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  1. Release Trailer The expansion, titled “Mass Transit,” will bring new forms of transportation to the game, allowing mayor-players to offer in-game citizens new ways to get across town by land, sea, and air. With new transit service buildings, mass transit hubs where lines can exchange passengers, new scenarios, new landmarks, and new road types, Mass Transit will provide veteran players of Cities: Skylines with more choices and options to personalize their cities than ever before.Mass Transit will feature: Sick Transit, Glorious Money: Add a wealth of new transit options to your city, and add wealth to your city’s income! Let your citizens get across town in ferries, blimps, cable cars, and monorails! Orderly Hub, Bub: New mass transit hubs can bring all of your services together, letting citizens change rail lines in one building, or hop from the bus onto the ferry, or even find their way through a sprawling monorail-train-metro station. Become a Roads Scholar: Explore a set of new challenge scenarios focused on solving traffic problems and adding new transit systems. New road types, bridges and canals adds variety to your city, and new ways to solve its challenges. Become an expert in traffic flow, and then use that knowledge to improve your city! New Hats for Chirper: NEW. HATS. FOR CHIRPER. (and also new unique buildings, policies and achievements. But HATS!) Per usual, the new expansion will arrive together with a free update to the base game upon release. This free update adds mod-inspired features to traffic management, such as an extended public transport budget, emergency vehicle overtaking and more road features. The patch will also include the much-requested ability to name roads. Screenshots
  2. This is really cool, can't wait for the more functional parts! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge
  3. They are lane props indeed and the wires are segments (next to rail and gravel). @boformer had an Alpha version of this functionality but that was before Mass Transit. If he doesn't have time, maybe another modder can have a look, with permission. Another thing was that removing the wires per segment didn't work. The final thing was that it was hard to remove the LOD of the wires (as is already the case in Catenary Replacer).
  4. I'd really love to know how to get Catenary Replacer to work on segment-level, including option to have wires or not. Anyway, from your list I'm really interested in Adding Custom Networks, and setting up 'Replacer mods'. Video preferred, or text with images (I need something visual)
  5. That's not what broken means... Broken is when it doesn't work anymore, at all. The word you are looking for is 'outdated'.
  6. On Reddit someone said it threw an error. I tried while running only ModTools, Catenary Replacer, One Way Tracks and Extra Station Tracks, but error or not, everything worked as usual. So either it's an incompatibility (which I doubt) or someone's got it wrong. Not all errors are harmful
  7. That's because the modded tracks are based on tram track and were never designed to intersect with the vanilla ones. The whole mod needs to be reworked and freshly based on the new tracks instead of the tram tracks. Right now it's the same as intersecting rail with roads - does not work.
  8. Why does it say One Way Tracks is broken? Works fine for me...
  9. Well essentially you want to monitor the things that can damage your city (permanently) like utilities, which can cause sickness and create abandoned buildings etc. A sudden spike in RCI demand could indicate something bad happened (eg. industry demand because all industry closed due to water shortage). Of course your balance and income are a necessity, to see whether or not your city is doing good or going bankrupt. Another reason why industry and commercial could shut shop is because they are not receiving good, caused by traffic jams. So if you can find a way to provide feedback on how the (rail)road network is doing, that would be sweet. Maybe 'stream' Chirpy messages, since they often refer to problems in the city? With all this I think you still have room to spare, so the rest can be filled with whatever people want, unless I missed something... PS: I noticed all these numbers on your first post, but they don't tell me much. Putting these numbers in graphs provides an instant feedback on whether things are as usual or stuff is going bad.
  10. Yes, but it's a little complicated to get it working properly, nonetheless it's possible.
  11. I can confirm odd texture sizes mess up textures in the most extreme ways (e.g. changing colors). Fix that first
  12. I'm not relying on it, I'm working on it myself @andreharv is a busy man which means I don't always know what to do. I've had discussions with a bunch of people, American and European, whether the Expo Line vehicles are metro, light rail, or trams. The conclusion: everybody thingk something else, so I'll release them as everything to please everyone and use it in their favorite ways. Final exams first thought...
  13. I can only say they are still on my hard-drive, ready to be released. Initially we were waiting for the Light Rail MOM update, but it's taking a lot longer than expected. I might release them earlier as trams or trains or both. Same goes for @Joak's stations, but don't take my word for it.
  14. I think it's a great idea, especially for the more casual player, and it looks really good already! Personally I wouldn't dare to leave my city (baby) unattended for to long
  15. I believe it compares the actual pictures and was called 'pixel matching', so the filename won't matter. The technique is similar to what YouTube uses to find copyrighted content.
  16. That's a new building, not the current one.
  17. I just learned that it's the RBC Utrecht (Regionaal BesturingsCentrum) where they direct all local train traffic. Maybe it's still relevant information to you.
  18. I would prefer this awesome building without lights and illumination. I don't think these kinds of buildings would still be used nowadays and I feel it would fit more as an abandoned building. Definitely without the bright lights (the props).
  19. I had no idea this was possible! (sunken instead of tunnels) This gives me many ideas Awesome work!
  20. Looking really good, can't wait to use this! Check your normals (not the bump-map) because the triangular part on the side is flipped (in case you missed it) I also recommend desaturating the bricks. It's probably an old building, but the bricks look new and fresh as it looks now.
  21. "Mesh Layer0_001 has no tangents. Recalculating" I think I had that as well, when I forgot to select 'Selected Objects' in Blender export, maybe 3DS has something similar?
  22. Hi and welcome! I would leave the tracks out and make it a free to place building so people can place it where ever they want.
  23. Introduction With the much appreciated help of @boformer I managed to make the beginnings of a mod that aims to add more customization to the existing Train Tracks network. I'm currently testing to see what others experience when using this mod. Anyone who has me as a friend on Steam can subscribe to the Beta. I update daily as I keep encountering small issues. With your help I can speed up the process and get the mod ready for release sooner. For your information: I don't know how to code, all current lines of code are taken for the Bus Stop Replacer mod (by @boformer) Aim The aim for this mod is to give players full control over the visuals of their rail network. I plan to do this by adding as much variety as possible. I'm thinking of all standard catenaries of most major countries. Along the way I can also make (generic) requests. On top of that I want to give you the ability to submit your own models, which I can then add to the mod. Unfortunately, you cannot do this yourself as you can for Network Skins, as I try to keep this mod simple. However, this might change in the future as Network Skins is still undergoing development. How it works The mod will include several 'Styles' you can choose from in the Mod Options. Changes are applied when loading a save from the Main Menu only (again: keeping it simple). The mod will then replace all vanilla props with custom props. This includes vanilla Station Tracks, but also all tracks from Extra Station Tracks and One-Way Tracks. Until Network Skins is updated, you cannot change props per segment. All changes are visual and will therefor not break your game. When anything goes wrong or when unsubscribing, the game will simply load the vanilla props. While it's in Alpha, I still advise to avoid testing on your favorite city, but that goes for every mod you try out. Roadmap All will be optional Add more variety to the props (example) Add random track-side junk (e.g. rails & sleepers) Add random track-side props (e.g. powerboxes) Add signals at intersections Add End-of-the-line prop (example) Add custom Buffers (per style) Add custom wires (per style) Current Issues (September 15th) When switching styles, props disappear when loading new save from main menu (prop = null) (Thank you @boformer) Changes are not applied to all neworks (inconsistent) (Fixed myself) Props big in file size (1,8mb) even when all source files together are 500kb Sometimes props have a +2m offset to the left or right at intersections (Magically disappeared) Props have an offset of 2,4m (might be from the asset editor) (Thank you @boformer and @Ronyx69) Help me please! Like I said: I'm not familiar with coding in C#, so every bit of help is much appreciated. I'm doing all I can to teach myself, but I've been unable to find CS related tutorials. At the moment I have Notepad++ and Microsoft Visual Studio. If you know any good sites or documentation, please let me know. If you can help me with testing, or know how to fix an issue, please leave a reply. I check the forums hourly. Thank you all! Screenshots
  24. Congratulations @Avanya! I really hope you'll still be around after that. ^^