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  1. Hmm you might be right. I removed some assets (from 2100 down to 1900) and it feels abit better. Still have the mentioned problems, but a "lighter version". Strange thing is that the game was fine the last time i had 1900 assets... Is there any way to sort out the most heavy mods and assets? Thank you for the help!
  2. Thank you for the kind words! Not sure to be honest. The airport i've built is a non-funtional one. I know there are some other assets which are funtional, and with those all you have to do is connect them to the taxiways and then to the runways. They function as a one way street, so make sure the arrows are in the same direction
  3. Heya! So from one day to another my game has been very slow. During the start up of my saved game i takes 4 times longer than ususal and while it loads it uses like 95% of my RAM. After this phase the game is playable, although every time i zoom to a new location the games lags alot until i have "paned around" the area with the camera, then the lag stops. Anyone experienced the same problem? Could it be related to a single mod/asset?
  4. Hoooly fu*k dude, that is amazing! Have you created the terminals yourself or just by using the workshop props?
  5. I've completed a hangar area aswell as a remote stand. A general view of the airport: The approach for Runway 17: The remote stand. Mostly used for storing the evening/morning flights during day-/night time due to the restricted amount of gates at the terminals: The hangar area, which also holds a few "remote stands": Someone asked for a few night time shots, so here it goes (ignore the runway/taxiway system which is still not complete) Thats all for now! Next up is texturing the runways and taxiways.
  6. Its part of this pack: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=953225782&searchtext=football
  7. I've really enjoyed building this airport, and so much progress has been made! :-) Terminal 1 complete: Its used for short flights to the local islands. I've completed the General Aviation area aswell (might add another one later): There's pathways leading to a seperate "GA-terminal"l, which is connected to terminal 1 The cargo apron. DHL has a hub here: "Feeder flight" for DHL being loaded/unloaded. These small aircraft travel between the islands. A rare visitor, Lufthansa B742 being loaded with pallets: Heavy rain often bash the airport, and when it does you need proper water drainage: Last one for today, short final for this ERJ-195 Im now working on a remote stand, a hangar area and the runways/taxiway system. Stay tuned! :-)
  8. Thanks mate :-) That is absolutely true, hence why i placed the taxiway (to the right of the parked aircraft) leading out of the apron. This way other heavy aircrafts can easily just use the outer taxiway :-)
  9. Thank you! You are more than welcome to copy whatever you like! :-) Glad I can inspire you! Thank you very much! Im glad to hear you are back in the game. Comments like this is what makes me going! Dont hesitate to link your upcoming journal :-)
  10. Thanks! Yeah I'm quite happy with the result :-) And more you shall get! (soon). I've completed terminal 1 aswell as the cargo hub :-)
  11. On we go! The latest project is the airport. Its quite an large airport with both domestic and international flights. It consist of 2 runways, 3 terminals and a cargo hub. (some general aviation aswell) The shots below show Terminal 2 and 3, which serves mostly international traffic. Bare in mind the whole airport is still a WIP :-) Terminal 3 to the left and terminal 2 to the right. Terminal 3, with four large gates, two medium gates and 5 stands. Terminal 2, with two large gates and six medium ones. Quite a view from that control tower! A top down photo showing both terminals. The idea behind the airport configuration is to simulate an airport that once started small, and undergone expansions as the time went on. Until next time!
  12. Working on my new airport. Terminal one shown in the shot below More screens in my city journal soon enough :-)