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  1. I presume you mean when you are going to render the map in the game. I've seen a bug where my initial click on the grayscale will not put the file name in the box. What I do is single click the config.bmp then click the grayscale image and it'll then allow it to be selected. (I put my grayscale image right in the region folder I'm working with, btw.)
  2. Now that I understand that Rivit's guide is to only stop the random empty lots from developing this makes perfect sense. With that in mind, I'd prolly be better off starting out with something more basic if/when I want to learn how to create these. For simplicity I've decided to just let the empty lots grow and then plop one of the landmark farms nearby. Basically I want additional stage 3 farms to compete with Pedriana's Plants (which I've now stopped from growing). As a separate question: Can I make the Tobacco Farm and Tobacco Processing Plant from Shmails Tobacco Farm Set spawn 4x4 empty lots instead of the larger one? (The Tobacco Farm pictured above is plopped next to the Egg Farm lot.) Both of the tobacco ones have the LotConfigPropertySize set to 0x05,0x07 whereas the Baby Chicks Eggs has 0x04,0x04. The 4x4 would be preferable. I suspect changing the Tobacco ones to the smaller lot size would mess up the landmark versions since they, themself are larger.
  3. In reference to PEG Power Tower Pylons, I see I'm not the only one to notice this: It's only at zoom 4 and that one particular view: I believe I've narrowed it down to entries 26 & 27 having the same instance of 0x0ad50320. The DIR entry showed two 26's and so I fixed it there, but when I saved it reverted back. How can I fix this and make the change stay in the file? I can't seem to edit the instance in the left-hand side. Edit: Ok, nevermind. I found that the 0.93 Reader has a TGI editor and I fixed it with that one. Attached if anyone would happen to find this post and want it: Zoom4_Fixed_PEG_PowerTower_MOD.dat
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This mod stems from the discussion in my Pedriana Plants Killer Modd - Buggy Water Zots? topic. I discovered that while the Pedriana Plants Killer Modd does prevent new ones from growing it has two side effects not mentioned. Namely, because the 5 base lots it blocks are set to either stage 15 or stage 255 this prevents those lots being used by other farms as well. Also, as @twalsh102 discovered in the aforementioned thread this also causes them to be above the stage 3 cap for requiring water. So, existing Pedriana's Plants that were already grown and doing fine will then need a water connection with that mod installed. I went a completely different route and simply extracted the single building exemplar and changed the OccupantGroups to 0x00001006 (Building:Park) such that it will no longer grow, but also there are no ill side effects to the existing ones in the game.
  5. Ok, I'm making this up as I go since I don't know what I'm doing or what repercussions this might have. I've grabbed the Pedriana's Plants Building Exemplar out of SimCity_1.dat: Then I changed the Occupants Groups to simply be 0x00001006 (Building:Park): Saved it as it's own new file and here's what it looks like: So, existing Pedriana's do this in the game: ^ And with preliminary testing they do not grow new ones. Nor do the existing ones get the silly No Water Zot. Honestly, it seems roundabout goofy to block a particular building by staging out all the possible lots it could grown on and thereby causing them to not be available to other buildings which we do want to have said lots available. Ofc, since I have such limited understanding of modding there's prolly some side effect(s) I don't know about. This might cause the game to explode or something. I uploaded it to the STEX as Cori's Friendly Pedriana's Plants Killer in case there are any gullible guinea pigs out there.
  6. Thanks, Tim. Having slept on this and mulled it around in my subconscious, I kind of came to a similar conclusion that the lots in question where really intended to be ploppable only and due to a quirk of the game and the way the lots where made at the time they mysteriously started growing sans the building. Alrighty. I'll keep that in mind for maybe in the future. It's beyond my understanding level atm. I have found that the grown, empty lot does generate freight trucks whereas the ploppable IR landmark does not. However, if I plop the real building next to the empty lot I can get the appearance of it working correctly. So, it seems I can just use these with the unintended mysterious lots appearing and make it look ok in my game.
  7. No, no, NO! That's not the issue. Without the PPK mod it doesn't need any water. I can run the game year in and year out and there is never a No Water Zot. My whole discovery is that it appears any existing farm lot in the sizes blocked then mysteriously must have water to survive when pre-mod install they did not. This particular lot falls into the category of a blocked size. See? I'm guessing peeps either install PPK before starting a city tile and therefore these never grow to reveal this or peeps water the entire tile without regard to whether or not said farms require any water. To me it boils down to an odd quirk of the game in which previously grown lots that are later blocked from growing suddenly have a water requirement. I'm curious what causes that. Maybe no one knows cause it's never come up. It's one of those loose ends that make me go: Hmmmm? It's similar to how a grown CS$ (and others) do not require water, but if plopped from the landmark menu they do even when Water Consumed is set to 0x00000000.
  8. In those 3,595 days of lurking (from when you joined till you posted), I imagine you prolly know where every thread of every kind is. So, I'm sure you are aware of the other Show Us threads too. You can get good mileage out of one city tile by zooming in or out and by focusing on certain aspects such that you can post in more than one thread. Often times you'll receive a Likey or three and other times peeps will comment too. I know when I was doing my first full farm region (starting here if you are curious) that those little hearts and comments encouraged me to keep on going. You might find the same is true by participating with pics of your progress in all the appropriate showcases.
  9. Re-lotting stuff is on my agenda for some day way in the future to learn. Doesn't fit with my imaginary story in which I somewhat model the real world where I live. Here the small towns (and ofc bigger cities) will have public water, but homes in prolly 75% of the land area in Indiana need their own private well for water. I did check and having water to Pedriana's is why those don't have zots. I'd forgotten I'd started small town upgrades over that way and those two are in the radius of the pipes. It still doesn't explain why Barthelet Stables gets the No Water Zot tho. You can, but I'll just roll my eyes at you. That only masks the symptom. It doesn't keep the farms from dying. I've solved this problem by simply not using the Pedriana Killer. It's more of a curiosity thing for me. Why does it even happen? And how is the B farm related to a mod that's not supposed to have any affect on any of the existing farms?
  10. Hiya, snowman! Welcome to the posting part of Simtropolis. That's a nice looking city you've got going there.
  11. @RandyE recommended the Pedriana Plants Killer Modd which states " This modd will not affect existing Pedriana Plants ". However, some of the Pedrianas already grown and a Barthelet Stables wind up with no water zots. Without the mod installed they are ok. If I let it run for a few months then they go all dead and black soot colored. Is this intended? And why would it affect some of the already existing Pedrianas and not others? Perhaps because of the base lot it selected? The mod has 5 exemplars in it and it appears they are for specific Lot Configurations. Two have their Growth Stage set to 255 and three are set to stage 15. (0xFF and 0x0F respectively) The mod does seem to block new Pedrians from growing as advertised. Is it doing this by blocking the 6x5, 7x6, 4x4, 4x6, and 6x4 bases that are the possible choices for Pedriana, but that other farms could also randomly select? I guess I'm more concerned that 5 base lots will not be available to my other growing farms. Do I understand that part right?
  12. Screwpile Developments. Scroll down to the Dependencies section.
  13. In this post by @RippleJet we find that HAVOC Baby Chicks Free Range Eggs has that empty lot syndrome as a growable. Here's how it looks when grown: Works fine as a ploppable landmark: Using the more complete Growing Empty Lots and How to Correct them guide on Devotion's site (ours here on ST is missing section 3b) I've poked around in the related exemplar using iLive's Reader: First thing I did was zero out the Parent Cohort: Then deleted the Building/prop Family: Added Exemplar Type as value 2 (Buildings): Added Purpose as value 5 (Agriculture): Refreshed it to see the affect of my changes: Then I saved it, closed Reader, re-opened it in Reader to be sure the changes were there. (And they were.) Now the silly thing won't grow in my game at all. It's still ploppable as a landmark tho. Here's what SC4DataNode has to say about it: I suspect what DataNode is showing is for the missing Random Billboards props mentioned in the lot file's ReadMe. (I've tried every Billboard download on the STEX, but that's a separate issue I'm not concerned about if I can't get the building to grow.) So, what steps have I missed? I felt like I followed the guide and made all the needed changes, but all I did was make it go away and not grow at all. I could've done that easier by just deleting the whole thing.
  14. @RandyE Thanks! I grabbed that one too. I'm not ready yet to kill them all, but I do want other stage 3 farm buildings to compete with Pedriana. Ideally I'd like to find a few more. In the meantime I'm now on a downloading frenzy getting all of @dk1's stuff. Their simple elegance (and the convenience of no dependencies) makes them ideal for mixing in with my otherwise nearly plain vanilla Maxis content.
    Nice! I needed something to compete with the Maxis Pedrian's Plants farm building.