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  1. Good Day Everyone I will elaborate in case my question isn't clear. When I install a custom growable RCI lot to the game, is it added to the game or it replaces an existing standard maxis lot? Please do tell me if I didn't make myself clear enough.
  2. You are right my friend about the creativity of this community since the games we are interested in requires lots of it. My hobbies are creating videos and editing music. Nothing feels better for me than creating a harmonic mixture of sound and visuals. I am married as my profile picture shows xD. I create videos about my love life since my wife love such things. If you would like to see some of my created videos, here is my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtZFkgd20ZBSkphvPAoUl6A. I also edited a music by adding various different sounds turning into a non-narrated incident. But I didn't upload it yet.
  3. As the title says, Is there any mod to make the growable RCI buildings align with the FARs and diagonal roads? I know I may be asking for something that is technically impossible due to how the game works since the lots develop regardless of the network's shape and direction.
  4. Let's say I built 2 elementary schools next to each others, do they boost the areas where their coverage circles overlap by 24 or 48?
  5. I understand that this mod must load after the NAM's. What about the dependencies, should they load after the NAM's also.
  6. @twalsh102 I am so glad I was able to help with something after being helped many times You guys are awesome. Have a nice day
  7. @catty-cb Thanks so much. I don't have this guide so I searched for it and downloaded what I found. https://archive.org/details/SimCity_4_Rush_Hour_Prima_Official_eGuide Is that the guide you got the info from?
  8. I need to know please the center strength, exterior strength, dispatch center strength, dispatch exterior strength, and dispatch radius of the maxis large fire station. I couldn't find the info anywhere.
  9. challenge upload

    I will surely give it a try because my city has a Swedish name so I was looking for some Swedish brands. Still waiting for someone to create MAX restaurant or maybe an ICA MAXI
  10. Can you do that please? I am using NAM's sam parking texture as parking lots and I was looking for some variety. Besides, I don't like that cars can pass through other cars in sam's parking lots
  11. http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?PHPSESSID=5cf267082b353d47f1cb4e1bb693ccef&topic=3809.msg118360#msg118360 According to this link, I understood the 6 properties that determines the behavior of police stations. However, what's missing in this link is how the number of available patrol cars fit into this. I think it is the number of crimes that the police force can handle at the same time. Let's say there are now 4 crimes happening within the coverage radius of a station, if there are 4 police patrol cars available, then the police can handle the 4 crimes at once regardless if they succeeded in catching the criminal. Did I get this right?
  12. @NCGAIO You also agree that population of students and patients in schools and hospitals is an artifice also?
  13. Education Effectiveness over Average Household Age 20 Years 0.0 30 Years 0.5 40 Years 5.0 50 Years 2.5 60 Years 0.0 70 Years 0.0 80 Years 0.0 This is taken from http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com. It is the mentioned stat from Maxis Large High School. If I want to understand exactly how this works? Does it mean that all the area within the coverage circle, the mentioned average ages will enjoy an education effectiveness as indicated in the table? Or does it mean that only the students that are registered in this school will enjoy these stats? Please I want accurate answers. Also, a question that is not so important, why the hell did maxis make high schools increase EQ of the ages that are actually in real life had graduated from university? xD
  14. @APSMS I believe that if EA were serious about SC4, they would have done much much better regarding the challenge of realism vs gameplay. But actually that's what EA is all about, releasing incomplete games and promising the player base with solutions in the next release instead of fixing their product. I think SC4's rating on Steam is too much overrated. People who actually recommend SC4 to others, it's the package of SC4 + modds that they recommend not the game as a standalone. The game has too many bugs and mistakes that makes it unplayable by itself. The glory this game is still enjoying even after more 14 years of its release is because of its idea which EA didn't invest at all, the modding community's dedication and the ease of modding it.
  15. In LeProp software, you can state the wealth of a hospital. What does that mean? Is there such value for hospitals?? If yes, then how does it work? The wiki.sc4devotion didn't mention anything about the wealth of medical clinic, large medical center, or disease research center.