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  1. New Logo

    At least I tried.P.S I'm still expanding the city and trying to convert the river next to El Cuervo,the very first district I started building to an L.A. river type.
  2. New Logo

    Here's a new logo for San Guillermo.
  3. Show us what you're working on!

    Working on a small town east of Downtown San Guillermo.
  4. Floating fences

    I used moveit and saved the game and when I came back it was raised again.Let me check my settings real quick.
  5. Floating fences

    Ok so I saw fences floating around houses I've built. I've tried to demolish the trees and grass around but that didn't help.What is going on?!
  6. First steps

    I keep renaming because I was trying to find a decent city name and San Ricardo felt a little not right so I'd just renamed it.I might update the banner tonight.
  7. Funny Screenshots

    There is a reason why there is no smoking in the Universities!
  8. Show us your disasters!

    Could be the next fallout.
  9. Show us your disasters!

    Devastated one of my cities
  10. First steps

    Alright here are the first photos
  11. San Prudenico returns

    After a long absence San Prudenico will return on Sep 15.This city journal will be most likely renamed to something else.
  12. Hello,so I've been looking for assets to start up a old city journal I've abandoned months ago.I need some help figuring out what assets could fit well with a Californian city.
  13. Arden County-Urban Region

    False alarm.I had no clue I can just resub to all of my assets through the save menu.Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.
  14. Some disappointing news :(

    Actually I realized I can just resubscribe to all of my assets from the save menu so sorry about that.I might get back onto it.