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  1. Here's my CloverLeaf
  2. Here's the busiest City i have ever made.
  3. Here's some highways in Alenda
  4. Here's my Highways in my 1 million population busy city.
  5. Load up a map, i actually have 4GB.
  6. Hello, all my game has been freezing on 50% I tried everything and it doesn't work Specs: I have 8GB. Please help me.
  7. Here's one I got. Edit: The city now has 1 Million Sims.
  8. Can you fix the low traffic? Other than that this mod is awesome!
  9. here's my interchange. Didn't take long to make.
  10. lol i love your jokes
  11. i did that so my city can grow. Also, i put some freeways because I just put highways first then roads/avenue.
  12. Here's my Whole City