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  1. looks great! my only suggestion would be to keep the tables, that' the only thing that players would really put there anyway. But by keeping the tables in the asset, Cims will actually use them versus a player placing them in game.
  2. and in continuing the trend of low level commercial, I'm in the process of making a grocery store and (hopefully) a couple of used tire and auto repair shops
  3. Released Urban Outfitters a couple of days ago. It's one of my favorites, and I think my best texturing job to date. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=887836774
  4. There's a lot to consider when deciding to make a prop for a specific building. If the prop (3d lettering) is an integral part of the asset, then either just model it onto the building, or include the prop in the same asset (which can get complicated) because a huge portion of people simply won't download the prop. For this Wing Stop, I had planned to make the logo a prop, specifically because I also plan to make another Wingstop to fit in with my older, nicer shopping center. But at the last minute I just decided to add it to the model because I know the number of people that subscribe to the prop will be significantly less than the number of people that subscribe to the asset. If I bundled the prop with the asset, then once I released the 2nd version, the first version would be a required item. For my Family Dollar, I decided to use a prop because the logo needed a bigger texture map. I bundled it with the asset, but will have to list the entire asset as a required item if I want to reuse the prop for another Family Dollar. For Bloomingdale's, I used a prop since I was using it 3 times in one asset (which saved a ton of triangles). Overall, there's no specific answer to use a prop or model it into the building. You just have to weigh the pros and cons on an individual case. My personal opinion though would be to just model it into the building, especially if it's a low poly building anyway and you don't have any immediate plans to use it for another building.
  5. There is some....but I love to use small overlapping textures so a lot of graffiti on one building creates issues.
  6. A couple of beach props. The tube and ball I made last summer but never uploaded and some Beach Towels I recently made. Still trying to get the color variations half decent looking.
  7. New Beale Street asset that I've been working on since before MoveIt. Still got a ton of work texturing and creating props for this one. Next time I do a set of these buildings, i'm going to do them separately instead of by blocks, too many different textures.
  8. Preview of future shopping center. The pic is only duplicates of the first store which is pretty much finished.
  9. yea, sketchup feels like fun to me, and something i can do leisurely, perhaps too much so because I end up playing around with 10 - 20 different models at once. Your stuff is looking real good so far, especially if you've never used Photoshop before or 3d software before.
  10. I was gonna say looks like a polygon could be flipped but then I'm guessing that's blender and it looks Japanese to me. I like @Ronyx69 advice, pick one (or 2 in sketchup/3d max) and stick to it. Even me using 3d max as a medium for UV mapping, i basically know nothing about modeling in 3d max. There is soo much to learn, even just with how the game renders and displays textures (which I think is the most important part), that flip flopping programs is time down the drain. And thanks! Doing videos was such a pain in the ass for me, mainly learning the editing and learning an entirely new program (Adobe Premiere).
  11. Sketchup is cool, though I don't think the scale translates very well. My advice: just keep on making assets. There are so many little things about sketchup, 3d max, texturing, and how the game reads the texture maps that you're only going to be able to pick up from experience. I'm going on a year using sketchup and 3d max and I still struggle with a lot of stuff. Don't sweat the small things, once you're more comfortable with the basics, you'll want to do more and more details. Everything looks great by your screenshots so far though.
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767071899&searchtext=tire+props http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=722043706&searchtext=residential+props Some props I made specifically for lower income assets.
  13. looks good, add some props if you want them to look less posh
  14. Very nice start on the KFC and Burger King. I started learning modeling by doing fast food buildings, i haven't done any since my first few assets and this makes me want to do more :-)