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  1. I'm having problems laying KOSC Superparking parking pieces,..only in my built city,... Clean tiles are fine. Some sort of overriding parking or sidewalk plugin in my folder im suspecting, or its not set up correctly. Not sure where to post this but i need some help with it, cant for the life of me work out what it is causing a CTD when trying to place the pieces. Could i please ask if anyone could link me a support page for this =) 

    Have a good day all 

    This gets 6 stars actually,...Maybe 7
  2. awesome, Just what i was looking for. =)
    Despite the small flaw this is great. Takes the strain of the eyes a little. Yes the news feed writing is smaller..but who reads the news??? lol
  3. This is all very much needed information for me, and vital to anybody with a large plugins folder. Thanks alot Rsc, this will help me to structure up things better. I hate it being un-organised and like to keep it tidy. With this info i already now know i have a load order issue with a couple of things. Will certainly help me make my plugins all tidy. I need to get to a stage where everything i have right now works properly before datpacking the folder for the very first time =)
  4. Me too indeed I created my own folders for lose DAT files. Unless im told it needs to load after a specific mod or add on i put it pretty much anywhere in my own folder. Im sure this plugin buggis extra cheats was an installer the other week.... Now its just an application extension?? .. Wait a minuite..this isnt the one you pointed me to the other week before wiping my PC is it? This is EXTRA cheats so theres another file is there not?
  5. If the read me is correct my geuss would be that it needs to be in plugins because it only affect the transit lots and not the integeral files of the game? Just a wild punt geuss =0
  6. Awesome thanks for this. I had seen it but left it alone as i assumed that it was so old that it was included in later updates. one of the human races biggest flaws...Assuming. Just went to do this install aswell and noticed this says to drop it in my documents plugin for the crash fix. Do i Ignore this and put it in the main directory plugins? Regards
  7. This already clarifies what i had already taught myself =) Thanks Rsc. I ll leave you to ponder my PM message a while.. Take your time (Unlike me) lol Hmmmm Terrain Query? now youve got me Curious. I need to get the buggi cheats so thanks for the reminder =) Forgot about that since i started re-building my plugins
  8. This i wouldn't know where to start with. As ive said before im a bit of a noob, lol,...but im always ready to learn. Takes me a little longer to process stuff in my head when lots of new information about something that im quite passionate comes my way. I try to process it all to fast because i want to know everything!
  9. Thanks lot again. Its probably worth mentioning that once i had installed this it gave my menus a bug. Streets and road (Basic maxis transport pieces) Doubled in the menus...So i removed the Sim-City1 BAK i renamed and moved it out its original location into a safe place. It fixed the problem. Seems the installer doubles your menu items aswell as your RCI. =/ lol
  10. Yep all files are there and it failed to update simcity dat. Cam was a succes tho ... I think ive got i from here,, Gessing to tell datpaker to only pack that folder not the entire plugins folder. So hit force repacking on that folder ... Just when i thought i was there and it was all done. Once id completed the merge i renamed the file that i copied in my photo number 1,.. to SimCity1_BAK, put the new merged file here deleted the other folders the packer created ..ie.. simcity 1 and plugins compressed, But im now recieving an application load error. Specifried path could not be found =/ ... Not to worry actually..i set the path from the wrong place... EVERYTHING WORKS!!! thank you so much for your continued support. Without it id be tearing my hair out =) I hope this guide helps others in the future. Note: The coloured writing at crucial steps really helps =)
  11. Good news, Just ran the installer for extended and it worked. it automatically uninstalled what what allready there and installed the file . I now have a_cam file in my plugins.. ..So ignore your plan b? Excuse the writing im a bit tired. Ill probably complete these steps tomorrow
  12. Yes i did,..this is incorrect? do you mean the first time round? if thats the case i choose the 2nd option. exteneded..but after the problems i hard restsrted my PC .wiped everything . started over
  13. I have ran the installer twice for CAMnow selected IR fix only both times & No file was created in the plugins by the name of a_ cam... ...