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  1. The train tracks are "unlimited" by default. However, by setting an actual speed limit and then going back to unlimited, it will become actually unlimited.
  2. ...can we have a version of the innovia monorail where all the grey is line colorable, rather than just the thin stripes on the front? I think it looks a bit dull with just grey.
  3. Regarding trams, maybe it's due to the tram tracks having sidewalks? If so, have you tried using the Tram Station Track that is available on the Workshop?
  4. I'd prefer a version with a tram track pre-installed. Perhaps you could use the tram station track from the tram station track mod? And perhaps somebody could create a sunken tram station track, although that might be very specific and quite far out.
  5. Awesome! It really works well when two railways cross, one of the few assets that are perfect for that situation. It has room for both a two-lane road and a narrow station under the platform.
  6. Why not all three? Given the length of the vehicles and the fact that they cross roads in level crossings, it's clear that it's a type of light rail. The individual cars are relatively short, allowing a tight turning radius, and therefore they're also trams. Finally, they run primarily in their own right of way, in an urban setting at a rapid schedule, meaning that it's also metro.
  7. That's simple. Just create an elevator asset, then import it to the game and add some pedestrian pathing. No coding needed.
  8. This sounds like an overall amazing plan! It'll be fun to try out. Okay, so AFAIK, you won't need a two track one way train module. There is only one type of station track for dual track, and it is compatible with both the dual track one way and dual track two way networks. Also, a two track one way would by necessity be a through module as well, since it would be impossible to return back the way the train came from. Regarding tram, I'm pretty sure it won't work (or at least look pretty wonky), unless you create a sunken station like the Bouteillier station that @BadPeanut recently made, meaning that it ends in trenches rather than in tunnels. Alternatively, you could go and pester @BloodyPenguin, who also made the currently available Tram Station Track. AndreHarv/Lazarus_Man has said that he has a Tram Overhaul Mod coming, but without any sort of schedule yet. Monorail sounds awesome too. Will it then be an elevated monorail that is located higher than the rest of the station, or will it be ground-level?
  9. @Turjan: the update won't allow you to set a discrete amount of vehicles per line. Unless I'm mistaken, it only allows you to set how large a portion of the overall budget is allocated to which line, meaning that if you increase the overall budget, all lines will get additional vehicles - unless you manually go through every single line and modify all of them. The method used by IPT is far preferrable to this.
  10. @Turjan: I don't think IPT will become obsolete. It will still be necessary if you want to set a discrete number of trains to a train line, and it'll also be necessary if you want to choose which models to use on a specific line.
  11. How about this one? Yes, I've actually been there. It really is that clean.
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538157066 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=536893383 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=905727337 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=912546125 The first two are definitely compatible with Train Converter and can be converted to metro, the last two may be compatible - I haven't tested.
  13. An underground bus station would be amazing. Is that even possible? I seem to recall hearing that bus stops cannot be placed underground...
  14. That looks awesome. It does look a bit wide (if it was to be used in an inner-city context), but I guess it has to be that wide in order to cover up the wide trench that the rails create. Still, looks amazing.