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  1. I tweaked the texture a little and worked a little more on unwrapping the UV. I will release this (incomplete) today, in hopes that someone will pick it up. The windows are tinted because I wanted to introduce randomness in the arrangement of the nightlighting.
  2. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/25/politics/donald-trump-lesson-deal-making-health-care/index.html The D'ump doesn't understand healthcare and alienated moderates and ultraconservatives.
  3. Looks great! Keep this up and you'll join the hall of fame!
  4. Those look great! I'm impressed how good these look, not to mention the speedy pace of your progress! Might I suggest paper birch, bamboo, palm, and eucalyptus? Paper birch unfortunately grow a little slower than every year a harvest but maybe the winter trees could be barren 1-storey tall and the fall trees be full sized? Bamboo on the other hand would have 2 harvests a year and you could probably just recolor spring bamboo to get fall bamboo. There are eucalyptus trees which can be harvested for wood or paper every year and there are types of palm trees that can be harvested for wood or paper every year and other palm trees that can be used for dates, coconuts, or sugar. I'm planning on possibly making a whimsical mod that adds Truffula trees, Truffula parks, Truff-U-La Juice vendors (CS$$), Truffula Plantations, Thneed mills, and Thneed stores (CS$$$). I was wondering if that would be too whimsical?
  5. https://lieu.house.gov/media-center/press-releases/rep-lieu-statement-report-trump-associates-possible-collusion-russia "We might be dealing with an illegitimate president." "Congress must stop voting on any Trump-backed agenda item"
  6. AI will displace more workers than steam, other inventions like 3D printing can also displace workers. The AI taking our jobs will permanently remove most blue collar jobs. The American Revolution and French Revolution happened during the upset of the Steam Industrial Revolution. Every revolution redistributes wealth away from the elite and back to the common majority. Why doesn't the government do this peacefully and orderly before it's too late? A Universal Basic Income is now a necessity. I believe the best way to implement it is payment at the poverty line for everyone making less than 2.5x the poverty line and half that for those earning up to 5x the poverty line with notches smoothed. Therefore people making up to $30k would get $12k free and people making up to $60k would get $6k free, while people making between $30k and $42k would lose $1k of income for every $2k of earnings raise (at today's money). This way, the benefits will not change behavior. Furthermore payroll tax should be eliminated. Money could then be generated through various sources including pollution taxes (each pollutant getting taxed differently depending on toxicity, carcinogenicity, and environmental damage, including greenhouse gas effect, ozone depletion, and acid rain) and if the government truly wanted more money from this tax, they could double the hard cap on pollutants while taxing them high enough to cut net emissions. Another source of income could be capital gains tax, which is laughably low in the USA. The biggest source of income would be removing transfer pricing arrangements, where multinational corporations set up their global HQ in places like Ireland (with only 2% tax rate) and use shell companies running at an accounting loss (or break-even) in high tax areas like the USA (the HQ's often sell their product to the shell companies at a price that doesn't allow for much profit to be made from the shell company, with all the profit going to the HQ). One good thing is that The Donald wants to punish companies who do this so he could probably tax these transfer pricing arrangements at the same level as our corporate tax (35%) or higher, unless he was lying about that too. EDIT: There is one more possibility with roughly the same outcome as a UBI and it was briefly mentioned in the video. This is where the government nationalizes the automated factories (and offices). It can happen if a properly ran government nationalizes every failing corporation instead of bailing them out no strings attached. The government would make the decisions on the company and collect its profits directly (no need to tax). However, this would require aptitude, democracy, and transparency, all things the current administration lacks.
  7. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39064657 Turkey should be kicked out of NATO and the EU. Edrogan is worse than Putin and Trump combined.
  8. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/03/22/elon-musk-slams-donald-trumps-nasa-bill-saying-it-does-nothing-to-help-mission-to-mars.html The Administration is guilty of doublespeak. The D'ump signed this bill after cutting funding to NASA.
  9. 1. A hypocritical, tyrannical brute has already arisen. The demagogue's name is Donald Trump. The best way to combat his style of populism is to stand your ground; show the world where you stand even if you lose a few battles from not compromising (republican-majority in both houses of congress), the war has yet to officially start and you want to clearly be seen as consistently on one side. 2. Suffering is going to happen regardless of my actions. Worrying about the future means you have suffered twice. Many people have grown complacent to the current system and a major upset is needed to wake some people up to affect changes needed. I'm learning survival skills, engineering, and programming to prepare me for 3 possible futures. I'm also very poor; I live off less than $1,200 a month between SSI and my family. My jobs are student and volunteer. 3. I tried my best to prevent the worst from happening. I voted in the primary for Bernie Sanders. I voted against Trump. Maybe I'm a sore loser, maybe I like watching the world burn, maybe I'm self destructive (because I expect to be hurt significantly in the economic crisis). 4. Bernie Sanders would have made steps to shrink the bubble before it burst and would certainly NOT have bailed out any banks. Trump is the worst, greediestCrony-Capitalist/Big-Businessm in bed with Big Government/Fascist Corporate-type (comparing market share and power of current corporations to those of the Axis shows great similarities, if not being worse than the Axis). The financial world doesn't deserve to be saved!
  10. 1. I'm 25 and I've only become "worse" (more "radical"/anti-statist+anti-corporate) since 18 2. It is wrong to believe that wealth inequality doesn't matter 3. The last big wave of revolution occurred during the steam industrial revolution. Well, the AI industrial revolution will take away far more jobs, far quicker, with no new jobs created in the foreseeable future 4. Every revolution and most big wars redistribute wealth accumulated by the elite to the formerly oppressed masses (now revolutionaries)
  11. Oh that's really good! The D'ump will be a single-term president because it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to succeed! His approval rating has already tanked and the next financial crisis hasn't hit yet! Once The D'ump initiates a trade war with China, they will temporarily (as long as it takes) halt their construction spree, which will worsen (if not seemingly set off) the next financial collapse! If the wealthiest are hurt the most, costs of goods could decrease enough to actually improve the lives of the poorest 90%. If not, well, populism could get Bernie Sanders elected and he will be the first to redistribute wealth from the corrupt, greedy elite to the masses. BTW, Bread and Circuses is the most viable way to continue the system. An expanded welfare state might be an upset for the wealthiest but in the long run protects them from the tar-and-feather (and worse) mobs/uprisings.
  12. Looking good! Might I suggest forrestry/tree farms? BTW, shouldn't dense cows be hooked up to modern dairies, or are you working solely on fields now?
  13. http://money.cnn.com/2017/03/10/news/companies/travel-ban-tourism/index.html Trump hates foreigners, which hurts tourism. Lobbying likely the next step after ad campaigns.
  14. Here is an excerpt from Cities: Skylines own EULA: "4. User Generated Content Some of Paradox´s Games allows you to create and make available to other users your own created content (“User Generated Content” or “UGC”). You hereby grant Paradox and its affiliates the nonexclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensable, perpetual right to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, transmit, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, publicly display and publicly perform your UGC, and derivative works of your UGC, in connection with the operation and promotion of the Game. Paradox is under no obligation to use, distribute or continue to distribute UGC, and you understand that Paradox may restrict, or remove, your UGC for any reason. You represent and warrant that the UGC, and your grant of rights in such UGC, does not violate any applicable contract, law or regulation, and that the UGC is your original work of and does not infringe any third party´s intellectual property rights or any other rights." BTW, I allow anyone to remix my content.
  15. On the topic of liberal federalism: I'm opposed to it also. Despite being homosexual, I was disappointed in the Supreme Court oppressing red states to grant privileges to a population that comprises 10% of urban population and 4% of overall national population. There are other examples were the tail wagged the dog, all of which led to Il Donce's victory through pandering and deceipt. If New England, the Pacific Northwest, and Southwest (including California) all revolt at the same time, with most of the free world backing the revolution, including our neighbors Canada and Mexico, we could win and possibly even remain united with the loyal states (just with power diverted to the revolutionaries). We could all ask for peaceful secession but if we banded together (after our oppressors decide they want war) we could take over.