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  1. Welcome and great work! I wouldn't bother making it follow the terrain because it would look weird and tracks are usually placed on flat ground anyway... For the textures it really depends. Baking is probably better if you want some ambient occlusion or if you have complicated layouts that are not convenient to place on a unique texture. Otherwise not using baking allows to overlay UVs thus improving the overall resolution. The tris count seems adequate for such a building (size+detail+won't be used a lot). What matters most is the optimization of the LOD. I'd say it should be possible to shoot for under 150 tris and 128 or 256 textures, but that's a very rough estimate. Keep it up!
  2. Thank you for your answer. Even better if it's automatic of course, all that matters is that the needed categories are there at the end of the day. I realise it's a very very niche feature and honestly I can live without it but if a modder considers it worth trying...
  3. I have been thinking about how functional mixed-use buildings could be implemented in the game and maybe it could be done through different sub-buildings with different categories. The idea isn't new of course (I don't remember when I first saw it). However if done for growables, it would only be published in the category of the main building on the Workshop. I was wondering if it would be possible to create something similar to BP's More Asset Tags mod but that would allow to set multiple main categories when publishing to the workshop? I doubt it would work (kinda opens the door to all sorts of problems if someone wants to cause trouble) but asking is free...
  4. Sorry for the late answer, they are indeed off-centered and the building is released! Comes with a corner version which is redundant for RICO users but not if they are used as growables... inspiration: Yesterday I also uploaded a modern terraced house pack. 3 brick colours, level 1 and 2 -> 6 assets for 7.4 MB. inpiration: Now I'll try to finish my trees, dammit!
  5. So many quality assets! I don't know if it's temporary but your chicken would gain from having smooth shading, they would then look very close to the other chicken... with 40x fewer tris. Keep it up!
  6. It's clearly an improvement! Maybe the normal sprites lack a bit of density but it's probably hard to make them wider but still not too flat... Having said that I'm using your mod to get rid of the sprites anyway because I find them odd in lawns... And because they look bad but not anymore with this
  7. @AmiPolizeiFunk Thank you! Maybe Prop it Up! can help you there @Matthias King Thank you too! 1100 tris is kind of a lot for a 2x2, especially a growable... But if I keep the windows on all sides it's the best I can do. You can easily find equivalents for half that amount or even less, but it's not too much of a big deal as long as all my buildings aren't that heavy I get what you mean about the Windows, but this building is originally wall-to-wall that can be used alone and not the opposite, so don't hesitate to cover the windows
  8. The trees are still on the works but I've a couple of little sideprojects because it's quite repetitive (why am I making a pack!)... So here is a very generic 2x2 brick building. I want to be able to use it in pretty much any situation but it would probably be a bit useless to make a residential, a commercial and an office version... I think it fits best the office category. I'm also planning on having a regular and a corner version but I'm still unsure about window placement: having windows on all sides makes it work on its own but as a result the building is about 1100 tris... Knowing that the LOD will be dead simple, I'm tempted to go with Windows on all sides for both the regular and corner version to make them more versatile, optimized for LSM and easier for me. Many things I'm not sure about, so what would be the best solution for you? I should force myself to at least finish one project I've talked about here for every new project I start... Also I released 2 hedge packs a couple of days ago
  9. No I dind't use any for those, I used 2 different brick textures but I could have... You are right, the texture has to be as light as you want it because you can only darken the texture.
  10. If only the colour differs it can be done with colour variation but a different texture requires a whole new asset. Depending on the variations you want you might be able to get away with making a single building with randomized props on it but I don't know for sure what to expect from that.
  11. Somewhat related to this, I just thought that maybe it would be nice to have a small, simple guide on courteous behaviour about using someone else's work and uploading it to the Workshop. It would be intended as a reference to be posted under the many "wild reuploads" with no credit given... Of course it wouldn't be of much use for people who really steal assets but it would help raise awareness among those who aren't familiar at all with the system . It could also mention that just changing a couple of props or stats of custom and vanilla assets and uploading them isn't the best of ideas... Of course the goal isn't to sound like some kind of self-righteous Workshop Police but if it can be done in an "educative" manner... Maybe it could be a thing...? I'm just thinking out loud here, please tell if it's stupid
  12. I know it's a question of technical limitations and not of some kind of laziness! The way to make it better is exactly what you did: try to see how it looks like and recreate a custom texture... But as I said it's not easy and I have no idea what this sort of grid is or how to emulate it... You're probably right with the alpha channel. If it's not possible to know the roof surface for sure a generic grey texture could do as you can make it more interesting with the other roof elements that you can now dinstinguish If you want to change it that is! (it's already great as it is!)
  13. Nice work! I think the building would gain from having the roof texture a bit more crisp but of course it's easier said than done (looks like Google Earth textures and recreating it all by hand is a tiny bit harder so yeah... never mind )
  14. How I usually do: - --noWorkshop only recently, before that Offline mode because I didn't know better (but it helped a bit) for asset creation itself - I load a test savegame with required mods and assets (Assets and Mods Configuration (Beta) mod helps) to test and make screenshots - I load the asset in the asset editor once more with the mods I need (it usually doesn't crash when loading an existing asset) to make proper thumbnail/uplad to the Workshop. I make sure not to have too many files in my import folder, and if you have too many local assets I guess you can copy them in and out when you want when you need to. That being said, I think nobody is immune to crashes because the asset editor indeed isn't very stable... The asset editor time is the part of asset creation I hate most because so much time is wasted so close to being done...
  15. @bsquiklehausen @Avanya Bitumen roof version of the modern apartments released at last! It took a bloody long time to avoid crashes... Now with darker windows. I've made YET another bollard (on request): from Cork, Ireland Now back to trees... And things.