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  1. I read the 141 page Python Tutorial for 2.7.13 this morning and it all seems like a wonderful language. I understood prolly 90% of it. I downloaded and installed: Python 2.7.13 from here. PyYAML 3.12 for 2.7 from here. PyGTK All-In-One 2.22.0-1 from here. (Clicking the link to the file list here.) I was still getting errors saying no GTK so I got the GTK+ for Windows Runtime here. But didn't help. Then I got PyGTK All-In-One 2.22.6 from here. And that got rid of that error. (I'm not sure if I still need the main GTK+ or not, but I believe so.) PyWebkitGTK 1.15 from this list. However, it's not a windows installer so it's just the uncompiled bindings. I found a link mentioned by the author in here to what I need, but it's dropbox and borked. PyEnchant 1.6.8 from here. I'm now at the point where I do the: Python Journal.py and get: DEBUG Windows screen language is 'en' (lcid 1033) DEBUG Set environment variable 'LANGUAGE' to 'en' ('kernel32.SetEnvironmentVariableW') DEBUG Set environment variable 'LANGUAGE' to 'en' ('msvcrt._putenv') DEBUG Set environment variable 'LANGUAGE' to 'en' ('msvcr90._putenv') INFO chardet not found. 'utf-8' encoding will be assumed 2017-03-25 18:06:31,973 INFO Writing log to file "C:\Users\Owner\.rednotebook\rednotebook.log" 2017-03-25 18:06:31,973 INFO System encoding: mbcs 2017-03-25 18:06:31,973 INFO Language code: en_US 2017-03-25 18:06:32,894 ERROR pywebkitgtk not found. Please install it (python-webkit): No module named webkit It's all happy now except that one thing and all my research leads me to believe I'll have to have a Linux install to compile the PyWebkit bindings for use on Windoze. 12 hours later and I'm done with this failed experiment.
  2. Re: The Simoleon Trees A couple of relevant things from the comments there: And, ofc, you could edit the Heavenly Simoleon Tree with Reader to make it be some other less radical amount. The $10,000/Month Friendly Simoleon Tree is the one you can plop and leave there for a long, long time. And you can have multiples of it if need be.
  3. Yes, there's decent comments. For example: def search(self, text, tags): """ This method is only called for days that have all given tags. Search in date first, then in the text, then in the tags. Uses case-insensitive search. """ results = [] if not text: # Only add text result once for all tags. add_text_to_results = False for day_tag, entries in self.get_category_content_pairs().items(): for tag in tags: # We know that all tags are present, but we loop through # day_tags nonetheless, to escape the day_tags. if escape_tag(day_tag) != tag: continue if entries: results.extend(entries) else: add_text_to_results = True if add_text_to_results: results.append(get_text_with_dots(self.text, 0, TEXT_RESULT_LENGTH)) elif text in str(self): # Date contains searched text. results.append(get_text_with_dots(self.text, 0, TEXT_RESULT_LENGTH)) else: text_result = self.search_in_text(text) if text_result: results.append(text_result) results.extend(self.search_in_categories(text)) return str(self), results Here it seems that search is a 3 dimensional array which references itself for the name and then can contain the text found and the associated tags. The results.extend(entries) is the function to add the text to the results array which match the search criteria. I'll need to find the variables definitions to see if they are allocated as static size or dynamically extendable for the number of entries. I would guess by now only dynamic would be used, but back when I did that COBOL thing they had space limitations and used a fixed length array. The whole program collapsed cause the thinger got full. (You've prolly already seen that convo between Granpa Moose and me, but if not let me know and I can find the linky.) Anyhow, one concern is that we won't break the program at the 1000th or 10,000th or whatever entry. Anyhow, tho the syntax is different than what I've programmed before the concepts themselves don't change a whole lot. Like elif is prolly what I know as elseif. Any variable (sub something else) is an array of data of one dimension. Variable (sub, sub) is two dimensional and so on. So the main loop here is that we are deliberately saying if there is text for day_tag that matches then we add it to the list. From there we'd want the Forward and Back buttons to search thru that list and not just the next entry which contains text. Or something like that. (I'm getting a wee bit intoxicated atm and this may not make any sense at all.) P.S. And yes, I've considered looking at the older version source for the Category part too.
  4. You know, this is really cool. I feel like I'm the auto mechanic saying: Ok, I need a ¾" deep-well 6 point socket, a ratchet, a jeweler's flat blade screwdriver, a BFH, (and another beer) and you are getting them for me. I'm wondering if we should get the exact version listed (if older ones are available) rather than the or > part. Sometimes later things bork something. Like I have some very old games off eBay that say they need Win 3.1 or later and won't run at all in Win XP. (They lied to me.)
  5. Well, the first step is to make sure we can compile the whole thing and get the same .exe as the original. I suspect right now you'd get about a zillion and three errors unless you have the dependencies installed too. Ergo, PyYaml (>=3.05) PyGTK (>=2.16) pywebkitgtk (>=1.1.5) python-enchant (optional, needed for spell checking) Once we've achieved compileability, then it's time to take a few baby steps and see how difficult it is to add or change things. One really simple thing I want is to add a hotkey to the insert menu for Title. I'd like Ctrl+T to do that for me and put the cursor right in the middle ready to type. It's nothing big cause I can type the appropriate amount of = signs, but it'd be a nice easy step. I'd also like to have Ctrl+Something pop up the Insert Picture dialog. Then add a new entry of Ctrl+W for a web picture. This latter one would just pop up a box like the Insert Link does, but one would then paste the URL into the top part and the bottom would make an insert entry with the ["" and "" and ?800] parts in the right places. The 800 happens to be the size I downsize my pics to so they show without a side to side scroll bar on my monitor at 1280 x 1024. This, ofc, brings up the idea that I'd like to add a preference entry for the default resizing size. So, I'd make all mine 800, but someone else might like 960 or whatever. My idea here is that whatever one sets the default to would override the text files if it is different than what I post online. (Prolly have to have a conversion option which would do them all in one fell swoop.) Next on my wish list is that the Forward and Back buttons will act like they do now going from one entry to the next only if the search box is empty. If I have searched for something, such as #SC4_Mapping, then I want the buttons to jump forward or back to only entries which match the search. Right now it still just goes to the next entry. (I tested by adding random posts in between my map entries.) If I can do this then there will be no need to group things in consecutive posts. (Btw, I'm using the words posts and entries synonymously.) So, if I can actually accomplish the above I feel I'll prolly have gained enough knowledge to then tackle bigger things.
  6. Sweet. The sub linkys there do work so I got the PDF version. Ok, how about the Full instructions and list of dependencies from the RedNotebook source code page? (I did get the source itself.)
  7. I went ahead and grabbed the installer. Then I went for the Documentation, but all 8 linkys for downloads are broken. (Yes, the text seems to be there on their site. It's just I cannot trust it'll be there part way into a project.) Since RN will already do what I want, it's a bit of a moot point. The idea of modifying the program was more to make @RandyE happy. I keep coming back to this conclusion as well.
  8. Looking good! Someday I hope to be create stuff like that.
  9. Good timing. I was moments away from clicking reply to say the same thing. (Well, the part about the web pic embedding not working.) I didn't check for exported HTML and then editing. I'm not real keen on a two step process. Most especially if I re-edit an entry, export it, and then have to re-fix the linkys each time. I did go thru the help, found the docuwiki syntax link was broken, but Googled it and found it here. Scroll down to the part about images and it really seems like it's supposed to work. However, I've tried multiple permutations of [[ and {{ and | and }} and ]] and nothing seems to make it want to show me the pics. I believe I'm back to RN as the best choice since it already works without any double editing hoops to jump thru.
  10. The grid is also showing in the roundabout. That's unlikely to be built on water.
  11. At first glance I believe I'm in agreement. Does away with the calendar we don't need. (Tho one could have it if wanted.) Seems straight forward easy to create pages. I've downloaded it to test drive later when I have some time. I like how easy dropping in an image is. I presume, tho it wasn't specifically stated anywhere, that I can use linkys to my online pics rather than local files. I'm uncertain if I can click forward and back to go thru consecutive pages or not, but it seems the category tree pane could be used and then just click each successive entry to do the same thing. Looks promising at this point.
  12. I went there and downloaded one of the zips with ease. Is that enough of a test?
  13. First, I confess I didn't read the linky info since you've already told me it doesn't have the answer. One thing I do know from experience in my city for the Nasty Challenge is that when there is a large riot the number of cars you can dispatch makes a difference. The more cars you have the easier it is to contain the protestors.
  14. You might try looking here: https://www.google.com/
  15. Maybe you'd better not get your hopes up. Well, yes. I feel I already did. I spent prolly 6 hours searching and reading. So far all this thread has done is to convince me that RN is the way I personally want to go. See, initially I was looking for something as simple as the Windoze Picture Viewer but with the ability to attach a linky. There are pics I use and post over and over as new peeps pop into chat with questions. RN will allow me to group those on consecutive pages and click thru a couple dozen in mere seconds. The whole reason I'm not happy with my 200ish bookmarks is I have to remember exactly in which nested folder I put something. It seems like no matter how easy your html menus are to create, they are still going to suffer from that. Now add in that I can already do an instant search in RN, with or without any tags, and I believe this program is good enough. Sure, it's not the absolute perfect solution, but it's quick and easy and already ready. If I need it to do more things I could grab the source code, find out if there is an open source editor/compiler/whatever it takes to go with it and then fix it up how we might want it to be.