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  1. Thanks for trying that out. I will have to look into it, see if I can find something.
  2. Just realized I did not address this, if you have a chance, try ./InstWineWinetrix_crippled
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I did a quick check and it seems your bash is out of date, and since 10.10 is no longer supported you would have to compile from source. Also 12.04 is about to reach the same point. It seems it does not follow the same syntax as current bash. It may not, actually be a problem with the bracket, but rather something that precedes it. Nonetheless, it's important to know. I appreciate the effort.
  4. Thank you. I am still using my the original disk for SimCity4Deluxe Edition that I bought when they first came out. When they finally wear out I will have to go digital, but, not before. I don't know much about the tools, such as, GMax and iLives. Those instructions came about when I finally got SC4D running properly in Wine I just wanted a little more experience and those tools seemed to be popular. You would probably find better answers for this in the Modding section. I have tried SPAM, but ran into graphics glitches.
  5. Thanks, for the feedback. The functional version of the script is purposely focused on installing and setting up Wine for SimCity, on a Debian based or compatible, OS. The version I posted is crippled, so, it makes no changes to your computer. It is intended to collect specific feedback in the text file it creates. I have no personal experience with Mac's, but it seems, from your post, that it does not recognize the redirection syntax. You may have to see if you can install a bash shell in BSD.
  6. This is a crippled bash script that will simulate the install of Wine and Winetricks, and creation of a .wineSC4D prefix for SimCity4(D/RH). I have commented out (de-activated) all the commands that would make actual changes to your system and replaced those with a message, a test and or a short sleep command. There is one caveat here, in order to test the script you will need a small program called Dialog. As a result I have left the functions to check for, and install, Dialog uncommented (active -- It Will Install Dialog if Needed). **Installing Dialog will require your password. If you prefer you can install Dialog beforehand, with the command line 'sudo apt-get install dialog' or in a graphical way with Synaptic. The script should work from any Directory, however, you wil need to 'right click' on the script file and select Properties then Permissions Tab and 'checkmark' 'Allow executing file as a program' Now you 'double click' the script file and choose 'Run in Terminal' to run the script or 'Display' to open it in an editor so you can see the code. You can make any selections you like in the Dialogs and it will make no changes to your computer. In fact I encourage you to try it a few times, making various choices. This will give me more varied feedback to look at. When you run the script it will create 'logfile.txt' in the same directory as the script. This file will contain feedback from the script and your OS version and Kernel version. I encourage you to look at this file to make sure you are comfortable with the info it contains. If you are OK with what you see please post this file back to the the Forum so I can gather all the results. You may also end up with a zero byte file named '0', you can delete this. Readme.txt InstWineWinetrix_crippled
  7. Thanks you for responding so quickly. I have only ever used Debian based OS's. Debian, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Gnome, Linux Mint. I know these all use the same file retrieval / installation command structure (apt-get). XFCE is a Desktop environment that runs on a Debian base so theoretically it should work. A basic install of one of these would likely work for this test. I don't know if the Mac OS uses the same command structure, but the P4 would be a very good candidate, I think. My only real concern is whether or not I need to build in some delays to wait for slower systems. Technically, I don't see why it would'nt work with Live CD or USB. I have not tested this. I have to tend to RL matters for a while, more info to follow.
  8. If you are interested, please leave a post below. If there is some interest, I will post more details. It is a small script to install Wine and Winetricks but, for the initial tests, it will be crippled. I have tested, the functional version, dozens of times on my system and it has worked as expected. My concern is not knowing how my scripts will work on different hardware combinations. Even though I have 4 different installations, they all live on one physical system. My hardware is all pretty new, so if it is run on a slower setup will there be timing issues that I don't see. It would be irresponsible, I think, to release it without some basic testing on other systems.
  9. My bad, sorry.
  10. If someone is struggling with these basic tasks in any OS, then they still need some work. And if one is just a basic user then there should be no need to use the command line. I agree, it's called marketing. It was no more difficult to learn Linux than it was to learn windoze.
  11. I must strongly disagree with this statement. Everyday activities like moving files are no more complicated on Linux than they are on windoze.
  12. I only brought it up because I don't recall getting the warnings previously. I'm not really concerned in this particular situation because of the reasons stated above. However I have been on a mission to get family and friends to pay attention to these warnings. I believe it is a good tool, along with knowledge and common sense and would never suggest that you "turn it off".
  13. Has anybody else noticed that the sign on page is not secured?
  14. Which Distro and version of Linux are you running? I have been running Wine 1.8 for a couple years, with no problems, on UbuntuGnome 14.04 and more recently on UbuntuGnome 16.04. The caveats with 14.04 is, you can't run it in windowed mode and you cannot have any other windows open when you run SC4, it simply does not play nice. Also if you have anything that pops under while playing the game, it will crash instantly, this includes the Update Notifier. So make sure to run Updates before starting the game. Also, when you launch SC4, it will start in the background so you have to wait a minute and ALT+TAB to bring to the foreground. You can avoid these issues by installing 16.04, which will run in windowed mode and doesn't mind if other things are opened while playing. The only small issue with this setup is I can't ALT+TAB to another window, but I can use the SUPER key to raise the HUD and choose a window from there. Also make sure you have the TELot fix, regardless of the OS version. Below is the command from my Desktop shortcut. env WINEPREFIX="/home/mike/.wine-SC4D" wine C:\\Program\ Files\\Maxis\\SimCity\ 4\ Deluxe\\Apps\\SimCity\ 4.exe -intro:off -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32 -d:hardware -CPUcount:1
  15. Nice to see more people are discovering Linux. It can be a bit of a challenge making the switch, but I am very happy I stuck with it. For any problems I have encountered I have found a solution, usually pretty quickly. If you think about the time you spent learning to deal with windoze, it wasn't always easy, but you stuck with it. If you give the same time to learning your flavour of Linux, I think, you will be much more satisfied with the results. If you have any questions, post them, and I will try to help. I have been working on scripts to replace some of the lengthy instruction sheets I currently have posted, so I am not on the site much lately, but I do check the forums at least once a day. Once I worked out the process I currently use, for SimCity etc, I have not had any major issues that I did not cause myself. If it ran well on windoze it will run well in Wine.