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  1. I think this is a justifiable double post to update my progress, I sucessfully eliminated all vehicle traffic by modding the SimCity_1.dat file directly. In iReader the Automata Tuning Exemplar is the 7th one down from the first set of exemplars from the top of the list. I zeroed the values for the 2 following properties: Max Vehicles Per Second 0x4998C89E Float32 0 0 Max Vehicles 0x4998C89F Uint32 0 0x00000000 The result in-game was the complete elimination of all road vehicles. Helicopters and birds still flew and pedestrians still walked, but not even one vehicle appeared on any road. I had to zoom out and back in and wait a few seconds for the effect to take place. So if anybody mods the SimCity_1.dat directly as I did, remember to make a backup of the original so you can switch back to the original settings. It occurs to me now that the reason why there seems to be a lot of confusion and conflict between files that mod the SimCity_1.dat original settings is that entire exemplars are exchanged as mods in which one property change in one file may be wiped out by a property change in another. For that reason I won't attach a .dat file to change the settings, but using iReader is very easy and by making backup copies you can't go wrong.
  2. It looks like if this exemplar might be the one, setting values to zero. I looked at the SC4File Paths and it didn't seem to have a setting which could be zeroed to eliminate the paths, but is more for defining the path and the stops the automata make. This is an interesting topic because I'd like to figure out how to get more trains to run. Automata Tuning Exemplar Property No. Type Name Description 0x4998c89c Float32 Vehicle Density Curve Maps city population to a multiplier (0.0-1.0) for vehicle density 0x4998c901 Float32 Ped Density Curve Maps city population to a multiplier (0.0-1.0) for ped (sim) density 0x4a511873 Float32 Bus Density Curve Maps city population to a multiplier (0.0-1.0) for bus density 0x0a51188a Float32 Freight Train Density Curve Maps city population to a multiplier (0.0-1.0) for freight train density 0x2a511893 Float32 Commute Train Density Curve Maps city population to a multiplier (0.0-1.0) for commute train density 0xca51189a Float32 Freight Truck Density Curve Maps city population to a multiplier (0.0-1.0) for freight truck density 0x4998c89e Float32 Max Vehicles Per Second Max number of vehicles to cross a tile per second 0x4998c903 Float32 Max Peds Per Second Max number of peds to cross a tile per second 0x8a511dd1 Float32 Max Buses Per Second Max number of buses to cross a tile per second 0xea511de0 Float32 Max Freight Trains Per Second Max number of freight trains to cross a tile per second 0xca511de6 Float32 Max Commute Trains Per Second Max number of commute trains to cross a tile per second 0xca511df2 Float32 Max Freight Trucks Per Second Max number of freight trucks to cross a tile per second 0x4998c89f Uint32 Max Vehicles Maximum number of vehicles at one time 0x4998c900 Uint32 Vehicle Min/Max KPH Minimum and maximum DEFAULT speed for vehicles, in kilometers per hour
  3. An Introduction to The URS

    Nice design, just enough curves and angles to break-up the monotony of the grid and well landscaped with greenery. A made for people kind of development where industry and commerce are not overbearing and intrusive.
  4. Cephalonia (Myrtos Beach)

    Although you seem to more use darker, more saturated tones, I keep seeing Paul Cézanne's landscapes in these works, but he's one of my favorite painters so I'm probably biased. The compliment here is what's important.
  5. Gamers of the World Unite! We have discovered certain knowledge of the Laws of Thermodynamics. Try the 3rd one 1st and save the 1st one for later... Looks like we're gonna need a bigger computer. I just noticed the Pacific Basin is similarly shaped as Africa. Cross-referencing geo-locations to 4.5 b.y.a. that puts the center of distribution of land mass... likely where lunar mass separated from terrestrial mass. Whatever the pull is... It started here...
  6. Now its just a matter of trajectory/choreography. Mood swing, pendulum swing, subatomic particle swing... pea-brain reptile pineal gland swing... 3-mile diameter at over 2K C. That's one-helluva big swing.
  7. All Human society cease and desist all behavior of psychotic, sociopathic, and malevolent will. The marriage of Man and God/Nature, and all abusers of life will perish, and their souls will be erased from the book of life.
  8. Dominant reptile species confirmed. Mass and velocity sufficient to mass extinction level 6.
  9. 4gb_patch?

    There were a couple of patches I found for x86 executables that were generic for any .exe file. I suppose the flag is located in the same place in the exe files. I was wondering which one you had found and if it was specifically for SC4? The most prominent one I found is http://www.ntcore.com/4gb_patch.php. Some people don't use NAM and may want to patch the .exe independently. I haven't tested this one as I'm using the NAM patch. Thanks @CorinaMarie for the link back to a previous discussion on the 3-click tree mystery --looks like I already had a few ideas on that one so I can erase that idea from the back of my hard-drive
  10. 4gb_patch?

    There's a few directions to go to debug this, so as its a complete mystery to me, I won't open this can of worms, but I'll keep it in the back of my mind in case I get a clue. It would be interesting if somebody else had an idea on it.
  11. Why should the person above you be banned? V2

    Banned for being the next person to be banned.
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    Great Region views, yeah that's Vancouver for sure! It looks like a lot of work. As its my home city I could ramble on about it for hours with a million things to say, but as it looks like a work in progress I hope to see more and it would make a great City Journal too. The city planning for Vancouver is very unique in North America I think, but that's an essay worth of info too, so I'll just say thanks again and it looks great.
  13. Show Us What You're Working On

    Thank-you. I've lived in the Vancouver area most of my life, born at St. Paul, the 2nd major Hospital downtown. You captured a lot of the feel of the city, especially the waterfront and train station, the Mt. Pleasant area and VG Hospital, --you got the science world dome in there too. Interesting how accurate it looks, I can see the medical building that our family doctor was in since I was born. This is got to be the most amazing SC4 experience for me of all the city building I've seen here. I'm home.
  14. All radio telescopes full scan all near Earth space within 10 days range. Activating remote telemetry solar-terrestrial defense umbrella.