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  1. I love strategy games and sci-fi so Stellaris, CivBERT, and Endless Space tick off more boxes than most games. I have yet to run into the hero limit but then again, I only have 1 fleet (apparently splitting fleets is bad), 3 science ships, and 2 worlds (both in the same system).
  2. The D'ump is considering pardoning himself, his aids, his family, and his campaigners. While presidential pardon is legal, it is unethical to use it as such. This should be one of the last straws before Republicans turn on him and allow/side with impeachment.
  3. I started playing Stellaris today with a couple of mods. I made a custom empire that prefers Swamp worlds (I initially thought about making it atoll, like the Lumeris, since they are amphibian humanoids) with the home system being a 12-habitat ring world. They use Reptilian architecture and ships. I might just stay in my home system the entire game or just set up stations in nearby systems since I have access to the equivalent of 12 Gaia worlds with 25 tiles each. Something I noticed is that some of the tiles (4-6 per ringworld habitat) don't have any yields whatsoever. I admit to save scumming a couple times.
  4. Muslim Women are not allowed to show off their butts or boobs either. Muslim women are supposed to wear clothing at least almost as conservative as a nun's habit but lay Christian women (and even lectors, pretty much everyone beneath a nun) are expected to dress modestly but far less modestly than a habit. Conservative lay women in as late as the rennaissance era wore habits or veils but haven't since then. Western Feminism has its roots in the Christian church because for a long time, women had more rights in the chuch than they did in secular society. A medieval nun had far more rights, privileges and power than maid, cook, or other peasant/serf woman. Even Judaism respected women more than most contemporary cultures before Christ. There were oppressive rules but also protective/liberating rules that helped faithful housewives and virtuous women. Islam was a step backwards when it came to equality and progress.
  5. It was offered at a 40% discount during the Steam Summer Sale but I couldn't afford to buy it after getting Endless Legend, Urban Empire, and various DLC.
  6. Now we have a conundrum: impeach a president worse than Nixon and risk a competent ultraconservative getting (re?)elected in 2020 or allow the rule of law to be upheld.
  7. I bought Urban Empire a week ago during the Summer Sale and learned there are 2 good families (Shuysky best for Eras 1-3, Sant Elias is best for Eras 4-5 but 2nd best for Eras 1-3), and 3 good layouts (8 districts of 20+% commercial 0% industrial, default grid of 4x4 blocks, surrounded by 100% industrial districts; or similar layouts).
  8. It's extremely easy to do in 3ds Max. Do you have 3ds Max? If you do, here is a picture:
  9. In order of decreasing feasibility: Up to 8-tile-deep (either 8 or 16 wide) Zones New densities (Small Offices, Heavy Industry, Medium Density Residential, Medium Density Commercial) Hotel Zone (Business Hotels (increase taxes and happiness of offices), Holiday Hotels (in Tourist specialist districts), and Casino Resorts (in Leisure specialized districts) in small and big densities) Offices producing Logistics, which increases happiness of and taxes from generic and processing industry; it travels along the electric grid Specialized retail/commercial (Leisure requires half as many goods per sale than default, Tourist specialty changed to attractions, Agriculture turned to farmers markets and green grocers, Forestry turned to furniture and office supplies, Ore changed to sell metal goods like cars and electronics, Oil changed to gas stations, and stores selling plastic or chemical products like paint) Separation of Wealth & Density At least 1 intermediate LOD Free-form or flood fill fields for Industry Tourist specialized commercial would bring in more tourists by having special draw like parks and landmarks but be unusable to locals (besides employment). I haven't figured out what benefits and detriments industrially-specialized commercial should have. However, specialized commercial should be different for different densities. I don't want to see tiny nightclubs in dense commercial or huge hotels in light commercial. The first 5 suggestions could be included in the same expansion pack, and a free patch could reorganize existing zoned buildings.
  10. It seems to me that all the 1:1 scaled buildings are either low density or landmarks. I cannot find properly scaled "medium density" buildings (or even the equivalent of default high density in SC4). My 1:1 scale housing projects based of the works of Le Corbusier are about the same height as L5 high density housing though the height of floors is properly scaled with low density housing. I understand that CO couldn't make properly scaled high density buildings within 32x32 meter footprints but there is such a wealth of buildings on the workshop that you would think enough people would ignore the unrealistic scale. Perhaps Soviets were undernourished and lived in cramped apartments with low ceilings but I figure that buildings were merely downscaled to fit in with default high density buildings. Could someone help me out by at least pointing me in the direction of 1:1 scale Ploppable RICO buildings?
  11. That is deliciously ironic! I can't test it because I use Quad's Water Purifier (handles sewage and water).
  12. I have Stellaris but I have yet to play it. Maybe I'll play it this week? It looks really fun by the looks of it (especially in VOD's and LP's).
  13. These look amazing! Small question: do you manually change turning lanes (as evidenced by arrows) and stop signs/lights or just their appearance? Making your beautiful roundabout functional would make it look better with cars on it and help traffic flow.
  14. How resource intensive would that be? How many billboards with a short animation (10-20 seconds) of illumination map and single diffuse could run in a mid-sized city on a computer with just the recommended configuration? Would short animations of just the diffuse be any different (performance-wise)?
  15. The newest beta allows for buildings to be constructed with more than 3 materials. This will help with advanced buildings (such as saw mills and multistorey rowhouses).