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  1. This mod does not support what you looking for. Use IPT2 instead.
  2. Yeah, This is the one I was looking for. Thanks.
  3. Great work. what is the red building next to the "United Warehouse" in the pics 1&3?
  4. Add a link to the mod. There are some of them and some causes errors others not. Might be related to version of the mod you using.
  5. ?? - Thats what I said fixes the issue.
  6. There is an issue with TLM and IPT2. I installed TLM AFTER creating my MOM and train lines. So the depots where already assigned with IPT2. Everything works fine. Now I was trying to create a new tram line and got a "depot not found" error in IPT even the depot was next to the starting point of the line. To further investigate I even build a test line with only vanilla components and to stops on a shoprt street part with only a depot connect but still "No Depot" in IPT2 and no chance to choose a vehicle.. After turning of TLM I suddenly could select the depots again (the same, that was not there with TLM) and everything works like a charm. I've not tested so far if the lines continue to work if I turn on TLM again, but will do later. So as the issue within IPT2 disappears when unsubscribing TLM it should be something that messes up when both mods are used. I have reported the issue as well on the IPT2 WS page.
  7. Vanilla or Workshop buildings? Do they have power?
  8. That should be Joaks International Airport combined with one of Hikke
  9. @boformer Instead of showing how to remove seagulls would it be an option to show that on a mod that removes the buoy of the ferry lines. If you have many ferry lines in a small area it looks like after the titanic has sunken and a lot of people still swimming. So it would be a example and at the same time resolving an issue with the game.
  10. Your style is perfect. Great stuff.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=656767850