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  1. Maybe he could update it with a custom error message that says 'This mod is deprecated, please unsubscribe, and sub to the new one.'?
  2. I found these useful: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=681420742
  3. I made ski sim props. If only they were animated. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927500215&searchtext=
  4. I've stumbled upon this shadow problem with this re-textured building. The shadows on this building should be on the other side. You can see the ground shadow is correct but the building doesn't match. Using 3ds max I've reset the xform and the pivot is correct, I can't think of anything else to fix. Can anyone help me out. Thanks
  5. I've been using the mod Prop it up recently to remove almost every prop. Because of the nature of the mod if you replace two props with the same prop, you can't go back to having two different props. You are left with just one. So to maintain peace of mind, I made 6 small sunken square props to use as a replace with nothing prop. As well as one for bench and decal. Would anyone find these useful? Even if the mod does eventually come out with a replace with nothing, I've already replaced all my stuff with these props, so I wouldn't use it. I had a problem when it first came out replacing something with a fountain or a fountain with something and it broke the building, I think. Possibly resubbing to that building may fix it, but I haven't tried yet. I would suggest not using any fountain with prop it up. I've heard people saying it was causing problems too and that they had too unsub. I'm not sure if I should release them as the mod seems so unstable and I could cause people to go and break all their buildings. Is anyone experiencing problems too?
  6. Dis you get the string of error messages after using my new prop it up props? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=918299028&searchtext= I'm getting a string of array index error messages too.
  7. I forgot to say before sometimes I go to replace a prop and it decides to replace something else. Leaving the prop still visible but not in the list to replace. I haven't narrowed down what line of action causes this yet. Just another heads up you can be stuck with props. I wonder if making a copy of the mod file would be useful as like a save. So when you break a building you can go back to what you had. Unless all the files update when you run the game with it (I don't know if I can be bothered to try this as I've already replaced my city). Anyways I will release them today. Also note the bench prop asset will have your sims sitting on thin air. You might want to place a bench nearby so they choose that one if it's an issue. It seems you simply reload a save if you break a building and everything is back to normal. I also found it may be safer to open prop it up UI and replace one thing at a time, only clicking the correct things, then closing and reopening. Sometimes the list doesn't update with the correct category or is wrong.
  8. I'm guessing you've already seen my graffiti assets on the workshop, looks like you've made some good progress here. I don't understand the positioning problem you have, if its a simple prop, you should be able to move it anywhere in space? I would suggest adding a concrete stains texture on top of your diffuse texture and reduce the opacity of it, giving the graffiti a more worn in look. Rather than if it has just been sprayed on. Cant wait to see what you come out with. Try not to scroll through endless graffiti forever. XD
  9. Did you make the cheescake factory logo yourself?
  10. Would any know how to fix the post processing mod? It's anti aliasing options no longer work and the creator isn't active.
  11. RICO forestry has been broken since it came out. I wouldn't get your hope's up for a fix. As for these new assets, they are super awesome. Many thanks Accapulco.
  12. Any change you think a custom textured decal could work now?
  13. Nice curbs! I made some curbs myself about the same size but they never really looked great. But these are awesome! It's Ronyx to the rescue.
  14. Looks awesome, Id love to see it uploaded as a prop as well as vehicle.
  15. The first image has a blue color variation.
  16. What 3d software are you using? Try importing the asset after launching the game with '--noWorkshop'
  17. I'd love to see an option to remove all crosswalks. At least the visible aspect of them....
  18. I would really like to see some Wildflower decals like a meadow texture. Possibly that have transparent grass so it blends in with the grass without flowers. I'll continue my snow village with the new ski lifts soon. So some more snow decals would be good. Maybe a slushy snow and a snow with footprints, or even a road. I have no doubt I'll download every decal you make. Thanks Ronyx
  19. Does anyone know how to get these clouds, like in this picture. I have clouds and fog toggler, daylight classic and ultimate eye candy. No matter what I do I cant seem to produce these clouds.
  20. So I managed to get some clouds using the dev ui. But they are always the same clouds no matter what theme or settings I have. Not like the clouds shown on the themes steam workshop page. It's almost like they are a different layer of clouds. The loading screen shows you the vanilla clouds like in the 2nd picture. I don't think I'll ever see them again.
  21. Dude this game has no freaking clouds! I took this shot with no workshop launch. The second picture was taken at night, mods enabled with a theme, it has some nice clouds but its not compatible with after dark. Either something has broken my vanilla game or the game has no clouds. Is anyone able to have clouds like in the picture above and use after dark with it? Maybe the theme mixer doesn't change clouds for a reason, and the environment changer is defunct as it was implemented by the devs like terrain themes mod. I searched sunset on the Skylines reddit page and most of them have no clouds but a couple do so. And they are shots of sunsets with clouds on the loading screen. I'd really appreciate any help to get my clouds back.
  22. Can we please get a mod that stops buildings being destroyed by floods. Thanks