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  1. As usual some quality content from you! I've noticed you're pretty active in the comment section of such stolen assets, and that's something we should all be doing to make it a better place... I wouldn't be surprised that many people don't even realise they are doing anything wrong. This will sound like a "modding masterrace" thing but maybe some very "casual" players (why not pretty young) who don't have much knowledge of the whole asset creation process just wanted to change a couple of props of a cool building they found and figured they could share their nice creation without looking any further. That being said there's no doubt many people are just dishonest. The C:S Workshop can look pretty messy but it's nothing compared to the Banished Workshop, where most items are just stolen mods, it's crazy Thanks again for this guide!
  2. I really like your market props! The amount of details seems perfectly adequate: the optimization is excellent and the textures are good for first-person shots taken from a couple of meters away (even the city painter that I am must admit that being able to read the price tags would be a bit overkill for this game anyway). As for the dimensions, I personally prefer realistic dimensions because otherwise the bigger size is really noticeable in first-person view (Soldyne's fruit stands are a good example of that, they are pretty huge). However this game originally isn't supposed to be played that way and a perfectly realistic scale does make some assets barely visible in standard view, so it's really a matter of taste. You're right with growables: they are part of a whole so they don't need an incredible amount of details (something I should improve on because I take way too long to make a single growable and it isn't sustainable if you want to make a whole building style)... About your work in general, it's looking great so far. The learning curve is extremely steep at the begining so it's normal if everything isn't immediately as good as you'd like... Keep it up and you'll see yourself improve maybe slowly (for your taste), but surely!
  3. Be careful, if you continue like this we will start believing you actually play the game sometimes
  4. Interested? Certainly! There are tons of trees I would be interested in making, and this one is on my list. The question is: what is the likelihood to see it anytime soon considering I'm always all over the place with my projects? Well, it's higher on my priority list now, Ill see what I can do
  5. The façade has to be 4m (1/2 tile) in front of the object centre. At least it works for me, maybe there are other ways.
  6. It's fresh!
  7. Trees are a lot of fun to make! Fewer files, no LOD, quick UV mapping, no crash in asset editor... Still a fair number of variations to make but 3 variants already give an overview of where I'm going with this: relatively low-poly, relative diversity of size and colour, fine from medium distance. (ofc those on the right are MrMaison's maple trees)
  8. Ho. Ly. Crap. Thank you and TPB for this! Oh, the possibilities!
  9. Thanks! The bushes will be quite similar to the shady bush in terms of textures but more variation should follow (hopefully...)! Still can't get colour variation to work though...
  10. @Ronyx69 @Avanya Thank you both, I'll try all that stuff out! EDIT: It works as intended but now I'm unable to get colour variations to work properly... It worked fine a while ago when I edited some existing trees and I'm using templates with colour variations but it doesn't work... That being said, this is the first tree of a generic set of bushes and small trees which will use a template with variations. Nothing fancy, just super generic to cover areas such as highway sides or rural hedges. I am aiming for 500 tris max/tree. And yes, it's the same branch as on MrMaison's Shady Tree, there aren't many ready-to-use branch textures around
  11. So the asset editor has been crashing at every attempt to import the bitumen version of the apartments. Crashes aren't rare but have never been so systematic, they'll be released as soon as it works... In the meantime I'm back at trees and I think there's an issue with the leaves' shading that I heard might have something to do with vertex normals: the leaves seem completely flat. I don't know what I should do... provided there really is a problem. Any idea?
  12. Welcome! The learning curve is indeed extremely steep when you start from zero but your work looks very promising! I don't think anybody here will hate on your 3D program choice. I started with Sketchup for the same reasons as you and it's possible to progressively get comfortable with 3ds Max as you go if you want
  13. Thanks Judazzz, I understand where you're coming from, I haven't really taken the time to compare them to existing buildings but the floors are 3m heigh which I think is average... Here is an inspiration picture and as you said yourself older buildings like the one on the right of the picture often have way taller ceilings... Here is another Feindbild's building (I learn a lot from reverse engineering ) and the floor height is roughly 3m as well EDIT: @Judazzz I wasn't clear enough with the fact that this building is clearly on the low end in terms of ceiling height, as it's 3m between floors so 2.6/2.7m of ceiling, which is probably barely enough but still ok. I will go with at least 20cm more in the future but I'll keep it one as it is, I hope you don't mind too much Thank you for rising the issue!
  14. I totally agree, I figured it out a bit late so I didn't have the courage to change it... I'll ultimately update them but I don't want to deal with the asset editor for the same 4 assets all over again because I really don't enjoy the multiple file renamings, crashes and loading times... @bsquiklehausen and @Avanya I will totally do a bitumen roof variant! I chose for a green roof because I would like to start buiding an "ecocity" of some sort so it's probably not the last of "green" buildings but I'll make regular variants when applicable It will probably be out in the upcoming week!
  15. Thanks! Go ahead, yours looks great! Done! It's not especially supposed to work in apartment complexes, it was easier to feature the variations that way but I guess it kinda works... Maybe a bit too small for that though. I'll try to finish some ongoing projects now.