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  1. Does your parents argue?

    My adoptive parents? yeah, they do. Back when I was a little kid, I always thought it was funny, but now i just always think it's very annoying.
  2. my god... you think they could've made that easier to follow... ok, i'll try to figure it out. thank you..
  3. I've been trying to figure this out. I downloaded NAM 35 so i could use the highways, but i don't know how to add exits and entrances to the normal SimCity 4 default roads. I recorded a video of what i mean.. Could someone please help me figure out how to do that please?
  4. My custom made landmark-buildings for SimCity 4 keep getting 'mixed up' help?

    Yes it did work just have to make sure to go to FILE and NEW whenever you're making a new project in BAT and yeah i've been doing it since April the first mod i made was a statue of myself for this region i was ruling. lol : I do have plans on uploading stuff to STEX one day its just that 99% of the stuff ive been using was for my SimCity 4 gaming series, 'The United States of Joe Winko' and I just didn't want to release it yet. But most of them are just buildings from 3dwarehouse (im not sure if im allowed to post those) BUT i do have quite some experience with 3d modeling so im able to create some original stuff as well I use milkshape 3d and then import them into BAT. there's still quite a bit i have to learn in terms of 3d modeling however. im far from an expert, But as to getting models into BAT and importing them into SimCity 4, i memorize by heart it's just like riding a bike once you learn you never forget hahaha. ALSO just for the record, i DID NOT make that statue of me from scratch! i exported a body mesh out of the sims 2, and downloaded a cape mesh to go over it. and a seagull model for me to hold (I LOVE seagulls because they make me think of the beach and my home back in the time i lived in the Dominican republic ) the only thing i made in that picture was the box/platform i'm standing on, and my signature pointy bandanna lol
  5. good point i honestly just wanted to double the size of the region because it makes the rivers smoother. i know i could edit all of that my self, but i prefered to just use a large region. but oh well just gotta work with what i got but thanks for trying to help ♥
  6. ^that didnt really tell me of how to get around the scrolling issue :/ and heres a video of everything going on: its a long video but it shows the comparison of the original map and the resized/modified one i made.
  7. oh there's no hack or no way to get around that?
  8. the way the region mod i downloaded works is that it came with the grayscale image and the bmp, and the instructions told me to import it into SimCity 4 mapper. I changed the config size first, then imported it, i didnt do anything to the grayscale image though. was i supposed to resize it? i didnt think i needed to because when i imported it into SimCity 4 mapper it said they didnt match and gave me an option for the program to match them instead. it imported into SimCity 4 mapper fine though. the config image's original size was 104px by 64px, BUT i doubled the size of it, making it 208px by 128px. i didnt do anything to the greyscale image. Oddly enough, i tested it on my other windows 7 laptop computer (which is not a gaming computer at all. it's just average.) And the game didnt crash at all, BUT when i tried scrolling and seeing the whole region on that computer, it would not let me go to the farthest edge, as in when i clicked and dragged to see the side end of the map, it would stop part way.
  9. Maximum safe config map size? (Not region)

    is there any way to hack the games limitations? just curious. i have massive region i wanted to play as that's 208px x 120px and it crashes whenever i try to load it.
  10. im having a problem with this one region i downloaded (and modified) for SimCity 4. I downloaded this region: ^it's the 48 contiguous states of the USA. I truely love this region because it's very beautiful, However, i wanted more 'space' with it. as in make the whole map bigger. So what i did was, i doubled the size of the config, which would make the entire region twice the size as it is. and followed the readme steps included with it, i did nothing to the gray-scale image though. However, whenever i try to load the region in my SimCity 4 game, it crashes before it can load the region. the game crashes, not my computer. My computer is a MSI gaming laptop, so it should be able to handle the region, i guess, despite it's massive size, but the game crashes when i try to load it. I even turned down all the graphic settings to their lowest settings and it still crashes when i try to load it. I'm just wondering, does anyone here know if there's anyway to get the increased-sized region to work? please help ♥ and if u have any questions, just ask.
  11. My custom made landmark-buildings for SimCity 4 keep getting 'mixed up' help?

    hmmm ok thanks for the help ♥ if i still have problem with it i'll just post here. thank you
  12. My custom made landmark-buildings for SimCity 4 keep getting 'mixed up' help?

    thats the only thing that can be causing it? that's very strange because i never open up the same file at all when im importing a new building but ok. ill try that. thank you ♥
  13. i make A LOT of buildings in SimCity 4 with BAT, and i've been having this problem for quite a while. the buildings are getting 'mixed up' with each other. and it's getting annoying here's a video of an example of whats going on: does anyone know how to fix this? please help! ♥
  14. So, i just installed NAM for SimCity 4 because i saw pictures of the highways and thought they were really cool. Now, i just learned that NAM is MUCH more complicated that i thought. but i guess i could catch onto it eventually. Here's my questions for now. 1.) is there a way to connect a NAM-road to a normal SimCity in-game road? and if so how? 2.) is there a way to connect a NAM-highway to a road? and if so how? 3.) for the NAM highways and neighbor-cities-connection, is there a certain thing i have to do to make the NAM roads or highways go out of the cities and connect to the other boarding cities? Also, are there any tutorials i can follow? most of the ones i found online are outdated.