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    The northern hemisphere does remind me a bit of Europe and Asia, but this map is a special unique layout of tiles and terrain that suggests a world region generically, its something new and interesting for long-term region-building across many tiles. You've come a long way in map-making, now creating planets, good work! I'll have to keep working on some space tech. so the sims can get there.
  1. Okay, so I'll have to find the files and then look at them and direct you to it if need be. Is the file linked below the Swan Mill Tram Depot you are using? http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=332
  2. That's what we're talking about The stand-alone custom content, not the Maxis SimCity_1.dat file. I've never tried loading the SimCity_1.dat file in LEProp, but I can understand it freezing as it is intended to load custom content stand-alone lots one at a time. Navigate to your user plugin folder and find the Swan Mill lots, LEProp will only open a single lot, either as a .dat or a .SC4Lot file. Have fun!
  3. I've experienced both these glitches many times in SC 2013. What I've done is bulldoze and then add shops and parks in the immediate vicinity before re-zoning so when the sims move in the resources are already available nearby. It doesn't always work, sometimes simply exiting the game and re-starting it will fix the problem, and sometimes I've just had to wait for the game to gradually correct itself. I've had to bulldoze entire mega-towers because sims on the bottom level refuse to stop complaining and moving out no matter what I do.
  4. Not sure, but if the menu icon is missing in the lot file there's a blank space like that. These are custom lots in your user plugins, so maybe check to see if the icon is in the file. The LEProp program is very easy to use to quickly check the menu icon in the file. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/21350-leprop-162/
  5. WhereRUFrom "Van Buren" Use quotes to contain names with spaces.
  6. Nicely framed close-ups with gulls and you got some tugs in there. Now that you're doin' artistic graphics the pics will look better to most of the viewers if you minimize the game menu, run in turtle speed and turn off the UDI missions, so the blue icons and yellow borders don't interfere with the content.
  7. I installed it, in the game it shows up in the Parks menu. The file that is installed is SBT_TBM-Tug Boat.dat. The lot and prop should show up in the Lot Editor.
  8. Yes, its still working as plopped in the city I'm building and no Darknight mod installed. No problems, but the lights are a bit off-color, a bit reddish-brown. Its great that it can be used with either lighting setup.
  9. I used to play shooter games on PS3 with all the com. stuff, but not anymore. I did find a tugboat prop that can be plopped as a lot, but its installed with an automated installer so I can't verify the security of the file except WMP has been reliable in my experience. Speaking of war games, the file is appropriately called 'SCT Warrior TugBoat by TitanicBuff' from the workingman productions site. I'm sure I've installed and used this before, it looks familiar. http://workingman-productions.co.uk/downloads/SBT_SCT_Warrior.asp
  10. The only thing I see that conflicts is in the first picture, there doesn't seem to be enough room to position the ships inside the dock area. In these ports there are a lot of tugboats that do the work of moving the ships around. I'll look around for some tugboat props. Yeah the lots look good to go, but I'd suggest packaging stuff in a zip folder and writing a bit more of an introduction to the files before listing all the dependencies. Uploading to the STEX can be a bit like 'show business' The audience expects certain standards of presentation. As you seem to be interested in developing a complete port system its worth the effort. I'm slowly getting inspired myself as I worked on a freight container 'trans-load' dock.
  11. I installed this excellent masterpiece of a model without Darknight and when I turned on the lights in Maxis mode, sure enough I got lights. The reflective surfaces are just perfect, and I thought I've seen it all. I hope to see more . Thanks for the top quality addition to the city I'm working on.
  12. Yeah that's looking more like the real thing now. I'm very familiar with the port structures as our port here on the west coast includes container terminals, heavy materials, oil, grain, lumber. Your salt and copper mines were correct to how materials actually appear, bright and saturated. (Most people aren't used to seeing gigantic piles of elemental materials shining under the sun so it looks incorrect to them). I like the selection of freight ships you collected, they look accurate to scale. 4 fusion reactors should be enough to operate all those cranes .
    Very accurate to natural geography. Render time was less than 10 mins. on my avg. comp. Using Sudden Valley terrain raises land 1 level and can leave that 'wall' behind when lowering. This map is a work of ART and an interesting technical process.
  13. Nice display indeed of a shipping port. Like to see more, hope its a work in progress.
    Excellent update. Thanks.
    Serious artistic product warning. I've rated this 5 stars but there really is no rating, its simply another example of the product of the best work there could possibly be.
    YES! I love it. This is true industrial ART. Teach basic chemistry along with the fun of the download and the game. Good idea. The file page is also very useful in setting up the entire IRM project. The high-tech development is something there's not too much of on the STEX, so its of special interest to see more of it. I'm inspired.
  14. Interesting way of making a golf course. That's often how it goes with SC4, you find a way to make something you want to make with what you have, and then find something else that leads you to a different project using different resources. There's so much available resources that have been created over many years by many people.
  15. I'm still planning to do the above myself. Use the Maxis blocker and go from there, but the problem of the residentials not being ploppable is still a limitation. There's no way around it as far as I have ever studied here or in the game myself. Residentials can only be grown as long as the license agreement restricts any further manipulation of the source code. A few of the recent lot-making projects I had started seem to have gone awry as well because of unknown variables due to the nasty SC4 landlord and the no-residential-plopping law. That reminds me, I still have to go and fix a couple of residential lots I uploaded that not only get abandoned, but then dilapidate and leave an ugly mess.
  16. To get you started there's the lotplop feature of what's called the Extra Cheats plugin. You can use this to plop any Maxis or user created content, but as you've noticed there's some difficulty in descriptions and identification of buildings. I've spent many hours 'scrolling' through the lot editor and lotplop myself. Density and lot dimensions are encoded in the ID lists. The instructions are reasonably easy to follow.
    This review is made without having installed the files to view or use in-game. Given that the lot(s) once installed with all dependencies appears and works as intended, I would rate both files as above. I like both the salt mine and the copper mine as these creations express the boldness of the substances being processed and the design of the mine sites reflects industrial functions of work being done. These lots would be useful in using SC4 to represent an industrial operation as like a schematic drawing. There are many ways to use SC4. I've demonstrated using SC4 as a storyboard, and here is an example of potential use to present a scheme of an industrial site. What an amazing product SC4 is, useful to artists, engineers, designers, and planners alike.
  17. So in science and tech. stuff the best the world has done is firing a quantum entangled photon into space? This world must be getting boring for even people who can chisel stones and rub sticks together. Everybody give me all your money and I'll see if the actual civilized space aliens will sell us a new planet... Space-time location: Earth, Moscow, Russia, Red Square, 2003 A.D.
  18. Thanks, the tour is top quality as usual, and the pictures are exceptionally brilliant, sharp and bright. Nice work!
  19. Public Region: Micropolis Started by: Randy22E, on July 3. New region with same name started July 15. Server: North America West 1, Region Map: Viridian Woods ====================================================== Consider playing with random disasters disabled, as well you can find a reliable mod on this site that will disable the day/night cycle so you can focus on gameplay. You can enter and view cities from the main menu without having to claim a city. +++++++++++++++ All welcome to join. --------------------------------------------- Official site server list and status: http://www.SimCity.com/en_US/server-status