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  1. it should be still available and i posted it in 2016
  2. Nice but i also make some packs in 2016 but i cant find them here?
  3. Blank but if u want I can add with cars
  4. Version 1.0.0


    5 parking lot pieces to make ur own parking lot.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A building complex containing 3 buildings. U need Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition or the Rush Hour expansion to work. pure decorative.
  6. This one? Netherlands Standard (2-3 days) Music / DVD / Blu-ray / Software / Video Games (excluding consoles) - £2.80 per delivery + £0.40 per kg. Books (includes audio books) - £4.00 per delivery + £0.40 per kg. Other categories (including Video Games consoles) - £4.00 per delivery + £0.40 per kg. For any combination of items from the categories listed above the highest "Per Delivery" rate applies. Add the appropriate "per kg" rate as listed above, rounded to the nearest 0.10kg. Priority Delivery (2 days) All categories - £5.70 per delivery + £0.50 per kg. One-Day Delivery (1 day) All categories - £9.00 per delivery + £2.40 per kg. For any combination of items from the categories listed above add together the appropriate "per item" rates. The highest "Per Delivery" rate applies. Add the appropriate "per kg" rate as listed above.
  7. how to check the shipping cost?
  8. I have windows xp and 10 i have world edition on xp and works well but i want the UK edition again
  9. As an little kid about 7-8 years old i think i had Simcity 3000 UK edition wich i loved very much but one day i was playing but suddenly the game froze. Then i opened the disc and it was in 1000 pieces :,( I cryed all the day and I was inconsolable. Later i had found Simcity 3000 World edtion but it wasn't the same. It didn't had the buildings I used to love so much. Even more when i realised its the UK edtion and it was only made in United Kingdom and since i live in The Netherlands i can't find the game anywhere luckly i still have the box but thats useless. So im asking do somebody have Simcity 3000 UK edition and want to sell to me? Or someone knows a download link for Simcity 3000 UK edition?
  10. no just decorative
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Here u have some Simcity 4 standard building. Night lights included. PURE DECORATIVE!!!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Here u have 5 Simcity 4 basic buildings. Can be found in the Landmark menu. Perfect for ur city + the night lights it will look great!!! U get what u see.
  13. Can you please make more of those sc4 building relots? i still miss some huge standard sc4 buildings

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    2. Dollar Tower$

      Dollar Tower$

      how do you mean?


    3. RandyE


      In lot editor, the Big Ben LM building shows up as a gray square and the building you have added to the lot shows up as prop, a blue square under props.  The replacement building (prop) does not show an ID.  When I put the lots in the plugin folder and go into the game only the Big Ben LM shows up when I plop any of the lots.  

      From your preview, it looks like the lots you made worked okay for you.  The buildings correctly showed up when you plopped the lot.    I'll keep studying this today in iReader and let you know if I figure it out. 

    4. RandyE


      The following article should help with the problem:


      iReader indicates you are using  'Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat' to reference to the Maxis buildings.   Most users likely don't have that file installed and may more likely be using the bldgprop_v0l1 and vol2.  dat files.

  14. How to make cars for Simcity 4??? please help