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  1. Update: So I kinda finished tunnel covers and add second row of escalators. Progress is reeallly slow due to the studies but we'll get there eventually. Support structures for glass will be added as well: Obligatory: ALL HAIL RONYX
  2. inb4 fully glass train stations *drool* Are you planning to make a written tutorial ronyx ?
  3. Someone just asked me to allow him for reupload of my asset, under the very same asset he wants to reup. People are weird.
  4. Post this on paradox's site. I'd buy this dlc, seriously these are pretty good ideas.
  5. Unlikely, I don't think game AI prefers to use a secondary path while there's one which is going to be on escalators
  6. Well each platform is independant from others and without elevators handicapped or wheel access would be impossible, thus MOAAARRR elevators I'll keep that picture though, might come in handy sometime lol, nice stairs they are
  7. There will be two sided elevators on these holes actually (assuming what you meant ?). About stairs (escalators acutally yes), I'm planning to model them as ramps, modeling the actual escalators (with all these steps) is killing the triss count. I will "simulate" steps looking with normals and on texturing
  8. Cycles Render - Rendered Stairs are finished:
  9. The Roadmap for 2017 Bonjour, It's been some time no posting, so I'd like to dicuss upcoming stuff from my end. Currently I'm working on two projects, which one of them is the main focus. 1. Modular Train Station/Modular Transit Hub (MTH) (May-June) I am not sure what to name it FTM, on the paper it's the new version of Grand Central. It is a fully modular underground/sunken train station. When I say modular, I mean it, because you will have 4 different variants of extension on the fly. (4 different buildings) The station will be composed of a commercial and/or office towers on the wings. The rest is allocated to transportation; 1. Underground cargo extension (Now I need to find a station track for it) 2. Regular Train Stop 3. MOM Stop 4. Monorail Stop 5. Metro Connections (addition to MOM) *. Maybe tram stop with same style Regular Train Stops will come with 4 variants of stops, MOM will feature 2 variants. Monorail needs a different work, but since I don't know dimensions of the tracks and whether the track can be "grounded" it will come. (So you will get 1 main building + 6 station variants (exc. monorail) + end module) 4 different variants of extension "styles" are; 1. Regular closed roof (which the interior is invisible), 2. Wave roof 3. Open Roof (only the support structure will be visible), 4. Abstract (this will have 2 train tracks) Pictures can be seen below: Rest of the pictures: 2. Firefly Altrans (August) This is the train from movie/series Firefly. I'm modeling by a request. The project is scheduled to release by sometime in summer, since it will be a complex work, I don't want to rush it. 3. Monorail Assets (July) I will also release a monorail in time, I finished its drawings on the paper, will model it on blender sometime in April, right after MTH. Aside that one, one existing asset will be implemented as monorail in future, assuming no-one will do it by then. I will try to finish them all before September before the next academic year.
  10. So, there will be MORE roads and transportation stuff. I like the sound of it. Bad thing that Network Extension gonna be updated again lol
  11. What happened to the Dutch train station
  12. *drool* That beign said, I thought baking is not working on overlapped textures ?
  13. Yes, sort of. Original model is not 4 car, so I improvised the last car. The section which has 4 doors comes from the original design, the one which has 2 doors is my addition. The model which can be said "exact replicate" is the 3 car version
  14. Released: UVZ R1 Atom (4 & 3 Cars) 4 CARS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=876878495 3 CARS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=876882827