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  1. The second island is complete. It contains some farmland, some residential buildings and a small harbor. (both cargo and passenger) Overview of the whole island: Connection to the third island: The residential area of the island: The harbor: Some fast food joints along the main road connecting all the islands: The third island is almost complete aswell, more shots of that one coming up shortly! Cheers!
  2. The first island is more or less completed, still some detailing to do. This is what the whole island looks like: The airport with the small town in the background: Where the city meet the farms: One from the airport: "Cleared to land" More to come!
  3. Holy shit! Some damn fine job there!
  4. Just a few more on the current progress! Overview: One of the old runways. Nature is doing its best to break it down... The terminal building The terminal during the dark hours
  5. One of the airport im working on at the moment! (more shots in my city journal)
  6. Thank you mate! Keep stoping by, more updates will follow
  7. Hey folks! Been working on a small side project. The idea is to create a tropical island. A "holiday destination" Step one is to create the airport. The below screens are still a WIP. More to come!
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. Thank you guys for the input. I will try the high resolution screen shots next time
  10. Just one showing "Bulltofta" industrial area:
  11. Haha yaaay, what do i win?!
  12. Thank you very much! As you probably have noticed I used your highrise building Thank you! No they work fine, aslong as there is a street nearby
  13. Had some time to play this weekend. Been expaning the eastern part of the inner city. The railyard maintenance building at "Kirseberg" Overview of current status:
  14. Thank you! Yeah i will make the old town aswell. Actually I've done it already, but i think i will remake it.
  15. SO...I decided to jump to another project, namely "Malmö". Im trying to re-create my hometown. Still alooooooong way to go, but here are some shots of my current progress. I picked up an old save, so theres alot of detailing and re-doing to be done. The shots below show the harbor and one of the highway entrances to town. (The pictures are heavily work in progress)