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  1. You would be right about that. raynev
  2. I was wondering if you'd start a CJ after seeing all those great pics you've been posting recently in the "Show Us" thread - glad to see you start one up Looking forward to seeing what else you've got in store
  3. Another excellent update
  4. Awesome work! I've never seen anything like those traffic GIFs before - very cool.
  5. Excellent transitions
  6. If you're getting ready to render your model, there's a really good tutorial in this thread that breaks down the steps pretty nicely: If you need something that's a little more in depth, starting from the basics, I'd recommend checking out this guide: If you haven't already, you also need to resize your statue to keep it in line with SC4 proportions. Each tile in SC4 is 16m x 16m (52.5 ft x 52.5 ft) wide, so keep that in mind. Also be sure to vertically scale your model 1.33x as well to overcome the vertical squashing effect in SC4.
  7. Been making some good progress lately on completing the remainder of my "Myrtos Beach, Greece" tile, as previously seen here. Full updates coming to my CJ eventually
  8. The beautiful waterside and surrounding countryside of Myrtos Beach, Greece.
  9. Hot air balloon ride over some of the stunning natural landscapes of Myrtos Beach, Greece.
  10. A panorama of beautiful Myrtos Beach during the late afternoon. (click for full size)
  11. Cool thread idea A couple pics to get things started: Switzerland's mighty Contra Dam and Verzasca Hydroelectric Power Station - one of the largest dams in Europe. The massive Itaipu Dam on the Paraguay/Brazil border is the world's second largest power station, producing some 104 TWh anually. Tajikistan's Nurek Dam - the world's second tallest dam (984 ft tall) and largest earthen dam produces enough energy to cover 90% of Tajikistan.
  12. @Fantozzi Most of the houses can be found bundled in with this pack on SimCity Polska: http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=343 The other two houses in the middle and last pics are bundled in with this pack here: http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=312
  13. Another rural scene from the Greek countryside.
  14. Really like the subtle lighting in this pic, very realistic. Nice work
  15. A handful of other links I remember from when I played back when: http://www.tatertown.com/sc3000/db/ - These are all Landmarks so you won't be able to edit them with the BAP tool, but they're easy enough to install (instructions right at the top of the link) http://www.angelfire.com/empire/gemikas_reality/ - lots of cool stuff from Gemika, one of the BAP legends on the old SC3KU exchange. http://tosebro.s21.xrea.com/ujimon/ - Probably the only good quality set of Asian BAPs out there that I know of. http://web.archive.org/web/20160505225309/http://simcityplaza.de/index.php/component/phocadownload/category/1-simcity3000-gebaeude - Original site is down so you'll have to use the wayback machine on this one. Some good stuff from Samoht & Cordes, some of the best euro BAPers. http://www.simworld-diesims.de/simworld/simgebaeude3.html - Definitely check this one out, has a handful of iconic buildings from the (now defunct) SC3KU exchange. http://www.clefsdeschampsserrurier.com/ - Site is rather confusing so you'll have to do some looking around, but I remember there being lots of good stuff here.