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  1. Working With Maxis Tunnels

    @jeffryfisher @rsc204 My problem was with the tunnel extending more than I want it to. But raising the tile where I want to the exit portal to be worked. My current problem is fixed. But for next time, I would like to know how to make use of the terrain query. Can you please clarify what these coordinates mean? Also, I didn't understand the trick you mentioned about how to make tunnels cross rivers.
  2. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    God damn it man. I am in no mood for downloading custom contents today. But the problem is that anything worked by T Wrecks is a must download especially if SG had his handprint in this
  3. Working With Maxis Tunnels

    @jeffryfisher I thought about that but I want the tunnel's exit point to be on the flat terrain where I ak dragging. Maybe raising the lot will decide where I want the exit point to be? Because when I construct the tunnel, the tiles where the exit point is constructed are raised
  4. Working With Maxis Tunnels

    But mate, the terrain shape along points 1, 2, and 3 as shown in the screen shots is exactly the same where I am dragging.
  5. Mod for Coast Fence

    @rsc204 Man you are a human search engine. I searched for such mods before posting here and I came across VIP AubracWallMMP and CP Lodgepole Fence MMP. But I didn't come across RRP Wooden Fences which is what I was looking and using right now. Thanks mate.
  6. Hello everyone, I think we can all agree that maxis tunnels have an advantage over NAM's ones that you can build normally on top of them. But for some reason, I have no control over the location of the exit point. To make myself clearer, check out the following screenshots. Is there a mod or a certain way to decide where I want to the exit point to be? The slope mods I am using are disabled in case you wanna suggest that.
  7. @Fantozzi I know I am deviating out of the topic to a different one which is not related to the thread anymore. But managing the traffic is a real pain. If it wasn't for the traffic simulator configuration tool, I would have quit this game. The original game offers you no reliable solutions for the challenges this game creates. Let's talk about managing traffic. You can't solve a problem without information and data. The info related to the traffic in the game are not clear. I mean what does street capacity exactly means. Is it the number of cars the street can contain per tile? per 10 tiles? In the real world, drivers always search for the least congested road. In the game, that doesn't happen often. I am not sure what maxis was thinking when they gave a time limit for people to reach their jobs or else they will become unemployed. And since they decided to include this challenge, they should have provide the players with tools to deal with this challenge such that: how much this unemployed sim is gonna take time to reach his job to know how far are we from the time limit to plan accordingly. Moreover, shouldn't a sim try another way of transportation before deciding to stay at home because he couldn't get to his job within the time limit by driving his car. I am not saying I want a completely realistic game as the real work of building and managing a city is boring. But when someone doesn't provide a game based on realism, the alternative rules should be clear. The reason I am bringing this up is that I don't consider managing the traffic a real challenge as we can head to the TSCT and change some values if we had enough from maxis flawed system. If I want to define a real challenge I would say: a range of problems that can occur within a certain category that can be observed through information and data which you can use to compose the best solution from a range of tools available to you. Maxis traffic system gave us traffic problems, but neither data nor tools. NAM gave us tools but no data because providing a way to collect data requires editing the game itself not just modding it. Because the data element is missing, I can't call traffic a real challenge and thus I need the TSCT to get rid of this "incomplete and frustrating" fake challenge
  8. RLM Fence Props Revision 2

    Can you include them as propable lots?
  9. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    Just to be sure. I already have a version of the traffic simulator configuration tool installed when I installed NAM 34. Is the version of the TSCT that comes with NAM 36 a new one?
  10. @Fantozzi @rsc204 @CorinaMarie Thanks for Fantozzi for making my point clearer as I think my point is missunderstood. The main reason I started using custom civic buildings is the disturbing situation of having a (police station, elementary school, high school, and hospital) every few blocks. So I agree with rsc that's not my concern. My problem is the following: I downloaded a large school and edited its stats by using LEProp. I made it elementary and high school at the same time. Its coverage area radius is 2181. I converted all the numerical values related to the custom school based on the large elementary school and large high school. Lemme talk about the coverage area radius and its cost. I did the following formula 2181*500/820 + 2181*500/680. 500 £ is the 100% local school bus funding of the large high school and large elementary school. 820 is the coverage area radius of LHS and 680 is that of the LES. The annoying situation is that the cost of covering an area of 820 is really low when mathematically speaking it should be more than 1,000 £. One may come up with an explanation that makes this realistic. But what I actually care about is that the game has lost a challenge. Budget management had became easier. Because there is no mod to fix that and I don't want managing the budget to become easier, I am simply saving my city and then covering my whole city with LHS and LES for the purpose of knowing how much bus funding it's gonna cost me and then exiting the city without saving and setting the school bus funding of the custom school to the value that I would have paid with the large high school and large elementary school.
  11. Mod for Coast Fence

    Is there a mod by which you can construct a fence that fits a coast walkpath just like you do with trees and sm2 stones?
  12. I really need a mod that let you determine the coverage area of a custom school and hospital at 0% funding. The reason for that is that whenever I download a custom school or hospital that has a very wide coverage area, it can cover a large area at 0% funding where maxis ones can cover the same area at 90% funding. I don't feel comfortable with this as I feel it is kind of cheating or in other words making the game really easy. Can a modd like this be made in the first place? Please tell me if I haven't made myself clear.
  13. Hello @CorinaMarie Is there a thread where one can place suggestions or requests for mod ideas?
  14. @twalsh102 Thanks for your analysis mate. In the mean time, I am building maxis large high schools and maxis large elemenraty ones to try to estimate how much coverage its gonna cost me to cover my whole city without saving of course and then setting the coverage funding of custom schools to the same values I would have paid with the maxis ones xD. Too bad my technical knowledge is limited to learning simple softwares and using them.
  15. @twalsh102 I guess we just have to wait for a mod to come up to achieve the purpose of setting the area that a school can cover at 0% funding. And yeah, I thought about the custom hospitals I downloaded and edited. @markussaage With SimCity 4, it's like twalsh said, it is you who decide how do you want to play the game and what makes sense to you. For instance, I stopped using maxis police stations due to the inability of cops to stop a criminal in an area that is more than 4 tiles outside the road. It's not only unrealistic that a cop can't run more than 48 meter, the problem with this is that you will be restricted to a certain design in your city apart from the face that you won't be able to stop crimes in large areas like the university, golf club, international airport, etc...