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  1. "Project X"

    Haha hell yeah! Looking forward seeing your creation! :-)
  2. Show us your airport.

    Heya JohnAkaMrP! I've added some functional gates (~2 per terminal). Im guessing that if I make them all functional its going to spawn 1000 aircrafts. I havnt connected the taxiways to the runways yet so im not sure how it will work out. I will let you once i've done it though :-)
  3. "Project X"

    So far so good! You slowly start to recognise the airport. The A-pier: The B-pier: The C-pier: Area between the C-pier and runway 22L "Hurry up and taxi already!!" United B767 being pushed back from the C-pier:
  4. Hello folks! Would anyone be able to create (or knows if someone has made them already) the green lights that are to be found on airport taxiways? More or less the same (just a little less intense) as the blue lights shown in this screenshot. I would love some for my airport project! Cheers!
  5. Show us your airport.

    Oh but it is! Good eye! Thank you and likewise regaring your airport in this topic! :-)
  6. Show us your airport.

    One from my latest project (more shots in my city journal) Its still a very much WIP:
  7. "Project X"

    Still havnt found any good colors. Better than the last shots, but not good enough. Might be because i choose a desert map? Anyway here is what I got so far. The Go-terminal, the D-gates and the C-pier is complete (more or less, will add some more details) The C-pier: Some stands for smaller aircrafts. The Go-terminal in the foreground, and the C-pier in the background: One during the night, will add more light on the aircraft, vehicles and taxiway on a later stage:
  8. "Project X"

    Haha cheers mate! :-) Thank you! Going to put use to that incredible SAS CRJ of yours! You are correct! Thanks mate! :-)
  9. "Project X"

    Nope! Close though...
  10. "Project X"

    Here we go! Just a first "preview" of the airport. Still along way to go. Dont mind the yellowish colors, hopefully i will manage to find the colors I had previous to the reinstallation. Can anyone guess which airport I've taken inspiration from?
  11. "Project X"

    I have re-installed the game and are now working on a new airport :-) Still aloooooong way to go but I will show some screen soon enough! Cheers mate, think you are gonna enjoy the new one aswell :-) Yeah you are right! The time invested though... The savegame is probably long gone. Hopefully this build will be even better :-)
  12. Hey there! Would you by any chance consider doing some empty cargo pallets? The ones in this picture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_support_equipment#/media/File:Airport_equpment.JPG Would love some for my new airport project! Cheers!
  13. "Project X"

    Hmm dont know, but it worked haha. Anyway, I've re-installed the game and removed all the assets now. Time to start fresh i guess!
  14. "Project X"

    Sadly enough the game has quit on me. Not sure why or what is causing the problem, but I've tried everything and no luck yet... As a last resort I will try to re-install the game aswell as remove all my assets, hopefully this will do the trick. So anyway, no more screens for a while and no more updates from the last project im afraid :-(
  15. "Project X"

    Thank you Sir! Love your workshop assets, keep em coming! :-) Thanks! :-) These assets: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=913830059 For some parts of the terminal I use the gates from Vasimr22's assets, found in the workshop. Hmm dont remember the computer spec, can find it for you later. At the moment I cant play the game though, it freezes up the computer every time I try to load a game :'( Some of them are real roads and some of them are just decals. The roads on the aprons are just decals. Thank you for the kind words! :-)