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  1. 10 households feels like a bit much. Most 4x4 low-density buildings tend to hold 4-6 households, IIRC. Anyway, more art deco sounds great - it's possibly my favorite style.
  2. That article specifically stated that commuter rail is only that cheap because new commuter lines are usually opened along existing rights of way, where only stations have to be constructed since the tracks are already there. The article also makes a few pointless distinctions; for example, commuter rail is a subset of heavy rail, not an entirely different thing. Ultimately, it also shows how metro that is constructed entirely underground is much more expensive than that which is constructed aboveground. Since the only difference between heavy rail metro and heavy mainline rail is usually the method of electrification and the signalling system used (both of which are a relatively small cost difference), the price of 1 mile of mainline heavy rail is the same as the price of 1 mile metro heavy rail. Yes, metro does have more frequent stations, but that should be reflected by making stations more expensive in game, not by making the tracks themselves more expensive - especially seeing as some European metros (London Underground, many S-Bahn systems) have very long stretches between stations in the outer areas, even reaching regional rail-like intervals.
  3. Regarding the price of metro/rail: I think the price of at-grade metro and rail should be identical, since there really isn't that big of a difference between the two types. Similarly, elevated metro and rail should have roughly the same price, but be more expensive than at-grade, and underground rail/metro should be far more expensive than the two other options, with rail being a bit more expensive than metro due to the greater loading gauge. Maybe add a slider to the option menu, if that's possible?
  4. I've honestly never seen a road like that in my life. Anyway, curbside parking can be disabled with TM:PE, and the rest should be doable with props. Although it would take more time to make, it'd be more customizable and saves having to recreate features that already exist mechanically.
  5. A fix may be necessary for the station tracks, since this is how it looks currently with the train tracks: However, this is purely visual. The trains are still able to run where the tracks are missing.
  6. LA Expo Line (WIP)

    I know you said no further details, but does that mean that it will be interoperable with the tram network, ie trams can run on light rail tracks? Feel free to not answer
  7. "Road modding" is being introduced in the free patch. So far, we have no idea what that will mean. But it sounds awesome.
  8. Doesn't this belong in another thread? If it happens even with all mods disabled, AndreHarv probably can't fix it.
  9. I'm currently checking this forum several times a day, hoping for news about APT, NExt or NEAT. It's probably not healthy, but I really want to see more pictures... even if it's just extra pictures of stuff we've already seen before. On the other hand, it might not be a good idea to fuel my addiction.
  10. The only case I know of regarding single-track two-way metro, is the Central Line in London. It had a single-track stretch, although service was cut back, and that section is now unused. However, the MOM metro tracks can also be used to simulate 3rd-rail heavy rail lines, and single-track two-way can be used for that purpose.
  11. Buses and bikes sharing lanes sounds unsafe, and I've never seen it IRL, though I have heard that it exists. Buses and trams sharing lanes makes a lot of sense, though, and should definitely be possible. It's just sad that bus and tram stops cannot be placed on top of each other.
  12. I have to say that I really like the trains that you're creating. However, there's one thing that makes me not use them as much as I want to: most of the trains have no barebones livery where the majority of the vehicle is line colored. A good example would be the DB Regio livery that you're using for some of the trains, but instead of having the white line be line colored, the white line should stay white and the red parts should change color. Most of your trains either only have a small part of the livery that's line colored, or have a lot of details in other colors in addition to the line colored parts. What I'm looking for is a livery that's mostly line colored, and with details in white, black and grey only. If you're not up for doing more liveries yourself (which is understandable, since you've done a lot of them so far), is there any way that I can create custom liveries for your assets?
  13. Well, andreharv said that he could start working on this again after 7/8 (or 8/7, depending on where you live - andreharv didn't specify the format). We don't know if he'll integrate the patch before or after that date, though. That depends on whether he has time for it or not. Since he hasn't given any updates, I'd assume that we'll have to wait a bit before the next update.
  14. IIRC, there's already been done some work on them. andreharv just didn't get them finished before real life happened, so they've been delayed for quite some time, which is understandable.