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  1. Yep. This (Simtropolis Related) forum is the right place cause the question is, well, related to Simtropolis settings and such.
  2. Something I've just discovered for another water pump is that the connector it looks like one should use isn't where the building expects the connection: But, connect the pipes to the little pump house building of it and now it flows: So: Perhaps the same things is happening with the one you are using?
  3. The only part I know about is that plopped residential is highly likely to abandon and once it does it stays that way. (See RippleJet's post.) The commercial and industrial might then abandon cause the Sims have left town. However, it seems the message would not be "Due to lack of water". As a test, how about in a small, grown city with commercial demand try plopping a single commercial and see how it plays with the other zones or does it abandon too?
  4. It's said that the three most important things in real estate are: Location Location Location
  5. Low, Medium, or High Density is not a factor for whether or not you get CS or CO. Nor is it a factor for which wealth level will grow. (Some peeps get this part confused.) Anyhow, the generalized answer is that Commercial Services love to be near high volumes of traffic whereas Commercial Offices aren't nearly as fond of the traffic and noise. The CO has only medium and high wealth versions so you also want the land value to be higher where you put them. Plazas and such from the parks menu can help with this.
  6. I didn't know until I read it somewhere, but I've known about it for most of a year now. These kind of tips are nice things to post for the peeps who haven't yet discovered them. Another way of saying cost a bundle. As in lotsa Simoleons. It's the same as that except without the extra menu clutter. The difference being in plain vanilla one uses the key combination click routine to get there and that mod just makes them always available. With @huzman's method no mod is required.
  7. It's not my area of expertise, but until the gurus get here you could try the Audit Tool SC4DataNode. One of its features is: " Dependency verification (as many as possible)".
  8. I don't use FB so I'm no help, but @Cyclone Boom will prolly have an answer.
  9. As a side test I went to @A Nonny Moose's activity and on page 1828 found things he posted December 31, 1969. Now that shows true dedication to post on a site before it even existed.
  10. Hiya. I checked your content page, selected Posts and I see it goes back to a comment you made posted December 18, 2013 on Metra F40PH. Does it show that far back for you? And was that the first time you posted? There's a gap of 226 days between joining and that post. I checked my own content and it goes back to my very first post (which I recognize as being the first thing I ever said on ST.) So, if parts are missing then I'm guessing it's a random thing or that we've had other times when the board was re-indexing stuff and things would disappear temporarily. Like for a few days even. Also, I'm going to move this to the Simtropolis Related forum. We do have a Bug Reporting thread there, but a separate topic is fine too.
  11. bugs

    I'm also using FF and mine automatically shows the new font version in these posts. I noticed that my rank (Squadron Leader), number of posts, and my location are still the old version. Note: I saw it that way in the 52.whatever it was before the FF update this morning. And now it's still showing the same for both fonts in 53.0. There's a handy little test you can run to see how IPv6 ready you are.
  12. For myself, I'd prefer to go thru all the steps so I might learn some of it.
  13. @Handyman is one of our Linux gurus who wrote: Maybe the two of you will meet here and chat.
  14. It might be a good idea to edit this into your first post. Let me know if for some reason the board software doesn't allow you to do so.
  15. bugs

    Goodness. If it takes 15 or 16 tries to get a font right maybe they should go back to coding school. I'd be concerned that v15 might disappear in the future since they didn't bother to ask if we wanted to change. So, if you hard code a reference to it one day we'll log on and there will be no visible messages cause the font is gone. And we won't be able to read the error message cause it'll be an invisible error saying it cannot post the error which will cause an error that it'll try to post which it can't and so on. This endless loop will draw more and more power until the server overloads. The resulting explosion could destroy life on this planet. Tread carefully if you plan to tempt fate. I like v16 better so I'm happy if we stay with it. I'm used to it already.