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  1. I've only made assets so far but I would love to make a mod that changes how wealth works. Therefore, documentation would be greatly appreciated. With enough help and knowledge, I could tie wealth to jobs and possibly add a new wealth level (Elites, since we have working poor, middle class, and upper-middle class already) and a few new education levels (but that would require 2 new school buildings).
  2. Turkey's "president" ordered an attack on protesters. This attack on US citizens on US soil technically qualifies as an act of terrorism and an act of war. The sane response is to declare Erdogan a persona non grata and kick Turkey out of NATO.
  3. Sharia Law is incompatible with Modern Western Feminism. This is an undebatable fact. However, "Moderate" Islam and modified feminism can be made to work together. I once had a flatmate from Saudi Arabia who seemed to hold no respect for women. He was extremely sexist and talked about wanting to commit sex crimes, thinking American college girls promiscuous. I told him how such topics made me uncomfortable and shouldn't be brought up around progressives.
  4. When I took the test with my income in the 2nd bracket, I was considered an Emergent Social Worker, when I moved the income bracket to be more in line with the job I should have 1 year out of college, I was considered a New Affluent Worker.
  5. Take this quiz to find out! http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-22000973 This link has links to the rest of the relevant articles. The BBC made a huge survey in 2013 (I know old, news) to determine social class and found that there are 7 in the UK: Elite, Established Middle Class (upper-middle class with high cultural and social engagement), Technical Middle Class (upper-middle-class but neither culturally nor socially engaged), New Affluent Workers (middle class with high social and cultural capital), Emergent Social Workers (working class wealth with high social capital and high basic cultural capital), Traditional Working Class (low social capital and cultural capital), Precariat (impoverished). I'm currently an Emergent Social Worker but will soon enough be a New Affluent Worker.
  6. I guess the future of each suburb depends on not only existing commute times to workplaces (proximity and transportation) but also the ease (and likelihood) of new workplaces opening shop as well as the ease of redevelopment. European cities tend to have the highest quality of life while Latin America and Asia tend to develop sustainable solutions out of necessity. By combining all the innovations and discoveries made by cities around the world, most cities will have the ability to adapt to future changes to make them even more desirable and powerful. Some suburbs might be able to adapt in the same way but location and politics are going to either help or hinder cities and suburbs. Seattle, for instance has great location but bad politics. Cities that provide the best public education and opportunities for the poor and lower-middle class will be able to keep a thriving, diverse community. Merely forcing affordable housing to be built in cities (or worse, enacting rent control) just stratifies cities into the wealthy market housing and the poor subsidized or rent controlled housing. If Seattle built high density subsidized housing along transportation corrridors or near stations outside of the city, and allowed higher density non-rent-controlled market housing, it will be able to attract many more people. As it stands, Bellevue is in a better position for population growth, if it invests sufficiently in education and transportation. San Francisco is an example of mismanaged success. San Francisco's proximity to Silicon Valley, nearby prestigious universities, and tourist appeal have all brought in a lot of wealth an opportunities. However, San Francisco has virtually no one in the middle class (not even standard working class or upper middle class), being stratified into the ultra-wealthy in market housing and the impoverished (mostly welfare recipients, including working poor on food stamps) in subsidized housing. Successful cities nowadays have middle class and upper class in the city and the poor outside the city. San Francisco on the other hand, has 2 major problems: anti-construction (historic preservation) and anti-market (affordable housing) laws. The Seattle Metropolitan area is friendlier to the free market but some of its politicians want Seattle to be more like San Francisco, when Seattle is already better than San Francisco in many ways.
  7. Abstract: Cities grow richer and suburbs grow poorer and this will speed up. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-24/who-will-live-suburbs-if-millennials-favor-cities From 1948 until recently, the middle class and upper middle class fled the cities for the suburbs. However, commute times and lack of services have made suburbs less desirable while job opportunities have made cities more desirable. Baby Boomers and Generation X hold the majority of suburban houses. Because of the widespread availability of mortgages (not mentioned in article), property values keep going up, in what experts believe to be a bubble. Real wages for the 50th percentile have slightly declined and have only slightly increased for the 90th percentile (the 99% really do own most everything). Until Automation takes away urban jobs, the natural progression is for cities to hold all the wealth. Urban renewal uplifts some of the poor but often combines with gentrification, with the poor being pushed out to the suburbs. If subsidized housing was moved to the suburbs, productivity would increase vs keeping low-income housing in cities. When Baby Boomers downsize or otherwise leave their suburban houses en masse, property values will plummet as Millennials prefer city living. This plummeting housing price will be an opportunity for new employment centers, new low-income housing projects, or return of farms once paved over for subdivisions. Eventually, nearly all of the population will live in cities, with everyone outside of cities being there by necessity. As an interesting aside, suburbio is Spanish for slum and suburb because Spain and Latin America didn't invest into highways and suburban infrastructure at all like the USA. However, the majority of the US population lives in suburban areas (102 to 2,213 households per square mile): https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-suburban-are-big-american-cities/ What this means is that some suburbs (those with jobs) can densify into edge cities or join the main city. However, low density bedroom communities will be hit the hardest. If cities are built (or rebuilt/renewed) walkable, safe and child/family-friendly, this will decrease the desire to move to suburbs for raising kids. Vancouver, BC is a special case because many people moved there from Hong Kong and other territories when they were handed to China by Brittain. Vancouver made their city walkable and family-friendly in response to the influx of immigrant families seeking to remain in the commonwealth instead of join red China. Another factor driving prices up (in comopolitan cities around the developed world) is investment into properties by Chinese citizens seeking to protect their wealth from the coming Chinese recession (or avoiding the government taking their property in China away). tl;dr : Suburbs that don't become or join cities are screwed
  8. In order to hire higher paid workers as @MeMyself&I suggests, you would need your anchor lot to be part I-HT. However, you can just assume the workers are drones and just hire more people (uneducated R$).
  9. Farm fields can have as many workers per tile as you desire but typically have 1-4.
  10. OK, I've decided not to do any parts of this mod until deeper zones is fully released. Instead, I will figure out how to add more education levels and hook wealth to job. EDIT: Which I just realised accomplishes the task of unhooking wealth from house. My mod will require assets from the workshop to be fully functional. Once I accomplish that, I will work on seperating wealth from level. Level 4 and 5 low density will be like medium density as well as level 1 high density. Why no medium density? Because no one has figured out a way to add new zone colors.
  11. Edrogan had to resort to not only mass propaganda and threatening 'no' voters but also straight up ballot stuffing to get a slim 'yes' result.
  12. RedKetchup and Necora finished up my rowhouse mods and wisco made a city similar to DC using them:
  13. Here is what it looks like without any filters/LUTs. Do you recommend I use a stone texture instead of copper patina? Do you recommend I use a dull bronze instead of bright gold? Feel free to retexture and redustribute instead. I grant unlimited permission to remix to everyone.
  14. Miami Office is officially released (no low-quality April Fools version)! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=901428152 Let me know what you think about my most ambitious asset on the workshop!
  15. Well, Russia outputted massive amounts of untrue propaganda in the midwest, an unprecedented level of it. The scale and ubiquity of misinformation now is what has created the Post-Truth Age. Fake News and government propaganda around the world outweigh actual factual news for the first time in modern history.