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  1. The point of this mod is that you get to plop any building you want. Your doing some next level things that arent nessesary. The mod works fine for me. I dont know what youre doing.
  2. i know what he means. Project Akar has way too many mods and it starts glitching
  3. well that is actually true i forgot to mention that sorry. If still doesnt work try all the steps again
  4. This does not work. it said stamping approval for more than 3 hours. and when i used this on a saved game, i wasnt able to click the great works site. Can anyone help me? BTW Checkout my mod.
  5. Its okay its a bit too much modded.
  6. I have offline i tried the akar mod twice but it did not work.
  7. Project akar has too many glitches. I cant even plop the RCI in it since the update. How? but thanks.
  8. i forgot to mention it u need to start a new game
  9. Read the whole description again. u maybe put it in the wrong folder.
  10. it is for simcity 5 i accidentally uploaded it to cities skylines. @mpe did u follow the instructions? Or maybe u play online?
  11. Hello i uploaded one today!!
  12. Version 2.0.0


    Hello I updated the mod !!U need to start a new game if u want to make the mod work!!