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  1. I hope future version of NAM will more support LHD version soon!
  2. WAAAALLLLL EEEEEE!!!! Is more fun if EVE included on this games!!!
  3. Waduh! Waduh! Cantik sekali Istana buatan Indonesia! Asyik bangat!
  4. Where is HD version? Please update it!
  5. Is time for enjoy riding UFO from Independence Day!!!!
    Wow! KFC! Wow! McDonalds! Wow! Pizza Hutt! Look likes nobody makes SugarBun, Pezzo (Pizza Hutt clone) and Singapore Chicken Rise (SCR) restaurants...
    Thanks for plugins! Make my city was soooo... darkness ever!!!
    Thanks for nice tool!
  6. Also! You can try Swing Bridges here!
  7. Best interchanges ever!!! Keep moving forward guys!!!
  8. Countdown to NAM 36 will beginning!! I will waiting!
    I like it! Keep moving forward!!!
  9. Best building ever!!!
    Nice sandy! Awesome!!!
    Vrooooom! Pit! Pit! Start your engine!