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  1. I had no idea this was possible! (sunken instead of tunnels) This gives me many ideas Awesome work!
  2. Looking really good, can't wait to use this! Check your normals (not the bump-map) because the triangular part on the side is flipped (in case you missed it) I also recommend desaturating the bricks. It's probably an old building, but the bricks look new and fresh as it looks now.
  3. "Mesh Layer0_001 has no tangents. Recalculating" I think I had that as well, when I forgot to select 'Selected Objects' in Blender export, maybe 3DS has something similar?
  4. Hi and welcome! I would leave the tracks out and make it a free to place building so people can place it where ever they want.
  5. Congratulations @Avanya! I really hope you'll still be around after that. ^^
  6. The LODs showing up is something that has to be fixed, but is fairly complicated and I would need help with that. As long as the props (poles) work I'm happy for now.
  7. Just for testing's sake could you try with that option turned off. If that fixes it I can put it in the mod's description and let others know.
  8. Of course I can't speak for @andreharv but I'm pretty sure the work order will be MOM (Metro) > ROM (Rail) > TOM/BOM (Tram/Bike). A Monorail Overhaul depends on how it turns out when released and the amount over people wanting it. Also NExT will require constant attention...
  9. Thanks! The issue you describe is known, but hasn't been reported by many people. There are a few things that can cause it: It could be caused by Natural Disasters update, however I don't own the DLC and it still works for me and many others. @boformer made an update some time ago to fix this same issue, which had to do with the load order of certain mods, which might not do it's job anymore. There is a known incompatibility with one of the options of Loading Screen Mod. I don't know how many people have this issue, but we only have like 10 reports out of 25.000 subscribers, so it might be an individual case caused by a rare combination of mods. I am however willing to help out, I just need to find the time and find a way to sort out the cause. Thank you and @cv for your feedback and I'll do my best to come with answers.
  10. That's very strange.. I will investigate it, thank you for your feedback! Does this happen for every style or only the German one as shown in the screenshot? Does it happen when you use 'No Catenary'? What is the 'Load used assets only' option good for? What does it do? I'm not familiar with it.
  11. @Jerenable Station Tracks are always two-way Good point about the one-way tracks' poles. You can always add custom poles later when we have more control over them. (eg. Singe Track Station Wires No Poles or a Network Toggle)
  12. @Jerenable Looks really cool so far! Really impressed! I know you are not finished yet, but just wanted to say three things: Add more detail to the glass as seen here if possible. Change the color of the glass, less blue-ish, more green-ish. Desaturate anyhow (if possible). You could use Extra Train Station Tracks' "Wires, No Poles"-track and add the iconic catenary poles yourself as props of part of the mesh (they won't need a lot of UV space you can reuse any gray space). If you want I can make them for you as well! Good luck with the rest!
  13. I'm guessing this won't work in combination with PropLineTool? Nevertheless this is a huge improvement, many thanks! Never mind, it does!
  14. I haven't used it in a while, but I remember it can behave weird. One thing I remembered is that you get one chance to save the train. If you change anything after saving, it will result in a train with only Trailer0's (first trailer). So my tip: set everything in the default UI (Color Variations, Number of Trailers etc.) then do all the AVE settings, and finish by saving with the AVE Save button. Made a mistake? Start all over again (from choosing template onward)
  15. In my area (Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam) they used to look like this until 1979. Before this, they used steam powered trams. Basically small freight trains using the tram (light rail) network to reach facilities that were not connected to the heavy rail network. In 2006 Amsterdam started a pilot with freight trams, but was cancelled in 2008 after delays and increasing costs.