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  1. @Jerenable Station Tracks are always two-way Good point about the one-way tracks' poles. You can always add custom poles later when we have more control over them. (eg. Singe Track Station Wires No Poles or a Network Toggle)
  2. @Jerenable Looks really cool so far! Really impressed! I know you are not finished yet, but just wanted to say three things: Add more detail to the glass as seen here if possible. Change the color of the glass, less blue-ish, more green-ish. Desaturate anyhow (if possible). You could use Extra Train Station Tracks' "Wires, No Poles"-track and add the iconic catenary poles yourself as props of part of the mesh (they won't need a lot of UV space you can reuse any gray space). If you want I can make them for you as well! Good luck with the rest!
  3. I'm guessing this won't work in combination with PropLineTool? Nevertheless this is a huge improvement, many thanks! Never mind, it does!
  4. I haven't used it in a while, but I remember it can behave weird. One thing I remembered is that you get one chance to save the train. If you change anything after saving, it will result in a train with only Trailer0's (first trailer). So my tip: set everything in the default UI (Color Variations, Number of Trailers etc.) then do all the AVE settings, and finish by saving with the AVE Save button. Made a mistake? Start all over again (from choosing template onward)
  5. In my area (Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam) they used to look like this until 1979. Before this, they used steam powered trams. Basically small freight trains using the tram (light rail) network to reach facilities that were not connected to the heavy rail network. In 2006 Amsterdam started a pilot with freight trams, but was cancelled in 2008 after delays and increasing costs.
  6. That parking lot is so realistic! I love it!
  7. Does the model not show up (visually) or does the file not show up as an option? In case of the first: Try a scale of 100. My very first import worked, but it was really tiny due to Blender using different units. Apart from that there are many reasons why I won't work. I don't work with Sketchup nor 3DS Max but you might be using some wrong export settings, I'm sure others can help you with that.
  8. What I usually do is pauze the game while terraforming, and when I'm done I unpauze, and reset sealevel using BloodyPenguin's mod, which flattens all water instantly, avoiding buildings being destroyed.
  9. Not fair! Anyway, thanks for the tips. I will probably start over because I didn't take it serious back then (Model has no exact dimensions). The new model should correspond with the pictures I'm going to take of it when the renovation is done and the weather/lighting is right, to avoid stretched/distorted textures.
  10. I live nearby so I can take photo's myself, but the building is in a shit state at the moment. I also can't get very close because of the construction site. So are you implying I should take many photo's and use them on my texture?
  11. @Darf Just how..... teach me master! I need this style of brick for my Delft Station, it's been WIP for a year now because I don't know how to make it look as fine as this! What are your secrets!
  12. Catenary is planned for MOM.
  13. @Bad Peanut What's wrong with a visual overhaul? Are you okay with the grey blobs they call 'rails'? We will add better meshes (similar to MOM) and fix the textures. If your PC can't handle it, don't use it. Same story with NExT. At the moment we are not planning to add new Prefabs. Thank you for your feedback though!
  14. For now the plan is to just make everything look better. If you have any ideas for functional additions, feel free to share them. Functionality is @andreharv's department so you'll need his answer.