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  1. In case you mean the vertical offset: That's because the base of the wheel meets the base of the track. But with the rails in real life being 0.17 m tall, the wheels clip through the rails. In Blender it shows to be 0.35 m, but I don't know if the authors have applied any scaling to it, or the fact that the whole game is scaled 60% (I read that somewhere..) In case you mean any horizontal offset: Could be that the tracks are not centered correctly, but as @andreharv said, MOM used to have the vanilla rail mesh, so older metro's might have been made to fit those.
  2. Can you link the source of the the texture? (of the bogie's and such)
  3. Looks amazing! How did you make the underframe and undercarriage look so damn good?
  4. I understand @AnotherAdo, but I agree with @boformer. Even if I knew how C# works, I'd still want to know how it works best for Cities Skylines.
  5. Just for future reference, those points are called 'Nodes'. That way modders instantly know what you mean Anyway, I tested Catenary Replacer when MT released and had no problems. CR only edits the Lane Props and the wires are segments so technically CR can't be causing it. I can't think of a mod that could be incompatible. I have around 85 mods running and it all works fine. Try a restart, different styles. I'm actually curious, because removing the wires (incl. LOD) is a difficult task. (according to @boformer ~2016) If the issue persists let me know.
  6. This is really cool, can't wait for the more functional parts! Many thanks for sharing your knowledge
  7. They are lane props indeed and the wires are segments (next to rail and gravel). @boformer had an Alpha version of this functionality but that was before Mass Transit. If he doesn't have time, maybe another modder can have a look, with permission. Another thing was that removing the wires per segment didn't work. The final thing was that it was hard to remove the LOD of the wires (as is already the case in Catenary Replacer).
  8. I'd really love to know how to get Catenary Replacer to work on segment-level, including option to have wires or not. Anyway, from your list I'm really interested in Adding Custom Networks, and setting up 'Replacer mods'. Video preferred, or text with images (I need something visual)
  9. That's not what broken means... Broken is when it doesn't work anymore, at all. The word you are looking for is 'outdated'.
  10. On Reddit someone said it threw an error. I tried while running only ModTools, Catenary Replacer, One Way Tracks and Extra Station Tracks, but error or not, everything worked as usual. So either it's an incompatibility (which I doubt) or someone's got it wrong. Not all errors are harmful
  11. That's because the modded tracks are based on tram track and were never designed to intersect with the vanilla ones. The whole mod needs to be reworked and freshly based on the new tracks instead of the tram tracks. Right now it's the same as intersecting rail with roads - does not work.
  12. Why does it say One Way Tracks is broken? Works fine for me...
  13. Well essentially you want to monitor the things that can damage your city (permanently) like utilities, which can cause sickness and create abandoned buildings etc. A sudden spike in RCI demand could indicate something bad happened (eg. industry demand because all industry closed due to water shortage). Of course your balance and income are a necessity, to see whether or not your city is doing good or going bankrupt. Another reason why industry and commercial could shut shop is because they are not receiving good, caused by traffic jams. So if you can find a way to provide feedback on how the (rail)road network is doing, that would be sweet. Maybe 'stream' Chirpy messages, since they often refer to problems in the city? With all this I think you still have room to spare, so the rest can be filled with whatever people want, unless I missed something... PS: I noticed all these numbers on your first post, but they don't tell me much. Putting these numbers in graphs provides an instant feedback on whether things are as usual or stuff is going bad.
  14. Yes, but it's a little complicated to get it working properly, nonetheless it's possible.
  15. I can confirm odd texture sizes mess up textures in the most extreme ways (e.g. changing colors). Fix that first