sure why. Luckily, my prop lights are doing enough to light up the field so I just removed the illumination map completely -- presto! flicker-be-gone. The stadium is now updated. The updated version also has a field that can be plopped by itself ...
  12. I would like to see "Ferry" vehicle versions of your boats so that they can travel along my ferry paths (canals through the city).