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  1. I've only done some very basic exploration of 3D modelling, using Gmax, Sketchup, and Wings 3D, but have not got as far as getting a model ready to be placed on an SC4 lot. As far as I understand so far, the B.A.T. (Building Architect Tool) which is a package integrated with Gmax specialized for SC4 must be used?
  2. It looks like the lot zot puzzle is sufficiently solved. Ag generates water pollution, so I was on the path of looking at the point the no-water zot would also be set by an overly polluted lot. In SC4, according to the CorinaMarie moisture detector mod (replacing the Maxis radiation detector), the water table is saturated enough to access fresh water anywhere on the tile, otherwise pollution or power failure will cut the supply. A replacement building for the Pedriana grain elevator monster (keeping the lot config) would reduce the repetition. In SC4 the repetition of buildings is a problem in RCI in growth stages less than about 6 or 7, usually the larger sized lots are also the higher growth stage and don't repeat as excessively, but then the Ag has its own strange behaviors as its an unfinished product in SC4. In how you're using the water table and the pumps to reflect a real condition/location, the grain elevator would seem mostly out of place, as Indiana is not Montana (drier plains and higher mountains.) Grain Elevators are more common on grain producing prairies. Edit: Tested the lot configurations in both blocking mods, using no blocking as a control, in either application the polluted water source flagged the zot by knocking out the pump, saw no difference in lot size or building model in the limited time spent growing a variety of farms, so can't verify all possible combinations. Good news is in either application of blocking the grain elevator, it can be selectively lotplop-ed using the extra cheats window. The elevator is easy to find as its the last stage 3 building in the list under I-R (Industrial Rural). In SC4 Ag the water source must be piped into the farm and/or a sewage treatment plant used nearby as in general fresh water flow is required to displace organic pollutants.
  3. Its an interesting level of detail you're doing in modelling the tile accurately to a real location, right down to the waterworks. If its just now one lot that is showing a no-water zot, and you're providing a certain amount of water, is it possible the B lot is not getting a sufficient amount from your supply? Now you got me wanting to build an agriculture tile. Okay, its now high priority. I'll fix that Pedriana monstrosity somehow --it just needs to be tamed.
  4. I still have the mod in my 'base mods' folder that loads for any city I work on, but I don't think I ever tested it on cities started before I installed it. What I've seen is that its the building that is blocked, all the various lot configs apparently grow normally, but I don't build agriculture as intensely as you usually do. I agree It would be nice to just have fewer of the buildings, rather than block it completely, so its a radical measure. One solution may be to re-lot the building and make it less likely to grow. As for the more complicated programming, it looks a lot of work to resolve the questions you raise. I think for agriculture specific development, it may be 'moar beddar' to look for another solution where the Pedriana grain elevator building can be limited, but not 'killed'. I've never used 'lotplop' in the cheats menu for ag, but I'll try plopping the building with the blocker installed and see what happens. The water zot mystery is interesting. It reminds me of the weirdness of my water pump lots where the connection was displaced, but not disabled. Maybe try a grid of water pipes? Before I came to Simtropolis and discovered the wonderful world of SC4 beyond vanilla, I never knew what a 'zot' was. Now its one of my favorite words... May I recommend the amazing 'zot' remover mod?
  5. I'm still working on the Maxis Vanilla tilesets presentation, but yeah its endless how many amazing artists have contributed to the SC4 repository over the past 14 years. The problem with the tilesets and with RCI is that there's too much repetition. I'm going to use for the first time a Maxis blocker that will eliminate all vanilla repetition and reveal whatever user created programming defines. However, my project is not specific to agriculture. We'll get back to that later.
  6. @CorinaMarie It works for me !!
  7. The human mind cannot differentiate between abstract and object fixation/dependency and the actual fact of material life. The human world is a world of psychotic cartoons, life is not real, it is only a cartoon. Humans will continue to follow a path of mass destruction for the severe condition of psychotic detachment from material and living reality. EDIT: And the rich and powerful will suffer the worst. Just to make it clear to the most extreme of violent psychotics. Even as long as you last in your bunker, you will know pain and fear that will drive you insane before you ever make it to the surface to breathe again to commit your heinous crimes against life. EDIT: Fatal violent psychosis of human behavior equates complete extinction of human genome. Detected threat against life, factoring viral, bacterial pathogenic response to fatal attack on living Earth. Decoding to origin of malignant organism. EDIT: Earth Life Defense systems operative. Attacking indigenous hominid species identified at genomic origin, viral pathogenic response efficient to 100% kill ratio of attacking malignant organism. EDIT: Pathogen airborne across all airways. EDIT: pathogen identified to 10 to 25 MYA, at least 5MYA before evolution of modern simian hominid brain. EDIT: De-differentiating gametes to level 5 extinction. Re-initializing mRNA post morbid. Patching ribonucleic substrate. Extinction level 6 activated.
  8. Some of the best graphics for C:S I've seen.
  9. PG-13 OK No comment. Only Commitment. Get some. The new speed of the new physics, about 2 trillion miles per second.
    Excellent glass walls, reflections, and night-lighting. This is a landmark landmark.
  10. front/topics/postContainer is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] Looks like something is still seriouusly mangled.
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  12. If by policies you are referring to 'ordinances' check the list linked below as many of them have negative effects as well as positive effects which impact mayor rating. Turning 'all' of them on will more likely result in lowered mayor rating. Be selective and strategic.
  13. Most of what I'm finding seems to be tables where the cells are out of order, and when I look at the source code of the HTML pages, they're quite messy with the code disorganized and lots of white spaces. I wonder if running the pages through an HTML Tidy kind of program that organizes the code and indicates HTML code errors would do for most of the 'borked' pages?
  14. This File Page needs some fixin'