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  1. Best beach ever!!! Rating:- 5 stars!!!
    Is swimming time!!!
  2. Here the more containers in my country Malaysia! Please add it to your collections!
  3. Nice containers DavidDHetzel! Here another containers in my country Malaysia! For the lorry are named Kontena Nasional (National Container)! I hope Simmer2 add this into games soon!
  4. Look likes a real life moving containers!!! Keep moving forward!
    Nice beautiful stadium!!!
  5. Oh yeah! Awesome!!!
    Alright! Is time for testing nice rail building right now!!!
  6. Perodua Kancil
    Thanks! Plus, here the link for growable version, because your link was dead....
    Awesome! Keep moving forward!!!
  7. Proton Gen-2
    Asyik! Istana buatan Indonesia! (Awesome! Castle made in Indonesia!)
  8. I hope future version of NAM will more support LHD version soon!
  9. WAAAALLLLL EEEEEE!!!! Is more fun if EVE included on this games!!!