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  1. Public Region: SC5 Elite Pure Gaming Started by: Randy22E, on May 23. Server: North America West 1, Region Map: Viridian Woods ====================================================== Consider playing with random disasters disabled, as well you can find a reliable mod on this site that will disable the day/night cycle so you can focus on gameplay. If you need to looki-loo again may I remind you, you can do so from the main menu without having to claim and ruin the efforts of others. Thank-you. Please enjoy your game.
    100% pure integrity. There aren't enough stars in the universe to rate accordingly.
  2. When we've been there ten thousand years, Bright shining as the sun,
  3. Good work. I was having a bit of fun with the complaints over dependencies that a lot of content creators get. I already have all of them organized into a folder. Maybe I should start a thread with a list of them so somebody could get them all organized and then download new files without repeat downloading. It also is a good example of grungy and light industrial, it doesn't look overly polished. The landscaping is very good too. And its a IHT building which adds more realism to the high tech sector. Thank you.
  4. To be quite honest, this is garbage. Fits perfect as Hi Tech in the IRM
    Oh yeah, gimme more dependencies. So my 16 GB ram and 2TB hard drive can just go to work. Have I mentioned my 4.3 GHz processor? Do me, do me right.
  5. About 50,000 years ago the Neanderthal went extinct. It took Man 50,000 years to figure out why. All humans stand and celebrate the 2nd and final extinction of the fatally maladapted reptilian specimen of failed hominid evolution.
  6. The Trump Administration is hereby formally de-commissioned by authority of human civilization actual in form and structure of post-atomic age technology and science. International authorities may indite, arrest and charge at will for crimes against humanity. Any attempt of US forces or authority of law to comply with criminal intent and action hostile to the human person will be met with fatal resisting force secured in higher comprehension, capability and material manufacture of technological device. EDIT: I forgot to mention 'physical engineering'. Or maybe I didn't forget, I did say 'post-atomic'.
  7. Above is my new cover photo for my Master of Arts of the SC4 School of Radio Station 1 notebook.  Is the photograph right-side-up or up-side-down?   Credit for the photo is in the file-name.

  8. Between the Neanderthal and the Glacier, which monkey wins?
  9. I changed my icon to reflect more the version I'm mostly playing these days, SC5 (2013) online.   Having graduated from the SC4 School of Radio Station 1, I feel the calling to continue in post-grad studies.  I still have my last Lot project which is my master's thesis for SC4 Lots, but remains nearly, but not completely, finished (preview below).  I also have begun to immerse myself more so into the world of 3D CGI and multimedia. 


    Test City of Piers Preview.jpg

    1. Terring


      Those lots looks interesting.

    2. RandyE


      Thanks.  I'm gonna finish them, but seems to be a matter of timing.

    Truly the highest value of artistic expression. All the low ratings are the product of a need that does oppose the need to know art, to appreciate art, to value art, and to experience the human person as the communicator of the art. May the arts and may humanity exceed and triumph over ignorance toward greater dignity and conscience that may enable knowledge truly advanced from the low rating of self represented herein. Yours truly and always, a graduate and colleague of the school of radio station 1.
  10. I just reviewed a file so those interested in graduation to arts appreciation can evaluate the difference between art and show business. Its huge. Show business is about money and fame, art is about life and truth, and beauty so far beyond imagination no rating system means anything above less than nothing.
    5/5 for 100% pure genius of not putting a drawbridge facing the moat. What good is a moat if it is something that can be lowered to allow a gift-horse? The front of the castle is open and clear, let all contenders, pretenders, posers and wannabes, make their play in the plain of day, else pack away under the rock from whence came. Truly excellent work.
  11. The most highest rated file on the STEX is the Academy Awards Theater that is a lot made from Maxis buildings and props. This is a friendly reminder that this site and its ratings are mostly about 'show business'. We could have 2 ratings systems, one system would be a rating given by people who have themselves generated the same kind of content, and the other the same as now from the general membership. I suppose you could give a file an 'Academy Award' if both your audience and your peers gave you 5 stars.