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  1. Sneak peeks of buildings from the exchange I'd like to upload: And, btw, I've downloaded all of the D block now. Total buildings I have: 2,485.
  2. Wow, you were quick on the reply. I wound up going thru the calendar part, selecting another date cause the triangle thinger was giving the same error and now I'm getting files again. (I had deleted my post, but I put it back since you replied to it.) Edit: All C done. Total is now 2,153 buildings with 100% success so far.
  3. So, it had been going very well. I've gotten an additional 705 buildings from the C category. However, now I get either "504 Gateway Time-out The server didn't respond in time." or "Sorry. This snapshot cannot be displayed due to an internal error." depending on which bad mood it's in. I do hope this is a short term problem cause there are some extremely nice buildings intermingled with the decent and ho-hum ones. Edit: Nevermind. I found a work-around.
  4. I believe that part could spark some philosophical debate. Perhaps that is one particular self imposed goal rather than the one and only goal of the game.
  5. Yep. That's it exactly. Sample from real life: Basically that says that all portions of all walls must be above ground level to be counted in the above-grade living area. (The next paragraph there let's us break that rule for bi-level and tri-level style homes because the market reaction is that since the lower levels are partially above grade and the quality of finish is commensurate with the other levels the buyers and sellers themselves do not consider the lower level as a basement.)
  6. At grade just means the level of the land itself in that area. Below grade then is when the land has been lowered to less than it was. Or, more specifically, lower than the surrounding land of the roads and buildings. (Btw, grade can also be used differently to mean how much a slope rises or goes downward.)
  7. Yes, I know I'm bumping an old topic, but this is the most relevant Place for this. Locomotion, Chris Sawyer's is on sale at GoG.com for $1.49 for the next 5 days.
  8. A little discovery on those rare, but missing files. Say you see this: While that's on screen just click thru the other capture dates and this one turned into this: And then I was able to get the file. This has happened twice and each time I got the missing one. Of the first 1,274 files, I've now downloaded 1,274 of them. (100% success so far.)
  9. *Cori admires this pic from that site* Except for the first one from the Hall of Fame list. We can get a really nice earlier version of it from this page. Here's my pics of it:
  10. I have my doubts that the in game renderer part can deal with 16 bit grayscale, but check out the linkys to other map making programs in the first post of my tutorial. I believe some of them can work with 16 bit files and then they create the city tile files themself. Also, there's some detailed information in this thread (in the forum I met you in) which might be useful. You may very well need to turn off all the weathering and erosion effects using iLive's Reader. Here's the exemplar you'd be playing with: Good luck. And let us know of any wonderful discoveries you make during your investigations.
  11. Post back and let us know how it goes. And: Not to toot my own horn (well, yeah I am), but you might also like a tutorial I wrote.
  12. While we technically have a guideline about not bumping old threads, I'm personally not inclined to enforce it. You did find the right forum for this with the exception that it's like really almost totally unused in the past few years. Take a look at this recent topic and see if any of the suggestions there help you. If you still have difficulty after that, reply with the specifics of your situation in that thread. (It's in a more active forum.)
  13. I've rendered regions from .bmp and .jpg so I know the process you are using. I'll ask my dumb question to get it out of the way: Does the game even recognize .png images? (I've not tried one of those.) You know it's the right pixel size cause you didn't get a message about that. The fact that it just dropped back to the blank region after entering the file name suggests it didn't like something about the image. My initial times with this type of problem turned out to be I had all grayscale pixels in my image and so it looked like grayscale but I forgot to convert it from RGB. Is that a possibility for yours? And did you save it as 8 bit?
  14. Looking thru the list starting here, I don't see one called Hall of Fame. Or does that refer to the entire list? @catty-cb did make those files available to @Cyclone Boom and me in one large zip file. I confess I've only peeked inside. I'm also uncertain if the entirety of these files are ones we intend to host here since they are already available on her site. I do plan to play around with the Landmark Converter Tool and then upload it here. I'm holding off on that until I've learned it and made screenshots.
  15. Dear Mayor, As a concerned citizen I have read over the three options you've given us. It is clear to me option A is the only viable path forward. We certainly don't want the pristine canals turned into sewers of choice B and destroying sacred and historic buildings of choice C is beyond reprehensible. No one wants their home or businesses demolished. I beg you to select choice A since the alternatives just plain suck. -A Right Choice Advocate - - - Btw, if you do need your canals to transition from one level of terrain to another the real world uses locks for those. Here's a few we have on the STEX: UK Canal Lock by Ill Tonkso and SimGoober Addon for Oppies canal pack Canal to real SC4water lock Canal to SC4 water lock version 2 BSC Brick Canals Locks PEG CSK2 Locks And it wouldn't surprise me if Devotion's LEX has some too. Another thing that would be interesting to see in SC4, but I'm not aware of a bat for it, would be an aqueduct. The only known still working covered aqueduct in the US is about an hour's drive from where I live: