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  1. This documentation shouldn't disappear any time soon - Python 2.7.13 Documentation EDIT: Also has download links that work
  2. I've never had a train wreck before. I could not get rid of them until I restarted the game.
  3. Thought this might be worth a look - Zim Wiki
  4. I just did a little checking and it does not look like images is a feature. Oh well.
  5. Sorry about that. I downloaded it from my Software Center on my computer. Here's the link I got from there TomboyNotes
  6. I like where your going with this, I often struggle to find things on the site. Just thought I would throw Tomboy out there as a possibility. I have been using it for a few months now, to organize all my notes and howto's. I like it because of the ease of use and light weight. It also allows me to synchronise all the content across all my desktops. It has automatic crosslinking, can export to html, Latex, Latex to PDF and more. Will work on Linux, osx and windows.
  7. I think I will have to give them all a try.
  8. What I read on the page seems to say, " Put the mod in your plugins folder, start your city, save and close your city and then remove the mod and reopen your city and you will have the start up cash and no further affect on your city. That was my understanding.
  9. You might want to try the RCImulti - MODpack for SC4 Delux/RushHour 1. It has various .dat's that you may find helpful. Read the Readme file carefully. You can find it here here
  10. I believe, you only need to level the area for the ramps. I have used the FLUPs pieces along the side of a steep hill. Also, visually, you can follow the FLUPs route by the vents on each FLUPs tile.
  11. I have used FLUPs many times, yes it can be difficult to insert them into a built up area. Sometimes you can carefully guide them in, but many times I had to bulldoze an area to work in. As stated earlier, that's just the way it is, so I try to plan ahead a little to reduce any issues with placement.
  12. I've seen a lot of valid ideas and ensuing discussion here, and while I agree with the sentiment, I think the statement by Cycle Boom is probably the most pertinent. Regardless of the way we read the language, the final say will depend on a third parties interpretation.
  13. While it does seem that the wording might allow it, I would have to agree with rsc204. Money talks! So true cori.
  14. Excellent work Cori. I struggled when I first tried using FLUPs too, wish these were around then.
  15. I seriously considered this before I posted, and I agree with that concern. However, I would have to dust of my coding skills first, so I decided to get these out there now, and work on the other after.