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  1. Pack of forest beech trees now on the Workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1089035056 Tall and with leaves ony on top . In addition to looking more realistic the lack of leaves also helps with the tris count, which is nice because they are meant to be used in large quantities To help with diversity the main tree has 3 random variations. I also made a full one for forest edges but it can work on its own of course. A shrub with 2 variations is also included to add a bit of variety under the tall trees I had a lot of fun making those and I'd like to make more forest packs like this one...
  2. Maybe it's caused by some duplicate edges or verticles or something, that could be solved with a "remove doubles". Also if a simple "unwrap" with the 5 faces selected doesn't work, try "project from view" which should be fine. It's true that it's possible to save some tris on regular (as opposed to irregular) buildings with straight faces but I use diagonal ones as well for irregular buildings because I find it easier to divide the model by floors and number of windows then inset the faces where I need windows, then clean up the unnecessary divisions. But then the unwrapping sometimes behave like what you have, however a "project from view" should be fine.
  3. Love these houses! Geometry and texture sizes look spot on, and regarding the scale I tend to keep it as accurate as possible so they are good like this for me Posh houses like these do look very tall even in real life, and the half-sunken floor probably explains the weirdly tall doors behind which should be a couple of steps... I prefer to adapt my perception of what should be normal with real scale and not the opposite, but as this is a video game (whith everything seen from above most of the time) there's an argument for adapting the scale of course... A matter of preference Keep up the good work!
  4. I just made a rural church in the same style as the houses (also made 2 extra ones a couple of days ago). Unique building level 3 that doesn't flatten the terrain and has textured foundations to look good on slopes. Now back to more houses and also a ton of bugfix updates... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=973193749
  5. Just started making a collection of low-density traditional buildings from Belgium and France. The first 4 are all rural and residential buildings but town buildings as well as commercial and some farming are to be expected. Ideally it would make a whole building style but I doubt I'll ever make enough for that... However it is faster to make than I would have thought, I'm really enjoying taking buildings from Google Street View! I didn't want to be limited by the tile system with these ones as adapting wall-to-wall buildings to it is limiting and hurts diversity (especially since these are small buildings). So only one side wall sits on the edge ofa tile, which means Move It! is needed to achieve a full wall-to-wall look. link to the Workshop collection I also made a street gutter decal as a suggestion from Neguchi Maroyama a couple of days ago.
  6. I can't quite decide wether I like the architectural style or not but your assets sure do look great, you did a fantastic job!
  7. It's a chance this isn't YouTube or your asset would have been taken down immediately But it's really sad that someone like you has to deal with such stupid crap. A jealous re-uploader of one of your assets who couldn't stand having his asset removed maybe?
  8. Not sure if $4,338,500/month is ambitious enough but it's a good start Also great mod and scripts, and I like the idea of a Discord for your streams
  9. The style is pretty similar indeed (and this pic is inspiration material!) I pretty much copied a project render from a real estate agency I fond on the internet but which happens to be not too far from where I live Now get ready for the Covfefe Museum! I've had the Quai Branly Museum, Paris on my radar for some time and as we've been talking aboout that city and green stuff a lot recently I thought it was a nice time to release it (and give it a stupid name). https://www.google.be/maps/place/Musée+du+quai+Branly+-+Jacques+Chirac/@48.8612164,2.2961647,39a,35y,157.24h,58.96t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47e66fe0da76cf63:0xb7949d5df6b04424!8m2!3d48.8608889!4d2.297894?hl=fr
  10. @Avanya I guess you're right. It's really strange though because it was really a wave of Chinese accounts just commenting weird stuff for a couple of days... Oh well... @Mr_Maison Thank you! There is so much of everything that I'd like to do and the list expands exponentially everytime I try something unfortunately
  11. The pivot point should be at 0 cm, only the model should be raised. You can reset the pivot point location by putting the 3D cursor on 0 then type CTRL+ALT+SHFT+C then "origin to 3D cursor". To avoif this you can just raise the whole model in edit mode so that the pivot point stays at 0...
  12. The height at which th floors are set depend on the template you use. Different growables have different floor heights, but I'm just making sure you can set that height to what you want as Ronyx mentioned, so you can get rid of it you can set the height of the first floor height (which is often taller than the rest for many buildings), the height of the other floors and the total number of floors.
  13. Regarding the script, you used both the building and prop versions at once, just enter the one you want to use (in your case it would be building) To set your asset on onWater you have to use ModTools and here is a useful topic about the subject:
  14. Welcome back and thank you! I made this scene for the pergolas in the background but the grass on the tram tracks and the trees on the plazza planters that aren't the birch trees are mine as well