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  1. Thank you @rsc204 I will see if I can get at it. Edit: Got it and more knowledge too, can't beat that.
  2. I've looked around but can't find it. Can someone tell me if the TSCT Installer is available as a separate download?
  3. @dogabone I use Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 and 16.04 with wine 1.8, however I use the disk install. It seems you are doing everything correctly to that point. Maybe try using the custom install and un-check anything to do with CanAM and see if it gets you past the hang up. You could try running the NAM Installer from the commandline and see if there are any useful error messages.
  4. I just wanted to pull together some ideas that have jumped out at me. To address this concern, I like the concept @Tarkus proposed in the next quote. A 'Pay for Convenience' scenario that seems like it would be fairly straight forward to implement. This is a good thing to keep in mind no matter what your doing. You are absolutely correct, you can't please everybody. Normally, the sweet spot is when nobody is 100% happy. So true, no one lives forever. It does make sense to stock the shelves before you put out the 'OPEN' sign. Rolling releases is a great idea, it should sustain the interest of users if it's done with some regularity. And your offering compelling content. There seems to be some consensus on this point and since I am almost finished a project that I think will do this for Linux users, I have to agree. This would help new users and address concerns of giving credit where credit is due. Also part of my current project, I plan to include a tool to create a launcher for the user. This is what drove me to start my project. It was also suggested by rsc204 after I posted my commandline tutorials. Truly an enormous amount of work. I think the KISS principle may have to be applied here and Fantozzi's thoughts about after we're gone. I like the pre-packaged zip file approach mentioned earlier.
  5. Don't beat yourself up Cori, legalise is all about interpretation. That's why there are so many lawyers.
  6. Sorry I forgot to include this part in the quote. Any building not directly touching the rail line will have 'long' freight times.
  7. I agree, bandwidth has to be a consideration. Maybe a Lite Version? One that doesn't backup the entire collection. Maybe the Lite Version could work well with the Mod Packs concept?
  8. TMTS I really like your ideas, the whole thing speaks to me. Well Done I think what you describe is possible, on Linux, I don't know enough about windows to say. Either way it would be a huge undertaking, though It should mesh well with an apt type delivery system.
  9. I like the idea of making custom content easier to access and use. It may be the thing that extends the life of the game for many more years. I have only been a member here for a short time (a long time player) but I have seen that many here thrive in the face of a challenge. But not everyone wants to bother with such things, they just want the experience of playing a great game and I don't think we can continue to ignore that fact. I have been watching the progression of thoughts on this topic and I am very impressed how it is quickly melding into a cohesive plan. Especially noteworthy is the commitment to the original authors of the content. I think that is a good analogy of the type of system that would work in this situation. In fact, I am currently working on a project that will require downloading of content from STEX and LEX so the legal and moral aspects of the conversation have been of particular interest. I don't really know anything about the inner workings of the apt system. I can say that the concept of having everything thoroughly vetted before it gets on the repository is very reassuring. Also since it is Open Source, a shameless copy is OK. So I am very much on board with this idea and willing to help if I can, within the limits of RL.
  10. I did some more poking around and found the TSCT log file. According to that it managed to find the correct folder and files. TSCT: Version: 1.3.3, Build: 1715, Simulator-Version: 2.4.1 Load templates... >> Traffic template loaded. >> VolumeView template loaded. >> ZoneView template loaded. Search for TS folder... Check stored TS folder... >> Set folder for TS! >> Use TS folder: C:\users\handyman\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod >> Set Last path: C:\users\handyman\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod Search for other Simulator files... > Search for other Traffic,Volume/ZoneDataView files... >> No other Simulator files found! Open Traffic file... > Search for file beginning: NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z >> File found: C:\users\handyman\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\NetworkAddonMod_Traffic_Plugin_Z_Medium.dat File loaded! >> Actual version of Simulator. Open Volume DataView file... > Search for file beginning: NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Z >> File found: C:\users\handyman\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\NetworkAddonMod_Volume_Data_View_Z_Medium.dat File loaded! Open Zone DataView file... > Search for file beginning: NetworkAddonMod_Zone_Data_View >> File found: C:\users\handyman\My Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins\Network Addon Mod\NetworkAddonMod_Zone_Data_View.dat File loaded! I recently became aware that when you install the NAM in Wine on Linux and you don't use the default prefix, the TSCT will end up in the default prefix anyway. I like to install SC4 in it's own prefix so I don't bork it with another program. Anyway I found the "TSCT-1.3.4.zip" and wrote a bash script to direct it to load in my preferred prefix. I ran this from my Linux Desktop and wanted to be sure it found the files it needed. Seems to work fine, now I can get my game re-installed and check that it is working from that end.
  11. I believe TSCT.jar could be run from anywhere. Could someone confirm this for me? If so, what files will it need to find and where are they supposed to be? Any help appreciated.
  12. I have enlarged your pic and a couple things jump out at me. Many of your industrial lots are not touching the rail line. Every lot must contact the rail line in order for it to use the line. On the bottom right there is an industrial zone, as well as farther up the right side. Notice that every lot touches the rail line and the pedmalls. Even if you zone say, 4 tiles out from the line and you end up with one 2 tile factory against the rail and another 2 tile factory grows next to it against the pedmall, the one against the pedmall will have no rail service. These industrial zones happen to be on the edge of the map (the only pic I had handy), but I have also built them away from the edge and I usually lay them out like a pitchfork with all the spurs coming out to a single line. The pedmalls are very particular but once you get the hang of it they work well. It appears that your biggest problem is plopping them on terrain that is sloping in more than one direction. They can handle a little slope in one direction. I usually restrict my usage of these pedmalls to an area I preflattened and use dirt paths for the sloping areas. I only build cities without roads and I have found that ports don't like rail only (have only used Maxis ones). But after seeing your post I was thinking you could probably put a freight station next to the port with a short section of road connecting them. Just so you know, landmarks don't like pedmall only. I settled on the "Black Hole Waste Management v2". I normally plop it in a corner of the city and run an 'L' shaped road around the remaining 2 sides to allow for selling waste disposal to 2 neighbors. I am currently updating my systems, so I don't actually have the game installed right now, so I can't be positive about the following; the slider in the query for this building can be set to zero? This is certain; the slider in the civic menu, under Trash Disposal can be set to a nominal amount (i use $20). Now, there is also a slider for it under Parks and Recreation, that is usually set to $1000 but it can also be set to a nominal amount and it will work great. No more trash problems. I hope something here helps.
  13. I got a chance to take a look at source for the Compiler. While it does accept some arguments as is, I think I would have to rewrite some of the Java code to accept the Input/Output paths. I did not want to get sidetracked from my current bash project, so I decided to find a different approach. Actually I came up with two different procedures but settled on preseeding the settings file with the paths. This seems to be working as needed.
  14. You never cease to amaze Cori. Thanks for the demonstration, I will be using this