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  1. Open Roof section is almost over (need to edit tunnel sections). Not sure about the lighting... is it too much ? Remaining mods: MOM, Tram, Monorail, Closed Roof (Train), Wave Roof (Train), Office Buildings, (End Section)
  2. Is it still possible to make a suggestion ? Modular MOM station ? It's still demanded since multi track doesn't work on it.
  3. Update: Open roof variant; 3 stacked modules to main building along with closed section No normal, spec or lighting. Other modules (closed and glass roofs) will be based on this one: I'm having troubles with sunken tracks though, gives no path error, despite <10 unit limit, any ideas ?
  4. Very very early WIP: With main building + stacked closed roof module:
  5. Front is modeled according to actual design, that's why I wanted to know the dimensions in order to modify it for CS. It's gonna be closed mesh indeed, I just asked for the front section since it's too obvious unlike the default mono train. Not planning to model the entire bottom section but I just wanted to make front part consistent with the mono rail width. Judging from the screenshot, I'd say 1 meter..
  6. That's normal, they are acting to the pathway underneath them. Paths should have at least 9m of height between each, otherwise they will bend or snap to each other. An alternative would be building very long tracks, finish the tracking of this passage then cut unnecessary lenghts. The second will take time though, it doesnt always work.
  7. Transrapid MAGLEV WIP: I'm planning to release it in time with the DLC but since I don't know the dimensions of the monorail in-game, I can't finish the model, so it's gonna wait a bit: It will require to run on separate monorail connection, due to the length. I'm thinking to make a shortcar version for standard monoroails.
  8. Any information about the size of rails ? Like their width, lenght, and the maximum sizes of monorail cars ? I might start working on something but I need to know dimensions Appreciate any help
  9. Update: So I kinda finished tunnel covers and add second row of escalators. Progress is reeallly slow due to the studies but we'll get there eventually. Support structures for glass will be added as well: Obligatory: ALL HAIL RONYX
  10. inb4 fully glass train stations *drool* Are you planning to make a written tutorial ronyx ?
  11. Someone just asked me to allow him for reupload of my asset, under the very same asset he wants to reup. People are weird.
  12. Post this on paradox's site. I'd buy this dlc, seriously these are pretty good ideas.