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  1. This is classic SC4orm. I like it!
  2. I'll go through it all tonight and see if I can get the program to run, but I'll spend some more time looking for other programs first. I'm more positive that If I dig a bit deeper I'll find one. I programmed similar note-taking/journal/catalogue type interfaces in BASIC long ago using multidimensional arrays and bubble sorting, but the wheel has been re-invented so many times since, it now requires 25,000 hrs. and 5 PhDs to do what we used to do as a weekend project with high school math. Anyhow, at least we have yet another project on the list of things to do and Python is a friendly language, just apparently needs a bit of taming as probably do most of the open source programmers --go to school for 25 years to write a 'hello world' program and make it look like the ingenious master source code for SC4? Okay, I have an idea I'm going to use SC4 to catalogue the STEX.
  3. I was going to mention Zim again too. Weren't we happy with it except for the one thing that it didn't go online and embed pics from URLS? It also is GNU GPL open source written in Python, and if we really only need to change one thing... Scary how I actually almost understand almost all of it... Its a scripting based language like Cobol, BASIC, HTML <-- where we started
  4. It gets even more interesting, we don't know what make or model the car is and there's no standard manufacturer's specs. I sure hope the programmer commented throughout the code and doesn't have a PhD in computer science. Okay, so an exact version with no transitional bits --maybe the one with the category option still in. Got it. EDIT: The first thing I'll make sure it can be compiled into an .exe. Without that its 'game over' anyway.
  5. I'll go collect all the dependencies and as well make sure we've got the same complete build. As quoted above, if the Category option was removed, maybe I can find it and we can put it back in? Yes, 800 by default is good, not too big, not too small. Maybe search parameters could be added, so you could search within a keyword or relative to an entry or date, etc. Wow, so much stuff... baby steps...
  6. I'd like to see these but dropbox is not working, same as with screwpile Maxis files.
  7. Okay Here I am inside the Python Shell with Rednotebook source loaded... where do we go Cori?
    About 20 mins to render. Lots of water tiles open for island building. The beaches are smooth and waterfronts good for building large cities with ports. The arrangement of tiles is not random but optimized for city organization. The transitions in elevation follow natural contour lines. The overall texture is smooth. This is a good map for a long term project of building a large region of cities connected by sea, land and air.
  8. Another very pleasant, relaxing, and interesting tour. Thanks korver.
  9. If you're new to the game I would recommend turning off disasters completely. You can decide later if you want that level of difficulty, but just getting to know how the city building simulation works should be difficult enough initially. The disasters seem more so for amusement. I play all the SimCity games and never have disasters enabled. There's enough of a challenge without them.
  10. The success to failure ratio of SpaceX missions is apparently about equal to DPRK rocket science. These guys can loft stones into orbit but they can't land a human on the moon or a robotic surveyor on Mars. Voyager 1 is still operational after 40 years and sending telemetry from interstellar space. So by all means please do complain about funding cuts to NASA. Seriously skilled and capable people would probably rather work at NASA or the JPL than SpaceX.
  11. Whew. Thank-goodness cause if we had to crack open Python 2.7 peeps would find out you're better at math than me and my gig would be up! It would blow my cover as a sinister plotter. I'm going to work with Zim today and hopefully answer some of the remaining questions. EDIT: @CorinaMarie Everything is there except one thing. The program will not embed pics from the web in the editor --only from the local computer, but the whole journal can be exported as HTML and the links to the pics can be manually converted to embedded pics for viewing and using the journal in a web browser.
  12. And then out from left field... That's it. Text, pics, links, exportable, searchable. I would have resisted it because I looked at another Wiki program and it was too cluttered. This one has lots of white space to work in. I downloaded it just because of the sincerity of the statement at the bottom of the page "This website was written in Zim !" Its written in Python 2.7. https://github.com/jendrikseipp/rednotebook Python 2.7 is an open source language. http://www.activestate.com/activepython/downloads?gclid=CIrzpc3V7NICFRBxfgod1x8LDA HTML is about the limit of my effort these days. I'm finding just trying to organize the code to make a custom query for my lots in SC4 challenging enough. So much for my sinister plot
  13. Thanks. MS has its stuff so deeply integrated with the local computer it requires this kind of test to ensure integrity of detachment of remote networks.
  14. I included the disclaimer in a readme.txt file in minimal form, and the region with city files I have planned would be absent of user created content other than my own. Thanks again @catty-cb for clarity on those points. EDIT: To add another important point, in accessing files from any location one must consider what information is required by the provider in order to download. MS One Drive is sufficiently secure on the client side for the downloader, but I did find an apparent flaw in the security on the server side by which information not intended to be may be accessed.