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  1. The After Dark, Natural Disasters, and Mass Transit updates should just be called the "Things that SimCity 4 Has that We Forgot To Put In Our Game" DLC 1, 2, and 3.
  2. I thought San Minato Airlines was temporarily out of service!
  3. I kind of had the same reaction when they announced the release of Prison Architect on consoles. Not so much concerning the power of the console, obviously, but the lack of accurate input and mods for the game. It seems kind of silly to port games when they don't work well.
  4. closed

    My most memorable city-building experience was with SimCity 4, in my earlier days of building. I was, at that point, going through a phase where I would start my cities by dragging highway through them, splitting the map into quarters, and have residential on two quarters and commercial and industry in the other two. I wasn't having much success with this theory though. One day, I somehow made this formula magically work, and within 20 minutes a city of 75,000 sprang up out of nowhere! This was one of the biggest cities I had ever built! And I did it in 20 minutes! I was super-excited. Cliche ending, I didn't save, game crashed soon after, my freak luck was never replicated.
  5. Evansville, IN has a decent skyline for its size. The city is about 120,000, with the metropolitan area claiming to be 314,000 (I'd argue against that metro figure though, since Evansville sits in the middle of Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville, and St. Louis, and that number probably includes all the area halfway between each of those cities, a lot of space). Anyway: Fun fact: the white building on the far right is the tallest building, it's essentially abandoned, and it used to be the HQ of Old National Bank, who moved to that new building in the middle on the waterfront.
  6. Maybe not the craziest interchange but I think someone went a little crazy with the roundabouts in Carmel, IN.
  7. The immense amount of effort that went into each of these pictures absolutely baffles me. Great job, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. I may need some jaw surgery to put it back after seeing this.
  8. Welcome Back to New Cardiff! Hey, it hasn't been long, but I wanted to post a short progress report on New Cardiff. After finishing the highway, I set to work on the downtown area. I began by downloading a couple of diagonal assets and scattering them about the area. After about an hour of tinkering, this is the result: This is just a barebones setup, I need to go and find several diagonal park assets and such to really fill out the space. Any suggestions? Replies @Urban Constanta Thanks so much! And I've fixed the link. Thanks for the sub! @MeMyself&I Again, thanks for subbing! Thanks for the love on the Funkychange, it's my first try at something so unique. Shameless Plug Section Here's a nice 6-ish minute video of me building all this. If you like my work please check out my YouTube channel. I'm currently building my city of Harinsburg, as well as New Cardiff, which is meant to capture the look of a Midwestern industrial river town. If you really like Harinsburg and want too see still images, written descriptions, etc, check out my other City Journal of Harinsburg:
  9. Yeah, I think the monitor would be fine running at that resolution, just with letterboxing. And wow, I thought the game was a little more open with supporting resolutions; apparently not. It's kind of disappointing it's not simple to make an open-source SC4 like people have done with OpenRCT and OpenTTD.
  10. simcity.wikia.com says the max horizontal resolution is 2048. With that as the horizontal resolution, the 21:9 res would be about 2048x878. And yes, I know that a twin monitor setup would be more cost-efficient (I'm purchasing a $200 Ultrawide when I could have gotten two $100 monitors with the same vertical height, but I'm going to be hooking it up to my laptop, which only has 1 video output, and I like the ratio of Ultrawides, especially for watching movies.
  11. Does anyone know if SimCity 4 would play well with 2560x1080 (21:9 UltraWide) monitors? I'm getting one soon and have been scouting around looking for this info; I read somewhere (don't know where) that SimCity 4 doesn't really like width resolutions much past 2000.
  12. Thanks so much for the love. This is the first time I've built anything really different like this. Beginner's luck, maybe? And there you go!
  13. Had a lot of fun building what I'm calling the "Funkychange". Is there any official name for an interchange like this?
  14. Welcome to the beginnings of New Cardiff! Theme for New Cardiff: My hope for the brand-new city of New Cardiff is to capture the feel of a fairly large Northeastern/New England city. I decided to call it New Cardiff to follow the unoriginal New England naming scheme of copying British names (such as New York, New Britain, New London, New Hampshire, and yes, New England itself) and tacking on "New". I don't want to make it like a huge, super well-known city, such as NYC or Boston, rather something a bit smaller, such as New Haven, Connecticut. First Step: The Road System Every good city needs a good highway system, so for this project I decided that would be the first thing to get done. There are two major highways that I've created so far; one going east-west and the other north-south. The one going east/west is I-95, a real interstate that is very important to cities like New Haven and very busy on a regular basis. The north/south interstate is I-693, an imaginary road that, from my bit of research, would place New Cardiff on the southern Connecticut shore between New Haven and New London, CT. Trumpet Interchange Here's I-95 Westbound heading towards the interchange and the future downtown on the other side. An overview of the trumpet interchange, with the top of the screen facing east. The elevated rail there will head north and east out of downtown, stretching out into the suburbs. A couple more angles, facing north- and southbound, respectively. The Funkychange I don't know of any official name for an interchange like this one, so I have christened it "Funkychange". Here's a full overview of the interchange. My idea was to have a functional exit off of I-693 onto an avenue parallel to the highway, while the highway curved off diagonally. You can get off and on to I-693 from Tredegar Avenue in any way imaginable. There's even a U-turn from I-693 North to South. And here's where the Funkychange ends and Tredegar Avenue begins. I decided to call it this after Tredegar Street in Cardiff, UK. If you like my work please check out my YouTube channel. I'm currently building my city of Harinsburg, which is meant to capture the look of a Midwestern industrial river town. If you really like Harinsburg and want too see still images, written descriptions, etc, check out my other City Journal of Harinsburg: Thanks for reading, and merry building!
  15. Welcome Back to Harinsburg! I lied. I said this would be a weekly journal. I'm sorry. On the bright side, I finally remembered to turn grid lines off! Shameless plug alert!! Check out the corresponding build video to this journal entry! _____________________________________________ The Mighty Cowanthe River The Cowanthe River flows south through Harinsburg, cutting right by our new-and-improved downtown (more on that later). Every good American Midwestern city needs a river! __________________________________________ Downtown Harinsburg Standing proudly in the city centre are the beginnings of a decent-size metropolis. Any suggestions for W2W buildings that would fit this space are appreciated! Harinsburg au Nuit _______________ Weltham and Weltham Heights The main part of this nicer neighborhood, closer to the highway, is now simply known as Weltham, whereas the subdivision of our more wealthy residents retains the name Weltham Heights. The wealthy citizens of Harinsburg have been... elevated... in status. ^^ And now, to answer your burning question: why is it called the Cowanthe River? ^^ ___________________________________________ That's it for this week, but next week we'll be back with more (hopefully)! Thanks for taking the time to check out my little city journal, Follow to get updates on it every week (again, maybe). Link to the full Imgur album I've been uploading the creation of Harinsburg in video form to YouTube for the past couple of months. Check that out here.